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I took a walk in the glorious sunshine the other day, following a narrow, grassy path up the side of a hill which brought me to a slumbering little graveyard in a tidy, very well-looked after area among the trees. It was the old Roman Catholic Cemetery at Little Bay, which was once a prosperous mining town of about 2-3000 people when the mine was at its peak. Some of the descendants of those "sleeping there" still live in the area, but for those who appear to me to be possibly unknown, I will post their names and hope that someone will recognize who they are. I cannot be sure that all the dates are correct as some of the stones were very worn (not to mention the distraction of mosquitoes and black flies getting into my eyes and mouth). The early cemetery inscriptions I have submitted for the Little Bay Roman Catholic Cemetery consist of all the gravestones I found there.

Headstone inscriptions were transcribed by BARBARA PEDERSON, July 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Patrick Burke

Dec. 27, 1927 aged 68 years
James Patrick [Burke] Also his children
Sept. 3, 1898 aged 3 weeks
Augustine [Burke] Also his children
June 13, 1903 aged 12-1/2 months
Note: The above gravestone was in an area by itself, surrounded by a now-rusted wrought iron fence.

John Stephen [Squires] Erected by Jeremiah Squires In memory of our beloved children
Dec. 25, 1890 aged 2 yrs. & 3 mos.
Mary Ann [Squires] Erected by Jeremiah Squires In memory of our beloved children
Dec. 31, 1890 aged 14 mos.

James Walsh

Dec. 27, 1912 (or 1917) aged 85 yrs.
Mary [Walsh] Also his wife
Dec. 30, 1912 aged 77 yrs.
James [Walsh] Also their son 1874 1906
Mary [Walsh] and their daughter 1870 1910 Erected by their sons.

E.J. Cooney Erected by Edward Cooney in memory of his children
died at Pilleys Island March 13, 1905 aged 15 yrs.
T.P. Cooney Erected by Edward Cooney in memory of his children
died at Little Bay Oct. 7, 1890 aged 12 days
John Cooney Also my brother
Jan. 18, 1905 [?] aged 17 [?] yrs.
Note: I noticed later in my other notes, regarding this E.J.Cooney, aged 15 years: From "WHen Was That" by H.M. Mosdell: "Pilley's Island: Two men, Radford and Cooney, killed by dynamite explosion May 13, 1905."

John Foley

April 18, 1882 age 85 years
Catherine Foley

Aug. 22, 1882 age 5 years
Note: Two fairly tall (about 3 feet high, about 14 inches wide) side-by-side wooden markers, gently curved at the top, very beautiful in its simplicity, with the inscriptions as clear as if put there yesterday:

William Foran our dear father
July 14, 1908 aged 61 yrs.
Gerald [Foran] and out brother
Feb. 18, 1905 aged 1 yr. and 6 mos.

William Anthony Harris beloved son of Johannah P. and Llewellyn A. Harris
died Nov. 5 [or 6], 1922 aged 21 years

John Bernard McLean Erected by Michael McLean in memory of his beloved son
2 Oct. 1890 aged 22 years

Thomas Flynn

July 26, 1914 aged 62 years
Bridget [Flynn] Also his wife
Apr. 17, 1905 aged 52 years.

Daniel Hurley

Feb. 22, 1920 aged 73 years; Erected by Richard McDonald

Mary Hurley

June 9, 1910 aged 46 years; Erected by Richard McDonald
Note: The above two stones were in different locations in the cemetery.

Pte. John Dillon

19? (unclear, possibly 1916) Royal Newfoundland Regiment

William T. Hedderson Erected by Mary Ann Hedderson In memory of her beloved husband
July 16, 1907 aged 44 yrs.
John Erected by Mary Agnes Hederson [one "d"]In memory of her beloved husband
Dec. 19, 1893 aged 54 yrs.
Agatha Alberta Kelly (Same plot:) Erected by Thomas Kelly In memory of his beloved wife
June 16, 1890 aged 21 years.
Ellen Hederson (Same plot:)[Erected by} John Hederson In memory of his beloved wife
21 Jan. 1891 aged 21 yrs.
Mary Agnes [Hederson] Also their children
25 Jan. 1891 aged 1 yr.
Ellen Nelly [Hederson] Also their children
6 Feb. 1891 aged 14 mos.

Michael Lauther

died at Little Bay Apr. 11, 1895 aged 28 yrs.
David Lauther

Nov. 8, 1905 aged 82 yrs; Next to it, this one:
Note: These were 2 white stones, side-by-side, one standing tall, with the other at a slant, leaning against and being supported by the other, as if son was still being supported by Dad, or Grandad.

Philip Penney

Mar. 15, 1904 aged 79 yrs.
Francis Penney

Sept. 23, 1910 aged 82 yrs.
Note: These 2 inscriptions were together on a fairly wide, grey headstone, which was broken into 3 pieces and laying on the ground:

David O.G. Courtney my beloved husband
June 7, 1887 aged 33 years.
Note: And this one by itself, a solitary, white stone, with 3 lovely clover-like curved edges at the top, bearing the inscription:

William Vail my beloved husband
Sept. 15, 1898 [could be 1888] This stone was broken in half.

