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Northern Peninsula - Journals of the Council 1873

St. Anthony District ~ Upper & Lower Griguets Harbour

The data was recorded by Charles G. F. Knowles, Commander H.M.S. "Lapwing". This list consists of the inhabitants on the French Shore, Newfoundland. The source of this information comes from the Journals of the Council, Newfoundland. - 1873.

John HealW-
Charles FoleyW-
James HillierW3
John ComptonW1
John HaroldW3
Jacob HillW3
Henry SheppardW7
William FukeW5
George PetersonW2
Simeon HillierW1
Henry CromptonW-
Andrew BrownW3
James CarpenterW1
Thomas HillierW3
Bryan KavanaghW2
Abraham NormanW1
George HillierW-
Luke Manuel--

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St Anthony District