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Birchy Head - Anglican Cemetery Inscriptions (Partial)

Information in brackets are my comments. It was read, recorded and transcribed by ALEXANDER PAYNE, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
CAINES, Eva Maud
In fond memory of Eva Maud beloved wife of Alexander CAINES, died December 20th 1911, aged 28 years.

CAINES, John & Sarah
In memory of John CAINES, died July 13, 1891, aged 63 years. Sarah CAINES his wife died August 15, 1889, aged 58 years.

CAINES, Mary Elizabeth
In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth CAINES daughter of Charles BATEMAN and wife of Richard CAINES who died August 29th 1902, age 39 years.

CAINES, Richard
In loving memory of Richard CAINES beloved husband of Elizabeth CAINES, died May 10th 1943, age 85 years.

In loving memory of Sarah beloved wife of Zebedee CAINES, died April 7th 1967, aged 73 years.

CAINES, Zebedee
Zebedee ELLIS CAINES beloved husband of Sarah ELLIS, born March 21, 1891, died December 30, 1981.

In memory of Albert E FRANCIS son of Edward & Charlotte FRANCIS, died January 1st 1904 age 61 years.

FRANCIS, Elizabeth
Elizabeth FRANCIS 1856 - 1933, erected by Evelyn DAVIDSON.

GILLEY, Ethel May
Ethel May 1893 - 1977 wife of the late George GILLEY.

GILLEY, George S
George S GILLEY born March 21, 1894, age 79 years 1 month.

Erected by her family in loving memory of Lydia SIMMONS GILLIAM, born January 12th 1890, died January 29th 1959, aged 69 years.

HEADGE, Alpheaus
Alpheaus HEADGE 1881 - 1954.

HEADGE, Emma Amelia
In loving memory of Emma Amelia beloved daughter of Alpheaus & Sarah HEADGE, born January 15th 1921, died April 12th 1950, age 29 years 3 months.

HEADGE, Henrietta Sarah
Henrietta Sarah HEADGE 1889 - 1957.

HOUSE, Frances
In memory of Frances HOUSE who died January 19, 1882, aged 29 years.

In fond memory of Sarah Jane beloved wife of Samuel HUTCHINGS. Died October 25th 1909, aged 35 years.

JANES, Donald Fraser
Donald Fraser JANES beloved son of Mr & Mrs Joseph JANES who died September 18th 1943, aged 20 years 11 months.

JANES, Robert L & Sarah E
In loving memory of Sarah E JANES, died February 17th 1933, age 73 years. Robert L JANES, died January 15th 1933, aged 86 years.

JANES, Sarah Elizabeth
In loving memory of Sarah Elizabeth beloved wife of the late William JANES, died February 22, 1973, aged 87 years.

JANES, William
In loving memory of William JANES beloved husband of Sarah JANES, died September 26, 1968, aged 92 years.

In memory of Albert JOHNSON died July 30, 1873, aged 27 years.

LAING, Albert W
In affectionate memory of Albert W LAING who was accidentally shot December 14th 1897, aged 18 years. This stone was erected by public subscription from sympathisers with his family.

LAING, Archibald F & Sarah Jane
In loving memory of Archibald F LAING who died July 13, 1919, aged 73 years. Sarah Jane LAING his beloved wife died June 3, 1920, aged 73 years.

LAING, Charlotte
Charlotte LAING 1890 - 1918.

LAING, James & Mary
In memory of loving parents James LAING who died March 24, 1882, aged 70 years. Mary LAING who died April 5th 1890, aged 71 years.

LAING, James Robert
In memory of James Robert son of James LAING who was drowned November 17 1876, age 17 years & 4 months.

Erected by John MATTHEWS in remembrance of his beloved mother Frances who died November 2, 1894, aged 48 years.

James MATTHEWS 1900 - 1984.

In memory of John MATTHEWS beloved husband of Mary J MATTHEWS, died May 20, 1905, age 37 years.

MATTHEWS, Mary Julia
In loving memory of Mary Julia beloved wife of John MATTHEWS who died February 28, 1918, age 42 years.

