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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD and SUE O'NEILL. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


1Roland, 3 year old son of Daniel House, of Danielís harbor fatally injured by falling into a tub of boiling water .
5Evelin Frost, American aviatrix, burned to death when aeroplane she was piloting en route to Egypt collided with high tension wires in fog.
11Edward Reddy, 55, of Fermeuse died suddenly from over exertion at dock office.
18Miss Ida Parsons, of Change Islands, Adult education teacher burned to death when fire destroyed Empire house, Harbor Grace.
22Lifeless body of Robert S. Bremner found lying in snow near back of his residence on Topsail Road.
24Two killed and 40 injured in accident in dense fog in England.
26Ariel King of Grates Cove, drowned while bird hunting
12 British seamen drowned when two British trawler collided in Ireland Waters.
10,000 Chinese drowned in Yellow River Floods.

1Allan Gillespie , aged 10, of Fortune Harbor, passed away as results of burns, received when his clothes caught fire.
6Gordon Garland, Lower Island Cove, drowned while gunning.
16Ralph Alexander, aged 25, of Matts Point, near Alexander Bay found frozen to death on ice a short distance from his home.
21Bertram Windsor , of south Brook, Hallís Bay, accidentally shot and killed himself while hunting.
25Thomas Hooper, 18, of Rock Harbor near Marystown, P.B. accidentally shot himself in the leg while gunning.
26Frank Reid of Buckleís Brook who left his home in Corner Brook on January 10th in order to walk to a camp at Grand Lake, has not been heard of since.
Leonard Grace, of Mount Carmel, Salmonier , lost his life when a load of wood ran over him.
28Mrs. Sarah Ann Stephenson found frozen to death by the side of her camp door on Gander Lake.

2Mrs. James Brown , of Little Bay East, found drowned near her home.
4Charles Hooper, of William, of Rock Harbor, 34, unmarried, found drowned in harbor.
12Henry Hunt, 60 year old resident of Petries Crossing, took his own life by severing his throat with a razor.
14150 killed and hundreds seriously injured from dynamite explosion in Bahamas Islands.
15Thomas Sweeney, 53, of Fortune Harbor, foreman of No.2 mine Bell Island accidentally killed whilst riding on a trip of ore.
17Elihu Easton, 19, of Musgrave harbor, instantly killed when heavy stick of wood fell on him breaking his neck.
23William Whiteway, 23, of Musgrave Harbor, accidentally killed at Toronto when he fell from scaffold.

5William Tobin, fatally injured in gunning accident at Witless Bay.
9William Keefe, 59, married , of Great Barrisway, P.B. died in carrage in which he was being conveyed to Placentia.
12Francis Kelly, of Tickle Cove, lost his life by drowning in pond a short distance from his home.
24George Barron, of Dunville, Placentia, aged 67, accidentally killed when he fell from a ladder whilst painting his house.

15Body of Daniel Ralph missing since November 17th, 1933, found floating in the waters of the Harbor.
19Jeremiah Horward, 10, son of john T Howard, Danielís Cove, drowned whilst trouting in pond near his home.
David J Nash and Charles Nash, both married, and Patrick Mooney , Jr. of Branch, accidentally drowned at point Lance, near Branch, St. Maryís Bay when their boat swamped.
William J Murphy of Hamilton Street whilst of unsound mind, took his own life.
30Mrs. James Barron, aged 73, of S. E. Arm, Placentia, burned to death when residence was burned to ground.

4Oscar Elms, 26 and Clifford Smith , 28, both married, of Grand Bank, members of crew of schooner J.E. Conrad lost their lives when dory overturned.
6James Hickey, of OíDonnelís, Salmonier master small boat Mary returned from fishing grounds reported two of his crew Patrick Hanlon 45 and his son Garrett, 20, of same place lost about three miles off Cape pine while hauling trawls.
7George Hilliard, married, aged 31, James Gale, single, 27, and James Hilliard, married, 32, all of Codroy lost while salmon fishing.>
Alex Button, son of Pleamon Button , Lead Cove, instantly killed by lighting in fishing boat.
9Dora Ingerman, 7, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Ingerman, topsail Road, killed by motor car.
10S. S. Silver City, Capt. Edward Vardy, collided with schooner Ethel Collett and latterís entire crew lost. Men drowned were Martin Ford , master; John Curtis, Marshall Wells and Walter Collins, all of Hare Bay and Michael Beidgeman of St. Brendanís.
17Charles Williams single of Ferryland, accidently drowned in Ferryland harbor when his dory overturned.
19Thomas Lake, 9, of fortune, killed by falling off a truck.
Miss Learning lost her life when fire destroyed dormitory of Grenfell Mission at Cartwright.
23James Burton, 26m of Andersonís Cove, F. B. drowned from schooner ďEva U ColpĒ.
25Lunenburg schooner harold Donald, Capt. Guy Tanner, arrived at Cape Broyle and reported loss of two men, Walter Strum, 47 married and Ralph Leary, 23.
David Downton, lost overboard from schooner when about five miles south of Cape John Gull Island.

