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Northern Peninsula - St. Barbe North District

Port Saunders (330 people)

It was transcribed by SONYA BIGGIN, October 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
HOUSE, ClydeHead26
HOUSE, MyraWife26
HOUSE, MetaDaughter4
HOUSE, MargaretDaughter3
HOUSE, ClydeSon

HOUSE, IsaacHead5?
HOUSE, MargaretWife5?
HOUSE, ClanSon13

HOUSE, JohnHead61
HOUSE, MariaWife53
HOUSE, EdmundSon29
HOUSE, EvaDaughter27
HOUSE, MaryDaughter16
HOUSE, DavidSon11
HOUSE, CliffordGrandson2

PLOWMAN, EdwardHead38
PLOWMAN, BeatriceWife3?
GOULD, MichaelStepson18
GOULD, ClarenceStepson1?
GOULD, JamesStepson1?
GOULD, GeorgeStepson
GOULD, RosettaStepdaughter
PLOWMAN, GladysDaughter5
PLOWMAN, JosephSon
PLOWMAN, EdwardSon

LAVERS, William J.Head5?
LAVERS, ElizabethWife
LAVERS, TeresaDaughter
LAVERS, HenrySon
LAVERS, CatherineMother

PLOWMAN, HenryHead
PLOWMAN, WallaceSon14
PLOWMAN, CarolineDaughter11
PLOWMAN, WilliamSon10
PLOWMAN, JeromeSon6
PLOWMAN, DoraDaughter4
PLOWMAN, CatherineDaughter2
PLOWMAN, JamesSon1

CAINES, IsaacHead4?
CAINES, SusieWife3?
CAINES, JohnSon10
CAINES, AnnieDaughter8
CAINES, DoreenDaughter6
CAINES, MichaelSon3
CAINES, GwendolynDaughter1
CAINES, MichaelFather75
HAMILTON, GeorgeServant20

CAINES, RichardHead51
CAINES, LouiseWife47
CAINES, GordonSon14
CAINES, IsaacSon
CAINES, DulcieDaughter
CAINES, ElizabethDaughter
CAINES, MarieDaughter

RYAN, JamesHead8?
RYAN, AgnesWife7?
RYAN, LawrenceGrandson2

RYAN, FelixHead3?
RYAN, MillieWife2?
RYAN, AgnesDaughter
RYAN, LeonardSon
RYAN, PatrickSon
RYAN, RaymondSon
RYAN, LauraDaughter
RYAN, KelvinSon11 months

RUMBOLT, HenryHead76
MAHAR, MaryServant18
MAHAR, GenevieveWard11

LAVERS, JohnHead61
LAVERS, FrancesWife56
LAVERS, WilsonSon18
LAVERS, EvelynDaughter15
LAVERS, RitaDaughter13
LAVERS, GeorgeSon10

PLOWMAN, GeorgeHead49
PLOWMAN, AnnWife43
PLOWMAN, ClaraDaughter21
PLOWMAN, HerbertSon19
PLOWMAN, WilliamSon17
PLOWMAN, MargaretDaughter12
PLOWMAN, AudreyDaughter4

PLOWMAN, GuyHead24
PLOWMAN, DulcieWife17
PLOWMAN, MildredDaughter7 months

COLES, PiusHead37
COLES, MaudWife36
COLES, MaryDaughter11
COLES, AgnesDaughter8
COLES, GenevieveDaughter7
COLES, AngelaDaughter6
COLES, PhilomenaDaughter4
COLES, WilliamSon3
COLES, PiusSon1

KENNEDY, PeterHead3?
KENNEDY, GertrudeWife3?
KENNEDY, CliffordSon4
KENNEDY, SelinaDaughter1

COLES, WilliamHead40
COLES, RachelWife31
COLES, GeorgeSon10
COLES, RitaDaughter8
COLES, LouiseDaughter7
COLES, JosephineDaughter5
COLES, IgnatiusSon3
COLES, AnthonySon1
CAINES, ClarenceNone14

