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Ward's Harbour

Transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT, May, 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

DICKS George HEAD 60 Ward's Hr
DICKS Mary Grace Wife 43 Ward's Hr
DICKS Gilbert Son 20 Ward's Hr
DICKS Bessie Daughter 16 Ward's Hr
DICKS Amelia Daughter 13 Ward's Hr
DICKS Jean(?) Daughter 9 Ward's Hr
DICKS Uriah Son 7 Ward's Hr
DICKS Edward Son 4 Ward's Hr
DICKS Elias HEAD 56 Ward's Hr
DICKS Suzanna(?) Wife 50 Ward's Hr
DICKS Annie Daughter 18 Ward's Hr
DICKS Raymond Son 14 Ward's Hr
DICKS Junnie(?) Daughter 9 Ward's Hr
DICKS Allen Nephew 24 Ward's Hr
DICKS ? HEAD 47 Ward's Hr Widowed
DICKS Chesley Son 27 Ward's Hr
DICKS George Son 22 Ward's Hr
DICKS Lewis Son 13 Ward's Hr
DICKS Ralph Son 11 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Fredrick HEAD 55 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Mary Ann Wife 52 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Tom Wm Son 28 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Presilla A B(?) Daughter 17 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Albert H J Son 15 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Harvey K N Son 13 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Gladis M E Daughter 10 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Donald James Son 6 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Gorden F(?) HEAD 28 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Elsie E Wife 27 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Edna L Daughter 10 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Dorian V Daughter 4 Ward's Hr
BENNETT Freeman A Son 3 Ward's Hr
PUOCHAS(?) Job father-in-law 75 Ward's Hr Widowed
S A Quarters

Ward's Hr Unoccupied
PURCHASE(?) Arthur HEAD 32 Ward's Hr
PURCHASE(?) Ethel M E Wife 30 Ward's Hr
PURCHASE(?) Majorie(?) May Daughter 5 Ward's Hr
PURCHASE(?) Mary M Daughter 4 Ward's Hr
ENGLAND Enos HEAD 72 Ward's Hr
ENGLAND Mary Anne Wife 70 Ward's Hr
ENGLAND ? Grand Daughter 6 Ward's Hr
ENGLAND William HEAD 38 Ward's Hr
ENGLAND Annie G Wife 38 Ward's Hr
ENGLAND Harold G Son 16 Ward's Hr

Name in Census Description of Error My Name
DICKS / COOMBS Wrong surname and missing given name. Dicks ? ----should be Coombs, Martha
Dicks, Chesley -- should be Coombs, Chesley
Dicks, George -- should be Coombs, George
Dicks, Lewis -- should be Coombs, Lewis
Dicks, Ralph -- should be Coombs, Ralph.
Norm Dicks
DICKS Sixth entry - DICKS, Jean(?) should be DICKS, Irene. Norm Dicks

2000 Glynn Hewlett & NL GenWeb

Notre Dame Bay West District