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Shoe Cove - Shoe Cove United Church Cemetery 1

Shoe Cove is located in Green Bay, Notre Dame Bay.

The headstone inscriptions were transcribed by PAUL COOMBS in 1990 and compiled by JILL MARSHALL, 2002. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Additional Headstone Information Research Notes
John Foster GRAY
d 5 Apr 1975 73 yrs Erected by wife Bessie, stepdau Vera, & foster son Claude Born June 14 1902 Shoe Cove, son of John Albert GRAY & Elizabeth FOSTER; married widow Bessie (HARDING) WELSHMAN, dau of John HARDING & Mary Ann WELSHMAN, widow of Eleazar Welshman.
Bessie GRAY b 1893 d 1977
By Vera and Claude Born Aug 22 1893, dau of John HARDING & Mary Ann WELSHMAN. Md (1) Eleazar Welshman and (2) John Foster Gray.
Pearl Marie BOUNDS b 1918 d 1985
Wife of Willis
George HODDINOTT b 11 June 1886 d 5 June 1968
By wife Sarah & family Born Greenspond, BB, son of John Hoddinott; Md (1) Alberta Harding, dau of John Harding & Mary Ann Welshman. Md (2) Sarah UNKNOWN.
Sarah HODDINOTT b 16 July 1900 d 4 Feb 1979

Second wife of George Hoddinott
Daisy L. HODDINOTT b 23 Dec 1913 d 2 Aug 1977
By husband & family Dau of George Hoddinott & Alberta Harding; married 1937 to Pleman/Philemon DICKS, son of George William Dicks & Rosanna May.
Margaret GRAY
not given 71 yrs
Believed to be the wife of Thomas George Gray (b 1888 Shoe Cove, son of James Robert Major Gray & Sophia UNK). From 1935 Census, Margaret was born circa 1902.
Arthur W. BISHOP b 6 Mar 1914 d 2 Sept 1975
By wife Lily, 3 sons, 2 daughters, and grandchildren. Listed in 1921 Census as nephew of, and living with, at Shoe Cove Bight, William & Elizabeth (Newbury) Mitchell; in 1935 Census, Elizabeth (Newbury) Mitchell was listed as his cousin.
Dorman GRAY SENIOR b 27 Nov 1898 d 1 June 1986

Believed to be the son of George GRAY & Elizabeth Ann (?nee Welshman)
d 1 Feb 1977 69 yrs By wife & family. Son of Richard NEWBURY & Eleanor Jane WIMBLETON.
d 27 Nov 1968 58 yrs By wife Josephine, son Henry, daughters Pearl & Daisy, & grandchildren. Likely Wesley George Wimbleton, son of Samuel James Wimbleton.
Jacob WIMBLETON b 18 Sept 1914 d 29 Mar 1978
By wife. Son of Samuel James Wimbleton.
Leander GRAY b 22 Nov 1912 d 23 July 1988
By wife Lucy, 3 sons, 2 daughters. Son of Thomas George & Margaret Gray.
Alfreda NOSEWORTHY b 1886 d 1975

Born Nov 12 1886 Shoe Cove, dau of George Kenneth NOSEWORTHY & Maria Ann ANDREWS.
d 28 July 1975 77 yrs
Born June 29 1989 Shoe Cove, son of Charles Henry WELSHMAN & Martha Ann ANDREWS
d 10 Mar 1975 77 yrs

Meta Mabel FOSTER
d 6 Feb 1965 39 yrs By husband & family

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