WHITE, JohnHead39
WHITE, LouisaWife39
WHITE, PiusSon17
WHITE, LizetaDaughter15
WHITE, HildaDaughter14
WHITE, JosephSon12
WHITE, GertrudeDaughter10
WHITE, BrendanSon8
WHITE, RaymondSon6
WHITE, LeoSon4
WHITE, JohnSon3
WHITE, EleanorDaughter1

COLES, GeorgeHead6?
COLES, AgnesWife62

CAINES, WilliamHead5?
CAINES, Mary AgnesWife5?
CAINES, AugustusSon2?
CAINES, MarcellaDaughter1?
CAINES, MildredDaughter1?
CAINES, MonicaDaughter1?

HINKS, ArthurHead4?
HINKS, CatherineWife4?
HINKS, ElizabethDaughter26
HINKS, ArthurSon18
HINKS, EileenDaughter21
HINKS, StellaDaughter16
HINKS, WalterSon14
HINKS, KathleenDaughter12
HINKS, PaulineDaughter10
HINKS, PeterSon8
HINKS, GenevieveDaughter5

LAVERS, RobertHead38
LAVERS, NorahWife31
LAVERS, KathleenDaughter15
LAVERS, MosesSon12
LAVERS, MaryDaughter10
LAVERS, MatthewSon8
LAVERS, NinaDaughter6
LAVERS, JosephSon4
LAVERS, LillianDaughter1

LAVERS, ArthurHead64
LAVERS, AgnesWife56
LAVERS, MacavoySon22
LAVERS, GertrudeDaughter17
LAVERS, AlbinNephew6

LAVERS, WilliamHead4?
LAVERS, JesseBrother2?
LAVERS, AgnesNiece1?
LAVERS, ElizaMother7?

HOUSE, HenryHead2?
HOUSE, AlfredaWife2?
HOUSE, EdithDaughter
HOUSE, JohnSon4

HOUSE, SethHead2?
HOUSE, ElizabethWife1?
HOUSE, RendallSon2
HOUSE, ReginaldSon5 months

HOUSE, HenryHead55
HOUSE, AmyWife50
HOUSE, AlmaDaughter18
HOUSE, HaroldSon14
HOUSE, CyrilSon12
HOUSE, JohnSon7

RUMBOLT, JosephHead64
RUMBOLT, TeresaWife57
BILLARD, FlorineLodger21

BARNES, GeorgeHead32
BARNES, Mary AnnWife32
BARNES, GloriaDaughter5

PIKE, EdmundHead26
PIKE, ElizaWife20

HOUSE, Abram*Head88
HOUSE, ElizabethWife67

PIKE, AlbertHead18
PIKE, EllenSister16
PIKE, AnastasiaMother4?
PIKE, RoyBrother2?
CAINES, ManuelUncle4?

TAYLOR, ReginaldHead32
TAYLOR, LilyWife33

PIKE, WalterHead48
PIKE, CarolineWife4?
PIKE, WoodrowSon2?
PIKE, GordonSon11
PATEY, RuthServant2?

DOBBIN, MichaelHead5?
DOBBIN, AliceWife5?
DOBBIN, JohnSon2?
DOBBIN, BenedictSon19
DOBBIN, MargaretDaughter16
DOBBIN, MaryDaughter14
DOBBIN, WilliamSon12
DOBBIN, ThomasSon10
DOBBIN, MarjorieDaughter8

BROMLEY, PatrickHead32
BILLARD, RitaDomestic19

STYLES, CorneliusHead45
STYLES, GeorginaWife45
STYLES, SidneySon22
STYLES, LeonardSon16
STYLES, WilfredSon14
STYLES, CorneliusSon11

LAVERS, IsadoreHead34
LAVERS, Mary AnnWife34
LAVERS, ArthurSon6
LAVERS, MaudDaughter5
LAVERS, AmyDaughter3
LAVERS, ReubenSon1
LAVERS, Rose MarieDaughter12 days

