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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

"The Daily News" Newspaper Announcements


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD and SUE O'NEILL. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


1 After a lapse of 15 years the names of Canadians again appeared in Honor List.
Floods in vicinity of Los Angeles, California, caused 34 lives. .
Henry Morganthau succeeded Wm. H. Wood as Secretary of the United State Treasury.
Captain Harrison Cooper, returned S. A. missionary from Korea lectured at No.1 Citadel .
Old Favorites presented “By force of Impulse.” .
Annual New Year’s Day program at “Y”. .
St. Patrick’s Dramatic troupe presented “A matrimonial Mix-up”. .
2 Dr. G. C. Wu. prominent Chinese Statesman , dead at Hong Kong, 78.
4 Installation W. M. Officers of St. John’s Lodge S. U. F. .
Prime Minister Hon. F. C. Alderdice arrived in London. .
Mr. R. Gushue Ll.B. re-elected President of the Board of Trade, Mr. T. A. MacNab, Vice-president, Mr. E. R. Bowring, 2nd vice-president. .
British Government paid Syndicate Bank advances to Newfoundland Treasury amounting to nearly $6,000,000. .
Thermometer registered 10 below zero in city. .
Installation of officers and banquet of Royal Oak Lodge. .
Rumanian Government of Premier Angleseu resigned. .
Viscount Churchill of Wichwood dead.
5 73rd Congress of the United States assembled. .
Roosevelt budget shows large defect. .
New York Council took office and held first meeting. .
Annual meeting and installation of officers at Leeming Lodge L.O.L.No. 1282. .
House and contents of Wilson Garland , at Gaultois destroyed by fire. .
87th session of M. C. L. L. opened. .
W. R. Howley , K.C. in New Years message to Rotary spoke of the Report of the Royal Commission. .
Explosion and fire caused death of 140 mines in Czechoslovakia. .
6 Damage to extent of half a million dollars caused by fire which broke out at Fenwick Park, Boston, and destroyed adjoining garages and warehouses. .
Three stores and over half their contents owned by N.W. Perry, Indian Island, Fogo destroyed by fire. .
Inter-college dance at Field Hall. .
Water side premises including shop and stores owned by W. S Back, Sound Island, totally destroyed by fire. .
Adjourned annual meeting Newfoundland hockey association. .
7 Furness Liner Dominica in collision with Liner Gerolstein on Hudson River. .
Illinois farmers on milk strike, .
Annual meeting Patrician Association. .
Dr. Hunter addressed Holy Cross L.A. on “Victor Hugo.” .
8 Capt. R. A. Clarke of Newfoundland appointed Commander of Liner Prince David. .
Winter Session of Supreme Court opens. .
Opening Service week of Prayer. .
Annual reunion Star of the Sea Association. .
9 The Untied States Navy plane left San Francisco on 2400 mile non-stop flight to Honolulu safely covering distance in 26 hours and 11 minutes. .
Van de Lubbe found guilty of setting fire to the German Rechstagm beheaded at Leipzig. .
2 Nazis killed and several wounded in anti-government demonstration at Vienna. .
Premier Alderdice paid courtesy call on Premier MacDonald at 10 Downing St. .
10 Annual meeting Commercial Traveler’s Association. $100 voted to P.M.D. F. Fund.
11 10 deaths reported as result of torrential rain in British Guiana. Damage estimated at over a million dollars. .
Government of Premier Chaukemps of France received vote of confidence on pledge to clean up Bayonne scandal. .
Albums containing stamps issued by countries members of the Postal Union, including Newfoundland, missing from Museum, and reward if $100 offered for their return. .
Hon. W. C. Winsor, Minister of Post and Telegraphs, presented with address and smoker’s outfit by postal officials. .
Newfoundland Sun Life Assurance Co. office winner of clock awarded for largest business secured by new agents. .
13 Pilot Douglas Fraser flew to Carmanville through blinding snow flurries to bring appendicitis patient to hospital. .
J.J. Higgins address Patrician Association on “Bardic influence as a factor in the culture and destiny of ancient Ireland”. .
Wm. F. Galgay addressed Holy Cross L.A. on the “Charm of words.” .
General Jean Marchand, of Fashoda incident fame, died at Paris, 70. .
15 Sir Donald Macalister, Chancellor of Glasgow University dead. .
San Martin ousted as President of Cuba. .
Hockey Season officially opened by His Excellency the Governor. .
Installation officers Atlantic Lodge I.O.O.F. .
8 including Governor General Pasquier, of Indo China, and 3 high officials of French air ministry, burned to death when their airplane crashed north of Corbigny, France, .
16 Carols Havia new President of Cuba. .
Wesley Literary association debating season opened. .
T. A. Ladies’ Auxiliary annual meeting. .
Quake toll in India estimate at 6,000.
17 Body of Capt. Levi Button of Lead Cove, lost in the schooner Monica, Hartery , Recovered.
18 Carlas Mendieta named President of Cuba, the 5th in 5 months. .
Feildian Ladies’ Annual meeting. .
High tide and drift ice caused destruction to wharves and flakes at Red Island, P.B. .
Canon Pelle announced registration as Rector of The Cathedral. .
19 Prince George left England on tour South Africa and Rhodesia. .
10,000 Assyrians to be transplanted from Irak to Brazil. .
Viscount Halifax oldest peer of the realm dead. .
City League hockey series starts. .
20 Superintendent and several members of nursing staff relieved of their duties at the Poor Asylum, following publication of Magistrate Vatcher’s report thereon.
21Rev. Fr. Bradshaw addressed Holy Cross L.A. on “Codices of the Bible.”
22Officially announced following to be members of the Commission of Government to be established in Newfoundland, over which the Governor will preside:—Hon. F. C. Alderdice, Sir John H Simpson, C.I.F., Mr. W. R. Howley K.C., Mr. T. Lodge, C. B. , Hon J.C. Puddester, and Mr. E.N.R. Trentham.
Annual meeting Board of Trade.
W. J. Walsh resigned as Minister of Agriculture and Mines,
Annual meeting Child Welfare Association.
Fire at Asylum for the Insane.
Lowest temperature for many years recorded, Badge reported 54 below zero. 3 below in city
Dr. H A Smith issued writ of libel against Evening Telegram.
Roosevelt told German Ambassador he expect Germany to give United States creditors the same treatment as that accorded creditors of other nations.
Hon. John Standfield died at Truro, 68.
23New Government of Cuba recognized by nations.
24J.A. Macleod elected President, of the Bank of Nova Scotia, H. F. Paterson, General Manager.
“China Shop” presented at Casino.
25St. Andrew’s Society celebrated Burns Night.
Rev. Canon Howitt addressed M.C.L.I. on Zionism.
Jury returned verdict of “not guilty” in the trial of Nicholas Hawco for murder.
Prof. Blackwood spoke to Rotarians on the relations of the school to the business community.
26Canadian Finance Minister Rhodes tabled his budget showing total decrease of $17,000,000 in year’s expenditure.
Germany and Poland sign 10 year non-aggression pact.
Annual meeting Presbyterian Congregation.
27Chautemps Ministry of France resigned.
Michael Murphy , aged 22, of Bell Island injured while sliding.
28George Parsons, of Southside Road seriously injured while coasting.
Two youths, Fred Evely and Robert Moore, marooned on Carbonear Island, rescued by S.S. Maneco.
Mexican town of Acapulco badly damaged by earthquake.
29Prime Minister Alderdice, Mrs. and Miss Alderdice, entertained by Prime Minister MacDonald at 10 Downing Street.
C. E. L. Annual meeting.
30Wesley Literary Association debated “the responsibility of government regarding the fisheries.”
31President Roosevelt signed bill revaluing the gold dollar at 59.06.
Italy approved some rearmament for Germany.
All three members of the crew of the Soviet stratosphere several hundred miles south-east of Moscow.
Musical and dramatic entertainment at Bishop field College Hall
Forge and mechanical shop including apparatus, at Howley owned by the International power and paper Co. of Newfoundland Ltd. destroyed by fire

1Over 90 per cent of French taxicabs on strike in protest against tax increases on gasoline.
Fierce northerly gale swept Britain and was especially violent in the Channel and North sea.
M.C.L.I. debated “That boycott as a substitute for war is feasible.”
Congregational Dramatic Troupe presented “The Beantown Choir” at Lecture Hall.
Prime Minister Hon. F. C. Alderdice has audience with His majesty King George on the Royal Sandringham estate.
Rotary Club discussed social problems at weekly luncheon.
2Premier Alderdice and Commissioners sailed for Newfoundland aboard the Liner Montclare.
Pupils of Rockford School gave entertainment for Service League at Newfoundland Hotel.
3John T. Redden , of Martock , Hant’s County, N.S. died suddenly at residence in Duggan Street
4New York taxi drivers on strike. One taxi driver who defied the strikers’ orders to stay off the street was found in his cab at the bottom of East River.
Mr. F. G. Bradley addressed members of Young men’s Bible Class of Cochrane St. Church on “The Workingman in 1934".
Mr. Leo manning addressed Patrician Association on “The Esquimaux of Baffin Island.”
Mr. Fred R. Emerson B. L. gave story of Mozart’s Life to Holy Cross L.A.
5“The Case Against Casey” presented at St. Joseph’s Hall.
Two Newfoundlanders arrested at Quebec as parties in the Million dollar liquor smuggling ring.
Mr. A. B. Butt addressed Young People’s League on “New Patriotiam.”
6With one Austria province in Nazi control Chancellor Dollfuss prepared to turn to the League of Nations for protection against “German aggression.”
Royalist riots in Paris over cabinet struggle. Estimated 20 are dead and 200 gravely injured.
Two Newfoundlanders, Ed Connnors, James Saunders and Joseph Dempsey, with Charles Briand of Halifax, arrested and charged with theft of plumbing supplies from construction job at Halifax.
“All Tangled Up” presented at Canon Wood Hall.
7“The Monkey’s Pal” presented at the Aula Maxima, St. Bon’s College.
Terror struck at the heart of France a second time as savage rioting in the Champs Elysees and streets leading to the presidential palace. Doumergue summoned to Paris by President Lebrun.
John F. Fry, native of St. John’s, founder of Fry’s Bakery , passed away at Halifax, 76.
8Cunard-White Star merger effected.
Verne Sankey former railroader of Melville Sask. and a confessed kidnapper, committed suicide in his cell.
H. M. S. Pinafore presented at Pitt’s Memorial Hall by pupils of U.C. College.
M.C.L.I. debated question of Royal Commission report dealing with fisheries.
Rotarians tendered complimentary banquet to District Governor “Charlie” and Mrs. Hunt at Newfoundland Hotel. Mr. Hunt presented with silver caribou.
Holy Cross hockey team played flying visit to Bay Roberts, winning game by score of 6-3.
Premier Alderdice, Sir John Hope Simpson, and Mr. Lodge, arrived at Halifax.
John Moakler winner in annual oratorical contest at St. Bonaventure’s College.
Smoker at Holy Name Hall in aid of General City Clothing Relief Committee.
11Nation-wide general strike against “Fascist reaction” begun in Paris with one million workers ordered to stay idle for twenty-four hours.
Sacred Concert in aid of the General City Clothing Relief, at the Queen Theatre.
Patrician Association Musicale.
Concert program Holy Cross L.A.
12Civil war in Austria Socialists battled police and soldiers through night and days of terror, in many part of the country. Order ultimately restored after severs fighting.
“Shaun Rhue” presented at the Casino Theatre.
St. Bon’s ladies’ dance at Newfoundland Hotel.
13Annual meeting Newfoundland Poultry Association.
14Austrian civil war continuing unabated. Vienna streets strewn with bodies. 1,000 dead.
T. B. Macauley resigned as Sun Life President.
Harvey & company bowling team won Winter Cup for 1933.
15M.C.L.I. debate question of German’s with drawl from the League of Nations.
Team of S. Milley , Ltd., won championship in Commercial Bowling League for 1933-34 season.
Premier Doumergue took firm command of France following vote of confidence from the Chamber of Deputies of 404-125.
Sir John Simon indicated in the House of Commons that Great Britain would continue to pursue a “hands off” policy in the internal trouble of Austria.
16Inauguration of new commission of Government at Newfoundland Hotel.
17 128th Anniversary meeting of the B.I.S. Mr. T. H. O’Neill elected President.
Commission Government held first meeting at Government House.
King Albert I., beloved ruler of the Belgians, lost his life while mountain climbing.
18Leopold III becomes King of Belgium.
Mr. J. J. Prowse addressed patrician Association on “Sights and sounds of yesteryear.”
Hon. Mr. Justice Higgins lectured to Holy Cross L.A. on “The New Deal.”
Annual meeting Presentation Convent ladies Association.
Dominion Steel and Coal Co-operation Collier Canby, bound from St. John to Louisburg, for coal, grounded east of Gwynn Island.
Opening of Inter-Club bowling League series.
20Worst winter weather for years swept the northeastern seaboard of the United States. Crippled ships in the Atlantic, and left several hundred thousands New Yorkers without transportation for hours.
The Queen accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of York, paid visit to British Industries Fair at Olympia.
Annual meeting G.W.V.A. Dominion. President Lieut. Col Paterson , O.B. E.
Sir John Hope Simpson and Lady Simpson paid visit to Y.M and Y.W.C.A.
Rev. E. J. O’Brien, P.P. spoke to Knights of Columbus and friends taking as his subject; “A Voyage, A Wreck and a Moral,.
Rev. J. D. Savin lectured to Belvedere Ladies’ Association. on “The Life of St. Bernadett.”
Annual meeting congregation of Gower St. Church.
Wesley United Church Choir Concert.
St. Bon’s College team won hockey championship for year when they defeated Feildians 12-0.
21Commission of Government announced there would be no change in tariff this year.
The mutilated body of Judge Albert Prince of the Court of Appeals, France, found dead on the railroad. He was to have testified in the Stavisky case.
22Annual meeting Marine Engineers Association.
Annual meeting of the St. John’s Masonic Mutual Insurance Co.
Rotarian “Jim” Ayre special speaker at Rotary luncheon giving interesting description of Rotary activities in all parts of the world.
King and Queen and other members of the Royal Family attended Memorial Service for King Albert of Belgium at Westminster Abbey.
City players won opening hockey game from Nova Scotia Technical college team score 5 to 4.
Members of visiting Nova Scotia technical team and city teams Guards A. A. at their Club Rooms.
23King Leopold III of Belgium began reign.
Annual meeting George Street United Church
Two United states Army aviators, Lieut. Rothrock and Pocock rescued by naval destroyer “Bernadon” 5 hours after their plane was forced down on the ocean off Long Island. Third flyer missing.
City All-tars team won second game from Nova Scotia Technical team.
24Local hockey team won third and last game from Nova Scotia technical college Team.
25John Joseph McGraw, one of the world’s most colorful baseball figures, passed away at New Rochelle.
Rev. E.P. Maher lecturer to Holy Cross L.A. on “The Army of Charity.”
Capt. Westbury Kean of the S. S. Portia, secured 50 pound whitecoat on the ice off Nova Scotia.
400 fishermen and 190 horses carried away on an ice floe which broke from the main pack in the Caspian Sea.
Mr. C. E. hunt addressed Patricians Association on “The Man on the Street.”
Annual meeting Holy Name Society.
Annual prize giving St. Mary’s Sunday School.
26Chancellor Hitler became de facto ruler of Germany when many millions of Nazis swore allegiance to him personally.
Prof. A. M. Fraser, M.A. addressed Belvedere Ladies’ Association of life of Robert Burns.
Mr. R. G. MacDonald addresses Gower St. Young People’s League on Newfoundland Poetry and Literature.
Scout master Robert Templeton lectured to Kirk Y. P. Club on “The Scout Jamboree in Budapest.”
Ex-pupils and senior students of St. Bon’s College formed Literary society to be know as St. Bonaventure’s Literary and Debating Guild.
Harbor Grace and Bay Roberts team won opening games in Conception Bay series.
27Commons upheld action of Premier MacDonald refusing to permit representative of the two thousand marchers to voice their grievances before him at the Bar of the House.
Mr. J. J. Prowse lectured at T. A. Club, subject; “A Burning Topic”.
Mr. C. O’N Conroy, K.C. lectured to the Board of Trade on “Company Law.”
Annual meeting S.P.A. Society.
House of Joseph Perez, Hamilton Street, completely gutted by fire.
28John MacGovern left wing Laborite, created a scene in Commons when marchers were denied admittance to Bar.
Smoker for ex-servicemen at Holy Name Hall.
Sir John Hope Simpson in interview with the Daily News described methods to be adopted in relation to our fisheries and outlined plan for four bait depots.
Annual meeting C. of E. Parish, Gower Street Ladies’ aid held dinner at Memorial Hall.
Bay Roberts hockey team won Conception Bay Championship for second successive year.

