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Norris Point - Old Anglican Cemetery

Headstone information provided here only contains the factual data, names and dates. H=Husband, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter M = Mother and F = Father. Y = years M = months if it followed a number and D = days. Where two people were listed on one Headstone and it was readily apparent that they were husband and wife, H or W of.... was added in such cases. Family information know to the author appear in brackets. While every attempt was made to ensure accuracy, if a discrepancy is noted the actual headsto ne inscription should take precedence.

Headstone information was read, recorded and transcribed by GERALD MAJOR AND MARGARET HEAD MAJOR, early May 1999. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

HARDING, Loretta Maud27Jan1904-13Mar1980

HARDING, Georged. 20 Jul 1979 87YPte Royal Newfoundland Regiment
MAYNARD, Hector15 Aug 1942-24 Aug 1942

HARDING, Margaret5 Sep 1934 - 6 Sep 1934
Same stone as Hector Maynard
MUDGE, Mary and DouglasNo dates

MUDGE, Racheld. 15 Jun 195777Y 9MW of Stephen
MUDGE, Stephen Rolandd. 23 Mar 193653Y 10MH of Rachel
MUDGE, Henry12 Apr 1903-10 Dec 1974

MUDGE, Howard Donaldd. 14 Jun 19497YS of Henry and Sylvia Mudge
BURTON. Williamd. 22 Aug 190965Y
BURTON, Elizabethd. 10 Oct 188038YW of William Burton
SMITH, Elizabeth29 Nov 1844 -5 Sep 1877
W of John Smith
CLARKE, Thomasd. 9 Nov 188459YH of Patience Clarke
CLARKE, Patienced. 23 May 190779YW of Thomas Clarke
LAING, Mary Carolined. 3 Jan 192737YW of Andrew Laing
LAING, Ellen Elizabethd. 19 Oct 191635Y 2MW of Andrew Laing
LAING, Andrewd. 21 Dec 192751Y
LAING, Fredrick Agustusd. 22 May 194848YS of Andrew and Ellen Laing
HUMBER, Walterd. 19203WS of Jessie and Ida Humber
RUMBOLT, Walter Robertd. 18 May 193032Y 8MSame stone as William Clarence
RUMBOLT, William Clarenced. 16 Oct 19286YSame stone as Walter Robert Rumbolt
HUMBER, James L1886 - 1965

HUMBER, John Kd.23 Mar 19592M
HUMBER, John Williamd. 29 Sep 193254Y
HOPKINS, Clara Janed. 22 Jun 191422Y 9MW of John Hopkins
HOPKINS, Clarad. 22 Nov 191827Y 11MW of John Hopkins
TUCKER, Charles W Hd. 21 Sep 19141M
TUCKER, John Cd. 4Dec 196174Y
TUCKER, Emmad. 28 Jun 198289YW of John Tucker
REID, Matildad. 10 May 197770Y
McKENZIE, Edwin A1908 - 1980

TUCKER, Annie Mariad. 19 Sep 189332YW of Robert Henry Tucker
TUCKER, Robert Henryd. 22 Feb 189843YH of Annie Maria
SMITH, Jonahd. 21 Nov 187115YS of Mathew and Harriet Smith
SMITH, Mathew
age 75YErected 1967 by daughter Isabel
YOUNG, Thomasd. 10 Aug 1901 74Y 5M
HARDING, Johnd. 14 Jun 190345Y
HARDING, Phoebe SAMSd. 2 Sep 195393Y
LAING, Duncand. 6 Dec 190826YH of Phoebe Laing
BROOMFIELD, Phoebed. 18 Jun 192155YW of Thomas Harding 1st, and Duncan Laing 2nd
MAJOR, George Williamd. 17 Jun 197142YH of Lillian Major
HARDING, Thomasd. 14 Jan 190339YH of Elizabeth
HARDING, Thomas Peterd. 20 Aug 194749Y 9MH of Frances Harding
HARDING, Frances CULLIHALL 1897 - 1947
W of Thomas Harding
McKENZIE, James Calvin9 May 1898-29 Jun 1926
H of Mary
McKENZIE, John Ernestd. 15 Nov 194329YH of Sarah McKenzie
McKENZIE, Sarah1 Dec 1872-4 Oct 195684Y
MacKENZIE, Arthur W15 Nov 1906-16 Feb 1970

