NL GenWeb 1935 Census Data

Northern Peninsula - Bonne Bay District

Neddies Harbour (92 people)

It was transcribed by SONYA BIGGIN, October 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
REID, NormanHead46
REID, MatildaWife29
REID, ThomasSon10
REID, Rodia*Daughter8
REID, EvellenDaughter6
REID, ChesleySon2
REID, Mavelen*Son1

REID, ArthurHead37
REID, MayWife33
REID, Ruvnia*Daughter11
REID, MiltonSon10
REID, MagoryDaughter3
REID, SamuelSon1
REID, ElizabethMother70
PITTMAN, WalterNephew16

REID, JamesHead54
REID, GarfieldSon18
REID, LeslieSon16
REID, GloveSon14
REID, RamondSon12
REID, SidneySon10

MAJOR, WilliamHead35
MAJOR, PhoebeWife33
MAJOR, SophiaDaughter14
MAJOR, FlorenceDaughter12
MAJOR, LambertSon10
MAJOR, MartinSon6
MAJOR, GeorgeSon2
MAJOR, JohnSon8 months

REID, WilliamHead46
REID, ElizabethWife39
REID, AnnieDaughter17
REID, GeorgeSon14

REID, JohnHead48
REID, ThedoraWife28
REID, LucyDaughter12
REID, EricSon9
REID, HenrySon7
REID, JohnSon5
REID, WalterSon3
REID, ClydeSon9 months

RUMBOLT, SamuelHead33
RUMBOLT, MayWife33
RUMBOLT, GordenSon14
RUMBOLT, IvyDaughter12
RUMBOLT, CatherineDaughter4
RUMBOLT, WalterSon11 months

CULLIHALL, ReubenHead39
CULLIHALL, MaxwellSon13

RUMBOLT, ThomasHead39
RUMBOLT, DianaWife40
RUMBOLT, BeulahDaughter16
RUMBOLT, GwendolineDaughter14
RUMBOLT, JamesFather74

CRITCH, JohnHead43
CRITCH, SusieWife33
CRITCH, ClarenceSon13
CRITCH, NathanielSon12
CRITCH, FrankSon9
CRITCH, JamesSon3
CRITCH, JohnSon3 months
CRITCH, MirahMother68

PITTMAN, FrankHead41
PITTMAN, SusieWife31
PITTMAN, RolandSon10
PITTMAN, WoodrowSon8
PITTMAN, RachelDaughter6
PITTMAN, FelixSon3

REID, SamuelHead47
REID, SarahWife39
REID, SimeonAdopted Son17
REID, ArthurSon15
REID, Riata*Adopted Daughter4

MAYNARD, ThomasHead94
MAYNARD, DanielSon34
MAYNARD, TossieWife21
MAYNARD, RoseDaughter5
MAYNARD, ThomasSon4
MAYNARD, HawardSon1

CRITCH, GeorgeHead42
CRITCH, MelissaWife37
CRITCH, JohnSon19
CRITCH, SimeonSon15
CRITCH, AndrewSon13
CRITCH, GeorgeSon11
CRITCH, StellaDaughter5

MAJOR, EliHead23
MAJOR, EmmaWife21
MAJOR, GeorgeSon4
MAJOR, CoraDaughter2

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Bonne Bay District