1Strong earthquake lasting 2 ½ minutes rocked regions of Chile with heavy loss of life.
Emperor Henry Pu-Pi ascended Manchukuo throne.
Capt. Wm. C Winsor appointed Acting Secretary to Department of Posts and Telegraphs.
Sir John Hope Simpson spoke to Rotary Club on China.
M.C.L.I. debated “Tariff protection for local industries.”
Bowring Bro. won championship in City Hockey League.
Lady Anderson addressed MacDonald Fellowship Club on south Africa.
2French Government announced that unless British will agree to help the French if the Nazi march towards the Rhine, France will refuse to give up a single soldier or a gun.
Two British subjects killed and four wounded in Kashgar Eastern Chinese Turkestan.
Glyn Shute, 8 year old son of Mr. And Mrs. Ernest Shulte, of Cornwall Avenue badly injured as result of sliding accident.
3Meeting of sealers at Casino theatre under chairmanship of Mr. E. A. Bowring, addressed by the United Kingdom Commission.
4Hon Sir John Hope Simpson, Hon J.C. Puddester and Hon. T. Lodge left on tour of inspection of the Railway to Port Au Basques.
Reichbishop Ludwig Musller of Germany, Dictator of Lutheran Church.
Samuel Insull ordered from Greece.
Dieudonne Costes, famous French airman believed lost in North Sea, being 24 hours overdue on a six hour flight from Paris to Copenhagen.
Prof. Hutton K.S.G. Gave address to St. Bon’s Rotary and debating Guild on “Pratory.”
5Result of Newfoundland conversion loan in conjunction with the withdrawal of self-government from Newfoundland reported extremely satisfactory Common voted $200,000.
British steamer Concordia and U.S. steamer Black Eagle Collided in fog 60 miles off Sable Island, crew safely rescued.
Marine Engineers Association Annual banquet.
His Excellency the Governor paid official visit to sealing ships.
Mr. A. B. Butt gave address to Kirk young People’s Society on “A Defence of Idealism.”
6Dr. Alice Lindsay Wynekoop, of Chicago, convicted of the murder of her daughter-in-law Rheta, and sentenced to 25 years in prison.
7Sealing steamers sail for seal fishery.
Governor General of Canada passed away at London, 87.
Lady Whiteway celebrated 90th anniversary of her birthday.
Conception Bay All-Stars won first victory over city representatives 4-3.
8Prof. A G. Hatcher M.A. lectured at Memorial College subject “More about Planets.”
S. S. Neptune took first white-coat for season.
M.C.L.I.. debated “Resolved that women’s judgment is inferior to man’s.”
Mrs. Andrew Grieve spoke to rotary Club on “some aspects of social service.”
Conception Bay and city teams divided honors in second game of the inter-town series 3-3.
11Closing ceremonies of Mission for women of the Cathedral and St. Patrick’s
Liner “Westernland” rescued the crew of 4 from the deck of the sinking schooner G. E. Levey, off Halifax.
Mr. J. G. Higgins, B.A., K.C., spoke to Holy Cross Literary Association on “Bards of Ancient Ireland.”
Dr. V. P. Burke, O.B.E., M.A., B.Ss., Ll.D., spoke tp Patrician Association on “Modern History”.
Mr. F. R. Emerson lectured to St. Bon’s Literary and Debating Guild on “The life of Thomas Moore.”
12Heaviest earth shocks ever reported rocked cities of North Utah and Southern Idaho, causing large building to sway and cracking of walls of some structures.
Annual congregational meeting of Wesley Church.
Gower St. Young People’s League addressed by Rev. John Ball.
Annual meeting St. Mary’s Church Parishioners.
Holy Cross team won hockey championship in senior league.
14Anti-God campaign in Soviet Russia gaining momentum. 9 Protestant and Catholic German-Russian clergymen officiating in a minority diocese arrested.
British warship Westart and British steamer Tsinin arrived at Hong Kong carrying 187 men rescued from the burning U.S. gunboat Fulton.
B.I.S. L. &. A. election of officers,
Annual meeting Tasker Education Fund.
Seventh annual meeting of the Railway Employees Welfare Association.
15M.C.L.I. debate “That the Imperialistic policy of Japan is a menace to civilization” won by negative.
T. H. O’Neill, President of the B.I.S. spoke to Rotary Club. Giving a history of the work of that society since it’s inception in 1806.
16Chinese soldiers massacre 2,000 in Turkestian town.
Rev. Canon Bolt after 35 years work, tendered his resignation as Secretary of the Synod.
17S.S. Imogene, 52,030, Neptune, 18,489, and Thetis, 5,295 seals arrived in port.
Installation of officers of Tasker Lodge A.F. & A. M.
Benevolent Irish society fittingly observed St. Patrick’s Day.
Annual Horse races at Quidi Vidi.
Concerts at Presentation Convent and St. Joseph’s Hall.
“The Kerry Cow” presented by Old Favorites Dramatic Troupe.
Successful dance at Y.M.C.A.
Shanahan’s Band presented entertainment at Majestic Theatre.
18Diamond Jubilee of George Street United Church celebrated. Rev. N.M. Guy, special speaker.
Annual meeting of the Newfoundland auxiliary of the British and foreign Bible society at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Special ceremonies marked closing of the Holy Year at R. C. Churches.
Patrician Association held Irish Musical.
Sir John Hope Simpson, C.I.E. Commissioner for Natural Resources gave address on work of the commission of Government at Holy Cross L.A.
Mr. Justice Higgins addressed St. Thomas’s Men’s Bible Class on “Economics and Religion.
19 William Crotty on trial for attempted murder of his father found not guilty by jury.
Mr. W. J. Browne, gave paper on the political, social and economic life of Newfoundland at the weekly meeting of Forum at K. of C. rooms.
Hon. Mr. Thomas Lodge, commissioner for Public Utilities guest speaker.
20Hon. Sir John Hope Simpson guest speaker at the meeting of Lodge Empire S.O.E.B.S.
Annual meeting of friends and supporters of the Church of England Orphanage.
Prizes won in recent bowling tournament between Y.M.C.A. and T. A. club presented.
Queen Emma of Holland dead.
Lilyan Tashman, actress, often called best dressed woman in Hollywood, dead.
21 Mission for men of the Cathedral and St. Patrick’s churches opened.
Worst snow storm for the winter experienced in the city.
Rev. N.M. Guy lectured on “This Economic Blizzard” in Pitts memorial Hall.
Hon. E. N. R. Trentham broadcast over station VOGY on the work of the Commission of Government.
22MacDonald Fellowship Club and guests numbering 100 attend club annual banquet at “Y”.
M.C.L.I. debated “That C. H. E. examinations below Grade XI should be abolished.”
Pupils of Prince of Wales college stage “A Pageant of Newfoundland History” at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Captain Ernest Chafe gave lecture to Llewellyn Club on his adventures with Capt. Bartlett after being shipwrecked on the S. S. Karluk.
More than 1,000 die in Holocaust at Japanese port of Hakadate.
23S.S. Otto Peterson bound from Cardiff to Port au Basques, under charter bu the International power & paper co., Ltd. to load newsprint grounded on southeast side of Eastern Baldwin Rick, Port au Basques.
25U. A. automobile labor strike ended.
Sir John Hope Simpson special speaker at “Y”.
11 days out from La Havre, France bound to New York with cargo of chalk and general cargo, S. S. Liberty arrived in port to effects repairs.
Royalists and Residents clashed in French towns. Daumergue warned France must save herself from the threat of civil war.
Mr. P. F. Halley, B. A. gave address to Holy Cross L.A. under the Caption of “Labor”.
Patrician Association held open forum.
Men’s Mission closed at R. C. Cathedral.
26 Final results of the Italian parliamentary elections showed that 96 1/4 per cent of those entitled to do so recorded their votes.
Versatile Col. Arthur Lynch, soldier, physician and poet, whose many-sided life included participation in the Bore War died at London.
27J. M. Farndale and G. W. Rabbitts, St. John’s. recognized as the north and south champions of contact bridge, while the east and west title went to F. A Edens and Dr. J. B. Murphy.
King held levee at St. James Palace.
Columbus Ladies’ association annual meeting.
Annual prize debate at Holy Cross schools. Dermot O’Keefe won gold medal for oratory.
Sir John Hope Simpson speaking from his own experience to members and guest of the Kirk Service Club at Presbyterian Hall.
Mr. C. D. Hart Asst. Manager of the bank of Montreal spoke to Board of Trade on “Functions and problems of the banking institutions.”
28Leslie Brook, on an attempted, owner of the American cup, Challenger Endeavor signed on as member of the crew and is the first women in the long history of competitions to become a member of a challenger’s crew.
Professor Albert Einstein’s name heads the list of 36 Germans deprived of citizenship.
Hon. Thomas Lodge discussed comparative importance of Newfoundland industries at M.C.L.I. meeting.
Hon. E.N.R. Trentham addressed Rotary Club on “Currency Inflation in Germany.”
30Fire broke out in the house of Peter Casey butcher at foot of Springdale and Water Street did much damage to adjoining residences of W. J. Ford and John Dunphy.
Turkish Government surrendered Samuel Insul to United States.
31Britain’s financial year ended with net surplus of revenue over expenditure of 31,147,869 pounds.

