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Northern Peninsula - Bonne Bay District

Shoal Brook (125 people)

It was transcribed by SONYA BIGGIN, October 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
MOORES, ReubenHead
MOORES, AlmaWife
MOORES, EvelynDaughter
MOORES, CharlesSon
MOORES, EllaDaughter
MOORES, FredrickSon

WHITE, SamuelHead
WHITE, Sarah AnnWife
WHITE, SamuelSon

WHITE, WilsonHead
WHITE, JessieWife
WHITE, GordonSon
WHITE, TateSon
WHITE, NormanSon

UPWARDS, GeorgeHead38
UPWARDS, AbigailWife34
UPWARDS, GeorgeSon15
UPWARDS, ArthurSon13
UPWARDS, CalvinSon9
UPWARDS, WalterSon6
UPWARDS, ElizabethDaughter5
UPWARDS, DonaldSon1
GEARY, WilliamLodger89

HEDGE, AlphesusHead54
HEDGE, SarahWife44
HEDGE, WilliamSon27
HEDGE, RolandSon22
HEDGE, EldonSon21
HEDGE, ElsieDaughter18
HEDGE, AliceDaughter16
HEDGE, JohnSon12
HEDGE, ClydeSon10
HEDGE, ReginaldSon
HEDGE, FlorenceDaughter
HEDGE, GladesDaughter
HEDGE, HarriettMother

BURDEN, JoshuaHead
BURDEN, PatienceWife
BURDEN, HemanSon
BURDEN, EllaDaughter
BURDEN, RolandSon
BURDEN, ClarenceSon
BURDEN, MaryDaughter
BURDEN, CharlesSon
BURDEN, ElizabethMother

BURDEN, TheodoreHead64
BURDEN, WinifredDaughter26

BURDEN, TheodoreHead20
BURDEN, MaryWife19

BURDEN, HectorHead23
BURDEN, MaryWife17
BURDEN, HelenaDaughter9 months

BURDEN, ReubenHead36
BURDEN, AmeliaWife28
BURDEN, OlgaDaughter6
BURDEN, ClaytonSon3

ANDERSON, RobertHead46
ANDERSON, LillianWife42
ANDERSON, MayDaughter15
ANDERSON, RobertSon9

SHEPPARD, EvelinaHead52
SHEPPARD, CyrilSon27
SHEPPARD, FreemanSon20
SHEPPARD, ElsieDaughter14
SHEPPARD, LucyDaughter12
SHEPPARD, RollandHead23
SHEPPARD, EffieWife19
SHEPPARD, MayDaughter8 months

BRAKE, IsaacHead62
BRAKE, SusieWife55
BRAKE, ClaytonSon26
BRAKE, MonaDaughter15

BURDEN, RobertHead41
BURDEN, JaneWife38
BURDEN, ChesleySon18
BURDEN, HowardSon15
BURDEN, FreemanSon12

ANDERSON, AlbertHead38
ANDERSON, FlorenceWife33
ANDERSON, AlberthaDaughter16
ANDERSON, BulaDaughter10
ANDERSON, P. AlbertSon2
ANDERSON, JoshuaSon8 months

ANDERSON, WilliamHead47
ANDERSON, UrsulaWife42
ANDERSON, IngramSon13
ANDERSON, PhilisDaughter12
ANDERSON, RussellSon8

ANDERSON, SamuelHead51
ANDERSON, ElizabethWife43
ANDERSON, SidneySon23
ANDERSON, GeorgeSon17

ANDERSON, SamuelHead68
ANDERSON, Lizer AnnWife58
GILLEY, GeorgeAdopted Son40

BURDEN, EliHead58
BURDEN, MargaretWife54
BURDEN, JoshuaSon20
BURDEN, MarionDaughter18
BURDEN, EmilyDaughter16
BURDEN, Hemblah*Son13
BURDEN, DiahnaMother83

BURDEN, SamuelHead65
BURDEN, JessieWife55
BURDEN, ClydeSon15
McALLY, JamesLodger38

CURNELL, WilliamHead31
CURNELL, Mary Wife29
CURNELL, AgnesDaughter4
CURNELL, PatriciaDaughter2
CURNELL, GeraldineDaughter9 months

BAILEY, JosephHead52
BAILEY, FrancisWife52
BAILEY, JosephSon22
BAILEY, WilliamSon28
BAILEY, ThomseyDaughter18
BAILEY, WallaceSon12
BAILEY, GeorgeSon10

HEDGE, SilasHead 25
HEDGE, MariahWife24
HEDGE, JessieDaughter2

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Bonne Bay District