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1936 Business Directory

Pilley's Island

Information transcribed by GLYNN HEWLETT, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Anstey Henry fshrmn
Anstey Ralph lmbrmn
Anthony Alex fshrmn
Anthony Dorman fshrmn
Anthony Geo fshrmn
Anthony Mrs Martha wid
Anthony Pierce fshrmn
Anthony Reginald fshrmn
Anthony Saml fshrmn
Anthony Wilbur fshrmn
Bath Arthur lmbrmn
Boyde Chesley fshrmn
Blackmore Pearce genl dlr and fish mer
Boyde Gordon fshrmn
Boyde Harry fshrmn
Boyde Wm fshrmn
Bragg Miss Minnie slsldy
Budgell Harvey frmr
Budgell Wm frmr
Butler Rex fshrmn
Callahan Cecil fshrmn
Chapple Reuben fshrmn
Cobb Albert fshrmn
Cobb Eric lmbrmn
Cobb Mrs Susannah wid
Colbourne Wm fshrmn
Coles Rev A W UC
Curtis Miss Ivy P & T opr
Denny Albert fshrmn
Denny Gordon fshrmn
Denny Miss Sadie slaldy
Elliott Alfred lmbrmn
Elliott Thos lmbrmn
Fifield Jacob fshrmn
Fifield James Jr fshrmn
Fifield James Sr fshrmn
Fifield Wm fshrmn
Forsey Hedley fshrmn
Forsey Philip genl dlr
Fury John fshrmn
Fury Patk fshrmn
Giles Hayward lmbrmn
Giles Mrs Lavina wid
Giles Wm lmbrmn
Ginns David frmr
Ginns Roland fshrmn
Glavine David miner
Haggett Eric fshrmn
Haggett Josiah fshrmn
Haggett Matthew fshrmn
Haggett Pierce fshrmn
Haggett Richard lmbrmn
Harris Erin fshrmn
Harris Malcolm fshrmn
Hart Abraham fshrmn
Howell Bertram fshrmn
Hynes Harry miner
Keating Patk frmr
King Alfred fshrmn
King Chas fshrmn
Lang Henry lmbrmn
LeDrew Geo fshrmn
Lehr Geo lmbrmn
Locke Ed carp
Mansfield Anthony miner
Mansfield John fshrmn
Moores Ernest lmbrmn
Moores Kenneth fshrmn
Mullins Abraham fshrmn
Mullins Elias fshrmn
Mullins John frmr
Noseworthy Wm lmbrmn
Osbourne Wilfred fshrmn
Osbourne N & O (Branch of Exploits) genl dlrs
Oxford Clifford fshrmn
Oxford Job fshrmn
Patey Wm miner
Payne Albert lmbrmn
Payne Claude lmbrmn
Payne Ed Jr lmbrmn
Payne Ed Sr lmbrmn
Payne Mrs Emily wid
Payne Ernest fshrmn
Payne Fredk lmbrmn
Payne Geo fshrmn
Payne Kenneth lmbrmn
Payne Wm fshrmn
Pittman Fredk lmbrmn
Pollard Mrs Mary wid
Poole Dorman grocy & prov dlr
Poole Miss Genevra slsldy
Poole Miss Gwendolyn slsldy
Poole Jasper fshrmn
Poole Roy fshrmn
Poole Miss Una slsldy
Randell Arthur fshrmn
Rice Arthur fshrmn
Rice Ernest fshrmn
Rice Mrs Fannie wid
Rice Leonard fshrmn
Rice Sidney fshrmn
Rice Stanley H genl dlr
Rideout couldn't read couldn't read
Rideout Pierce lmbrmn
Rideout Roland lmbrmn
Rowsell Alphonso lmbrmn
Rowsell Ford lmbrmn
Rowsell Pierce lmbrmn
Rowsell Thos lmbrmn
Rowsell Walter lmbrmn
Ryan Bernard lmbrmn
Ryan Fredk lmbrmn
Ryan Geo lmbrmn
Ryan Hugh lmbrmn
Ryan Mack lmbrmn
Ryan Sidney lmbrmn
Ryan Wm fshrmn
Simms Bennett carp
Simms James lmbrmn
Simms Mrs Nora wid
Simms Raymond lmbrmn
Simms Thos fshrmn
Smith Harry lmbrmn
Snow John fshrmn
Snow Pierce fshrmn
Snow Wm fshrmn
Squires Chesley fshrmn
Squires Edmund fshrmn
Squires James fshrmn
Strickland Albert fshrmn
Strickland Dorman fshrmn
Strickland Fredk fshrmn
Strickland John fshrmn
Strickland Walter fshrmn
Tizzard Arthur blksmth
Tizzard Geo lmbrmn
Tizzard James lmbrmn
Tizzard Stanley lmbrmn
Verge Cecil fshrmn
Verge Robt fshrmn
Vincent Ellis tchr
Vincent James fshrmn
Vinnam Philip lmbrmn
Vinnam Stanley lmbrmn
Ward Chas lmbrmn
Ward Douglas lmbrmn
Ward Wm lmbrmn
Warr Harold genl dlr and fish mer
Warr Geo & Son genl dlrs and fish mers
Weir Chas fshrmn
Weir Eli fshrmn
Whalen Edgar fshrmn
Whalen Eli lmbrmn
Whalen Geo fshrmn
Whalen James lmbrmn
Whalen John lmbrmn
Whalen Mark fshrmn
Whalen Michael lmbrmn
Winsor E R (branch of Triton) gnl dlr
Winsor Levi nothing recorded
Wyatt Arthur fshrmn
Wyatt Robt fshrmn
Wyatt Wm fshrmn

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