George Carpenter Erected by Mrs. Boyde in memory of her beloved father
Mar. 11, 1916 aged 80 years
- [Carpenter] Also her beloved mother
Jan. 19, 1901 aged 52 years.

Ellen [Hearn] Erected by Thomas Hearn In memory of his beloved wife
July 9, 1905 aged 33 years.

Thomas Hearn

June 8, 1946 aged 81 years
Rosella [Hearn] Also his wife
Feb. 22, 1922 aged 46 years.

Frances [DeLoughrey] In memory of his mother Frances beloved wife of Joseph DeLoughrey
died at Pilley's Island July 10, 1909 aged 54 years; (Side 1 inscription)
Private Harold DeLoughrey

October 18, 1916 aged 19 years; who was killed in action in France while fighting for the Empire; (Side 2 inscription)
Brenden Joseph DeLoughrey Also his brother
who died at Pilley's Island May 3, 1905 aged 22 years; (Side 3 inscription)
Mary Francis [Wells] Erected by Fred M. Wells in loving memory of his wife
May 28th, 1917 aged 35 (?) years and 10 months; (A separate stone in the corner of this little plot.)

Mary Emberley wife and mother
Sept. 24, 1954 aged 64 years.

Michael Thomas Head our brother
died at Battle Harbour Sept. 2nd, 1900 aged 17 years.
Note: The above two headstones were in a plot surrounded by a picketed fence and gate. The first gravestone had the inscription on 3 sides. The top part of the second gravestone was on the ground, split at the spot where his age was inscribed, so I "felt along" with my finger and the second digit felt like, slanted like, a 7.The verse at the bottom reads:Oh dearly did we love him But now he has passed away To seek a better home on high Where joy can never decay.

Ellen Delaney In loving memory of my dear wife
died at St. Patricks, Little Bay Apr. 1, 1913 aged 76 yrs.
John Delaney And
who died at St., Patricks, Little Bay Apr. 11, 1918 aged 80 yrs; Erected by his loving daughter Nora.
Frances Bridget Bouzan

July 22, 1904 aged 35 yrs.; (A third stone which seems to be included in this plot.)
John Bernard [Bouzan] Also her infant son
Sept. 4, 1904 aged 6 weeks.

Alice Maud [Armstrong] Erected by Michael Armstrong in memory of his dearly loved daughter
Mar. 2, 1896 aged 15 years.
Mary Gates Also his dearly loved daughter
died July 30, 1900 aged 34 years.

Margaret Cleary Walker

Feb. 10, 1925 aged 25 yrs; Erected by J.B. Walker
Patrick E. Cleary

Jan. 14, 1918 aged 27 yrs; (Next to previous)
Thomas Hayes

June 13, 1946 Erected by mother and father and brothers
Richard Hayes Also
July 23, 1925 aged 22 yrs.

John and Rose Ann Mercer Erected in memory of our father and mother
July 12, 1913 and Mar. 31, 1914 aged 64 and 69 yrs.
Ann Mercer Erected by William Mercer In memory of his beloved mother
Jan. 30, 1896 aged 71 yrs; (Next to one previous)

James [Mercer] Erected by John T. Mercer In memory of his beloved parents
Nov. 3, 1918 aged 34-1/2 yrs.
Mary [Mercer]

Oct. 29, 1918 aged 21-1/2 yrs.

Thomas M. Bouzan Erected by sons and daughters
April 25, 1938 aged 85 years
Catherine Bouzan Also
Sept. 21, 1930 aged 79 years

John Bouzane In loving memory of my dear father
Feb. 16, 1922 aged 86 yrs; Erected by his son Edward

James Bouzane

Feb. 14, 1937 aged 86 yrs.
Ellen [Bouzane] Also his wife
Apr. 6, 1954 aged 99 yrs.; Erected by their sons and daughters

Richard M. Bouzan Erected by his wife and children
died Apr. 3, 1940 aged 84 yrs.; "Children weep not for me but Pray while time to you is given Your tears may only wet my clay Your prayers may gain me heaven."

Cassie Genevieve Bouzan Erected by Richard F. Bouzan In memory of his beloved wife
July 15, 1922 aged 30 yrs.
Maria [Bouzan] Also their children
Aug. 9, 1921 aged 2-1/2 mos.
Aloysius [Bouzan] Also their children
July 28, 1922 aged 1 mth.
Cassie Genevieve [Bouzan] daughter of Francis and Lucy Bouzane
1963 aged 18 days (Same plot)

Frances Bridget Bouzan

July 22, 1904 aged 35 yrs.
John Bernard [Bouzan] Also her infant son
Sept. 4, 1904 ged 6 weeks
Note: This headstone above appears to be in the same plot as those for Ellen Delaney and John Delaney.
Ann [Bouzane] Erected by Michael Bouzane In memory of his beloved wife
Mar. 3 [or 8], 1916 aged 34 yrs. and 6 months

Clara Bouzan Erected by James M. Bouzan In memory of his beloved mother
Feb. 20, 1916 aged 98 yrs.

1998 Barbara Pederson and NL GenWeb

Notre Dame Bay West District