3Henry Tilley of Chamberlains drowned off topsail whilst hauling his salmon nets.
86 persons killed and 50 wounded in fight between police and Communists in Jordann District, Amsterdam.
9Schooner Ruby wiscombe, which arrived at Aquaforte, reported 2 men Edward Reid and Dominic Walsh, members of his crew, missing since the 5th.
11Alexander Harris, 2 Ĺ accidentally drowned at Great Harbor, Harbor Breton when he fell over wharf.
12Veronica Gladney, 14 lost life whilst swimming at Butlerís Pond.
18Frank Banfield, 25, of Bay ďĎArgent washed overboard and drowned from schooner Pauline Winters.
Joseph Kawaja, 26 years old son of Seleem A Kawaja, accidentally drowned at Corner Brook.
20Cyril, four year old of Mr. And Mrs. James Yetman, Mount Royal Avenue, burned to death when a bough house in which he was playing caught fire.
26Mrs. Joseph Brown was fatally injured when she jumped from her blazing house on Waldegrave Street.

1Ephraim Sparks of Lower Island Cove, B. D. V , and Stephen McDonald of Campbell Creek , Port au port. lost their lives in premature explosion of dynamite while loading blast holes in the limestone quarry at Aguathuna.
Alfred Stead, 8 Ĺ , of Harbor Buffet, accidentally drowned.
James Roache, son of Nicholas Roache, Middle Cove, died as result of injuries received when a truck driven by his father went off the road.
7Stephen J Butler aged 34, Newfoundland seaman killed by freight train at Westchester, N.S.

8Wilfred Mouland, 10 of Lancester, B. B. , accidentally drowned when he fell from a punt.
10Eugene Ralph Warren, 7 son of Mr. Harry Warren accidentally drowned at Chapel Arm.
13Spanish infant, Don Carlos, the fourth son of ex-King Alfonso, killed when attempting to avoid a drunken driver.
20John Ennis, of the South Side found drowned in four feet of water.
22William Patrick Pike, 65, formerly of Harbor Grace, an engineer, fell into deep ravine near Ocean Falls, Victoria, B. C. and was instantly killed .
24Annie 11 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Strickland, Bonavista, died as result of eating poison berries.

1Max Gillingham, aged 19, accidentally killed in mill at Corner Brook.
4Thomas Pardy and George Freebain, of Harbor Mille, drowned whilst fishing off Batteau.

1Schooner Mary Ruth, Capt. Drodge, of Belleoram, arrived at Cape Broyle and reported that two men, father and son, were fishing from a dory which overturned, resulting in the drowning of the son.
Wallace Kearsey, 36, of Field Street, accidentally drowned in the water of the harbor adjoining the dock pier.
8Raymond Masher, of Cartwright, 21 drowned at Minipi Rapids while en route to hunting grounds.
10Capt. Abram Carbage, of Burin lost overboard from his schooner Yale off Elliston.
18Ten bodies washed ashore on the East Frisian Islands off the German North Sea, members of Finnish trawler which sank in the storm.
24William Burke, 56 former Newfoundlander, crushed to death when five ton piece of steel fell on him at Sydney , N. S.
29Frank Trahey, 50 of Conception Harbor, killed by falling off truck.
30Arch Woundy, 40 and James Woundy, 54 of Epworth drowned while fishing.

15William Butt, of Oxenpond Road, fatally injured when hit by motor truck
19Nellie Conway of Monkstown Road, drowned in Long Pond.
21Fred Hollett, aged 50, married of Corner Brook, fatally injured at Limestone quarry.
29Bernard Heard, 18, and Douglas Heard, 14, sons of William Heard of Cartwright, accidentally drowned at Paradise River.

4Schooner Gertie, 23 tons, owned by Devereaux , of Trepassey, lost with all hands at Calvert.
8Thomas Barnes , 5 year old son of Mr. Thomas Barnes, of Harbor Main accidentally killed while sliding.
14Esau Thistle, Secretary Treasurer of the Walkerville Brew-Co., of Windson Ont., and a former Newfoundlander found dead in hotel room.
15 Timothy Smith, drowned from schooner Hubert Brian whilst en route from Carbonear to this port (St. Johnís).
18Winston Drover, 19 of Whiteway, T. B. drowned when dory upset while bird shooting.
21Returning from Christmas shopping entire family of four including Raymond Milton and wife, two children and a friend, Curtis Garland, 25 years old farmer, of Flinhill were killed when a Moncton-St. John train struck their car at a crossing.
23Chapter of tragedies swept over the United States resulting in 28 dead and 24 injured in a variety of fatalities, collision, plans crash, suicide and murder.
2615 dead identified and about 100 injured in collision between the Detroit-Toronto express and the London-Toronto. Christmas special train on the C. N. R. line near Dundas station Hamilton.
27One person killed and 9 seriously wounded at Furth, Germany in a clash between Austrian Storm troops and farmers of Bavaria.
16 miners killed and 43 injured in an explosion on a locomotive hauling miners to work
at Powellton, West Virginia.


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