1Easter Musical at Holy Cross . Final meeting of the Patrician Association for the 1033-34 season which took form of Easter Musical.
W. J. Browne, B. A. B. Sc. gave address to St. Bon’s Literary and Debating Guild on “Newfoundland at the present time.”
2The Pope accompanied by 19 Cardinals, 60 Bishops and numerous prelates closed the ‘Holy Door’ in St. Peter’s Basilica thereby marking the close of the Holy Year.
“Under the Gaslight” presented at Casino by St. Patrick’s Players.
MacDuff Copeland and ‘Kennet Duff, gave entertainment at Bishop Field College.
Tremendous eruption of the volcano Skelder Yoeckel in Southeast Iceland.
B. P.O. Elks held successful dance at club rooms.
3Sealing steamer S. S. Imogene took disabled Thetis in tow.
S. S. Eagle first arrival from seal fishery.
Official communique of commission of Government announced, Mr. J. O’Halloran being sent out from England to re-organize the department of Posts and Telegraphs.
Sir John Hope Simpson special speaker at “Ys” Men’s club.
Installation of office of Whiteway Lodge.
Wesley Literary association and rover Scouts held inter-debate.
4200,000 Chinese miners on strike.
Col. Roberto Mendez Perate, Cuban Secretary of Justice and presidential possibility before Mendieta took office, suicided by shooting himself in the neck.
Belvedere Ladies’ Association card party at Newfoundland Hotel.
Annual Tasker Celebration for children of Masons attended by 403 children .
Flood waters caused half million dollars damage at Hudson, Wisconsin. 1 woman and 5 children missing.
5M.C.L.I. held last meeting for season.
Royal Stores team won Tie Cup in City League.
Regular weekly luncheon of rotary Club. Singsong led by Mr. Frank Bradshaw.
6“Liverpool Rover” with broken propellor shaft rescued from ice pack by Dasco Collier “Watuka” and towed to Louisburg. Motor vessel “Bruce and Widona” picked up by the R. C. M. P. cutter “Fleur de Lys” off Halifax with broken intermediate shaft.
7S. S. Thetis 5,295 seals, Imogene 52,030 and Neptune 18,489 arrived in port.
Dr. Grieve lectured to members of N. T. A. at Bishop Feild College.
50 killed many missing, when cliff tumbled on Norwegian town of Tafjord.
8Mr. Jack Lee of Carbonear gave vocal recital to members of holy Cross L.A.
9Wm. Wallace McDowell , United States Minister of the Irish Free State collapsed at an official banquet given in his honor and died within a few minutes.
Houde swept back into the Canadian political picture as Mayor of Montreal after an absence of 2 years.
S. U. F. flipper supper hon. J. C. Puddester, Hon. W. R. Howley, Hon. E.N.R. Trentham and Mayor Carnell special guests.
First radio auction ever held in Newfoundland most successful. It was sponsored by Y.M.C.A. Board of directors,
French cutter from Nice carrying a cargo of dynamite seized by Italian customs officials in Italian territorial waters.
10Mr. F. R. Emerson gave interesting account of some of his travels to “Y” Mens club.
Wesley Literary association held Hat Debate.
Salvation Army celebrated 105th anniversary of the birth of William Booth . Rev. J Thackeray and Hon. T Lodge special speakers.
11Army and Navy League annual meeting.
“Meet Uncle Sally” presented under auspices of the 3rd St. John’s Rover Scouts at Wesley Lecture Hall.
Pope Pius granted audience to his Excellency Bishop March of Harbor Grace.
Riot in Paris resulted in death of 1 miner and 14 injured.
Rev. Levi Hussey, native of Newfoundland, accepted invitation to become pastor of Kincardine U. Church, Kincardine, Ont.
12Hon. Thomas Lodge entertained members of Llewellyn Club with an account of is experience as Commissioner of two islands in the pacific Ocean.
Girls Friendly Society held concert at Synod Hall.
M.C.L.I. annual meeting.
6th annual meeting of the Fish and Game protection Association.
Torrential rain in England, Scotland and Ireland resulted in loss of live stock and much property damage.
Semi-annual meeting of St. John’s Curling Association at Nfld. Hotel. Presentation of Prizes.
His Excellency Admiral Sir D Murray Anderson addressed rotary Club.
MacDonald Fellowship Club held dance at club rooms.
13B. P. O. Elks card party at Club Rooms.
Rev. Dr. Wylie Clark accepted invitation to St. Stephen’s Church, Amherst, N.S.
14General City Clothing Relief Committee concluded work.
15Tens of thousand of French government employees paraded under red flag throughout the Province protesting against pay cuts.
Sir Charles Hutton K.C. provided classical entertainment for members of Holy Cross L.A.
Mr. Gerald J Walsh lectured to St. Bon’s Literary and Debating guild on the :Life and work of Rev. Dr. Fleming.”
16S. S. Ungava arrived in port with 41,073 seals.
Leon Trotsky exiled Russian leader and man without a country found hiding in France.
Lord Tyrell ended long career as British Ambassador in Paris.
“The Middle Watch” presented by Great War Veterans at Casino theatre.
B. P.O. Elks dance at club rooms.
17Annual reunion Sergeants’ Mess. Sir John Hope Simpson and Hon. Mr. Lodge among speakers.
Annual Masonic Church Service in connection with Tasker Educational Fund held at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.
Masquerade dance at Guards Club Rooms.
Hon. W. R. Howley K.C. addressed Board of Trade on the Law of contracts.
Leon Trotsky forced to leave France where he was charged with conducting insidious activities.
Railway employees held flipper supper at Newfoundland Hotel.
Annual spring Sale of St. Mary’s women’s Association and girl Guild.
Closing exercises of gym and dancing classes of the Y.W.C.A.
Fire which broke out in store at Grand Falls Station owned by B Noble, destroyed a dwelling owned by E. Bursey and 4 stores.
Hon. Mr. Lodge Commissioner for Public Utilities accompanied by Mrs. Lodge left by S. S. Glencoe on visit to S. W. Coast.
19France blunt note to London accusing Germany of wrecking the bilateral negotiations by definitely re-arming caused some concern in the world’s capitals.
King and Queen visited Aldershot and toured camp.
Closing banquet of Holy Name society Night School.
Mr. F. G. Bernard, K.C. Commissioner, left by express to begin enquiry into logging situation. Mr Barnard Summers, of Corner Brook appointed Secretary to the Commissioner.
Y.M.C.A. Radio Auction has successful conclusion all articles being disposed of.
Annual flipper Supper of Llewellyn Club at Canon Wood Hall.
Miss Helen Lodge M.A. of the memorial College spoke to the Macdonald Fellowship Club on her experiences at Columbia University with its 22,000 students.
S. S. Beothic arrived in port with 41,701 seals.
Girls Friendly Society Annual Festival.
20 Annual meeting Fish and game Protection Association.
Mr. J. W. Morris gave address on Navigation and Power Development at monthly meeting of St. Andrew’s Service Club.
22Special service at George St. Church in honor of St. George’s Day. Dr. A. C. Hunter, M.A. special speaker.
Closing session of St. Bon’s Literary Club.
Rev. J. W. O’Mara, B. A. addressed Holy Cross L.A. on “Character”.
23Gower St. Church awarded first place in choir competition at Pitts Memorial Hall. Dr. James Lyon of Birmingham was the judge.
Employees Association of Nfld. Light and Power Co., Ltd., held informal re-union at St. Mary’s Hall.
Members of C.T.L. held annual billiard tournament flipper dinner at Octagon Pavilion.
“All a Mistake” presented by St. Thomas’s dramatic troupe at Canon Wood Hall.
Prince George arrived in London after 3 months tour of Africa.
24Captain Abram Kean , veteran sealing captain presented with souvenir seal and cheque by directors of Bowring Brs., Ltd. in honor of his unique record in bringing in 1,000,000 seals. Captain Kean also received letter of congratulation from His Excellency the Governor , Sir David Murray Anderson.
Y.W.C.A.Fair opened by Lady Anderson.
Dwelling house and contents owned by Walter Forsey, fortune, destroyed by fire.
At a meeting of executive committee of the L.D. A. plans to locate men in vacant land in suburbs of St. John’s were outlined. Empire Day address to Rotary.
“Let us now praise famous men”
Empire Day.–
2 men killed and 5 wounded when troops were called to quell disturbance at Toledo Ohio.
Henry victor Morris of Trinity, won Boak Scholarship at Queen’s University.
Sir Wilfred Grenfell in interview at Montreal, stated he believed that modern hunting methods would end seal fishing if steady killing continued.
Holy Cross sports.
Annual convention of Knight of Columbus, Newfoundland Jurisdiction, held at harbor Grace.
25Archduke Eugene the first member of the Hapsburg House to return to New Austria paid lengthy call on Chancellor Dollfuss.
Bungalow on Kenmount Road owned by George Lambert and occupied by family named Skeans destroyed by fire.
Capt. Pond and Lieut. Sabelli, the two American airmen who made a first landing in Ireland after crossing the Atlantic in an attempt to reach Rome, again forced down on Welsh coast.
Annual Sports of 1st St. John’s Boy Scouts and Rover troop at C.L.B. Armory.
President Hatcher entertained 200 parents of Memorial College students in the assembly Hall.
26Rev. Frank Meaney of Harbor Grace ordained to the Priesthood by Cardinal J. M. R. Villeneuve in the Basilica, Quebec.
Queen Mary celebrated 67th birthday at Buckingham Palace.
Commander Douglas Graham of Bridgewater, Somerset, left Bantry Bay, Ireland for Newfoundland, sailing alone in a 7 ton sailing cutter.
27Count Caseria, King of Jerusalem, dead , 93.
Lieut. Paul codas and Maurice Rossi took off from Le Bourget filed in attempt at No0-stop flight to San Diego, Calif.
Members of Sons of England attended Divine Service at C. of E Cathedral.
Lord Bishop of Newfoundland dedicated beautiful brass alms basin as Memorial to Rev. John Rouse and his wife, at St. Mary’s Church.
28Capt Thomas F Sullivan, of Newfoundland, appointed commander of new heavy cruiser “Tuscaloosa” recently completed at the New York shipbuilding year, Camden.
Rossi and Codos, French flyers, brought the trans-Atlantic plane “Joseph Lebrix” to safe landing at Floyd Bennett field.
Quintriplets born to Mrs. Oliva Dionne, of Callander, Ont.
29Disarmament Conference opened at Geneva..
Kaye Don’s mechanic, Frank Taylor, died as results of injuries received when the famous dear-devils motor car overturned.
Old Spencerian Association held first annual dinner at Newfoundland Hotel.
Barn together with contents, belonging to John Fowler, of the Gould, Brigus, totally destroyed by fire.
Smoker and presentation of trophies to winners in City Hockey League at Crosbie Hotel.
30At opening of Arms Conference France made it clear that she will not consent to any German re-armament.
Gower St. N.G.I.T. held annual Mother and Daughter banquet. Presentation to Dr. and Mrs. Clark.
“Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard” presented at Canon wood Hall.
Pupils of Bishop Spencer College presented entertainment.
St. John Hope Simpson gives interesting address to members of Royal Oak and Leeming Lodges.
31Annual presentation of Outerbridge Shield by His Excellency the Governor and gymnastic display at C.L.B. Armory.
Lieut.-Col. Walter F Rendell spoke to rotary Club on the “Growth of Life Insurance”.
Presentation Night of 4th St. John’s Troop Boy Scouts.
Colonel and Master of Semphill, Hon. Wm. Francis Forbes Semphill, who has a distinguished career in aviation, arrived by S. S. Nova Scotia.

