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Northern Peninsula - Journals of the Council 1873

St. Barbe North ~ Nameless Cove

The data was recorded by Charles G. F. Knowles, Commander H.M.S. "Lapwing". This list consists of the inhabitants on the French Shore, Newfoundland. The source of this information comes from the Journals of the Council, Newfoundland. - 1873.

James KingW1
James St. JohnW4
John DempsterW9
Joseph DumasW4
John StapletonW5
John WalshW3
Patrick WalshW1
Elijah DiamondW4
Joshua DiamondW3
Jos. NoseworthyW3
Samuel SpenceW5
John ApplenW5
John WellsW1
Wm. J. WillsW4
John SmithW5
George SpenceW5
Philip LencrieW2

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St. Barbe North District