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Bonne Bay Church of England Records of Baptisms, pre - 1871

The information was transcribed by ALEXANDER (SANDY) PAYNE, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Names of persons baptized or admitted by me in Bonne Bay, Rocky H. & Lobster Cove, where baptisms were entered in the register that was burnt in the B of I parsonage in May 1870. Those ascertained in particulars here registered by inquiry of the parents and have myself a sufficient remberance of having baptized or received after lay baptism, those whose names are here entered, in the majority of cases to be able to affirm that those done is. - Ulric RULE
BAILY, Joseph & CarolineEda Maryb. Nov 17, 1868bapt by me

BUTT, Obadiah & AnnMary Senet Pikeb. July 25, 1868bapt by me

CHILDS, Elizabeth

BURRIDGE, George & ElizabethAnnb. Sept 9, 1866adm by me
"Estherb. Sept 7, 1868bapt or adm by me

DECKER, George &

DECKER, Jesse & SophiaEmilyb. Feb 1, 1856adm by me

DRUGART, James & EmilyJamesb. Dec 24, 1862adm by me
"Adilaideb. Oct 19, 1865bapt by me

EISAN, Michael & JaneSabrinab. July 3, 1865bapt or rec by me
"Elizabeth Janeb. Jan 17, 1868bapt or rec by me

HATCHER, George & Mary AnnPriscillab. March 9, 1866bapt by me
"Andrewb. Oct 2, 1868bapt by me


HINDS, Charles

DOLIMOUNT, George & JaneFrancesb. July 22, 1866bapt by me
"Sarah Annb. March 20, 1868bapt by me. Died in Aug or Sept 1869

HUMBER, JamesElizabeth

KEANES, Isaac & MariaManuelb. June 20, 1867bapt by me

MAJOR, George & SusannahCatherineb. Jan 1, 1865bapt by me
"Elizabeth Annb. Feb 24, 1867bapt by me
"Eliasb. May 12, 1869bapt by me

MURPHY, John & PriscillaAnne Priscillab. Sept 1, 1869bapt by me in the BOI

ORGAN, James & Mary AnnJaneb. Dec 18, 1866bapt by me (or rec)
"Mary Annb. Dec 18, 1868bapt by me (or rec)

ORGAN, Michael & ElizabethSusannahb. Sept 3, 1868bapt by me

ORGAN, Uriah & MaryMichaelb. Aug 23, 1868bapt by me

PAINE, Charles & ElizabethVirtueb. Sept 28, 1845rec by me
"Mariab. July 2, 1848rec by me
"Dianab. March 2, 1867bapt by me

PAINE, Philip & CatherineFrancesb. Sept 20, 1847rec by me
"Phyllisb. Aug 29, 1855rec by me
"Mary Annb. Nov 23, 1858rec by me
"Azariahb. Oct 12, 1866bapt or rec by me

PAINE, Matthew & SelinaJohn Albert-rec by me

PAINE, Philip & Mary AnnSarah Janeb. July 30, 1866rec by me
"Rose Ellenb. Oct 14, 1867rec by me

PAINE, William & EstherCharlesb. Oct 16, 1865rec by me

PAINE, Robert & MaryLevib. June 28, 1853rec by me
"Phoebeb. March 1, 1855rec by me
"Ceciliab. May 6, 1858rec by me
"Rosannab. Feb 21, 1863rec by me
"Robertb. Dec 15, 1864bapt by me
"Isaacb. Feb 2, 1868bapt by me

ROBERTS, Amy wife of John ROBETS-rec by me

ROBERTS, John & AmyGeorge b. June 23, 1865bapt by me
"William James b. July 10, 1868rec by me




ROBERTS, Samuel & SarahJane Louisab. Aug 19, 1867bapt by me

ROBERTS, EstherUriahb. June 19, 1869bapt by me

SAMS, Reuben & FannyMariab. Jan 30, 1867bapt by me

WILTON, Solomon & Rachel? George William

"Elvinab. Nov 7, 1864bapt by me
"Hezekiahb. July 31 bapt or rec by me [A later note was added born Jan 24]

WINTER, Charles & CatherineSusannahb. Nov 14, 1869rec by me in Lark H.

YOUNG, William & DeborahWilliamb. May 23, 1868rec by me

YOUNG, Thomas & CatherineAnneb. Aug 4, 1867rec by me

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