1Centenary of Newfoundland Saving Bank.
House on Kenmount road owned by one Murray destroyed, by fire.
House of Billies’ Pond, near Cape Ray, owned by William Park, destroyed by fire.
218 members of Rotary Club left for Halifax to attend convention there.
300 homeless in the village of Oliver, New Brunswick, following destruction of whole village by forest fire.
Mr. Gerald angel saved life of boy who had fallen over head of wharf at dock premises.
3Two Newfounflanders included in birthday honors, Sir Edgar Bowring and Capt. A. Kean.
800 members of the C. L. B. paraded to St. Mary’s Church, His Excellency the Governor taking the salute.
4Great Britain despatched note to United States Dept. stating it had been found necessary to defer making payment in the war debt installment on June 15th.
Reception held at Government House in Honor of His Majesty the King’s Birthday.
Barn owned by Reuben Sparkes, Shearstown, destroyed by fire.
5Two men, John J. Sheppard and Clyde Dinham, who strayed from their vessel, Nina M. Conradd, picked up by schooner Shamrock and landed at St. Joseph’s.
22nd District rotary Conference opened in Halifax.
100 people rendered destitute at Keels, B. B. , by fire which destroyed 22 dwellings, 12 small stores, 7 barns in addition to the C. of E. school.
Annual meeting Baseball League.
6Queen Astrid of Sweden gave birth to a son, third child of King Leopold’s family.
Annual sports Day , St. Bon’s College.
Annual Sports Day , Bishop Spencer College.
7Professor McDonald of St. Francis Xavier College Antigonish, arrived in the city at invitation of Bureau of Education.
Residence at Grand Falls owned by L. Abbott destroyed by fire.
Mr. L.R. Cooper gave address to rotary Club on “Save to Forests.”
William Baird , B. S. A. Supt. of dominion Government Experimental Farm at Nappan Cumberland county, N.S. arrived to make report on country’s agricultural possibilities.
Presentation of trophies won at sports St. Bon’s College.
Mr. Charles J. Ellis, 25 years, field captain presented with small gift on his resignation from that position.
Plot to assassinate President of Spain failed.
8Compromise agreement reached at Geneva by representatives of Great Britain, France and the United States, on the disarmament program,
Capt. Evens of the Danish ship H.M.S. Ingolf delivered address on “Greenland” at Board of Trade.
Three men, James gale, George Hilliard and James Hilliard who were reported drifting in an open boat 8 miles from Codroy landed safely about 25 miles north of that place.
10Prof. A. B. Macdonald of St. Francis Xavier University Antigonish, guest speaker of Holy Cross L.A. on “Adult Education.”
11Prof. A. B. Macdonald B. A. B.S. A. held meeting at Petty Harbor and Carbonear.
St. John’s branch G. W. V.A. election of officers.
More than 1000 dead as floods destroyed city of Ocotepeque, Honduras.
12Centenary of the incorporation of the Law Society of Newfoundland.
Centenary of the incorporation of Mechanics Society.
United States replied to British note on war debts. Will consider offers for re-adjustment.
House and contents of George Rideout Foxtrap destroyed by fire.
13Tenth session of the Newfoundland Conference of the United Church of Canada opened at George St. Church. Rev. George L. Mercer B. D. elected President, Rev. Samuel Baggs Secretary.
Central Argentina visited by series of violent earthquake shocks . Many people killed and injured and thousands rendered homeless.
Marine Court of enquiry into collision between S. S. Silver City and schooner believed to be the Ethel Collett opened.
14St. Patrick’s Hall Sports.
Bishop Feild College Sports day.
Prince of Wales sports Day.
31st Biennial session of the Diocesan’s synod of Newfoundland opened.
Lord Sempill gave instructive address on “Development of Imperial Routes” at Memorial University College.
Professor Macdonald of St. Francis Xavier University spoke to a large gathering of clergymen on “Adult Education” also addressed Rotary Club.
First official meeting of Mussolini and Hitler near Venice.
Attempt made on the life of Soviet Minister to Finland, Stein; by an English citizen, Herman Wm. Brown.
15Dominion wide strike of Canadian radio artists.
Second Hitler-Mussolini meeting took place in a hotel on the Lido.
Goodwill broadcast on board S. S. New Northland, through the cooperation of the Canadian Broadcasting Commission.
Capt bob Bartlett schooner Morrissey left New York for a trip along Greenland Coast.
Luncheon in honor of the Moderator of the United church, Rt. Rev. T. Albert Moore D. . given at Newfoundland Hotel by Hon. J. C. Puddester commissioner for Public Health and Welfare.

Clergy and lay delegates attending the sessions of the synod and United Church Conference guests of His Excellency the Governor and Lady Anderson at Government House.
Enjoyable dinner at Newfoundland Hotel ended Convention of Imperial Life assurance Company.
17Reign of terror started with opening of two Fete at Havana.
Joint parade of United church and St. Andrew’s Boy Scouts and rover troop to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian church.
18British and United States naval vessels joined in search for pirates who kidnapped 6 British citizens, including 2 naval officers from a steamer flying the British flag.
Striking interns of five Montreal French-Canadian hospitals returned to their post following acceptance of the resignation of Dr. Sam Rubinovitch as intern at Notre Dame Hospital.
John Smith 24, left Peterborough, Ontario in a 16 foot canoe in which he hoped to cross at Atlantic.
Presentation of Cup won by T. A. in Guards T. A. billiards tourney at Guards
Club rooms.
19Under leadership of Mitchell Hepburn, Liberals come back to power in Ontario. Liberals also win elections in Saskatchewan.
Closing session United Church Conference.
H. M. S. Dragon arrived in port on official visit.
Major Walter Cornick , for 12 years attached to S. A. Headquarters here, transferred to Grand Falls. Major Robert McBain now of London Ont. will succeed im as Division Secretary.
Negotiating the voyage from Bantry Ireland, to St. John’s in 24 days. Navigating alone, the 4 ton yawl Emmanuel, commander R B. Graham, R. N. arrived in port.
20Closing session of Synod.
Arbor Day Fete at United Church Orphanage.
Belvedere Garden party.
Closing exercises of Kindergarten department of United College.
21Entertainment and distribution of prizes of Holloway Schools at Pitts Memorial Hall.
His Honor Mayor Carnell, paid official visit to H. M. S. Dragon.
P. Ashley Cooper, Governor of Hudson Bay Company addressed Rotary on “The Problems of Reconstruction.”
Annual meeting Old Memorial’s association.
22Graduation ceremony at Memorial University College.
Rev. Dr. Wylie Clark preached farewell sermon at Gower St. Church.
King George celebrated 23rd anniversary of coronation.
23His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales celebrated 40th birthday.
H. M. S. Dragon left port for tour of island.
24Four officers of the Silver City which cut the schooner Ethel Collett, resulting in loss of whole crew, arrested and charged with manslaughter.
Schooner Effie M Morrissey , Captain Robert Bartlett arrived at Brigus.
Rt. Rev. Monsignor McCarthy of Carbonear, celebrated 50th anniversary of his ordination
to the priesthood.
25Miss Mary Caroline Davis, daughter of D. James Davis, Nfld Trade commissioner call to the Bar of London.
Charles E Hunt, of St. John’s chosen by Canada and Newfoundland delegates to Rotary International convention as their nominee for member of the International Board of Directors.
Rev. De. Paulin preached farewell sermon at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.
Rev. Fr. Robert O’Donel, C. S. S. R. celebrated first Holy Mass at Oratory of Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square.
26Newfoundland law Society Centenary Dinner at Nfld. Hotel.
27Congregation of Gower Street Church bid farewell to Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Clark.
Installation officers of Avalon Lodge.
George K Donald, Consul General for the United States, transferred to Milan Italy. Howard B. Quarton, at present on leave, appointed to St. Johns.
Japanese mob attack British police at Shanghai.
28Government permit export of gold.
New Anglo-French trade agreement signed.
Monoplane Warsaw carrying Joseph and Benjamin Adamowicz, which left Brooklyn, N.Y. at 9.10 arrived at Harbor Grace at 5.44.
Hon. E. n. R. Trenthan spoke to rotary Club on the Budget.
St. Andrew’s congregation in Presbyterian Hall say farewell to Br. Paulin.
House and contents owned by John Hann of Wesleyville, destroyed by fire.
2919th anniversary of consecration of His Grace, Most Reverend E. Roche, D. D.
Rev. Alfred Bown, of Bell Island, ordained at R. C. Cathedral by His Grace the Archbishop.
Monoplane “City of Warsaw” having on board Joseph Adamowitz and Benj. Adamowitz, Polish flyers, with Holger Hoirits took of from Hr. Grace for Poland.
MacDonald Fellowship club closed seasons activities with picnic at Midstream, country residence of Lady Squires.
30Revolt in Germany Seven leaders shot, and list included such well known names as Helmes of Silesia and Commander Ernest Von Heydebreck, of Pomeraniam Count Spreti of Munich, Hitler quelled movement in person.
Mr. W. S. Dunphy , who had been a member of the civil Service since 1894, presented with address and handsome smoking jacket on occasion of his retirement.
Schooner Bernice Zinck Capt. Rowsell ran ashore at the bottom of Western Arm, Bonne Bay, where she had gone for cargo of lumber and became total wreck..
Mr. William J Carroll, High Sheriff of Newfoundland, retired from office after forty-one years in the Public Service of this country. Judiciary and law Society presented Mr. Carroll with clock suitably engraved and a bouquet of flowers for Mr. Carroll.

1Memorial Sunday , usual services at War Memorial.
Hitler smashed Nazi conspiracy, 18 plotters shot.
2Polish fliers the Anamowitz brothers. landed at Warsaw completing the flight from New York via Harbor Grace.
Schooner Baleka Frank Parsons of Change Islands, master, total wreck in Sandhill tickle, Labrador.
3Frederick Ralph, of Bell Island, missing since June 29th, when he became lost in the wood between St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s, where he had gone on a fishing trip, found his way out in exhausted condition.
Canadian parliament prorogued after session of five and a half months.
Prince Henry of the Netherlands, died, aged 57.
Mr. and Mrs. George tucker celebrated silver anniversary of wedding day.
St. John’s G. W. V. A. elected delegates to Dominion Conference.
4Arrest of 3 German cabinet ministers under order of Hitler.
Arthur S Crummey of Western Bay, passed Medical Council of Canada examinations qualifying to practice.
Chancellor of Exchequer, Neville Chamberlain announced agreement regarding German debt situation had been signed.
United States counted 28 deaths before sundown as a result of fourth of July celebrations.
Madame Marie Curie, joint discoverer of radium, died at Sallanches, Frances, 66.
5Commander Graham in his yawl Emmanuel, left port for Cartwright.
New Jap cabinet headed by Premier Okala.
Striking marine workers at San Francisco fought bloody battle with National guardsman resulting in many being shot down, 3 fatally, and 50 badly bruised.
Hon Sir John Hope Simpson Commissioner for Natural Resources, accompanied by Lady Simpson, left on business visit to Lomond.
R. G. Reid replaced J. E. Bromlee as Premier of Alberta.
Annual meeting Rotary Club.“Buster” Brown elected President “Dave” Thistle, Vice-president and “Jack” Lacey Secretary.
Opening game baseball series.
Cubs defeated B. I. S.
Opening meeting Summer School for teachers.
610 reported killed in riots throughout Amsterdam.
Graduation exercises at General Hospital.
Mr. Reginald Parrell Director of Revenue and finance of the City of Newark, N. J. entertained some 50 Old Feildians at lunch at Nfld. Hotel.
8Crusade against immoral moving pictures started in United States.
Investiture of Rt. Rev.Mons. Flynn, recently elevated to the ranks of Domestic Prelate by His Holiness the Pope, by His Grace the Archbishop of St. Patrick’s Church.
John D Rockefeller celebrated his 95th birthday at Lakewood, N.J.
9Michael Kent of St. John’s, Nfld. stowaway , seriously ill at Sydney Hospital.
Dominion Conference of G. W. V. A. opened at Crosbie Hotel.
House owned and occupied by George Carter, Topsail, destroyed by fire.
Longshoremen at Buchans on Strike.
Boy Scouts troops held joint campfire in vicinity of Donovan’s. His Excellency the Governor, accompanied by Capt. H. B. Robinson, D. S. O. R. N>, and H. R. Ayre, M. C. Chief Commissioner for Newfoundland paid official visit.
10Mitchell Hepburn new Premier of Ontario sworn in.
“At home” day at mammy’s Bakery. Opening of new up to date plant.
15 men left by express for Markland, the new agricultural settlement on the Colinet road.
Strike of Laborers at Botwood ceased.
1161st anniversary of laying of Corner Stone of first T. A. Hall.
Mount Carmel Cemetery Committee annual meeting.
Dollfuss became dictator of Austria.
Dalhousie graduates of this city gave dinner to Dr. Carlton Stanley, president of Delhousie University and Mrs Stanley at Newfoundland Hotel.
18 men from Avondale and conception harbor arrested under warrant on arrival of Prospero and charged with boarding the ship at Pacquet with intent to be carried without fare, convicted and find $15.00 or 30 days imprisonment.
Hudson bay Co. supply ship Nascopie arrived at Cartwright from Montreal having onboard Mr. Ashley Cooper, Governor of Hudson’s Bay, Mrs. cooper, Mr. Ralph Parsons, Trade Commissioner, as well as officials of Canadian Government departments.
12St. Patrick’s Parish Annual garden party.
T. A. &. B. Society Club held excursion to Bell Island.
13William Callahan, of St. John’s convicted by grand jury of entering United States after being deported as was sentenced to serve one year and a day at Chillicothi , Ohio, prison.
14His Excellency the Governor left by H. M. S. Dundee on official tour of the island.
Mr. R. O’Halleran, Secretary for Posts and Telegraphs, submitted report on that department.
1570 men who boarded the train at Bishop’s Falls without permits or the necessary fares, fined $15.00 or 30 days.
St. Bon’s Alumina honor St. Bonaventure their patron saint.
His Grace the Archbishop celebrated Mass and addressed the gathering.
16Huge munition center at Tunachi Bucharest, blown up.
Ango-Newfoundland Development and Buchans delegates met Hon. Sir John Hope Simpson, commissioner for natural Resources and Hon. T. Lodge, Commissioner for Public Utilities, at colonial Building.
Admiralty reports that a sailing boat belonging to H. M. S. Devonshire containing 3 officers of that ship was fired upon by Turkish sentries and Lieut. J. W. Robinson, R. N. was hit and lost overboard.
Religious reception and profession at Littledale.
17A waiter, Toni Marchini , arrested by London authorities and accused of killing Mrs. Violette Kaye, the professional dance, victim of the Brighton trunk crime.
The King opened new central library at Manchester.
18Over 20,000 people present at Liverpool when the King by pressing a golden switch for
formally opened the Marsey tunnel.
George St. Church Sunday School annual picnic.
Church of England Orphanage garden party .
Annual outing of the railway employees Welfare Association at the Octagon.
Bella vista Fair Grounds officially opened by His worship Mayor Carnell.
19Rotarian luncheon took form of a “Midsummer Musicial Interlude” and ladies’ Day.
20Newfoundland team for British Empire Games, Grant Burnell, Chester Lawrence, Bill Coefield and Pat Kelly, left by S.S. Nova Scotia.
Prime Minister MacDonald reached Digby, N.S. where he will rest for next fortnight.
Exchange of notes between United Kingdom and Italian governments fixed frontier of Libya and Sudan.
His Grace the Archbishop held reception for summer schools teachers in grounds of St. Bride’s College Littledale.
Rev. Arthur Pittman, Rector of Topsail retired after 49 years of service.
Const. R. J. and Mrs. Quinlan celebrated silver wedding anniversary.
22Marvin Nelson, 19 of fort Dodge, Iowa, won Wm. Randolph Hearst’s 15 mile swim in Lake Michigan, and $5,000.
John Dillinger, the Indiana desperado, shot to death as he emerged from a theatre at Chicago.
Rev. Fr. John Rawlins, P.P. honored by ladies of Kilbride with presentation of purse of gold on occasion of his silver jubilee.
23Press Communique of Commission of Government contained announcement of retirement of Mr. Charles H Hutchings, Inspector General of Police at end of October.
Their Majesties the queen of Siam reached Cologne on way to visit Belgium.
Sir John Hope Simpson addressed Summer School students.
Annual outing of the T. A. Juvenile Society, Admiral Sir David Murray Anderson, K.C. B. C. M. G. , M.V.O. paid official visit to Port Saunders
23Rev. Fr. Dwyer Harbor Main celebrated Jubilee.
24Violent thunderstorm and torrents if rain did much damage in London.
30 town about Warsaw under water and volunteer brigades are fighting the floods night and day.
25Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss of Austria shot without warning at the Federal chancellory by Nazi who entered the Palace disguised in the uniforms of a Vienna Regiment. He died immediately.
Duke of Gloucester opened great Empire swimming pool at Wembley.
26Staff and students of the Summer School assembled in Bowring Park at the little tree planted 4 years ago and paid tribute to Dr. Francis A Bruton’s Memory.
Rotary Club welcomed District governor “Charlie” Wood.
29New Austrian cabinet with Dr. Kurt Schuschnigg, anti-Nazi succeeding Dollfuss.
Explosion wrecked Lunenburg schooner Astrid W Crew of 14 members rowed 120 miles landing at Little Anse, near Arichat N.S.
Marie Dressler, veteran actress of the stage and screen passed away at Santa Barbara.
John Avery and Robert McDevitt hopped off from Halifax for Newfoundland.
30Prime Minister MacDonald surprised the Kentville rotary Club Luncheon meeting when he entered the hall just when they were hearing an address on “Obstacles of the Road to disarmament” from Rev. Dr. J. H. MacDonald.
MacDervitt and Avery arrived at Harbor Grace airport.
31The confessed killer of Dollfuss , Plenetta and the leader of the bold band of insurgents which captured the Chancellory at Halzwehr, hanged 3 hours after trial.
63rd session of the L. O.A. Grand Lodge opened at Masonic Hall at Corner Brook
England retains Davis Cup in tennis finals with United States.

