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Northern Peninsula - McAlpine's Directory 1898

St. Anthony District - Goose Cove

It was transcribed by ALEXANDER W. PAYNE, September 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
COUCH, Davidfisherman
COUCH, Johndo
COUCH, Sarah,wid David
DOYLE, Johndo
KELLY, Mary,wid John
MANNING, Michaeldo
MURRIN, Josephdo
MURRIN, Peterdo
MURRIN, Johndo
NEWELL, John srdo
NEWELL, John jrdo
NEWELL, Edwarddo
NEWELL, Robertdo
POWELL, Alfreddo
POWELL, Noahdo
ROSE, Thos Mdo
REARDINE, Patrickdo
SEXTON, Thos jrdo
SEXTON, John jrdo
SEXTON, Thomas srdo
SEXTON, Michaeldo
SEXTON, Timothydo
SEXTON, Jas srdo
SEXTON, Jas jrdo
SEXTON, John srdo
SEXTON, Richarddo
SEXTON, Patrickdo
TROY, Patkdo
WARD, Wmdo

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St Anthony District