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Northern Peninsula - Bonne Bay District

Rocky Harbour (261 people)

It was transcribed by SONYA BIGGIN, October 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
WATTS, BramwellHead29
WATTS, HazelWife27

SHEARS, JamesHead33
SHEARS, DorcasWife33
SHEARS, JoanDaughter8
SHEARS, JamesSon7
SHEARS, PaulineDaughter5
SHEARS, FloydeSon3
SHEARS, BenjaminSon1
SHEARS, ThomasSon6 months

SHEARS, JohnHead50
SHEARS, EdithWife44
SHEARS, BryantSon22
SHEARS, SamuelSon19
SHEARS, MaidmentSon14
SHEARS, PearDaughter11

SHEARS, GordonHead30
SHEARS, VioletWife27
SHEARS, ScottSon5
SHEARS, EthelDaughter5
SHEARS, MonaDaughter2
SHEARS, ElizabethDaughter7 months
SHEARS, ClydeLodger27

SHEARS, SelinaHead61
SHEARS, ClarkSon16

HARVEN, EffieHead24
HARVEN, CorinzaDaughter3
HARVEN, RubyDaughter5 months

LAING, FredrickHead32
LAING, ClaytonBrother11

PIERCEY, HarryHead28
PIERCEY, ElizabethWife24
ROSE, Mary53
PIERCEY, EstherDaughter2
PIERCEY, PhylisDaughter2 months

SHEARS, WilliamHead47
SHEARS, PhoebyWife43
SHEARS, StanlySon22
SHEARS, EffieDaughter20
SHEARS, StewartSon18
SHEARS, ClaytonSon16
SHEARS, RolandSon14
SHEARS, SidneySon12
SHEARS, Ceal*Son10
SHEARS, GladysDaughter7
SHEARS, LewisSon2
SHEARS, Sushana*Mother83

SHEARS, ChesleyHead34
SHEARS, JaneWife24
SHEARS, GeorgeSon6
SHEARS, LillieDaughter4
SHEARS, JuneDaughter2

PARSONS, BenjaminHead47
PARSONS, AnnieWife43
PARSONS, EdnaDaughter22
PARSONS, DaisyDaughter20
PARSONS, GarlandSon18
PARSONS, DonaldSon16
PARSONS, StellaDaughter14
PARSONS, WinifredDaughter12
PARSONS, KathleenDaughter9
PARSONS, Benjamin Jr.Son7
PARSONS, LillianDaughter5
PARSONS, SidneySon3

PARSONS, ElizabethHead63
PARSONS, MeshachSon24
PARSONS, MyrtleDaughter20

PARSONS, IsaacHead66
PARSONS, ElizaWife63
PARSONS, WallaceSon39
PARSONS, StewartSon35
PARSONS, ElizabethDaughter22

PARSONS, MeshachHead56
PARSONS, ElizabethWife50
PARSONS, RobertSon24
PARSONS, IsabellaDaughter18
PARSONS, JohnSon15
PARSONS, EdithDaughter12
PARSONS, NormanSon10
PARSONS, AlexanderHead29
PARSONS, PearlWife27
PARSONS, RalphSon3
PARSONS, MadelineDaughter1

SNOW, EdgarHead52
SNOW, MazieWife36
SNOW, GeorgeSon20
SNOW, MartinSon16
SNOW, CharlesSon14
SNOW, EvlynDaughter12
SNOW, CorillaDaughter9

MAJOR, GeorgeHead38
MAJOR, FanneyWife38
MAJOR, HatteDaughter15
MAJOR, EvelenDaughter13
MAJOR, JohnSon11
MAJOR, GeorgeSon8
MAJOR, PearlDaughter6
MAJOR, WalterSon4
MAJOR, IsabellaDaughter2

PAYNE, WilliamHead47
PAYNE, IdaWife35
PAYNE, ClarrsonSon17
PAYNE, MaxinaDaughter14
PAYNE, ElizabethDaughter11
PAYNE, Alton*Son10
PAYNE, ClydeSon8
PAYNE, GeraldSon6
PAYNE, BrideDaughter4
PAYNE, GretaDaughter2
PAYNE, Donzella*Daughter1
PAYNE, VronicaDaughter2

LAING, EdgarHead26
LAING, MatildaWife38
BUTT, StanleyStepson15
BUTT, LydiaStepdaughter12
BUTT, NinaStepdaughter10
BUTT, EnedStepdaughter8
BUTT, JohnStepson5
SNOOKS, AnnieServant20