1Regatta Day
S. P. A .Dance at Newfoundland Hotel.
Employees of United Nail and foundry Co., given dinner at Crosbie Hotel.
Strollers A. A. dance at Holy Name Hall.
2President Von Hindenburg of Germany passed away in his 87th year. Hitler on series of lighting like moves made himself absolute dictator of Germany.
Coast of Main shaken by earth tremor.

3Reichswehr Minister Von Blomberg informed Hitler that all officers, soldiers of the national Defense forces had taken the oath of allegiance.
280 delegates from 60 countries arrived at Berlin to partake in the 5th Baptist World Congress.
Premier MacDonald and his daughter Isabel arrived at Sydney N.S.
Official closing of Summer School.
Special entertainment at Mt. Cashel in honor of R. J. Louis Cuddihy.
Lancashier cotton manufacturing decided to stop all cotton exports to Germany throwing 50,000 Lancshire textile workers out of employment.
4Dinner held at the Octagon to celebrate double victory on Regatta Day of the Railway Employees Welfare Association crew.
Religious reception at Presentation Convent Cathedral Square.
512 day strike at Chicago stock year ended.
Rebellions in Austria reported.
6Regatta Committee to the Star of the Sea boat Club tendered dinner at Robinson’s road House, Torbay.
First judgment in Newfoundland based on evidence of finger prints delivered by His Honor Judge Morris.
Authorities estimated at least 100 massacred in Constantinople along after savage fighting between Jews and Arabs.
Chester Lawrence of Newfoundland placed third in the second heat of the 220 yards dash and did not qualify in the finals in the British Empire Games.
7Ross Reader of Grand Falls elected Grand Marshall of the Grand Encampment I. O. O F. of the Maritimes and Newfoundland at a meeting at New Glasgow, N.S.
8Canadian airmen Capt. Leonard Reid and Capt. Ayling, attempting to break existing long distance flight records with Bagdad as objective.
B. P. O. Antlers honored its rowing crew by dinner and dance.
9Ayling and Reid failed in the long distance flight record when they landed safely at London. Lack of gas forced the landing.
L. A. Moore, of Grand Falls elected Grand Marshall of Grand Lodge Oddfellows, of the Maritime and Newfoundland, at New Glasgow, N.S.
Roosevelt nationalized United States silver supply.
Rt. Hon. Ramsay MacDonald Prime Minister of England with his daughter Isabel arrived in the city on board H. M. S. Dragon.
40 British students in charge of Commander Murray Levick, R. N. and 4 others officers arrived by S. S. Nova Scotia and left by express for Grand Falls to make a survey of the country lying between Great Rattling Brook and the Gander River.
10Rev. Wilfred F. Gaetz formally inducted as minister of Gower St. United Church.
Most Rev. Clarendon lamb Worrell, Primate of the Church of England of Canada, died in hospital at Halifax.
11Anglo-German trade agreement signed.
12Trans-Atlantic plane “Trail of the Caribou” crashed at Hamble, England. Capt. Leonard Reid slightly injured.
Attempt to rescue Admiral Byrd proved successful. Byrd was isolated for nearly 5 months.
Rev. Wolfred F. Gaetz preached initial sermon at Gower St. United Church.
Rev. C. Follett M. A. visiting from Toronto preached at Wesley Church.
135,000 farmers of county Cork attacked police attempting to prevent tax sale and were repulsed after terrific battle.
Barn and contents 2,000 lbs of hay ,belonging to John Dwyer, Carbonear, destroyed by fire.
Annual Requiem Mass at Belvedere Cemetery.
14John H LeBatt, President of LeBatt Brewery Ltd. London, Kidnaped while motoring between London and Sarnia.
Hindenburg’s political testament “directed by him to German people and other chancellors” published.
15First trial flight over London of the new Scotland Yard autogiro proved successful.
Horse race at Bella Vista.
House and contents of Joseph Coady , Jean de Bay, destroyed by fire.
United Church Garden party at Pouch Cove.
Cubs team champions of baseball league for 1934.
Annual Garden Party Regatta at Kent’s Pond.
16Hon. F. C. Alderdice named as new member of Board of Governors of Dalhousie University .
Concert at harbor Main in honor of Jubilee year of the ordination of Rev. Dr. M. P. Dwyer, P.P.
H. M.S. Scarborough arrived at St. Anthony with Hon Ramsay MacDonald and Miss Isabel MacDonald, who will be guests of the Grenfell Mission.
Rev. “Sam” Kelly of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, spoke to rotary Club, taking as his subject “What do I get out of rotary?.”
17Mr. Claude Fraser Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources, presented with silver service in honor of his approaching marriage by staff of that department.
700 poor children of the city given picnic at Mount Pearl Park by Rotarians, their wives and lady friends.
18Beautiful Roman Catholic Church and presbytery at Brigus destroyed by fire. Loss estimated at $120,000.00.
19Only 10 per cent of the 43,000,000 voters opposed Hitler’s seizure of the Presidency.
Annual Garden party of St. Francis’ parish at Outer Cove.
C. L. B. paraded at Bay Roberts.
George Pond and Cesare Sabelli turned back in a raging storm off the Irish Sea whilst on the Rome to Dublin flight and crashed into a mountain.
20New postal and passenger air service linking London, Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast and Glasgow, inaugurated.
After a flight across the Cabot Strait from Newfoundland, Paul Rizzo , McDevitt and Avery, landed safely at Sydney.
22“Prisoners of Wrangel Island” the Russian scientist expedition who were cut off for five years past in vast expanse of untravelled snow and ice, rescued by the Soviet ice breaker “Krassin.”
John Grierson attempting flight from England to Canada by easy stages landed at Augmaksalik, Greenland.
Immense irrigation dam situated in the Cauvery River, 180 miles southwest of Madras, opened by Sir George Stanley, Governor of Madras.
23John J Quinlan St. Bonaventure’s college, winner of Junior Jubilee Scholarship of $500. Railway Employees Welfare Association inaugurated housing scheme and propose erecting 30 houses.
24Canon E. R. Higham unanimously elected to succeed Canon Peile as Rector of the Cathedral.
Flannel Dance at Bishop Feild Hall.
Delegation from France reached Charlottetown to take part in festivities which began today celebrating the discovery of Canada by Jacques Cartier.
25Men brought in from Twillingate charged with rioting.
26Mr. John C Pippy, late President B. I. S. presented with illuminated address.
27Violent farmers riots against new agricultural prices shook historic isthmus of Corinth.
28Betrothal of Prince George Edward, 4th son of the King and Queen, to Princess Marina of Greece.
Lloyd W. Shaw B. A. resigned as professor teacher of training in Prince of Wales College at Charlottetown to accept position at Normal School, St. John’s.
29Annual outing White Clothing company.
30John Grierson, intrepid English air an, landed at Ottawa from James bay. He left Rochester, England, July 20th.
South Africa paid final installment on war debts.
City council refused permit to use Windsor Lake as aeroplane base.
Garden Party at Government House grounds.
“Charlie” Hunt. director of Rotary International, who was nominee of the St. John’s Rotary Club at the 25th Convention at Detroit, presented report of the proceedings of that convention to Rotary Club.
31Eddie Russell popular in athletic circles given party by his friends on his departure to take up teaching profession.
Presentation of medals won at St. Joseph’s Regatta at St. Joseph’s Hall.

