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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

"The Daily News" Newspaper Announcements


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD and SUE O'NEILL. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


1Fred Goodyear and Miss Ruth Guy, Musgrave Hr.
3Harold Snow and Miss Netta Banks, at Fogo.
4Ronald Edison Whelan , of Broadley’s Cove and Miss Adelaide May Vaughan, Small Point, at Broad Cove.
6Frank Reginald Hayward, formerly of Grand Falls, and Miss Anna Chaplin Becknell Martin, of Brandford, Ontario.
10Norman James Miller MacLeod, of Newcastle, N. B. and Miss Mildred Seaward Wills, of this city.
19Harold Richard Schroeder of Elmira Ont. and Miss Phyllis Neal, of this city, at Montreal.
25Wilfred Buffett, of Grand Bank and Miss Eloiso Hollett, of Burin at Topsail
27 Mark Chipman and Miss Louise Sheppard, Spaniard’s Bay
31James Costello and Miss Sadie Murray, Avondale.
4James Maloney, of Holyrood and Miss Bride Grouchy, of this city.
12Herbert Vavasour and Miss Mary Nikosey.
20Frank Kearley and Miss Gertrude Blandford, Herring Neck .
21Herbert Napman of Lower Island Cove, and Miss Sadie Driscoll of New Melbourn at New Melbourne.
25Joshua Worthman and Mrs. Rosanna Harnum, Heart’s Delight.
6Harry Green and Miss Beatrice Wells, Grand Falls.
7Samuel Rupert Batte of Coley’s Point, and Miss Nellie Pearl House, of Twillingate, at St. Mary’s Church.
8Edgar Dawe, of Purcell”s Harbor, and Miss Ivy Irene Young of South Side, at Twillingate.
10Reuben Henry Patey, formerly of St. Anthony, now of Mount Vernon, N. Y. and Miss Elizabeth Alstob Scruggs, of Rock Hill, S. C. at High Point, N. C.
4George Wm. Turner and Miss Annie Quinton of Happy Adventure at Eastport.
17Wm. H Mulchinock and Miss Josephine Michael , of Curling at Corner Brook.
Francies N Milley and Miss Dora Bishop, of Curling at Corner Brook.
J Hockhold and Miss Pauline Colburne of Curling.
Hubert Warren, Jr. of Heart’s Content and Miss Selina Penney of New Perlican, at New Perlican.
19Alfred Rowe and Miss Lillian Smith, Heart’s Content.
Kenneth Hicks of Carmanville and Miss Louise LeDrew of Change Islands, at Carmanville.
James Frederick Emerson Bell , of West Hartlepool, County Durham, England and Miss Annabeile Withel Stein of Botwood.
23 Simon Grandy and Miss Carrie Banres, Grand Bank.
31Grant MacKinnon of Antigonish, N.S. and Miss Muriel Vatcher of City.
1Samuel Frampton, of Carbonear and Miss Louise Sooley, of Heart’s Content, at Harbor Grace.
2John Doyle and Miss Lillian Doyle at gull Island, B. D. V.
5James Rolls and Miss Myrtle Rolls of Canaille, Bonavista.
10Edgar L Hickman of this city and Miss Madeline Muriel Nichol, of Montreal, at Montreal.
Richard Horwood of Carbonear and Miss Sadie J Penney of Western Bay at Carbonear.
16Thomas Dalton of Western Bay and Miss Myrtle Whalen of Ochre Pit Cove, at Western Bay.
17Freenman Sheppard and Miss Lucinda Slade, both of Harbor Grace, at C. of E. Cathedral.
19Harry Payne and Miss Jean Harvey, both of Brigus.
20Angus Taylor, Springdale and Miss Fanny Coles, Sunday Cove Island at Springdale.
23Frank McIsaac of Codroy and Miss Margaret Luedce of Boston, Mass. at codroy.
Joseph Pryor and Miss Bella Sutton, Bay de Verde.
29John D. Forbes and Miss Lillian Barrett both of this city at Topsail.
 Edmund J Phelan and Miss Margaret Graham.
Michael O’Brien of Cape Broyle and Miss Cecilia Strapp of Main at Brooklyn New York
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23John W Power, formerly of this city and Miss Grace Adelaide Walker of Boston, at Boston, Mass.
24Patrick J Fahey and Miss Pauline Connolly.
28Robert Ralph and Miss Winniford Lee, Grand Bank.
Gordon Crowley and Miss Hicks, Carmanville.
30Horatius Coish and Miss Hattie Martha Bouillon, Grand Bank.
Kenneth Reynolds, of this city and Miss Irene Lydia Hallett of Musgravetown, at George St. U. C. Manse.
John Davey, Jr. and Miss Marion Simmonds, both of this city at Bay Roberts.