WHITE, HarvyHead25
WHITE, MarigoldWife20
WHITE, GeraldSon1

WHITE, StephenHead59
WHITE, HarriettWife53
WHITE, StewardSon20

PAYNE, FreemanHead38
PAYNE, JuliaWife29
PAYNE, HedleySon5
PAYNE, RamondSon3

WHITE, EliHead54
WHITE, SarahWife53
WHITE, WilliamSon19
HATCHER, Annie24
WHITE, VictorSon
WHITE, AlbertSon

WHITE, EuniceHead
WHITE, HarrietWife
WHITE, LucyDaughter

WHITE, WilliamHead
WHITE, AnnieWife
WHITE, ChesleySon
WHITE, HawardSon
WHITE, RendellSon
WHITE, BerthaDaughter
WHITE, SimeonSon
WHITE, JohnSon
MAJOR, JaneServant

YOUNG, GeorgeHead
YOUNG, ElizabethWife
YOUNG, WilliamSon
YOUNG, StellaDaughter
YOUNG, HectorSon

NICOLLE, ArthurHead33
NICOLLE, JohnBrother42
NICOLLE, JamesBrother32
NICOLLE, WalterHead48
NICOLLE, ElizabethWife39
NICOLLE, AlexanderSon13
NICOLLE, VaraDaughter3
NICOLLE, MadgeDaughter2

NICOLLE, WilliamHead50
NICOLLE, DianaWife48
NICOLLE, EarlSon18
NICOLLE, RalphSon15
NICOLLE, MildredDaughter13
PARSONS, W*Widow8?
NICOLLE, ArthurSon11

WALTERS, JamesHead55
WALTERS, SusieWife52

WALTERS, ThomasHead48
WALTERS, AnnieWife39
WALTERS, IvyDaughter15
WALTERS, BerthaDaughter10
WALTERS, CoraDaughter8
WALTERS, MiltonSon5
WALTERS, RosaDaughter2

MAYNARD, WilliamHead53
MAYNARD, DeborahWife45
MAYNARD, GordonSon22
MAYNARD, StanleySon20
MAYNARD, SidneySon17
MAYNARD, GertrudeDaughter15
MAYNARD, MaryDaughter13
MAYNARD, MaggieDaughter7
MAYNARD, AngusSon5
MAYNARD, EdithDaughter3

PAYNE, SamuelHead38
PAYNE, ElsieWife28
PAYNE, Reate*Daughter11
PAYNE, BurkeSon9
PAYNE, AdaDaughter6
PAYNE, CarrolSon11 months

PAYNE, AngusHead74*
PAYNE, WalterHead47
PAYNE, FlorenceWife32
PAYNE, FannieDaughter5
PAYNE, EvelinDaughter2

PAYNE, NormanHead39
PAYNE, MaryWife28
PAYNE, CecilSon13
PAYNE, FlorenceDaughter9
PAYNE, AllenSon7
PAYNE, ElizabethDaughter1
YOUNG, LeviLodger64
YOUNG, RoyLodger23

PAYNE, ClaytonHead23
PAYNE, MaryWife18
PAYNE, HaroldSon6 months
PAYNE, AlbertHead46
PAYNE, MaryWife48
PAYNE, HenrySon14
PAYNE, Stella Daughter4

PAYNE, GeorgeHead37
PAYNE, EvaWife18
PAYNE, Vilson*Son2
PAYNE, LucyDaughter7 months

PAYNE, BenjaminHead29
PAYNE, ClaraWife23
PAYNE, CharlesSon5
PAYNE, LorenzoSon3

PAYNE, Ebert Sr.Head32
PAYNE, FannieWife24
PAYNE, ClarenceSon8
PAYNE, EdnaDaughter6
PAYNE, GeorgeNephew14
PAYNE, JacobHead41
PAYNE, PhoebyMother66
PAYNE, Ebert Jr.Son12
PAYNE, ClaraDaughter10

FRANCIS, GeorgeHead48
FRANCIS, EmmaWife37
FRANCIS, EthelDaughter17
FRANCIS, RolandSon15
FRANCIS, AnnieDaughter13
FRANCIS, ClydeSon10
FRANCIS, StanleySon8
FRANCIS, HildaDaughter4

PAYNE, SamuelHead66
PAYNE, AbigailWife67
PAYNE, StedmanSon24
PAYNE, MaxwellSon22
PAYNE, CharlesSon19
PAYNE, WilliamHead28
PAYNE, MaryWife27
PAYNE, SarahDaughter3
PAYNE, ReginaldSon1

PAYNE, AnnahHead76
NICOLLE, PhilipNephew23

YOUNG, JohnHead49
YOUNG, ElizabethWife39

DYKE, EdwardHead48
DYKE, SarahWife47
DYKE, JamesSon23
DYKE, GeorgeSon22
DYKE, AnnieDaughter18
DYKE, CarolineDaughter13
DYKE, JohnSon10
DYKE, HectorSon6
PAYNE, RuthLodger78

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