REID, Normand. 23 Jun 196069Y10M. H of Matilda
CLARK, Lillian Elizabeth WHITEd. 21 Aug 195675Y
CLARKE, Adamd. 30 Aug 192139Y 10MH of Sarah
CLARKE, Maryd. 17 Mar 191365YW of Noah
CLARKE, Noahd. 8 Sep 192173YH of Mary
CLARKE, Elid. 24 Mar 194869YH of Elizabeth Clarke
RUMBOLT, Catherined. 29 Mar 191133YW of James Rumbolt
RUMBOLT, Jamesd. 25 Dec 193665Y 10MH of Catherine Rumbolt
-ORIDGE, Georged. 10 Apr 187228Y 10M(First letter of name is missing) Who was drowned crossing the ice
HARDING, Susannahd. 1 Sep 189171YGrandmother of John A E Harding
HARDING, John A Ed. 16 Aug 18953MGrandson of Susannah Harding
HARDING, Georged. 5 Sep 187053Y
HARDING, Georged. 6 Oct 188111DS of John and Phoebe Harding
HARDING, Williamd. 26 Mar 188416MS of John and Phoebe Harding
HARDING, Charity Maudd. 3 Jul 18909DD of John and Phoebe Harding
YOUNG, Sophiad. 20 Jun 187711YD of Thomas and Catherine Young
CAINES, Mariad. 21 Jul 191674YM of Catherine and Thomas Caines
CAINES, Isacd. 4 Feb 188963Y
LAING, George William25 May 1896-22 Jul 1916
S of James A and Julia A Laing. Drowned
LAING, Julia Annd. 3 Sep 190333YW of James Laing
LAING, Sarah A11 Sep 1882-26 Nov 1955

CAINES, Mary Prescilla14 Feb 1888-11 Sep 1960

CAINES, Arthur Edward16 Dec 1884-3 Oct 1949
H of Mary Caines
CAINES, Gordon Sidneyd. 26 Nov 194936Y 10MH of Muriel Caines
CAINES, Harriet Elsie27 Sep 1917-11 Jan 1973
D of Arthur and Mary Caines
ROBERTS, MarthaFeb 1905 - Oct 1975
W of Joseph Roberts
ROBERTS, Joseph2 Feb 1900-24 Feb 1971

ROBERTS, Albertha(no date)age 8M D of Joseph and Martha
ROBERTS, Lillian May16 Aug 1925-31 Jan 1941
D of Mr and Mrs Joseph Roberts
ROBERTS, Hughie23 Sep 1934-12 Feb 1946
S of Mr and Mrs Joseph Roberts
NEIL, Emma Edith12 May 1923-16 Jul 1989

NEIL, John C27 Jul 1917-18 Oct 1986

NEIL, Charles13 Feb 1945-4 Apr 1945
S of Mr and Mrs John Neil
DECKER, Roland13 Jan 1912-21 Aug 1986

PITTMAN, Jeffrey R16 Jun 1970-12 Sep 1992

BARNES, WilliamNo Dates

BARNES, Adaliade1920 - 199473Y
BARNES, John Charlesd. 2 Oct 197767YH of Adelaide Barnes
TOWER, Albertha J3 Jul 1954-23 Mar 1991

HARDING, Bryant Frederick17 Sep 1926-14 Sep 1959

HARDING, John1924 - 1995
H of Elsie May Harding
HARDING, Elsie May1911 - 1995
W of John Harding
HARDING, Emma24 Jun 1889-23 Jul 1968