3Robert J Rumsey and Miss Mercedes Kennedy.
Nicholas Ludee and Miss Mary Ryan, Codroy Valley.
3Gordon Barwick Macpherson, M.S. Of Kingston Ont., and Miss Stella Perlin, of this city at New York.
6Hiram Day and Miss May Goodyear, Carmanville.
9Rev. Walter Jones of Three Rivers, N.S. formerly of Little Bay Islands, and Miss Mildred Cramm, of Green’s Harbor, Newfoundland, at Three Rivers.
10Capt. Walter Oakley, of Greenspond, and Capt. Ada Gillard of Grand Bank, at S. A. Citadel.
11Frederick Homer , of Carbonear, and Miss Violet Frost, of this city.
16Rev. Walter G. Jones, of Little Bay Islands and Miss mildred Ernestine Cramm of Green’s Harbor , at Outremount, Montreal.
17Wills Parsons, Bell island and Miss Patrica Louise Clarke of Victoria, at pouch Cove.
19Robert Gilliangham Arklie, of Botwood and Miss Viola Marguerite Howell , of Grand Falls, at Gand Falls.
Douglas Richard Arklie of Botwood, and Miss Emma Muir Taylor, of Stewiacke, N. S. at Stewiacke.
Capt. Ellen Mosher, S. A. of fortune and Capt. Charles Hickman, S. A. of Grand Bank at Fortune.
21Joseph Tilley and Miss Olive Lanning, Bonavista.
28 Alexander Barett and Miss Elizabeth Jane Chartres, of Verdun Que., at C. of E. Cathedral.
2John Edward Wicoff, of Trenton and Plainsboro and Miss Lillian Georgina moore, of this city , at Plainsboro.
6Herbert Edwin Feaver of this city , and Miss Lilian Curnew, of Brigus, at St. Thomas’s Church.
8Allan Macpherson King of Bauline and Miss Elizabeth Thistle, of Pouch Cove, at pouch Cove.
9Roy Stanley Feaver of this city and Miss Dorothy Stockley of Grand Falls, at Lewisporte.
11Charles Daly and Miss Kathleen Hagerty..
12Leo Hartley and Miss Margaret Smith, Grand Falls.
14George Penney and Miss Mary Powell, Carbonear.
15John Joy and Mrs. Mary Ellen Mason at Bonavista.
18Bramwell Sparkes of this city, and Miss Beata C. M. Winters, of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
Claude Fraser and Miss Ruth Taylor.
20Donald Gordon Croziet, of Paris, Ontario and Miss Audrey Cameron Bishop, formerly of this city, at Topsail.
Augustus Patter, of Grand Bank and Miss Lillian Thomas, of this city at Topsail.
21John Conran and Miss Kathleen Fitzgerald of Northern Bay at Northern Bay.
26Regional Morrell Trafton of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Miss mary Amelia Fudge, R. N. of this city at Malden, Mass.
28Walter McIsaac of Grand River and Miss Mary Gillis, of Codroy, at Codroy.
29Frederick Greeley and Miss Bertha Greeley, both of Portugal Cove at George Street United Church.
3George Kennedy of this city and Miss Dorothy Fennelly, of Renews, at Renews.
8Ernest Basil Anderson B. Sc., and Miss Dorothy Mary Snow, at Montreal.
Randolph Granter of Port Union and Miss Stella Irene Stagg, Catalina , at Catalina.
14Frederick Bowbridge, of Burgeo and Miss Annie Jeans of Cape Ray, at Halifax.
22Robert P Puddester and Miss Anne Bemister White.
Hubert Granville, formerly of Twillingate and Miss Martha Forsey formerly of Grand Bank at Buffalo, N.Y.
24Roland Pinsent of Ladle Cove and Miss Maud Peckford , White Point.
25Charles H Peet of this city and Miss Helen Osmond of Carbonear.
John Hallett, formerly of Newfoundland and Miss Lillian Agatha Townsend, of Lockeport at Liverpool, N. s.
Regional O Yabsley and Miss Doris E Stick, at topsail.
28Wm. J Kelloway of Spout cove and Miss Hilda L Reynolds, of Small Point, at Carbonear.
2Kenneth Price and Miss Mary George, Winterton.
4Dr. E. Alin Larkin , of Amemia, N.Y. , formerly of this city and Miss Yvette Jutras, of Montreal, at Montreal.
6Paul Jon Guertz, of Danzig, Germany, and Miss Elsie May Neal, of this city, at Outremont, Montreal.
9Ellis Watson Cumby and Miss Myrtle Fohwell, both of Millertownm at Wesley United Church.
10Fred Emberley and Miss Lydia Greene, Grand Bank.
11Robert Thornhill, Anderson’s Cove, and Miss Fannie parsons, Grand Bank at Grand Bank.