1Church Wardens and Select Vestry of the Church of England, on behalf of Cathedral parishioners presented Canon Peile with illuminated address and present on eve of his departure.
Railway won championship in city Football League.
2Schooner “Bowdoin” Commander McMillan, the scientist arrived at Portland, Maine. from Labrador, after securing valuable plant collection.
Whirlwind did much damage to southwest section of France.
Annual Flower service of Church of England cemetery.
Annual Regatta at Mundy Pond.
Hon. W. A. Black, P.C. oldest member of the Canadian House of Commons and former Minister of Railways and Canals, passed away, 87.
Schooner Gypsy, Parsons , master, with general cargo, sprang a leak and sank near Fredericton.
3Commissioner Evangeline Booth elected General of the Salvation Army succeeding General Higgins.
Hon. Capt. Abram Kean presented with Order of the British Empire by His Excellency the Governor, Sir David Murray Anderson, at Government House.
4Strollers A. A. Dance at holy Name Hall.
5Annual garden party of Parish of St. Agnes at Pouch Cove.
His Grace the Archbishop left on Episcopal tour.
450,000 textile workers on strike in U.S. a. Waves of violence sweeping country.
Hon. J. C. Puddester, Commissioner for Public Health and Welfare accompanied by Dr. H. M. Mosdell, Secretary to the Department returned from inspection of northern section of the island, by S. S. Daisy.
Horse races at Bella Vista.
Second annual garden party at Blackhead Road, Southside.
6British flyer John Grierson en route from Rochester, England to New York, crashed at Ottawa river.
916 airmen of the “all round Europe” air race landed at Seville.
Prime Minister Macdonald and his daughter Isabel visit Grand Falls.
10British Grahamland expedition under leadership of John Rywell left London.
15th regular League of Nations Assembly opened at Geneva.
11th annual convention of the Newfoundland medical Association opened at Newfoundland Hotel.
Mrs. Marian Owens Porter, accompanied by her husband arrived in port on the motor yacht “Gull” in which they purpose to circle the island.
11English Publish schools expedition arrived in City from Grand Falls and report they secured 53 specimens of birds and a large collection of plants.
12 Presentation and consecration of the new color of the Church Lads Brigade at Feildian Athletic Grounds.
A.A. A. Championship sports.
13General Synod of the Church of England in Canada altered constitution enabling any Bishop to be candidate for Primacy.
Rev. Dr. Richard Roberts, Minister of Shelbourne St. Church, Toronto, elected to succeed Rt. Rev. Albert Moore as Moderator of the United Church. Later re-elected as Secretary.
Sir Ernest Wild, London, 65
City Council decided to abandon lottery project.
3 registered nurses arrived from England to take up duties with the Dept. of Public Health and Welfare.
Dr. Walter Scott., Grand Falls elected President of the Newfoundland Medical Association at annual business meeting.
C. L. B. won football championship for 1934.
14Poland will no longer co-operate with international bodies concerning protection to minority populations
Genera/l Synod in Canada gave consideration to proposal to merge churches in Canada and Newfoundland. Rev. Canon Bolt and Mr. L. C. Outerbridge addressed synod.
Edgar House won President’s medal for being most valuable player on his team during football season.
15First Race between Endeavor and Rainbow for American Cup declared no race, boats having failed to finish in specified time.
First conference of N .G.I. T. groups held Miss Isabel Griffiths young’s People Secretary of the Women’s Missionary Society special guest.
16Australia re-elected Lyons Government in general election.
17Endeavor won first victory by 1/3 of a mile.
Swiss Government refused to recognize Soviet’s entry to League of Nations.
Re. Bro. (Missing) Provincial Superior — St. Patrick’s Hall and executive of the B i S A
18Endeavor won second race leading the defender all over the course.
Rt. Rev. D. T. Owen, Bishop of Ontario, elected Primate of Church of England in Canada.
40 nations voted for Soviet Russia’s admittance to the League of Nations, and 3 Switzerland, Portugal and Holland voted against.
19Approval of the principle of ordination of women to the Ministry of the United Church, of Canada, reported by the 6th Biennial General council.
Formal opening of the Memorial University College. Carnegie Corporation of New York donated further sum of $50,000.
Railway Station at Terra Nova destroyed by fire.
Motor cycle and horse races at Bella Vista.
20“Rainbow” won third race of the American Cup.
Richard Hauptmann, a German who came to the Unites States 11 years ago as a stowaway, arrested believed to have been connected with Lindbergh baby kidnapping.
Rev. I F Curtis gave Rotary Club his impressions of the Chicago World Fair.
Pat Kelly winner of Telegram Cup. He completed 10 miles course in 56 minutes 40 4/5 seconds. Mike Brown second, Paul Thorburn 3rd Channcey ,Knight, Coughlan, Stephenson, Fitzgeral, Kearsey, finished in order named.
King and Queen of Siam on tour of Europe, arrived in England.
Dance at T. a. Club rooms.
Annual meeting Newfoundland Hiking Club.
22Stephen Maddox, of Bay Bulls, and his daughter Mary, badly injured when a truck in which they were driving smashed into the northwest abutment of Waterford Bridge.
L.S. P. U. honored tug of war team, for victories won during the year by dinner at Robinson’s Hostelry, Torbay.
Railway Employees Welfare Association tendered dinner at the Octagon to Railway football team which won the championship in the City League.
23Spain again subjected to semi-military law.
Rainbow again wins race. Sop-with enters protest but it is disallowed by the America’s Cup Race committee.
G. W. V. A. players left on tour of Buchans, Grand Falls and Corner Brook, to present “The Middle Watch.”

24Announced that General O’Duffy had retired from the leadership of the United Ireland Party and the blue shirt organization.
Vanderbilt in Rainbow won clean cut victory over Endeavor.
Newfoundland Order of antlers held enjoyable dance at St. Mary’s Hall.
Men of Cathedral parish performed Jubilee Exercises which had been proclaimed by His Holiness the Pope.
12th annual meeting of commercial bowling league.
Forest fire at Flat Bay Brook, Bay St. George’s destroyed over 1000 cords of pulpwood and 7,500 B.M. F. Pine burnt,
25Rainbow won fourth straight victory over the Endeavor thereby successfully completing the defense of the trophy for the New York Yacht Club.
General Hugh Johnson resigned as administrator of the National Recovery Act.
Radio stations VONF and VOGY decided to amalgamate, VONF to be a short wave station and VOGY a long wave station.
Election officers Lodge Dudley.
Women of Cathedral parish performed exercises of the Jubilee in a body.
26Queen Mary performed ceremony of launching of giant Cunarder on the Clyde, in the presence of quartet of a million people, naming her “Queen Mary.”
Hauptmann, alleged to be the receiver of ransom money paid futilely for the return of Lindbergh’s baby indicted by the Bronx county Grand Jury on a charge of extortion.
Delegates from eight nations endorsed election of Afghanistan to membership in the League of Nations.
His Grace Archbishop Roche visited Renews and administered Sacrament of Confirmation to 187 children.
27Annual meeting Nfld. Agricultural Society.
Grant Burnell won 10 mile walking race in 1 hr. 28 mins 49 2/2 seconds , breasting the tape 7 sec before Bill Garland who finished in 1 hr. 28 mins. and 55 sec, Joe Reardigan third, Jack Jenkinson. Skinner in order mentioned.
Prime Minister MacDonald who had been visiting Newfoundland with his daughter Isabel broadcast farewell message.
28“Y” financial campaign began.
James Melrose of Glenerg, South Australia, completed journey from Australia to England in 8 day, 9 hours, beating previous record by 113 hours.
Previous to the sailing of the S. S. Nova Scotia Rt. hon. Ramsay MacDonald thanked the Longshoremen for the efforts of the Union to get the ship away on time.
League of Nations held brief session at Geneva.
29Germany and the Argentine signed new agreement for trade and settlement of accounts.

1Capt. J. J. O’Grady, M. B. E., appointed physical instructor to the constabulary.
Capt. Francis Pin , Nfld., captain who was held at Sydney goal for the Quebec police . escaped about 20 minutes before he was to have entrained for Quebec.
Rumanian cabinet resigned in body.
Spanish Cabinet of Premier Samper resigns.
Sir John Hope Simpson Commissioner for Natural Resources, returned to Canada,
Fall session of Supreme court opened.
2Election of officers Empire Lodge, S. O. E.
Unemployed held monthly meeting on Parade Grounds.
3Reported activity of suspected run-runners of Newfoundland caused Washington State Dept. to renew discussions with the British Govt. to halt smuggling.
Spencer Club annual sale of work.
Sopwith before returning to England charged construction of Rainbow did not comply with rules.
St. Louis Cardinals won first game in world Series.
Newfoundland adult Education Association resumed work for another year.
4Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald arrived in London from Newfoundland.
60 members of Blue Puttees held re-union at Donovan’s to celebrate 20th anniversary of their departure from Newfoundland.
MacDonald Fellowship Club held first meeting for the 1934-35 season.
Dwelling house of Peter Grimes Little Bay Islands, destroyed by fire.
Members of Wesley Church committee gave annual treat to inmates of Poor Asylum.
Annual meeting Strollers A. A. .
Herbert Chafe of Petty Harbor and Alfred Morgan of the same place injured when truck in which they were riding turned over on Bay Bulls Road.
Mr. Allanl Fraser delivered address to Rotarian Club on “Club Service.”
5Revolutionary outbreak in Spain. 1500 arrested made.
His Majesty the King held Privy Council at Buckingham Place to give formal consent to the marriage of Prince George to Princess Marina.
Dwelling of Jacob Percy, Fortune partially destroyed by fire.
Schooner Wild Briar, Capt. Salter Collins, with load of codfish and oil drums ran ashore in Freshwater Bay, crew rowed to port.
6Mr. James Steel of Chicago, arrived to take up duties as Physical Director of the “Y”.
Centenary of formation of Torbay Parish. Rev. T. J. Gough given address and presentation.
Lamaline held first agricultural exhibition.
7Crews of United States fishing ship go on strike seeking higher wages and 8 hour day. 35,000 men effected.
“Cassard” and “Guepard” two French destroyers fired upon by Turkish coastal batteries as they steamed into the Gulf of Smyrna.
8Trade agreements developed between Germany and Poland.
Cruiser “Suffolk” rescued 4 off crew of “City of Cambridge” aground on reef in the South China Sea.
Bruno Hauptmann indicated for the kidnap and murder of baby Charles Lindbergh..
9King Alexander of Serbia and French Foreign Minister Barthou assassinated at Marseilles. The King had only just disembarked. Assassin killed by infuriated crowed.
Annual Meeting Newfoundland Scouters Conference.
Mount Cashil band and choir presented entertainment at Casino theatre.
St. Louis Cardinals won world Series Baseball.
36th annual meeting of Truckmen’s Union.
10Joint Agricultural and Industrial exhibition opened at Brigus By His Excellency the Governor.
Prince George made first public appearance as Duke of Kent when he opened the new home of the London Chamber,
King Peter, 2nd, of Yugoslavia, who was proclaimed Monarch 12 hours after the assassination of his father, left his preparation school at Cobham, Surrey, for London en route home.
C. L. B. Officers Mess Held Card party at Feild College.
T.A. &. B Society held Father Matthew celebrations.
Gandhi resigned leadership of Indian Congress party.
Nfld. Order of antlers tendered dinner at Crosbie to outgoing executive and members of the rowing and marathon teams.
11Solemn proclamation of new Yugoslavian King Peter 2nd.
Spanish Ambassador to Germany, Luis De Zalucla, tendered resignation.
Duke of Kent, Prince George, opened international motor show at Olympia.
City Council rejected offer of Commission of Government to advance to the city the sum of $265,000 under certain conditions. Councilor Outerbridge tendered resignation as result of this decision.
“Revue Broadcast” presented at Casino Theatre in connection with Father Matthew celebrations of the T. A. & B. Society.
Miss Ross-Hume, of Scotland, welfare worker, spoke at Rotary luncheon.
12Lord Cushendun known as Robert McNeil, who made political history in Home Rule question, dead, 72.
Feildian Barn Dance.
Columbus Day fittingly observed by Terra Nova Knights of Columbus.
Sir Edgar Bowring who donated Bowring Park to the city offered to defray all expenses for next year in connection with proposals made by supt. Canning.
First game in inter-college football between St. bon’s and Feildians, win for St. bon’s 4 to nil .
13Torrents of rain which fell all morning and part of afternoon did untold damage. Portion of Southside Road from ST. Mary’s Church to the Quarry River received damage from floods and debris carried down by the waters. Many houses inundated and roads washed out. Tons of earth deposited on railway track following landslide and the Southside Road practicably impassable.
The Pope broadcast from Vatican Library lamenting the Death of Yugoslavian King.
14Annual meeting Belvedere ladies’ association.
Nfld. order of Antlers held election of officers.
Lord Bishop Nfld administered rite of Confirmation to large number of children at St. Mary’s Church, Heart’s Content.
C. L. B. paraded to C. of E. Cathedral.
Film operator Dasconn, who photographed the Marseilles tragedy died under mysterious circumstances.
15Raymond Poincare, former Premier of France passed away.
Third annual Trade and Agricultural exhibition opened at C. L. B. armory by Hon. Sir John Hope Simpson. Commissioner of Natural Resources.
Ladies’ Auxiliary of Great Was Veterans Association formed.
A. B. Banks, for 4 years agriculture representative of Cumberland County, appointed new Agricultural director for Newfoundland.
16C. L. B. football team honored by Old Comrades by enjoyable dinner at Bergvilla, Topsail.
Heart’s Content Fair opened by His Excellency the Governor.
Mr. Moses O’Neill president of the truckmen’s Union presented with armchair in honor of his 36th year on executive of Union.
General O’Duffy announced the formation of his own political party.
Earl of Cork dead, 70.
Ex-patients of the Sanatorium visited institution and presented Dr. Rendell , retiring superintendent with beautiful walking stick.
Installation officers Terra Nova Knight of Columbus.
Rev. George Stephen Carson, one of the leaders of Church Union passed away at toronto, 78.
17Schooner Allan , 40 tons, Snow master, from Carmanville on way to St. John’s, fish laden, wrecked at Burnt Point, Catalina, Crew landed safely.
Wesley ladies’ Aid , Sale of work.
18Members of the visiting Oxford Cambridge debating team. Messrs Robertson, Crichton and Leslie T Jackson, gave address to rotary Club at Weekly Luncheon.
Mortal remains of King Alexander of Serbia laid to rest.
Prof. Lloyd Shaw, gave address at Memorial College , on “Rebuilding a Nation through the schools.”
Duke of Gloucester open Melbourne Centenary celebrations.
Closing ceremony Heart’s Content Fair.
Rev. Wilfred Gaetz spoke to MacDonald Fellowship Club giving a comparison of the conditions of life today and conditions 50 years ago.
1920 of most modern and fastest flying machines from 7 countries and Dominions started from Mildenhall Aerodrome, Suffolk, on hazardous 12,000 mile race from England to Melbourne.
Swedish steamer “Gunhild” which left Gotenburg Oct. 14 with crew of 14 for Bremen reported missing.
Oxford-Cambridge debating team, Messrs Crichton, and Jackson victorious over M. VC. L. I. team. Messrs A. B. Butt and C. F Horwood subject “That the League of Nations is making as indispensable contribution to the world over.”
General Alexander Von Kluck, famous German was leader, passed away , 88.
!. P. & P. Co., officials Messrs E. A. Charlton, Kay and Hinham, of the Canadian International , Mr. Eiderkin, Manager for the company at Corner Brook, and Mr. Bentley woods, manager, met commission of Government.
Bait depot at St. Mary’s opened.
20Annual meeting Law Students Club.
French Science ship President Theodore arrived in port.
21Annual meeting St. Bon’s Alumni Ass’n.
Ordination ceremony at C of E. Cathedral.
Historic Government house at St. Pierre, 118 years old and a group of wooden buildings around it destroyed by fire which followed an explosion in electric lighting plant.
Mortal remains of Poincare laid to rest in family plot in cemetery in little village of Nubecourt.