HARDING, Augustus Bryantd. 10 Jan 195873Y
CAINES, Dorothyd. 24 Sep 1990
W of Robert Bryant Caines
CAINES, Amelia Louised. 9 Mar 194924YW of Robert Bryant Caines
CAINES, John William28 Sep 1876-17 Dec 1948
H of Elizabeth Caines
CAINES, Elizabeth1888 - 1974
W of J W Caines
CAINES, Margaretd. 23 Mar 189720YW of George Caines
CAINES, John and Ethel GNo dates
Children of Margaret and George Caines
CAINES, Georged. 25 May 195883YH of Melissa Ann Caines
CAINES, Melissad. 18 Jun 196386YW of George Caines
CAINES, Maurice14 May 1940-14 May 1967
H of Rowena
CAINES, Max W25 Jun 1909-16 Jul 1987
H of Minette A Caines
CAINES, Minette A23 Nov 1915-3 Nov 1995
W of Max W Caines
CAINES, E Leslie1904 - 1988
H of Eudora F Caines
CAINES, Euroda F1905 - 1997
W of E Leslie Caines
CAINES, Francesd. 23 Jul 186988YW of Emanual Caines
CAIN, Eleanord. 22 May 186847Y
CAINS, Thomasd. 12 Jan 186825Y
SIMMONDS, Mary4 Jun 1876-17 May 1946
W of W A Simmonds
ORGAN, Matthew26 Oct 1844-8 Feb 1878
S of Michael
SAMS, Sarahd. 10 Dec 186967YW of Reuben Sams
MITCHELL, Elizabethd. 23 Aug 192580YW of Isaac Mitchell
MITCHELL, AnnieNo Dates
(The underlined letters were inserted as a best guess. The Inscription is not readable.)
MAJOR, Georged. 4 Jul 191075Y
REID, Samuel1934 - 1997
( S of Arthur and Winnifred Reid)
REID, Winnifred Mary27 Oct 1902-12 Jan 1994

REID, Arthur24 Dec 1897-26 Apr 1983

SMITH, Reuben28 Jul 1928 - 31 Mar 1981

SMITH, Rita G1908 - 1997
W of Stephen Smith
SMITH, Stephen1907 - 1957
H of Rita Smith
SMITH, Margaret28 Aug 1874-17 Mar 1926
W of Reuben Smith
SMITH, Reuben19 Feb 1874-9 Jul 1960
H of Margaret Smith
SMITH, Frances1837 - 1925

SMITH, Phillip Curtis1964 - 1982

MAGOR(MAJOR), Georged. 26 Aug 191623Y 5MS of George and Ann Major
MAJOR, Georged. 29 Jan 192265YH of Ann Major
MAJOR, Annied. 7 Oct 192356YW of George Major
MAJOR, Jacob Edmundd. 27 Apr 196669YH of Margaret Major
MAJOR, Margaret1901 - 1997
`W of Jacob Major
MAJOR, Adam Agustusd. 30 Mar 193634Y 1MH of Alma Major
MAJOR, William8 May 1874-16 Nov 1945
H of Jane Major
MAJOR, Jane21 Mar 1874-15 Sep 1957
W of William Major
MAJOR, Viola16 Jan 1920-21 Apr 1920
D of William and Phoebe Major
MAJOR, Emma F2 Mar 1931-11 Nov 1932
D of William and Phoebe Major
MAJOR, Phoebe1902 - 197270YW of William Major
MAJOR, William1900 - 198180YH of Phoebe Major
BOYD, Duncan Kennedyd. 9 May 193849YDied at Lomond
SNOW, William1894 - 197884Y
SNOW, Charity Maude17 Sep 1898 - 2 Jun 1971
W of William Snow
SNOW, Harriett1925 - 19305Y
SNOW, Mary1917 - 191813M
LIVINGSTONE **See Errata table below, Eva14 Apr 1901 - 2 Jun 1983
W of Frank Reid
REID, Frank Thomas3 Oct 1908 - 9 Sep 1993
H of Gladys and Eva
READ, Mary Alfreda10 Jul 1919-15 Oct 1920
D of Thomas and Margaret Read
CLARK, Henry1856 - 1927