Gideon Samson , Peter’s Arm and Miss Annie Elliott, Norris Arm,, at Norris Arm.
13Dr. William Windsor Bennett of Bell Island, and Miss alice elizabeth jackson, of Glace Bay, at Glace Bay.
16Job Baker Crew and Miss Dorothy Baker, Elliston.
18Frederick Beminster Powell and Miss Mildred Penney, Carbonear.
Wm. D Penney , Grand Falls and Miss Triffie Pike, of Carbonear, at Carbonear.
22Richard Maidment formerly of Trinity and Miss Marion Howell, formerly of Herring Neck, at St. John’s.
23John Kerr Pratt of this city and Miss Christine Emily Dawe of Bay roberts.
John A Barnes of Coombs cove, and Miss Emma Kee of Grand Bank at Grand Bank.
24Thomas layman and Miss Carrie Leyte, Fogo.
25Josiah Pretty and Miss Ella M lodge, Musgravetown.
29Gerald Curtis Lewis and Miss Emma Julia Horwood.
31Arthur J Stoyles, of this city and Susie Butt, of Carbonear, at St. John’s.
5John Rogers, Lead Cove and Miss Flora Mitchell , Hant’s Harbor, at Lead Cove.
7T Ford of Amherst Cove, B. B. and Miss Mary Rodway, of Baine Harbor.
9Bortram Piercey and Miss Carrie Sooley, Heart’s Content.
10Harold Pollard and Miss Hazel LeDrew.
Peter Ford, Amherst Cove, and Miss Edith Little, Canaille, at Bonavista.
12Arthur James Shaw of Melrose Highlands, Mass, and Miss Sophie Reed coultas, of this city , at Farnham, Mass.
13James Brooking. Old Perlican and Miss Elsie Harris, of New Melbourne, at Hant’s Harbor.
Garfield Anstey, Garnish and Miss Hilda Hardeman of Belleoran, at Grand Bank.
14Fred Layte and Miss Selina Rimmer, Lewisporte.
Reginald T. Morgan and Miss Stella Merrils.
Charlie Squires and Miss Mildred Squires, Lead Cove.
Thomas Keating and Miss Emma Fox, Grand Bank.
George Grant, Grand Bank and Miss Bethia Thornhill, Anderson’s Cove, Grand bank.
16Archibald Rose of Salmon Cove and Mrs. Dorcas Rose, of Perry’s cove, at Salmon cove.
17William J Byrne, Holyrood and Miss Mary T Flynn, of Petite forte, P.B. at holyrood.
Norman Howell Carbonear, and Mrs. Ethel Legge, Heart’s delight at Harbor Grace.
18Edmund Pike and Miss eliza House, Port Saunders.
19 William Knapman, Lower Island cove, and Miss Edith Driscoll , of New Melbourne, at New Melbourne.
21Richard A Murphy and Miss Mary D Foran.
24Herbert George Bishop and Miss Esther Elzada White both of this city, Topsail.
David Butler. Red Point and Miss Greta Durdle, Bailey’s Cove, at Bonavista.
Wm. Dunn and Miss Virtue Templeman, both of Bayley’s Cove, at Bonavista.
25Thomas A Finn and Miss Agnes T. Harrington, Carbonear.
27George Mugford of Cupids and Miss Laura Boone of Clarke’s Beach, at Cupids.
28John B Myrick of Cape Race, and Miss Lucy Halleran of Trepassey, at St. Patrick’s Church.
29Michael Merrigan and Miss Ann Mullins, Carbonear.
Albert Cole and Miss Ollie Laing, Carbonear.
 Joseph Lander of Bailey’s Cove and Mrs Ibena Abott, Red Point at Bonavista.
Albert Bakerm, Newman’s Cove, and Miss Olive Burge, Burgetown, at Bonavista.
Norman Power, Bayley’s Cove, and Miss Jane Sexton, Catalina road, at Bonavista.
3Charles Johnson Little Catalina, and Miss Ellie Abbott, of Bonavista at Little Catalina.
4Eli Powell Happy Adventure, and Miss doris Reid, Little Catalina, at Little Catalina.
5Simon Reid, Winterton and Miss Pearl Penney, of New Perlican at Winterton.
Capt. Sydney Harris of Great Harbor, Connaigre Bay, and Miss Mary Forsey of Grand Bank at Grand Bank.
12Henry Reid and Miss May Tucker, at Winterton.
15Edward E Bremmer and Miss Gladys E Clouston both of this city at New York.
Wilson Russell of Russelltown, and Miss Janie Russell of Catalina Road, at Bonavista.
20Albert Purchase of Bell Island and Miss Ethel Suley of Heart’s Content, at St. Mary’s Church.


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