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Little Bay - Old Anglican Cemetery

Well, this one wasn't so easy to find. After being told of the approximate area, up the hill we went again on yet another lovely sunny day, passing by the old R.C. Cemetery and heading further on. Nothing was to be seen anywhere, so down the hill we went again, stopping to talk to a couple of strangers who confirmed that yes, there was an Anglican Cemetery up there; maybe we didn't go far enough. Being satisfied that at least it's up there somewhere, my beloved husband (oops, sorry - been reading too many headstones I guess) decides to wait for another day and heads for the car to go home. It only took the tiniest amount of persuasion and up we went again, this time to find the little graveyard almost hidden from view in the dense growth of brush and trees. The early cemetery inscriptions I have submitted for the Little Bay Old Anglican consist of all the gravestones I found there.

Headstone inscriptions were transcribed by BARBARA PEDERSON, June 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Henry Lind
born at Port De Grave, N.F. 1832 died at Little Bay Feb. 29, 1908 aged 76 years.
Note: This stone had fallen on the ground.I thought I should include a little note here from "Decks Awash" (I have no date) on the Bay Roberts area: "The first school in Mercer's Cove was opened by the Newfoundland School Society... in 1820 with a Mr. Birknett from England as teacher, and a Henry and Caroline Lind were in charge after 1829."
Ernest [Lind] beloved son of Henry and Elizabeth Lind
March 19, 1910 aged 25 years
Elizabeth Lind

Jan. 31, 1935 aged 88 years
Jane E. [Lind] daughter of Henry and E. Lind
March 27, 1889 aged 13 months
Mabel [Lind] daughter of Henry and E. Lind
died at Little Bay June 20, 1907 aged 26 years

John Bemister Wells son of Mary J. and T.E. Wells May 25, 1894 June 28, 1915
Note: "We miss thee from our home Jack / We miss thee from thy place / A shadow o'er our life is cast / We miss the sunshine of thy face."
Mary Jane Wells beloved wife of Thomas E. Wells
Dec. 10, 1923 aged 66 years
Thomas E. Wells Erected by his children
Nov. 3, 1935 aged 89 years
Fan S. Wells
1887 1953
Augustus-James-Wells In memory of our beloved father May 11, 1897 Nov. 8, 1979

Bessie [Walker] beloved child of William and Elizabeth Walker
Oct. 2, 1898 aged 4 years

Alice Jane Benson beloved child of Benjamin and Jemima Boyles
Aug. 8, 1889 aged 5 months

Mary Thoms my mother
who died at Little Bay 26th Feb. 1917 aged 87 years

Thomas Parker Rennie A native of South Shields, England
Drowned at Little Bay, Nfld. Aug. 1892 aged 59 years; Erected by his sons William and Thomas

Mary Ann [Diem] beloved wife of Jacob P. Diem, Accountant, born at Denston, Suffolk Co. 20 April 1853 died at Little Bay 3rd January 1888 (This is a small plot with an iron fence.)

1998 Barbara Pederson and NL GenWeb

Notre Dame Bay West District