CAINS, Isaacd. 8 Apr 187575YS of John and Sarah Cains
ORGAN, Sarah19 Dec 1811-12 Apr 1872
W of Michael Organ.
ORGAN, Michael24 Dec 1803-4 Feb 1862
From St John's Island
WHITTLE, Johnd. 3 Jun 187337Y 6 M
YARN, Luked. 13 Jul 187333Y 15D
PREBLE, George Francis L.M.Pd. 21 Jan 190369YH of Elizabeth Preble
PREBLE, Elizabeth1848 - 1928

BUGDEN, Elizabethd. 11 Nov 192753YW of Benjamin Bugden
BUGDEN, Benjamind. 23 Jul 193569Y
BUGDEN, Susannahd. 1 Jul 191344YW of Benjamin Bugden
BUGDEN, Michael Williamd. 25 Mar 19033YS of Benj'n and Susannah Bugden
BUGDEN, Haroldd. 6 Aug 19388MS of Jas and Mary Bugden
BUGDEN, Mary Claudiad. 7 Oct 19503YD of Jas and Mary Bugden
MAJOR, Walter5 May 1932 - 4 Feb 1949
S of Elias and Charlotte Major
MAJOR, Obediah16 Apr 1943-14 Aug 1988
S of Elias and Charlotte Major
MAJOR, Elias31 Mar 1909-21 Dec 1968
H of Charlotte Major
MAJOR, Charlotte31 May 1911-30 Jul 1997
W of Elias Major
SHEPPARD, LillianFeb 1938 - Dec 1958

SNOW, Stephen L13 May 1909 - 9 Jan 1964

SNOW, Roseanna6 Mar 1909 - 12 Jun 1952

SNOW, Rendell1939 - 1982
H of Ella, F of Dean and Richard
SNOW, Dean Andrew1969 - 1987
S of Ella and Rendell Snow
SNOW, Randy3 Aug - 4 Aug 1968
S of Ella and Rendell Snow
SNOW, Sarah J22 Jul 1888-24 Sep 1977
W of James H Snow
SNOW, James H19 Sep 1879-22 Feb 1970
H of Sarah J Snow
LAING, Elizabeth1917 - 1998
W of Freeman Laing
LAING, Freeman A1904 - 1966

BUGDEN, Lola10 Feb 1957-12 Apr 1957
D of Benjamin and Elizabeth Bugden
HUMBER, George Edwardd. 15 Oct 195986Y 11M
HUMBER, Ester Amelia18 Sep 1881-29 Jan 1973
W of George Edward Humber
HUMBER, George Hector1 Sep 1907 - 15 Apr 1968

SNOW, James Albert13 Jan 1911-11 Jun 1984
H of Vera May Snow
SNOW, Vera May12 Jun 1918 - 6 Jul 1995
W of James Albert Snow
JENNIEX, Garfield Joseph22 Apr 1919-28 Feb 1983
H of Alma Jenniex
OATES, Mary Catherined. 21 Apr 190119Y
HOPKINS, William11 Aug 1872-26 Dec 1944
H of Elizabeth Hopkins and F of Harry
HOPKINS, Elizabethd. 14 Jul 190239YW of William Hopkins
HOPKINS, Carolined. 17 May 194269YW of William Hopkins
CAINES, Patricia Ann1944 - 1970
D of Roland and Peggy Caines
CAINES(HICKS), L R (Peggy)1915 - 1986
(W of Roland Caines)
CAINES, Susan Dorothy1956 - 1957
D of Roland and Peggy Caines
HUMBER, James A1913 - 1994
H of Zita A Myers
MYERS, Zeta A1929 - 1994
W of James Humber
WHITE, Ellen Elizabeth1920 - 1992
W of Kenneth Stanley White
HUMBER, Ida12 Jun 1887-18 Dec 1974
W of Jessie Humber
HUMBER, Jessied. 14 Aug 196278Y 9 MH of Ida Humber
BUGDEN, George6 Jun 1913 - 31 Oct 1980