McKENZIE, Annie May
In memory of Annie May daughter of Hugh & Martha McKENZIE, died October 29th 1894, age 10 years 4 months 19 days.

McKENZIE, Edwin & Mary Ann
In loving memory of Edwin McKENZIE born July 14th 1870, died June 14th 1949, age 78 years 11 months. Mary Ann McKENZIE born September 29th 1873, died January 6th 1930, aged 57 years.

McKENZIE, Eileen
In loving memory of Eileen McKENZIE darling child of Eva & William McKENZIE, born May 16th 1944, died July 16th 1952.

McKENZIE, Eric Leslie
In loving memory of Eric Leslie McKENZIE, beloved son of William & Eva McKENZIE, died April 26th 1949, age 18 years 6 months.

In memory of Hugh McKENZIE who died July 21th 1901 age 69 years.

McKENZIE, Martha
In loving memory of Martha McKENZIE beloved wife of Hugh McKENZIE, aged 64 years.

McKENZIE, Robert Lorne
In loving memory of Robert Lorne beloved son of Hugh and Martha McKENZIE, died May 28, 1921, aged 48 years.

McKENZIE, Robert Lorne
In loving memory of of Robert Lorne son of Edwin and Mary McKENZIE who died February 3rd 1918, aged 23 years 5 months.

PAYNE, Sarah S
In memory of Sarah S ROSE 1887 - 1954, wife of Philip PAYNE.

Percey SHEPPARD September 17, 1912 - August 1950. [Wooden cross]

In loving memory of Bertha beloved wife of Cyril SIMMONDS, died March 5th 1958, aged 64 years.

SIMMONDS, Cyril & Florence & Cyril Garfield
Captain Cyril SIMMONDS 1888 - 1976. His Minnie Florence SIMMONDS 1889 - 1929. Their son Cyril Garfield 1921 - 1941.

SIMMONDS, David Leslie
In loving memory of David Leslie darling child of Leslie & Alice SIMMONDS, born February 18th 1940, died June 2nd 1940.

SIMMONDS, Frank & Maude
In loving memory of Frank SIMMONDS, born 1901, died 1971. Wife Maude SIMMONDS, born 1906, died 1949.

SIMMONDS, John C & Sarah
Sarah SIMMONDS 1888 - 1950. John C SIMMONDS 1884 - 1978.

SIMMONDS, Leslie C & Alice I
Alice I SIMMONDS 1911 - ___. Leslie C SIMMONDS 1907 - 1995.

In memory of Maxwell SIMMONDS beloved son of Capt Cyril SIMMONDS, born September 27, 1923, died June 4, 1973.

In memory of Samuel SIMMONDS beloved husband of Lydia SIMMONDS who died May 24, 1916, aged 29 years.

SIMMONDS, Samuel & Louisa
In loving memory of Louisa SIMMONDS beloved wife of Samuel SIMMONDS, died April 24, 1907, aged 70 years. Samuel SIMMONDS beloved husband of Louisa SIMMONDS, died May 14, 1919, aged 73 years.

SIMMONDS, William Arthur
In loving memory of Wm Arthur SIMMONDS husband of Mary SIMMONDS, died January 7th 1951, aged 76 years 6 months.

WIGHT, Alfred
In affectionate remembrance of Alfred WIGHT beloved husband of Hannah WIGHT, born at Carbonear September 23, 1818, died Bonne Bay February 3rd 1907.

WIGHT, Annie
In loving remembrance of Annie beloved wife of Alfred WIGHT who died August 13th 1894 aged 75 years.

WIGHT, Mary Ann
Mary Ann the beloved wife of George WIGHT, born October 4th 1859, died April 23rd 1882.

WHITE, Elizabeth
Elizabeth the beloved wife of John WHITE who died October 24, 1881, aged 31 years 8 months.

YOUNG, Benjamin
In memory of Benjamin beloved son of George & Mary Ann YOUNG died January 26, 1897, aged 7 years 2 months. Also our son Willie ...

YOUNG, Caroline
In memory of Caroline beloved wife of Thomas YOUNG died December 24, 1889, age 48 years.