22Employees of Avalon Telephone and United Towns electric Co., held enjoyable dance at Newfoundland hotel.
Annual Vegetable Sale at St. Joseph’s Parish.
Conception Hr. L. D. A. Exhibition opened by Hon. W. R. Howley, K.C. Commissioner of Justice.
The King accompanied by the Queen opened the New Cambridge University library.
British fliers Scott and Black won England to Australia air race, flying 52 hours, 30 minutes.
23Football season of 1934 brought to successful close with presentation of trophies at Crosbie Hotel.
Dental Society election of officers.
Dutchmen Parmentier and Moll arrived at Melbourne winning 2nsd prize in the air derby.
Harvest Festival and Thanksgiving at Topsail U. Church.
Installation of officers of Lodge Dudley,S. O. E.
4 ton yawl Emmanuel with Com. R. B. Graham as long voyageur, arrived in port 4 ½ days from St. Anthony.
24French Ambassador at Berlin Francois Poncet, paid visit to Chancellor Hitler.
Spanish insurrection crushed.
St. Thomas’s Women’s Association supper and concert.
Turner and Panghorn, the American arrived at Melbourne and claimed third prize in the air Darby Race.
25Rotarian “Bob” Quarton, U.S. Consul delivered address to Rotary Club on “Foreign service and it relation to Rotary”.
Enjoyable dance at T. A. Club rooms.
Official closing and presentation of prizes at Baily Haly.
Annual meeting Cowan Mission Association.
26Variety concert at K. of C. Memorial School
Rev. Ira F. Curtis gave illustrated lecture and descriptive story of the Century of Progress Exhibition at Chicago at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Schooner Stena abandoned at sea and crew picked up by S. S. Coracero and will be landed at Liverpool.
Rev. Bro. A Hearn who for upwards of 30 years labored in the cause of education in this country transferred to New York.
28Mr. H. H. Stevens Canadian Minister if Trade and Commerce resigned.
63rd annual meeting of Star of the Sea Society.
Meeting of British and Foreign Bible Society at Pitts Memorial Hall. Rev. J. B. M. Armor addressed meeting.
Bishop of Newfoundland administered Confirmation to 36 candidates at St. Michael’s Church.
29Naval conference resumed at London England and United States reject Japanese demands for parity and abolition of ratio system.
Annual sale of work Presentation Convent Association.
Hallowe’en concert at Bond St. School.
30Most Rev. Issac Stringer, Anglican Archbishop of Rupert’s Land, passed away at Winnipeg.
British Parliament re-assembled after summer vacation.
Mr. Evan Whiteway, baritone, with Mr. Gordon Christian , L. R.A.M. As assisting artiste and accompanist gave recital at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Grand Opening Parish Hall at Mundy Pond.
Patients at Sanatorium honored retiring Superintendent Dr. Rendell with address and presentation.
5th annual conference of Brotherhood of St. Andrew’s.
31 Commission of Government approved new tariff and Hon. Thomas Lodge actg. Commissioner for Finance, broadcast address pointing out changes.
Hallowe’en Dance at T. A. Club rooms.
St. Bon’s College win football championship for 1934.

1Duke of York paid warm tribute to the Salvation Army at a huge meeting in Albert Hall.
Head Constable Strange appointed Assistant Chief of Police.
Macdonald fellowship Club dance.
Rev. Mr. Armour addressed Rotary Club on “Irish Wit and Humour.”
Llewellyn Club held first meeting for season. Rev. Ira Curtis lectured on “Acentury of progress.”
His Grace the Archbishop paid official visit to Torbay for purpose of introducing the new Pastor Rev. Dr. Green.
2Commissioner James hay, for 5 years head of the Salvation Army in Canada, Newfoundland , Alaska and Bermuda, appointed to headquarters in London.
Nfld Order of Antlers held enjoyable dance at Silverton.
Cathcart Jones and Waller who were fourth in the Australia air race landed at Lympne having made journey to Australia and back again in the record time of 13 days, 6 hours, 38 minutes.
Schooner Josephine C. Fowler, master, ran ashore at Stag Harbor Run, total loss.
3Commander Graham in his yawl Emmanuel sailed for Bermuda.
4Kingsford Smith arrived at Oakland California completing 2408 miles flight from Honolulu in 14 hours, 59 minutes, nearly two hours ahead of schedule.
Mr. G. F. Higgins addressed large gathering of Newfoundland Order of antlers and friends.
5Los Angeles Deputy City Marshal took possession of Kingsford Smith’s plane under a writ of attachment.
Partial embargo against Newfoundland salmon advocated by Eugene Morin, of Carlton, Quebec.
Associated Newfoundland Industries Fair Officially opened by His Excellency the Governor.
St. Bon’s Literary and Debating Guild election of officers.
City Council refused request of Imperial Airways to use a portion of Windsor Lake as a landing place for their planes.
6King Fuad accepted resignation of Yehia Pasha Cabinet.
Roosevelt New Deal policy given overwhelming support in United States election.
Boston fishermen strike ended after 5 weeks.
Regular weekly airmail service between Germany and South America begun.
Truckmen’s Protective Union annual dinner at Robinson’s Hostelry, Torbay.
Annual meeting Spencer Club.
Mr. James Steele, Physical director of the “Y” lectured to the “Y’s” Mens Club on “the Chicago Underworld.”
7Sir William Coaker, at Halifax en route to West Indies, said that improvement was noted in the economic situation in Newfoundland.
Warrant officers and NCO’s Mess of Church Lads Brigade held first annual Mess Dinner at Octagon Pavilion.
Lady Anderson issued appeal on behalf Service League.
G. W. V. A. broadcast appeal on behalf of Poppy Day.
Doumeigue Cabinet resigned. Pierre Etienne Flandin accepted task of forming new Cabinet.
8Nobel prize for Literature awarded to the famous Italian dramatist Luigi Perandello.
Annual Meeting Sergeants Mess.
Rev. Dr. W. McCulloch Thomson, M.A. D.D., F.R.G.S. gave illustrated lecture on “Palestine” at Presbyterian Hall.
His Excellency the Governor Sir David Murray Anderson, delivered address suitable for Armistice Day at Rotary Club.
Mr. C. E. Hunt gave interesting talk to MacDonald Fellowship Club on “Rotary.”
9German Ambassador Hoesch called on Sir John Simon to protest strongly against suggestion that French troops be sent to the Saar.
United Church College Armistice Day Service at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Miss Helen Winslow, as Miss Monarch, representing Nfld. Boot and Shoe company, crowned Miss Newfoundland and Queen of the Show at Newfoundland Industries Fair. Second prize won by Miss Gwen Bursey representing Riverside Woolen Mills, 3rd prize by Miss Eva Taylor , as Miss Tiptop, representing Browning Harvey Ltd.
Induction of Rev. Ernest Richard Wright Higham, M.A. to rectorship of the Cathedral parish , at church of England Cathedral, by the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland.
10Dinner and reunion of War Veterans at Newfoundland Hotel.
11Simple Armistice Day ceremonies at Sergeant’s Memorial, Queen’s Road and at National War Memorial
12Inaugural meeting of Patrician Association.
Baby show and Amateur contest closing events of Associated Nfld Industries Fair.
Hon Sir John Hope Simpson Commissioner of natural Resources addressed Antlers Club on “what I think the future holds for the youth of Newfoundland.”
Robert Donald of St. John’s Nfld., freshman of Yale University won scholarship $500
13Mr. C. E. Hunt addressed “Y’s” Men club on “There Always To-morrow.”
14Philippines lashed by destructive typhoon.
Schooner Ruby Skinner, Karl Sheppard, master, bound from St. John’s to Brig bay , sank off Herring Neck. Crew landed safely.
Annual sale of Ladies’ College Aid and Girl Guild.
Sociable and welcome to Rev. F. R. W. and Mrs. Higham to the Cathedral parish held at Synod Hall.
Fred Wallace 63 year old internationally known driver, who left Newfoundland 30 years, ago, passed away at Chelsea, Mass.
Annual meeting of St. Vincent de Paul society.
15Prince Erik and Princess Lois of Denmark sought permission to divorce, they were married 10 years ago.
Bulgaria decided to cancel payment of all foreign debts.
Lieut. Col. Outerbridge addressed members and friends of the Llewellyn Club on his experiences at the General Synod of the Church of England in Canada held in September of this year.
Dr. A. C. Hunter lectures on “The Depression as seen by Carlyle and Ruskin” at Memorial University College.
Dr. Ray Bennett, Supt. of the Sanatorium gave address to Rotary on “Tuberculosis” and it prevention.
MacDonald Fellowship Club treated to musical hour by well known city artistes.
16Musical entertainment by members of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Choir at Presbyterian Hall.
President and Mrs. Hatcher held reception at Memorial College to meet parents of pupils.
Mrs. Reginald Hargreaves, 82, the original Alice Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” passed away at London.
18Pietro Cardinal Gasparri, Secretary of State for the Vatican and a powerful influence in the cause of peace, passed away , aged 82.
Knights of Columbus memorial Service at Columbus Hall.
Thanksgiving Service at George Street Church.
Mr. Charles E Hunt addressed Antlers and Friends on “Wit and Humor.”
Thanksgiving Service at Gower Street United Church.
Patrician Association opened 1934-35 session. Speeches delivered by Messrs. T. H. O’Neill , J. C. Pippy and W. J. Keough.
Holy Cross Literary Association opening session. Rev. J. D. Savin. Spiritual director gave inaugural address under the caption of “The Catholic Press.”
19Paraguay officially refused to comply with the report of the League of Nations consultative committee which recommended arbitration in settlement of the Chaco was between Paraguay and Bolivia.
Annual Christmas Tree under direction of ex-pupils and pupils of Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.
Dr. Archibald Grace of Ottawa. member of the Royal College of Surgeon, London, accepted post with International Power and paper Co., Corner Brook.
Delegates arrived at Geneva for League conference.
C. L. B. naval players presented “My Dixie rose” at Canon wood Hall.
20Notorious criminal Matuska sentenced to death by Budapest Court, for murdering 22 person by blowing up a railway viaduct near Biatorbagy three years ago.
Disarmament Conference reassembled after long interval.
Annual meeting of Playgrounds and Recreation association.
Rifle Club held enjoyable dinner.
61st Annual communication of the Supreme Grand Lodge of the Society of United Fishermen
Ladies’ Auxiliary of Springdale Street School held sale of work.
Dr. Macpherson guest speaker at Y’s Men’s Club.
21 Joint commission report on Indian reform issued. Recommended Burma to be separated,
Feildian Ladies’ annual sale opened by Lady Anderson.
District Grand Master of England A.F. & A. M. paid a tribute to the retiring District Grand Secretary, W. Bro. W. J. Edgar who leaves to reside in England and installed W. Bro. Barker, D. D. G. M. , as District Grand Secretary in his stead.
Boy Scouts rally at Prince’s Rink.
Rev . Bro. Philip attached to the community of St. Bonaventure’s College, celebrated golden jubilee on his entry in to the religious life of the Order of Christian Brothers.
Deputation representing both branches of the Royal Bank of Canada presented Mr. Alexander Marshall, the retiring manager of the West End branch with illuminated address and a handsome floor lamp.
22Barn dance at T. a. Club rooms,
Rotarian Hazen Russel delivered address on vocational Service, to Rotary Club.
His Excellency the governor, sir David Murray Anderson, graciously accepted honorary membership in rotary Club.
23Lord Mayor of London, wearing his official robes, and the sheriffs and Aldermen drove to Buckingham Palace and formally presented the city’s wedding gift of plate and jewellery to the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina.
Statement before the French chamber that an understanding exists between France and Russia officially denied.
Sir Arthur Pinero, famous dramatist, died in London nursing Home, 79.
25Samuel Insull and 16 others, including his son Martin, acquitted by the Federal Court jury on charges of a hundred million dollars mail fraud.
Star of the Sea Association gave address and presentation to former spiritual director, Rt. Rev. Mons. T. J. Flynn.
Queen Sadies of Albania, mother of King Zogu, dead , 58.
His grace the Archbishop celebrated Mass of Thanksgiving on the attainment of the Silver Jubilee of Terra Nova Council, Knight of Columbus, at K of C Memorial School.
Anonymous gifts of $1,000 received by the organizers of the matinee in aid of Grenfell’s work in Newfoundland-Labrador, held December 13th, the Duke and Duchess of York attending.
Mr. T. P. Halley described Gilbert and Sullivan’s Opera “Gondoliers ’ to Holy Cross,
L. A.
Patrician Association held Musicale .
Mr. P. E. Outerbridge addressed Order of Antlers on “Florida, the Sunshine State.”
26France announced withdrawal from Saar Plebiscite.
Annual Meeting Feildian Club.
Commander R. B. Graham British naval Officer who crossed the Atlantic alone in a 24 foot yawl, and who left Newfoundland three weeks ago reached Bermuda.
School children crowded the majestic Theatre to see film of Wild Life sponsored by fish and Game protection Association.
27Joint meeting of Lodges Dudley and Empire.
Sociable and concert at George Street United Church Lecture Hall.
Tumultuous scenes greeted Premier Theunis when he appeared in the Belgian parliament for the first time.
Presentation of championship trophy and medals won by railway team champions of the City Football League at Crosbie Hotel.
Enjoyable dance at guards Club Rooms.
28Radio auction under auspices of the Playgrounds Association and the B. P. O. Elks and Nfld. order of Antlers
.Sale of work Congregational Lecture Hall.
Sudden overthrow of Bolivian Government. President Daniel Salamanca arrested by troops on the Chaco War Front.
Sale of work in aid of Radio Station V. O. W. R. At Lecture Hall of Wesley United Church.
2920 Indians on the Village of Huixtla, Mexico, stood quietly before the church and allowed themselves to be shot by officials seeking to removed and burn images.
Dalton council K of C harbor Grace celebrated silver Jubilee.
Marriage of Duke of Kent and princess marina of Greece. at Westminster. Ceremony broadcast.
Nfld Hikers Club dance at holy Name Hall.
Pupils of Model School annual entertainment and presentation of diplomas.
Archbishop Howley Council K. of C. of Corner Brook celebrated silver jubilee.
C. L. B. Fall indoor sports.
Mr. J. G. Higgins, KC. President of the Fish and Game protection Association spoke to Rotary Club on “The Romance of Conservation.”
Mr. Van Bommell, Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. spoke to MacDonald Fellowship Club on “Life in Turkey.”
30Sir Hubert Holt resigned as President of the royal Bank of Canada.
Complete collapse of the Bolovian front in the Gran Chaco fighting area.
Capt. William Warms and chief engineer Eben Abbott of the ill fated Morro Castle, arrested and arraigned before United States commissioner on charges of negligence, misconduct and inattention to duty.
Installation of officers of Lodge St. Andrew’s.
Mrs. Wilfred Gaetz, B. A. lectured to large gathering on the Chicago Century of Progress at Gower Street School Hall.
Members of St. Andrew’s Society held reunion at Newfoundland Hotel.
His Grace the Archbishop administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to 122 children of the Parish of St. Francis.