CRITHCLEY, WilliamHead36
CRITHCLEY, CatherineWife33
CRITHCLEY, ElizabethDaughter13
CRITHCLEY, AgnesDaughter5

HOUSE, ArthurHead38
HOUSE, HelenWife37
HOUSE, DavidSon16
HOUSE, MargaretDaughter14
HOUSE, LouisaDaughter11
HOUSE, NellieDaughter8
HOUSE, JanetDaughter6
HOUSE, EdgarSon3
O'KEEFE, RonaldHead24
O'KEEFE, Jessie MayWife23

HOUSE, DonaldHead19

DOBBIN, Leslie
DOBBIN, Douglas

LAVERS, AlbinHead51
LAVERS, MaryWife32
LAVERS, JosephSon12
LAVERS, WilliamSon11
LAVERS, FrederickSon8
LAVERS, MargaretDaughter6
LAVERS, AnnieDaughter3
LAVERS, JosephineDaughter1

RYAN, JohnHead46
RYAN, ElsieWife32
RYAN, WilliamSon13
RYAN, MichaelSon11
RYAN, SophiaDaughter9
RYAN, PhilomenaDaughter8
RYAN, AustinSon5
RYAN, ClarenceSon3
RYAN, JamesSon1

PERRY, FrankHead35
PERRY, FannyWife27
PERRY, JohnSon8
PERRY, Lozong*Son6
PERRY, SelinaDaughter3
PERRY, AlmaDaughter2

PERRY, JohnHead62
PERRY, Mary AnnWife53
PERRY, AdelaideGranddaughter11

PERRY, BartholomewHead33
PERRY, EstherWife30
PERRY, ReubenSon9
PERRY, HubertSon7
PERRY, BerthaDaughter5
PERRY, BartholomewSon3
PERRY, NigelSon9 months

PATEY, WoodrowHead16
PATEY, SarahMother62
PATEY, GarfieldNephew12

PATEY, EbertHead33
PATEY, EstherWife25
PATEY, WalterSon9
PATEY, LelandSon7
PATEY, OliveDaughter3
PATEY, EdnaDaughter1

PATEY, StanleyHead29
PATEY, VioletWife24
PATEY, FreemanSon7
PATEY, BrendaDaughter6
PATEY, StellaDaughter4
PATEY, LeonardSon3
PATEY, TheophilusSon2
PATEY, NancyDaughter3 months

PAYNE, LeonardHead51
PAYNE, FloraWife40
PAYNE, GuySon21
PAYNE, JesseSon17
PAYNE, GeraldSon15
PAYNE, WilliamSon13
PAYNE, RalphSon11
PAYNE, IvanSon9
PAYNE, LorettaDaughter3
PAYNE, AudreyDaughter2

PATEY, JesseHead76
PATEY, Mary AnnWife58
PATEY, FreemanGrandson8
PATEY, GarlandGrandson5
PATEY, RaymondGrandson2

HOUSE, NormanHead35
HOUSE, LillianWife35
HOUSE, MaryDaughter15
HOUSE, FannyDaughter13
HOUSE, DeborahDaughter10
HOUSE, BarbaraDaughter7
HOUSE, StedmanSon5
HOUSE, IsaacSon2

HOUSE, AsherHead33
HOUSE, MurielWife28
HOUSE, IdaDaughter7
HOUSE, EdnaDaughter5
HOUSE, WalterSon4
HOUSE, RitaDaughter2
PERRY, EdwinLodger48

PIKE, NormanHead50
PIKE, MatildaWife37
PIKE, DonaldSon19
PIKE, JosephSon15
PIKE, HarleySon13
PIKE, CorneliusSon9
PIKE, WalterSon7
PIKE, MarieDaughter4
PIKE, MildredDaughter1

PIKE, PhoebeHead33
PIKE, GeorgeSon6
PIKE, RonaldSon1

EISAN, AlfredHead72
EISAN, PaulineWife55
EISAN, HelenDaughter33
EISAN, AlfredSon18
EISAN, ReginaldSon15

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