NL GenWeb 1935 Census Data

Northern Peninsula - St. Barbe South District

Daniels Harbour (209 people)

It was transcribed by SONYA BIGGIN, October 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
HUMBER, HarryHead23
HUMBER, MaryWife21

PERRY, GeorgeHead70
PERRY, SusannahWife69
PERRY, HenrySon41
PERRY, HerbertSon32

PERRY, NormanHead35
PERRY, SerenaWife
PERRY, HenrySon
PERRY, CatherineDaughter
PERRY, CurtisSon
PERRY, Fanny Daughter

PAYNE, JohnHead
PAYNE, ArbellaWife

THORNHILL, PhillipHead
THORNHILL, MaggieDaughter
THORNHILL, LevinaDaughter

PAYNE, SamuelHead
PAYNE, JemimaWife
PAYNE, HildaDaughter

WILTON, CharlesHead
WILTON, IreneWife
WILTON, FredaDaughter
WILTON, RaymondSon
WILTON, HannahDaughter

PAYNE, JesseHead45
PAYNE, EdithWife39
PAYNE, Emma*Daughter14
PAYNE, GordonSon19
PAYNE, SamuelSon17
PAYNE, MaryDaughter16
PAYNE, Gorman*Son12
PAYNE, BeatriceDaughter10
PAYNE, ThomasSon7
PAYNE, HaywardSon4
PAYNE, GretaDaughter3

BENNOIT*, AlexHead34
BENNOIT*, JaneWife32
BENNOIT*, EmilyDaughter4

BENNETT*, JohnHead64
BENNETT*, AnnWife58
BENNETT*, MargaretDaughter14

GUINCHARD, MillicentWife23
PAYNE, DoreenAdopted Daughter3

BENNETT, AngusHead38
BENNETT, MyraWife43
BENNETT, GraceDaughter12
BENNETT, AngusSon8
BENNETT, BarbaraDaughter5

HOUSE, FreemanHead37
HOUSE, AdaWife36
HOUSE, OliveDaughter13
HOUSE, OlgaDaughter10
HOUSE, RolandSon7
HOUSE, Rexwell*Son4

BIGGIN, IsaacHead20
BIGGIN, MarionWife15
BIGGIN, MildredDaughter8 months

HUMBER, LeviHead52
HUMBER, CorneliaWife51
HUMBER, GeraldGrandson5

HUMBER, WilsonHead30
HUMBER, EthelWife25
HUMBER, CassieDaughter6
HUMBER, AudreyDaughter2

MOSS, GeorgeHead56
MOSS, DorcasWife52
MOSS, GeorgeSon19
MOSS, JohnSon21*
MOSS, MichaelSon11*
MOSS, Hazel Daughter15
STORKS, MarjorieGranddaughter4

MOSS, CharlieHead35
MOSS, FannyWife31
MOSS, EmmaDaughter12
MOSS, HarveySon10
MOSS, EdithDaughter8 months

INGRAM, WilliamHead45
INGRAM, MaudWife48
INGRAM, HenrySon21
INGRAM, PeterSon15
HOUSE, Mary JaneDomestic18

PEARCE, EmmanuelHead65
PEARCE, KateWife48
PEARCE, AbnerSon21
PEARCE, CarolineDaughter16
PEARCE, EmmanuelSon13
PEARCE, SabinaDaughter10
PEARCE, EnaDaughter8

PEARCE, JosephHead31
PEARCE, ElizabethWife25
PEARCE, EllenDaughter7
PEARCE, Morea*Daughter5
PEARCE, LonzoSon1

HOUSE, JamesHead68
HOUSE, HannahWife59
HOUSE, CharlieSon35
HOUSE, JamesSon20
HOUSE, SidneySon17

GUINCHARD, JamesHead36
GUINCHARD, FredaWife24
GUINCHARD, ShirleySon*6
GUINCHARD, RendellSon5