1Mr. C. A. C Bruce Manager for the Canadian Life Assurance co., for the past 33 years, retired. His successor, Mr. G. W. Macpherson, has been transferred from Moose jaw, Sask.
Mr. R. Gushue Ll.B delivered address on “Evidence to Law Students Club.”
2Councillor M.F. Caul addressed Antlers Abstinence and Benefit Society.
Opening Session St. Bon’s Literary Association. Addresses delivered by Hon. W. R. Howley, commissioner for Justice Prof. A. M. Fraser, M.A. and Rev. Bro. Birmingham ,M.A.
The Bishop of Newfoundland Held Confirmation at St. Mary’s Church.
3Annual meeting girl Guides Association.
Annual meeting curling association.
Members of former Legislative Council held first annual reunion at “Woodstock” Topsail.
Terra Nova council No 1452, K of C. celebrated Silver Jubilee of its inauguration.
4Aviator Ulm lost in storm and forced to land his monoplane on undetermined spot in the Pacific, all Efforts to rescue failed.
Mayor carnell address Y’s Men’s Club.
Miss Lecky Secretary of Putney London “School Care committee” gave lecture on social Service work at Gower St. Lecture Hall.
Annual meeting St. John’s Lodge No. 1 S. U. F. Election of officers.
5Lord Riddell well known newspaper proprietor, politician, author and philanthropist passed away at London, 69.
S .S Walter Kennedy, of St. John’s total wreck on rocks near Miquelon. Crew landed at St. Pierre.
Annual Bazaar St. Mary’s Women’s Association and girl Guild.
Mr. George C Cobb, United States Vice-Consul General transferred to Kingston, Ont.
Mr. R. Gushue B. L. Associate Prof. Colman, Mr. C. E. hunt, K.C. and Prof. Fraser, debated “that the establishment of universal free trade would be of greater benefit to the British Empire within the next ten years than would a system of Imperial preference,” at Memorial College.
6Serbian troops crossed Hungarian border. Thousands of Hungarians expelled from Yugoslavia and conflict only avoided by great constraint.
Red terror ran riot in Russia when more than 200 including women and children were shot.
Nfld. Amusement Ltd. took over Casino and will operate up to date picture house under name of “Capital.”
Girls Friendly Society held successful sale.
League Council approved the Saar Committee report.
7Annual meeting St. John’s Lodge A.F. and A. M. Presentation nd farewell to bro. W. j. Edgar.
9Annual meeting St. John’s T. A. & B. Society.
John J Prowse. Esq. lectured to holy Cross L.A. on Sea coast Views and Interviews.
J. G. Higgins B. A. , K.C. lectured to St. bon’s Literary association on “The Middle ages.” Also spoke to Patrician association on “Laws and Lawyers.”
Hon Mr. Justice Higgins addressed Order of Antlers on “the Moral Value of Athletics.”
10Nobel peace prize for 1933-34 awarded to two Englishmen Arthur Henderson, President of the Disarmament Department Conference and Sir Norman Angel, Well known writer.
11“Ladies Night: at Kirk Service Club. Mr. C. E. Hunt, K.C. guest speaker.
Professor Shaw of the Memorial University college special speaker at meeting of “Y” Men’s Club.
Report adopted by League of Nations council condemned Marseille crime and demanded guilty ones be brought to trial.
Henry Bertram Mayo of fortune, formerly of the Memorial College, but now at Dalhousie, elected as Rhodes Scholar for 1935.
Judgement handed down against S. S. silver City. Steamer held responsible for collision and loss of schooner Ethel Collett, with all crew.
Rover Scout crews formed rovers Club.
12Nearly 500 attending a concert in the hall at St. Clement’s, Liverpool, England , dropped 14 feet to the ground when the floor collapsed. 300 treated in hospital for injuries.
Closing exercises of St. Patrick’s Hall School , at Casino Theatre.
13Douglas Hicks, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Hicks. Mt, Royal Avenue and employee of Purity Factories. reported missing since he left his home on the 8th to go to work.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stam, U.S. Missionaries executed by Chinese brigands who ramsacked the mission at Tsingten.
Enjoyable dance at T. a. Club Rooms.
Closing exercises of Springdale Street School at S.t Mary’s Hall.
War Minister Rudolf Minger elected president of the Swiss Confederation for 1935.
Mr. W. J. Keough spoke at rotary Club luncheon taking as his subject “youth.”
14British Shipping Assistance bill passed second reading the house of Commons.
Annual Prize Day St. Bonaventure’s College at Casino Theatre.
Annual distribution of Prizes at holy Cross Schools.
15French Government informed U. S. A. it was unable to meet war debt installment. Latter Government expressed desire to negotiate with vies to agreement acceptable to both sides.
Nations placed whole blame on Italy for recent frontier incident. In Italian Somaliland and Abyssinia.
Annual banquet of the students of the memorial College at Newfoundland Hotel.
16“White Gift Service” Gower Street United Church.
Mr. J. A. Gibbs lectures to antlers Club on the “Life of Abraham Lincoln.”
The Lord Bishop of Newfoundland administered Confirmation to 142 candidates at St. Thomas’s church.
Rev. Fr. J. D. Savin lectured on the “Life Story of Matt Talbot” to Patrician Association.
Dr. John Grieve, supt. of the Mental Hospital, lectured to Holy Cross L. A. taking as his subject “Mental Balance.”
Incident as serous as it was regrettable occured in Saar region when a motor car driven by an English officer of the Saar Police collided with pedestrians and injured 4.
17Petition presented to both Houses of British parliament from western Australia seeking to be restored to status of self governing colony.
Head const. Whalen and Sergt. J Walsh, made seizure of case containing beaver skins at waterside premises in West end.
Christmas Closing of Kindergarten at United Church College.
Mr. J. P. Maher elected exalted Ruler of B. P. O. elks at annual meeting.
“Original “ Group of the Rotary Club entertained 105 of the city’s underprivileged girls between 10 and 14 at Christmas party at Holy Name Hall.
Memorial University Glee Club gave Christmas Carol Recital under direction of Miss Eleanor Mews at Memorial College.
Annual Speech Day Bishop College.
18Norwegian ship S. S. Sisto, well known in St. John’s, disabled off Irish coast in raging storm. S. S. New York performed difficult task of removing crew of 17 men.
Prince of Wales College Annual Speech Day.
“Y’s” Men’s Club turkey supper and musicale.
Christmas Tree and Sale of work at St. Patrick’s Convent.
Yugo-Slav Cabinet resigned.
Japanese privy council advised Emperor Hirahito to abrogate the Washington Treaty of 1932.
19Col John Ward, 68, former, Labor Member of Parliament died at London.
Preliminary naval conversations in which representatives of the Unite States, Japan and the United Kingdom have been engaged adjourned.
Two killed and several injured when mob at Shelbyville, Tenn., tried to take negro, charged with assaulting a 14 year old girl, from police.
Annual Prize Day Bishop Spencer College.
Results of Memorial University Christmas examinations published.
2060 mile gale swept over Nova Scotia causing widespread damage,
Captain Walker, one of the participators in the London to Melbourne air race, left Brussels in an attempt to set up a record from Brussels to Leopoldville in Belgian Congo.
Rev. Wilfred Gaetz addressed Rotary Club on “All getting Together.”
Dutch air liner Ulver carrying Christmas mail from Holland to Batavia destroyed by lighting in desert near Gaza. Pilots and passengers killed.
Annual prize giving East End Schools.
21New Yugo-Slav Government formed under Yeftitch.
Residents of Ellis Bay, Anticosti Islands, forced to desert cabins owing to high tides.
Martin Insull absolved of embezzlement charge after six hours deliberation by the jury.
Marconi tower on signal hill blown down in heavy gale.
22Party consisting of Hon. J. C. Puddester and Mrs. Puddester. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Pippy, Dr. Mosdell and Mr. L C. Outerbridge, visited Markland and attended closing exercise at school there.
23Christmas Musicale of Patrician association.
Holy Cross L.A. held Christmas Musicale.
Captain Drury of the Imperial Airways lectured to Antlers Club.
“White Gift” Service at George Street Church.
24Schooner Jean Smith, Aaron Kearley, Master of Belleoram ---- ---- ----[blank on copy] bound from Bay of Islands to Gloucester, herring laden, abandoned about 8 miles from Codroy.
350 basket of Christmas dinners distributed by the Salvation Army.
25Newfoundland Order of antlers held enjoyable Christmas party at Club rooms. Presentation made to President Mr. Charles Cahill, and Mr. P. E. Outerbridge, Secretary Treasurer B. P. O. Elks.
26Christmas Dance at K of C Hall.
French hydroplane “Santos Dumont” returned to Marseilles after four times crossing the South Atlantic and covering distance of 22,000 kilometers in 120 hours.
27$75,000 fire at Halifax destroyed “plant” wharf and Lunenburg schooner “Petite” also hundred of barrels of oil.
11,000 scouts from 21 countries welcomed Lord Baden Powell on his arrival at Melbourne.
Young people’s social committee of St. Mary’s Parish entertained 33 under privileged boys and girls at a Christmas party.
Severe snow storm held up traffic in city.
Annual Christmas tree for boys and girls of Church of England Orphanages.
28Battle in which 8,000 Bolivian and Paraguayan soldiers are participating started on Chaco front.
Comet aeroplane “queen Astrid” piloted British airman Waller, and a Belgian Capt. Tradhomme, on test air mail flight, arrived at Brussels after a 2,000 miles flight from Orari North Africa.
“Liontamers” group of Rotary Club and members of the Kirk Choir, visited Sanatorium and gave entertainment to patients.
2,000 soviet solders and Mohammedan peasants killed or wounded in battle of Soviets of Turkestan, near the Afghan border.


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