NL GenWeb 1935 Census Data

Northern Peninsula - Bonne Bay District

Curzon Village (219 people)

It was transcribed by SONYA BIGGIN, October 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
HALFYARD, Alfred H.Head76
HALFYARD, ElizabethWife66
HALFYARD, JessieDaughter33

BUTT, EdithHead26
BUTT, LeonaDaughter1

HALFYARD, Alfred E.Head40
HALFYARD, LeahWife27
HALFYARD, James S.Son4
HALFYARD, MirahDaughter1

HALFYARD, Charles E.Head42
HALFYARD, Sarah W.Wife28
HALFYARD, William Son5
HALFYARD, GordonSon1

HALFYARD, George H.Head44
HALFYARD, ElizabethWife41
HALFYARD, GeorgeSon11
HALFYARD, MargueriteDaughter10
HALFYARD, ThomasSon7

PARSONS, SamuelHead38
PARSONS, MahallaWife24
PARSONS, George E.Son4
PARSONS, Dorothy M.Daughter2

MARTIN, Charles H. Head32
MARTIN, MelidaWife33
GREEN, JuneDaughter12
GREEN, Albert Son9
MARTIN, BeulahDaughter4
MARTIN, MargyDaughter2

PARSONS, JamesHead29
PARSONS, BlancheWife30
PARSONS, HerbertSon4

ROBERTS, StephenHead54
ROBERTS, BerthaWife49
ROBERTS, JohnSon21
ROBERTS, EdithDaughter16
ROBERTS, WoodroeSon14
ROBERTS, VivianDaughter11
ROBERTS, BerthaDaughter9

MARTIN, WilliamHead39
MARTIN, MabelWife28
MARTIN, CarlSon1
MARTIN, CalvinSon2 months

MARTIN, James F.Head69
MARTIN, Eliza AnnWife62
MARTIN, AudreyAdopted Daughter13
MARTIN, RoyAdopted Son10
MARTIN, Jean Daughter8

MARTIN, AustinHead26
MARTIN, DianaWife25
MARTIN, NathanielBrother38

PARSONS, Ormsby A.Head32
PARSONS, HazelWife31
PARSONS, MarigoldLodger7
TAYLOR, ElizabethServant18

COOMBS, AnnieHead54
COOMBS, WallaceSon29
COOMBS, CharlesSon26
COOMBS, GeorginaDaughter14
COOMBS, AdaDaughter4
COOMBS, DaphenyDaughter1

MARTIN, SelbyHead33
MARTIN, NellieWife28
MARTIN, FredrichSon3
MARTIN, NormaDaughter1

GILLAM, JohnHead50
GILLAM, LindaWife45
GILLAM, JohnSon20
SIMMONDS, GeorgeStepson21
SIMMONDS, SamuelStepson18
SIMMONDS, SebinaDaughter16
SIMMONDS, HebberSon14
SIMMONDS, JoiceDaughter12
SIMMONDS, ThomasSon9
SIMMONDS, AnnieDaughter7
SIMMONDS, ArthurSon8

BROWN, JosephHead52
BROWN, HarriettWife58
BROWN, StanleySon15
BROWN, AnnieDaughter14
BROWN, MayDaughter14
BROWN, JamesSon10

BURDEN, Haward Head54
BURDEN, LillianWife47
LUNDRICAN, SamsStepson25
BURDEN, BessieDaughter19
BURDEN, DonaldSon16
BURDEN, RalphSon8
BURDEN, EmmaDaughter6
BURDEN, MarigoldDaughter3

BROWN, GeorgeHead31
BROWN, DoraWife28
BROWN, BryantSon6
BROWN, DorothyDaughter4
BROWN, ClarenceSon2
REID, DorothyServant16

PIKE, WilliamHead58
PIKE, JohnSon21

MUDGE, WilliamHead72
MUDGE, MaryWife62
MUDGE, LeslieHead32
MUDGE, PriscillaWife31