BUGDEN, Emma Amy1890 - 1970
W of George Bugden
BUGDEN, Georged. 8 Jul 192959YH of Emma Bugden
BUGDEN, Matilda Janed. 4 Feb 190937YW of George Bugden
BUGDEN, Claribeld. 20 Sep 19002Y 4MD of George and Matilda Bugden
BUGDEN, William Edwardd. 11 Oct 18941MS of George and Matilda Bugden
BENNETT, Selinad. 14 Oct 188830YW of William Oats
HOPKINS, Carbotd. 3 Nov 188753YH of Emma Hopkins
HOPKINS, Emmad. 24 Aug 191173YW of Carbot
HOPKINS, Charlesd. 21 Jan 189829Y
PIKE, Mary Annd. 18 Dec 190724YW of Charles E Pike
PIKE, Carbotd. 17 Sep 19081Y 26 DAdopted child of William and Carolene Hopkins
HOPKINS, Sarah Frances12 Apr 1921 - 22 Jul 1937
D of Agustus and Emma Jane Hopkins
HOPKINS, Agustus1880 - 1944
H of Emma Jane Hopkins
HOPKINS, Emma Jane1884 - 1956
W of Agustus Hopkins
SILVER, Johnd. 28 Jun 189880YH of Caroline Silver

(2 graves. Cross, no info)
REID, Horatio1903 - 1972
H of Alfreda Reid
REID, Alfreda (SHAW)1901 - 1986
W of Horatio Reid
REID, John Cd. 7 Jul 194178Y 3M
REID, Francesd. 3 Aug 190840YW of John C Reid
CAINES, Thomasd. 18 Jul 192544YH of Katherine Caines
CAINES, Katherine8 Mar 1891-29 May 1984
W of Thomas Caines
REID, Amelia Elizabeth16 Sep 1894-28 Apr 1970
W of William Reid
REID, George Hd. 1940
S of William and Amelia Reid
REID, William Hd. 28 Aug 193847YH of Elizabeth Reid

( 2 crosses no info)
JANES, Elizabethd. 25 Feb 194125YW of Harry Janes
NEIL, Gordond. 28 Apr 194231Y 3M
NEIL, Margaret Brided. 29 Jul 194452Y 5MW of Henry Neil
NEIL, Henry Stephend. 24 Sep 194576Y 7M
REID, John Charles1930 - 1993
H of Charlotte Julia
REID, Mariah22 Sep 1855 - 1 Aug 1931
W of Moses Reid
REID, Mosesd. 7 Jul 191764Y
REID, Donnano dates6MD of Annie and Leslie Reid
REID, John15 Aug 1886-7 Aug 1967
H of Thodosia Reid
REID, Thodosia (MAJOR)4 Aug 1907-1 Jun 1961
W of John Reid
REID, Timothy1876 - 1966
H of Sarah E Reid
REID, Sarah E1883 - 1976
W of Timothy Reid
CAINES, Isaacd.4 Jun 191362Y 6 MH of Charity Caines
CAINES, Charityd. 30 Jul 193079Y 10MW of Isaac Caines
HUMBER, Madelined. 2 May 19412MD of William and Carrie Humber
HUMBER, Jacobd. 10 Apr 1889
S of WM and Ct. Humber
HUMBER, Samuel Arthurd. 15 Feb 18927 1/2 YS of Wm and Catherine Humber
HUMBER, Albert Hectord. 17 Dec 18977Y 11M
HUMBER, Catherined. 19 Apr 191361Y 6MW of William Humber
HUMBER, Williamd. 25 May 192379Y 3MH of Katherine Humber
HUMBER, Elizabeth(MAJOR)24 Nov 1896-14 Jun 1960
W of Walter Humber
HUMBER, Walter1896 - 6 May 1969
H of Elizabeth Humber
MITCHELL, Miltond. 17 Mar 194124Y 6M
MITCHELL, Dorad. 7 Jun 196277YW of George Mitchell
MITCHELL, George1 Jun 1890-28 Jun 1976

