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Notre Dame Bay ~ NDB West District

St. Patrick's - Roman Catholic Cemetery

Only gravestone inscriptions of more recent years have not been included.

Headstone inscriptions were transcribed by BARBARA PEDERSON, June 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 

William A. Hayes

July-3,-1990 age 83; Nfld. OverseasForestry Corps WW2

James [HANN]

May 17, 1963
Clare [HANN] his wife
May 17, 1956 Remembered by their three sons.

Harold Lane
1928 1985

Julie-Ann Baker
1885 1963
Joseph Baker
1874 1961

John Armstrong
1909 1976 Royal Navy WW2
Richard Armstrong
1918 1991 Nfld. Regt. WW2

Anastasia Dobbin
1902 1975
David Dobbin

5 May 1975 age 79; Private 2 RNR Battn. C[E?]F
John F. Dobbin
May 29, 1920 May 28, 1992

James Young

9 Oct. 1963 age 71; Seaman Nfld. Royal Navy Res.

Michael Head

14 Mar. 1969 age 73; Private Royal Nfld. Regiment

Thomas Baker
1921 1976 Nfld. Regt. WW2

Thomas [BOUZANE]
1881 1976
Catherine [BOUZANE] Wife Catherine and four children
Sarah [BOUZANE] wife
Gertruude [BOUZANE] daughter

Sarah Bouzane wife of Thomas 1886 1967

Margaret Reynolds

(No date) (A wooden cross)

Richard J. BOUZAN
1878 19-(no date)
1879 1949
Felix [BOUZAN] Also their children

Angela [BOUZAN]

Kathleen [BOUZAN]

Felix [BOUZAN]

A.J. Bouzan

(A small wooden cross)

Thomas Bouzane Erected by wife Mary In memory of my beloved husband
Aug. 30, 1965 aged 77 years

Catherine Bouzan

(Faded wooden cross)

Elizabeth Mercer Erected by James Mercer in memory of his beloved mother
Apr. 6, 1927 aged 44 yrs.
Catherine [MERCER] Also his sister
Jan. 26, 1926 aged 14 years
Mary Ellen [MERCER] Also his sister
July 10, 1927 aged 19 years
1917 1978
[MERCER], Shawn

1966 age 21 days
John Thomas Mercer
1917 1978 Nfld. Overseas Forestry Unit WW2 "Lest We Forget" (At foot of grave)

MERCER, Annie Martha
June 5, 1923 Nov. 11, 1997 (On ground, about to be erected)

John Cleary
Dec. 3, 1907 June 18, 1944 Erected by his wife Annie Cleary
Note: Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of father, mother, brother Erected by their daughter Frances Mercer. One stone, two inscriptions:

Walter Mercer my husband
July 3, 1957 Erected by his loving wife Frances (Next plot to one above)

Frances Mercer

July 20, 1976 aged 81 years (Next to one above)

Veronica Joy grandmother
Sept. 28, 1972 age 76 years; Erected by grandson John Walker

William Joy a beloved husband and father
1952 aged 82 years
John and Elizabeth [JOY] grandparents

Erected by wife and children (Next to one above)

James Cleary
1920 1983
Note: Ever remembered by wife Catherine [and] Children Mary, Margaret, Michael, Clarence, Philip

CLEARY, Joseph S.
1916 1991

Mary P. O'Keefe
1918 1986

William M. Curran
1914 1985

CURRAN,-Edmund-Robert beloved husband of Roseann
July 15, 1969 aged 56 yrs.

Michael Brophy From Wife Fostina, sons and daughters 1911 1991

Harriet Walker our mother 1881 1968

WALKER, Joseph erected by his sons Dec. 3, 1888 Feb. 4, 1969

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Notre Dame Bay West District