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Woody Point - Old Anglican Inscriptions

Information in brackets are my comments. It was read, recorded and transcribed by ALEXANDER PAYNE, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
August ... age 38 years 6 ... Erected as a token of Record by the Officers and Ships Company of HMS CLEOPATRA. [Broken stone]

died ... 14th, 1877, age 22 years. [Broken stone matches the burial record of Phillis BUTLER who died December 14, 1877 and buried December 16, 1877 at Woody Point.]

BANCROFT, Marie Louise
In affectionate remembrance of Marie Louise daughter of J F & M J BRANCROFT who died December 7, 1893, age 2 years 2 months.

BARNES, William
In loving memory of Wm BARNES died February 18, 1882, age 62 years.

COLE, John P
In memory of John P COLE, drowned September 4, 1900, age 39 years. A native of Chester, NS.

COX, Florence Maude & Hilda May
Scared to the memory of Florence Maude who died February 14, 1895 age 15 years. Also of Hilda May who died May 12, 1895 age 6 years. Children of Francis and Miriam COX.

EISAN, John Michael
In loving memory of John Michael EISAN who departed this life November 24, 1898, age 65 years.

GUNDERSON, Susie Roberts
Erected by John E and Mary ROBERTS in Loving Memory of their neice Susie Roberts GUNDERSON, died January 6, 1898 age 5 years 2 1/2 months.

HATCHER, Elizabeth
In memory of Elizabeth HATCHER wife of Samuel HATCHER, died August 23, 1903, age 24 years.

HUMBER, Charlotte
In Memory of Charlotte, Relict of the late William HUMBER who died September 14, 1855, age 46 years.

Esau HUMBER died January 9, 1864, age 9 years.

MAYNE, Thomas Robert Johnstone
Thomas Robert Johnstone MAYNE son of Thomas and Jane MAYNE of Poole in Dorestshire, age 27 years. Who died from exhaustion from the dreadful Storm that visited this Island on the 19th September 1846.

MOORE, William Henry
In Memory of William Henry MOORE who died December 15, 1895.

MUIR, John McL
In Loving Remembrance John McL MUIR a native of Grennock, Scotland, died January 24, 1894, age 58 years.

PARSONS, Elizabeth
In Memory of Elizabeth PARSONS beloved wife of John PARSONS.

PAYNE, Catherine
In Loving Memory of Catherine PAYNE, died December 18, 1874, age 46 years.

PAYNE, Philip
In Memory of Philip PAYNE who died June 16, 1873. [On July 11, 1990 I had visited the old Anglican Cemetery at Woody Point, where I found the broken Headstone of Philip buried beneath the top soil, unable to read the entire inscription he died on 16 June 1873].

Erected by John ROBERTS in Memory of his Beloved wife Emma who died July 27, 1883, age 60 years.

ROBERTS, Harriet
In loving memory of Harriet wife of Mark ROBERTS who died March 12, 1884 in her 34th year.

In loving memory of Mark ROBERTS who departed this life January 27, 1895 in his 49th year.

ROBERTS, Mark R & John
Mark R ROBERTS died July 19, 1898, age 83 years and 5 months, and his brother John died March 23, 1893 age 72 years. Natives of Stermister Newton, Dorestshire, England.

Erected by John ROBERTS in memory of his beloved wife Sarah, a native of St. John's, Nfld, who died February 28, 1871, age 32 years.

In Loving Memory of Sarah wife of Samuel ROBERTS, died November 11, 1885, age 46 years.

In Memory of Amy, daughter of John and Caroline SILVER who died December 3, 1890, age 7 months.

VINCENT, Hannorah
Hannorah daughter of Richard & Elizabeth VINCENT, died July 8, 1890, age 17 years.

WILTON, Augustus Wilfred
Augustus Wilfred WILTON beloved child of Thomas and Elizabeth WILTON who died May 4, 1893 age 11 years and 6 months.

WILTON, Solomon & Rachel
Mother - In Loving Memory of Rachel WILTON who departed this life October ??, 1883 age 57 years. Father - In loving memory of Solomon WILTON who departed this life April 19, 1897, age 79 years.

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