TUCKER, Robert Henry30 Nov 1919-4 Aug 1968

HOPKINS, Annied. 12 Mar 194993YW of George Hopkins
HOPKINS, Georged. 17 Jan 193570YH of Annie
HOPKINS, Charles Williamd. 27 Jul 191911Y 8MS of George and Annie Hopkins
BUGDEN, Jamesd. 21 Mar 1900?70YH of Sarah Bugden
BUGDEN, Sarahd. 16 Mar 191474Y 11M 10DWife of James Bugden
BUGDEN, William Edwardd. 6 Oct 188620YS of James and Sarah Bugden
BUGDEN, Martin H29 Nov 1905-2 Jul 1972

GOOSNEY, Roland1916 - 1980
H of Elaine
HYNES, Gertrude May15 Feb 1907-15 Sep 1995

HYNES, George18 Mar 1891-11 Apr 1986

BUFFETT, Jacob1903 - 1989
H of Hilda. F of James and Mary
MAYNARD, Mary F6 Sep 1913 - 19 Feb 1987
W of Edward F Maynard
MAYNARD, Janed. 5 Jul 197473YW of William Maynard
MAYNARD, Williamd. 23 Dec 197276YH of Jane Maynard
BUGDEN, John R1939 - 1994
H of Shirley Bugden
BUGDEN, Mary N A21 May 1910-20 Aug 1974
W of James Bugden
BUGDEN, James1 Feb 1903-3 Mar 1973
H of Mary Bugden
BUGDEN, Thomas1909 - 1992
H of Margaret Bugden
BUGDEN, Margaret1912 - 1994
W of Thomas Bugden
BUGDEN, William Jd. 25 Mar 196649YH of Gertie Bugden
BUGDEN, Elizabeth Janed. 19 Mar 193919Y
BUGDEN, John Carbotd. 7 Aug 193857Y
BUGDEN, Isabella Vd. 2 Sep 192442YW of John C Bugden
HOPKINS, Rebecca Frances30 Sep 1887-14 Jul 1979
W of James Hopkins and M of Pearl
HOPKINS, Jamesd. 18 Dec 195480Y
HOPKINS, John1890 - 1958

HOPKINS, Isabella1912 - 1974
W of Harry Hopkins
KNOTT, Bessie (DECKER)d. 13 May 199268YW of Benjamin Knott
KNOTT, Benjamind. 31 May 198563YH of Bessie
KNOTT, James W1900 - 1995
H of Amelia M Knott
KNOTT, Amelia M1904 - 1988

HUMBER, William Jamesd. 26 Sep 191021Y 8MS of Jessie Humber
HUMBER, W Jamesd. 6 May 193528Y 6MH of Elsie Humber
HUMBER, Albert Edward(no dates)
Infant of James and Harriett Humber
HUMBER, Jamesd. 20 Nov 192894YH of Elizabeth (Bettie) Humber
HUMBER, Elizabeth (Bettie)d. 22 Jun 192590Y 6MW of James Humber
LAING, Willisd. 10 Jan 193956Y 6MH of Ellen F Laing
LAING, Ellen F4 Jul 1887 - 18 Jul 1980
W of William Laing
KNOTT, Thomas1906 - 1991
H of Hilda C Knott
REID, Clarice Christine20 Dec 1952-21 Jan 1972
D of Stanley and Alma Reid
REID, Jennie25 Dec 1935-25 Dec 1935
D of Stanley and Alma Reid
HYNES, Patricia M (LAING)27 Jan 1950-9 Apr 1979

LAING, Joseph R25 Aug 1879-20 Jan 1964

LAING, Jessied. 6 May 196379Y 6MW of Joseph Laing
LAING, Alice May13 May 1902-15 May 192220YD of Joseph and Jessie Laing
REID, James1882 - 1968
H of Susan Reid
REID, Susan (MAJOR)1885 - 1927
W of James Reid
ORGAN, Catherine A15 Feb 1852-21 Mar 1932
W of George T Organ
ORGAN, George T1 Jan 1854-16 Apr 1922
H of Catherine A Organ
ORGAN, Samuel Jd. 21 Oct 195061YH of Clara J Organ
ORGAN, Clara J (MAJOR)23 Dec 1894-4 Jun 1972
W of Samuel J Organ
LAING, Belindad. 24 Feb 193650Y 7MW of Arch Laing
GOOSNEY, Babyd. 13 Feb 1949

