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Headstone information provided here only contains the factual data, names and dates. H=Husband, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter M = Mother and F = Father. Y = years M = months if it followed a number and D = days.Where two people were listed on one Headstone and it was readily apparent that they were husband and wife, H or W of.... was added in such cases. Family information know to the author appear in brackets. While every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a discrepancy is noted the actual headston e inscription should take precedence.

Headstone information was read, recorded and transcribed by GERALD MAJOR AND MARGARET HEAD MAJOR, early May 1999. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

RUMBOLT, Walter Thomas17 Sep 1934 - 15 Jun 1997 H of Louise.
McKENZIE, Verniceno datesW OF John McKenzie.
LAING, Joseph James (Curling)1921 - 1997.H of Pearl Laing.
TUCKER, Robert Martin8 Mar 1972 - 21 Oct 1996H of Melinda.
REID, George Frazer17 Sep 1944 - 6 Feb 1996H of Minette.
McKENZIE, Mary M4 May 1945 - 10 Jan 1996W of Eric.
MAJOR, Rolandno dates(S of Jacob and Margaret)
REID, Angie ViolaNov 16 - 17 1995D of Wilfred and Gail Reid.
TUCKER, John Charles14 Aug 1953 - 7 Sep 1995H of Doreen.
HATCHER, Mary Eno dates
STONE, Marjorie E17 Jul 1916 - 14 Jan 1996W of Wilfred Stone.
STONE, Wilfred s27 Nov 1912 - 17 Jun 1995H of Marjorie.
LAING, Edith15 Jul 1916 - 31 Dec 1994W of Walter Laing.
LAING, Johanna29 Oct 1938 - 28 Feb 1998W of Roy Laing.

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