YOUNG, Deborah
In loving memory of Deborah beloved wife of William YOUNG who died August 12, 1918, aged 83 years.

YOUNG, Edward
Sacred to the memory of Edward YOUNG volunteer of the Royal Naval Reserve. Son of Emmanuel & Emma YOUNG who died in the service of the Empire February 11th 1915, aged 29 years.

YOUNG, Elizabeth
Elizabeth beloved wife of the late Thomas YOUNG, died January 14th 1957, age 92 years.

In loving memory of Emma EARL beloved wife of Emmanuel YOUNG who died September 22, 1918, aged 56 years.

YOUNG, Emmanuel
In loving memory of Emmanuel YOUNG beloved husband of Emma YOUNG who died August 8th 1937, aged 80 years 1 month.

YOUNG, Ethel Gertrude
In loving memory of Ethel Gertrude beloved wife of Capt John YOUNG, born June 24th 1889, died August 24th 1969, aged 80 years.

YOUNG, Ethel Blanche & Elise Maud
In memory of Ethel Blanche daughter of William & Esther YOUNG who died November 28th 1896, aged 2 years. In memory of Elise Maud daughter of William & Esther YOUNG who died November 19th 1896, aged 3 years & 8 months.

YOUNG, Frances
In loving memory of Frances YOUNG beloved wife of George YOUNG, died May 26th 1966, aged 67 years.

YOUNG, George
In memory of our dear father Capt George YOUNG beloved husband of Mary Ann died October 10, 1904, aged 48 years.

YOUNG, George
In memory of George H YOUNG beloved son of Richard & Julia YOUNG died May 1, 1909, age 6 months.

YOUNG, George Edgar
In loving memory of George Edgar YOUNG darling child of Walter & Mary A YOUNG, born November 5th 1903, died March 30th 1904, aged 24 months 25 days.

YOUNG, George R
George R YOUNG Private Royal Nfld Regt February 22, 1961, age 65 years.

YOUNG, Isaac
Isaac YOUNG Private Royal Nfld Regt November 25, 1963, age 70 years.

YOUNG, Isaac & Maude V
In loving memory of Isaac YOUNG November 16, 1893 - November 25, 1963. In loving memory of Maude V YOUNG October 9, 1896 - January 26, 1989.

In loving memory of Capt John YOUNG beloved husband of Gertrude YOUNG, died December 10th 1965, aged 82 years 11 months.

YOUNG, John W & Florence
They died as they lived, trusting in God ever remembered ever loved. Capt John W YOUNG, died March 17, 1994, aged 86 years. Florence YOUNG, died October 15, 1993, aged 87 years.

YOUNG, Julia
In memory of Julia YOUNG beloved wife of Richard, July 4, 1888 - May 15, 1969.

YOUNG, Mary Ann
In loving memory of our dear mother Mary Ann YOUNG widow of the late Capt George YOUNG, died April 24, 1934, aged 79 years 1 month. Erected by her children Walter, John and Cora.

YOUNG, Mary Ann
In memory of Mary Ann beloved daughter of George & Mary Ann YOUNG, died February 8, 1897, aged 10 years 4 months 7 days.

YOUNG, Mary Ann
In loving memory of Mary Ann beloved wife of Capt Walter YOUNG, died August 4, 1967, aged 86 years.

YOUNG, Richard
In memory of Richard YOUNG beloved husband of Julia, December 6, 1887 - April 23, 1969.

YOUNG, Rhodena
In loving memory of Rhodena beloved wife of Steadman YOUNG, died May 30th 1991, aged 90 years.

YOUNG, Stedman
In loving memory of Steadman beloved husband of Rhodena YOUNG, died March 24th 1958, aged 60 years.

YOUNG, Thomas
In memory of Thomas YOUNG beloved husband of Sarah Elizabeth YOUNG, died December 22, 1915, aged 56 years.

YOUNG, Walter
In loving memory of Capt Walter YOUNG beloved husband Mary Ann YOUNG, died February 11th 1950, aged 69 years.

YOUNG, William
Erected in remembrance of Capt Wm YOUNG, died June 21, 1898, aged 70 years.

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