MAJOR, John1940 - 1988
H of Shirley
HUMBER, Pierce1923 - 1985

HANCOCK, James W30 Aug 1902-24 Apr 1980

BENNETT, Dana Iris9 May 1977-3 Dec 1993

HUMBER, Norman A6 Jun 1893-24 Mar 1982
H of Susie Humber
HUMBER, Susied. 6 Feb 197173YW of Norman Humber
RUMBOLT, Mildred1908 - 1934
Same stone as Walter and Olive
RUMBOLT, Walter1932 - 1933
Same stone as Olive and Mildred
RUMBOLT, Olive1939 - 1940
Same stone as Mildred and Walter
EARLE, William15 Mar 1928-23 Oct 1973
H of Pearl Earle (Major)
LAING, Harvey Ingram20 Sep 1915-22 Oct 1988
H of Rita Laing
LAING, Rita May24 May 1912-12 Apr 1983
W of Harvey Laing
YOUNG, Leona Isabeld. 30 Mar 194123Y 3MW of Roy Young
LAING, Carolined. 10 May 193042Y 6MW of John Norman Laing
LAING, John Normand. 27 Mar 192446Y 7 M
LAING, Susannahd. 21 Jan 192079YW of Duncan Laing
LAING, Duncand. 30 Oct 192888YH of Susannah Laing
REID, Florence BENNETT4 Feb 1928-4 May 1994
W of Raymond Reid
REID, Hayward J1910 - 1982
H of Margaret M Reid
REID, Margaret M1914 - 1996
W of Hayward Reid
HOPKINS, Johnd. 26 Oct 194848Y
ORGAN, Matthewd. 7 Jun 194169YH of Caroline Feador Organ
ORGAN, Caroline Feadord. 1 Jul 193058YW of Matthew Organ
SMITH, Warren Lloyd1934 - 1993

REID, Florence Maude4 May 1951-17 Mar 1972
D of Victor and Harriett Reid
REID, Victor S6 Oct 1916-29 Dec 1981
H of Harriett Reid
BENNETT, Dana Iris9 May 1977-2 Dec 1993

LOVELACE, Mckie? Ralph Cliftond. 28 Feb 19239YS of Thomas and Isabella Lovelace
BATTEN, John C (Jackie)d. 30 Aug 19306Y 3MS of John and Elizabeth
GOOSNEY, Wm Johnd. 6 Jul 192368Y
KNOTT, Wm T27 May 1935-23 Jul 1992

KNOTT, Milton B12 Sep 1951-13 Sep 1988
Lost at Taylors Brook. Body found 24 May 1989
KNOTT, Wallace14 Aug 1907-21 Nov 1985

MAJOR, Eli Hayward19 Apr 1912-31 Dec 1960
H of Emma Major
MAJOR, Emma Mary(CRITCH)22 Nov 1914-4 Jul 1985W of Eli Major.
HUMBER, Leslie R3 May 1908-18 Jan 1980
H of Agnes Humber
MUDGE, Alexander Freemand. 24 Feb 198062YH of Elizabeth
MUDGE, Stephen E Louis6 Jan 1914-30 Apr 1984

McKENZIE, Amelia Ada1928 - 1989

McKENZIE, Adad. 9 May 1989

REID, Margaret E1914 - 197965Y
McKENZIE, Milton R17 Sep 1918-11 Dec 1987

PITTMAN, Susannah Rebecca30 Jul 1904-10 Dec 1996
W of George Francis Pittman
PITTMAN, George Francis25 Jun 1895-24 Jul 1967
H of Susannah Pittman
MAYNARD, Stanley V16 Oct 1913-11 Nov 1991

WALSH, Hester12 Dec 1900-8 Oct 1973

KNOTT, Wm Thomas6 Mar 1871-20 Aug 1953

KNOTT, Maryd. 11 Apr 194159Y 7MW of Thomas Knott
KNOTT, John1862 - 1937
H of Emma Jane
KNOTT, Emma Jane1874 - 1949