GUINCHARD, JosephHead59

GUINCHARD, ThomasHead23
GUINCHARD, HannahWife15

GUINCHARD, RufusHead35
GUINCHARD, PrudenceWife31
GUINCHARD, CorneliusSon13
GUINCHARD, JoyceDaughter10
GUINCHARD, NoraDaughter8
GUINCHARD, BlancheDaughter5
GUINCHARD, LawrenceSon9 months

BIGGIN, ThomasHead24
BIGGIN, HannahWife21
BIGGIN, RonaldSon4
BIGGIN, EnosSon2

PAYNE, Micaiah*Head40
PAYNE, EthelDaughter16
PAYNE, EvelynDaughter15
PAYNE, AliceDaughter13
PAYNE, DaisyDaughter10
PAYNE, EarnestSon7

BROPHY, JamesHead69
BROPHY, SusanWife64
BROPHY, GordonSon23
BROPHY, ReginaldGrandson8

BROPHY, JohnHead35
BROPHY, CassieWife26
BROPHY, KathleenDaughter11
BROPHY, MargaretDaughter9
BROPHY, CalvinSon3
BROPHY, VirtueDaughter1

HOUSE, SamuelHead52
HOUSE, MarthaWife44
HOUSE, GrantSon23
HOUSE, EdwardSon20
HOUSE, EdgarSon15
HOUSE, Lichi*Son9
HOUSE, CliffordSon7
HOUSE, HarveySon1

HOUSE, GrantHead43
HOUSE, CharlotteWife42
HOUSE, RalphSon19
HOUSE, HiramSon13
HOUSE, LoydSon11

PERRY, GeorgeHead45
PERRY, SusannahWife39
PERRY, EmilyDaughter17
PERRY, AlvenaDaughter14
PERRY, JohnSon12
PERRY, RhodaDaughter9
PERRY, IrisDaughter7
PERRY, EdmundSon4
PERRY, PearlDaughter8 months

PERRY, ReubenHead32
PERRY, CharlotteWife29
PERRY, ClarenceSon10
PERRY, ChristopherSon8
PERRY, DonaldSon7
PERRY, WilliamSon6

HOUSE, AugustusHead41
HOUSE, CarolineWife36
HOUSE, ClaytonSon11
HOUSE, WinifredDaughter8
HOUSE, Rilla*Daughter6
HOUSE, DorisDaughter3
BENNETT, EuniceSister15

BIGGIN, CorneliusHead48
BIGGIN, HannahWife47
BIGGIN, JohnSon22
BIGGIN, CorneliusSon17
BIGGIN, LeonardSon13
BIGGIN, Esme*Daughter10

BENNETT, Elsie MayHead26
BENNETT, AdrianSon5
BENNETT, CollinsSon3

BIGGIN, AnnHead74

BIGGIN, WilliamHead43
BIGGIN, ArchibaldSon22
BIGGIN, HowardSon16
BIGGIN, FannyDaughter14
BIGGIN, AliceDaughter11
BIGGIN, ElsieDaughter7
BIGGIN, EdithDaughter2

BIGGIN, AbnerHead68
BIGGIN, MelinaWife60

BIGGIN, StewartHead33
BIGGIN, CatherineWife28
BIGGIN, EileenDaughter11
BIGGIN, LionelSon9

COMBDEN, HiramHead29
COMBDEN, VeraWife25
COMBDEN, HarleySon8
COMBDEN, WarrenSon4

HOUSE, HardyHead25
HOUSE, MyrtleWife29
HOUSE, CharlesSon3
HOUSE, Herman StanleySon1

BROPHY, CorneliusHead67
BROPHY, Mary AnnWife63
BROPHY, Charles*Son30
HEWLIN, GeorgeLabourer19
WENTZELL, SophiaDomestic32

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name
HOUSE Under Samuel and Martha House. I think the following name "HOUSE, Lichi* Son 9" is my father - HOUSE, Leslie. He would have been 9 and is the son of Samuel and Martha House. He was born in 1926. Trudi (House) McCartney

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