BUTT, PeterHead40
BUTT, SarahWife38

EARL, JohnHead42
EARL, PatienceWife36
EARL, LillianDaughter16
EARL, GeorginaDaughter 14
EARL, ChesleySon11
EARL, GeorgeSon6

MERCER, SarahHead60
MERCER, JamesSon16
MERCER, WilliamSon8

PARSONS, GeorgeHead33
PARSONS, LillianWife27
PARSONS, OliveDaughter5
PARSONS, MonaDaughter2
PARSONS, SusieDaughter1

TAYLOR, OctaviusHead46
TAYLOR, MaryWife46
TAYLOR, GeorgeSon14
TAYLOR, DorothyDaughter12
TAYLOR, JosephSon9
TAYLOR, KennethSon7
TAYLOR, HerbertSon4

TAYLOR, ElvinaHead70
TAYLOR, DouglasSon35
TAYLOR, EthelWife24
SPINDLER, HerbertAdopted Son11

TAYLOR, ObediahHead68
TAYLOR, IsibellaWife62
TAYLOR, ChesleySon22

PIKE, HemmansHead31
PIKE, VioletWife27
PIKE, MarionDaughter2

TAYLOR, SamsonHead32
TAYLOR, ClaraWife32
TAYLOR, VioletDaughter7
TAYLOR, PandoraDaughter8
TAYLOR, JamesSon3
TAYLOR, ClydeSon2

CULLIHALL, EdwardHead68

TRIFF, JabezHead60
TRIFF, AnnieWife58
TRIFF, AlbertBrother62

TRIFF, WilliamHead73
TRIFF, RowlandSon42
TRIFF, SarahWife39
TRIFF, BertramSon14
TRIFF, WilliamSon10
TRIFF, MildredDaughter5

TRIFF, StephenHead58
TRIFF, LucyWife54
TRIFF, LindaDaughter19
TRIFF, WilliamHead23
TRIFF, CarolineWife22
TRIFF, MiltonSon2

PIKE, StephenHead33
PIKE, ValcieWife23
PIKE, OlgaDaughter6
PIKE, EricSon3
PIKE, GordonSon1

PARSONS, JosephHead62
PARSONS, EvaWife45
PARSONS, EldonSon27
PARSONS, ThomasSon23
PARSONS, WilliamSon21
PARSONS, MaudDaughter17
PARSONS, JohnSon16

PARSONS, WilliamHead54
PARSONS, EmmaWife51
PARSONS, SarahDaughter25
PARSONS, SamuelSon21
PARSONS, DonaldSon17
PARSONS, MarraDaughter16
PARSONS, EdnaDaughter13
PARSONS, HaroldSon11
PARSONS, BaxterSon7
PARSONS, Tlades*Daughter6

HALFYARD, FrederickHead60
HALFYARD, JessieDaughter24
HALFYARD, JuliaDaughter20
HALFYARD, AmyDaughter18
HALFYARD, SamuelBrother72

BLANCHARD, StewardHead25
BLANCHARD, FredrickSon3

SKANES, FrancisHead68
SKANES, WilliamSon27
SKANES, EmmaDaughter18
SKANES, MaryDaughter10

NOEL, GeorgeHead48
NOEL, AnnieWife37
NOEL, GeorgiaDaughter13
NOEL, BertramSon10
NOEL, RichardSon8
NOEL, EdithDaughter4

WILTON, FredrickHead45
WILTON, EthelWife45
ROBERTS, RichardAdopted Son18
WILTON, ElizabethDaughter12
WILTON, MaryDaughter10
WILTON, AdaDaughter8
WILTON, ThomasSon6
WILTON, EthelDaughter4

BLANCHARD, AlbertHead33
BLANCHARD, EdithWife22

ELLIOTT, FrederickHead32
ELLIOTT, JaneWife31
ELLIOTT, CyrilSon7
ELLIOTT, PhilisDaughter5
RIDEOUT, AlfredaServant20

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name
TUFF / TRIFF All the Triff should be TUFF. Tuff married into the WILTON line or vice versa. Flo Maguire

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