GOOSNEY, William Johnd. 8 Jul 192368YH of Katherine Goosney
RUMBOLT, Lemuel1902 - 1949
H of May Rumbolt
RUMBOLT, J May1902 - 1985
W of Lemuel
REID, Folrence Maude4 May 1951-17 Mar 1970
D of Victor and Harriett Reid
REID, Matilda R27 Sep 1921-14 Nov 1989
W of Walace G Reid
GOOSNEY, Cyril25 Jun 1905-15 Aug 1973

GOOSNEY, CharityFeb 1896 - 27 May 1970

GOOSNEY, Catherine Amy1915 - 1998

GOOSNEY, Gilbert14 Oct 1892-18 Apr 1968
H of Charity
ORGAN, Michael1916 - 1997
H of Elsie
ORGAN, Elsie1916 - 1995
W of Michael Organ
SMITH, Matthew27 Jul 1897-26 May 1957
H of Pricilla Smith
SMITH, Pricilla23 Nov 1893-25 Sep 1956
W of Matthew Smith
SMITH, William Ad. 10 Dec 197471Y
SMITH, John Lloyd26 Jul 1910-4 Sep 1986

CULLIHALL, Rhuben1892 - 1957
Rhuben, Amelia and Loretta share one marker
CULLIHALL, Amelia1900 - 1933

CULLIHALL, Loretta1924 - 1924

YOUNG, Gordon1901 - 1939

ORGAN, Annied. 15 May 197261YW of Matthew Organ
ORGAN, Matthewd. 11 Jun 199687YH of Annie
REID, Eric M 26 May 1926-13 Dec 1972
H of Mary
ORGAN, Johnd. 31 Aug 196655Y 8MH of Dora
ORGAN, George William18 Dec 1902-31 Dec 1982
H of Emma Pearl Organ
ORGAN, Emma Pearl11 Aug 1906-22 Nov 1980
W of George Wm Organ
GOOSNEY, Matthew12 Jun 1918-2 Nov 1945
S of Mr and Mrs Gilbert Goosney
GOOSNEY, James Rd. 28 Jan 192525YS of Soloman and Mary
READ, Emery Allend. 7 Jul 194232YH of Rita Read
READ, Sennett Maudd. 24 Nov 196577Y 3MW of Douglas Allen Read
READ, Douglas Allend. 12 Mar 196679YH of Sennett Maud Read
MAYNARD, Daniel1905 - 1984
H of Tossie Maynard
MAYNARD, Arthurd. 28 Jan 195921Y 5MS of Daniel and Tossie Maynard
ORGAN, Hibbert Agustus18 Sep 1896-27 Sep 1969
H of Maria Organ
ORGAN, Mary C7 Nov 1908-3 Mar 1980

SMITH, Donald22 Oct 1951-20 Jan 1977

HUMBER, Georgina Margaretd. 13 Jan 194220Y 7MW of Arthur Humber
HUMBER, Arthur1916 - 1977

HUMBER, William30 Jun 1903-27 Mar 1975
H of Catherine
HUMBER, Catherine15 Nov 1907-24 Jun 1988
W of William
REID, Margaret1890 - 1975
W of Thomas
REID, Thomas1890 - 1983
H of Margaret Reid
MAKENZIE, Emmanuel1920 - 1975

MAKENZIE, Ivy1923 - 1976
W of Emanuel
MAKENZIE, Lillian1900 - 1983
W of John
MAKENZIE, John1896 - 1982
H of Lillian
PITTMAN, George Francis25 Jun 1895-24 Jul 1967

BARNS, Maryno dates

REID, Henryd. 13 Feb 197384YH of Hazel Reid
REID, Hazelno dates

MAJOR, Jacqueline12 Jun 1954-24 Nov 1960
D of Myrtle and Lambert Major

Name on HeadstoneDescription of ErrorMy Name
SMITH Donald Smith, birth year should be 1931, not 1951. Linda (Smith) Humber
LIVINGSTONE, Eva Livingstone is not a surname but her middle name. Her full maiden name was Eva Livingstone BARNES. Eileen Strickland

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