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Northern Peninsula ~ Bonne Bay District

Bonne Bay Church of England Confirmation Records 1871 - 1893

W.P./W. Pt. - Woody Point; N.P. - Norris Point; B.Hd - Birchy Head; Cow Hd - Cow Head; R.H - Rocky Harbour; G.P. - Green Point?; P.P. - Parsons Pond; Trout R. - Trout River; B. Hr. - ?;
The information was collected ALEXANDER (SANDY) PAYNE and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL, July 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Confirmation in Bonne Bay 6th Sunday after Trinity 1871 by Coadjutor Bishop KELLY
[1871]John ROBERTS47married
[1871]Sam ROBERTS30married
[1871]James HUMBER36single
[1871]Jesse HUMBER22single
Communicated '86

[1871]Sarah ORGAN59widow

[1871]Frances SAMS35widow
Md Matthew SMITH, Comd
[1871]Amy ROBERTS46married
[1871]Catherine PAINE42married

[1871]Elizabeth BURRIDGE26married
Md 2ndly, Isaac MITCHELLl, Comd
[1871]Elizabeth SMITH28married
[1871]Jane EISAN26married
Entered into Rest
[1871]Frances LUNRIGGAN23married
[1871]Maria PAINE23single
Md James BUTT
[1871]Amy PAINE20single
married John DERIGAN of B. of I.
[1871]Matilda PAINE17single
[1871]Harriet HUMBER20single
Married Mark ROBERTS - communicated (deceased)
[1871]Mary Ann ROBERTS17single

Confirmations by Bishop FIELD [September 1873]
[September 1873]Ann REID72married
[September 1873]Sarah ROBERTS33

Communicated Deceased 1885
[September 1873]William HUMBER29

[September 1873]Sarah MUDGE46

[September 1873]Elizabeth MUDGE22single
Communicated; married Charles PIKE
[September 1873]Mary PARSONS15single
Md John ROBERTS, Comd
[September 1873]Joseph BAILEY39married
[September 1873]Caroline BAILEY35married
[September 1873]Richard KNIGHT22single
[September 1873]Catharine ROBERTS23married

Sep. 18 [1874]Charles PAYNE55M.W.P.Deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]John PAYNE20S."Deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]Eli ELLESWORTH28M."turned Methodist 1889
Sep. 18 [1874]Mark ROBERTS27M."First Communion - deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]Eli ROBERTS28M."First Communion Easter Day 1875 (deceased)
Sep. 18 [1874]James ENTACOTT24M."Comd
Sep. 18 [1874]Joseph MUDGE20S."Comd April 25, Easter 1881, deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]Silas ROBERTS17S."Communicated. Deceased, 1889
Sep. 18 [1874]Henry MUDGE15S."deceased Sept 1882
Sep. 18 [1874]Luke ROBERTS26S."Md Sophia HANN deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]John ROBERTS22S."Comd Easter 1886 April 25th
Sep. 18 [1874]Elizabeth PAYNE14S."Communicated md John CROCKER
Sep. 18 [1874]Phyllis PAYNE17S."deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]Deborah YARN28W.
md J.J. De. Ste CROIX deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]Charity CAINES23M.N.P.
Sep. 18 [1874]Miriam F.G. COX. Comd 1891 Deceased Easter 1891
Sep. 18 [1874]Martha DICKS15S."
Sep. 18 [1874]Mary Ann LEWIS16S."
Sep. 18 [1874]Roselia ELLESWORTH28M."Deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]Leith MUDGE17S."md Josiah PAYNE
Sep. 18 [1874]Deborah ANSTEY26M."Deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]Sarah WILTON24M."Comd deceased 1889
Sep. 18 [1874]Grace MUDGE14S."Communicated, Married, Henry CLARKE, 1877. Deceased 1897
Sep. 18 [1874]Sarah PIKE18S."mard
Sep. 18 [1874]Jesse Louisa PIKE14S."md Meshach WILTON. Comd 1884
Sep. 18 [1874]Sophia Jane LEWIS25M.
First Communion
Sep. 18 [1874]Mary Ann HATCHER27M."deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]Duncan LAING32M.B.HdComd
Sep. 18 [1874]Joseph HEDGE33M."Comd
Sep. 18 [1874]Eli WHITE21M."Comd Mar 3rd 1887 Meth.
Sep. 18 [1874]Albert WHITE14S."Comd 1884
Sep. 18 [1874]John ROE18S.B.Hd
Sep. 18 [1874]Archibald F. LAING27M."Comd May 23/86
Sep. 18 [1874]Thomas BAKER20S."Comd 1902
Sep. 18 [1874]Deborah YOUNG45M."Comd
Sep. 18 [1874]Catharine YOUNG14S."md James CARAVAN, deceased
Sep. 18 [1874]Elizabeth YOUNG24S."md Albert FRANCIS Comd
Sep. 18 [1874]Susannah BALLAM17S."
Sep. 18 [1874]Leah BAKER15S."Living at Portugal Cove
Sep. 18 [1874]Susannah LAING30M."Comd
Sep. 18 [1874]Sarah RAIK34M."Comd
Sep. 18 [1874]Mary Ann SNOOK27M."
Sep. 18 [1874]Maria CAINES30M."Comd 1890
Sep. 18 [1874]Sarah PARSONS14S."Married Thomas AINSTEY Comd
Sep. 18 [1874]John SMITH28M.N.P. First Communion on Easter Day 1875
Sep. 18 [1874]George DECKER33M."First Communion Tues. b. Easter Day 1875
Sep. 18 [1874]Jane DOLIMONT40M."First Communion
Sep. 18 [1874]Mary Ann WHITTLE28M."Comd
Sep. 18 [1874]Mary HARDINGE21S."md James RYAN, 'verted R.C.
Sep. 18 [1874]Ann HARDINGE18S."md George HOPKINS Comd 1897
Sep. 18 [1874]Anna CAINES19S."
Sep. 18 [1874]Sarah SAMS16S."Married to Abraham EARL of Twillingate 22nd May/75
Sep. 18 [1874]Caroline SAMS14S."md (1) E. De WITTE (2) J. MATTHEWS (3) John SILVER Comd Easter 1891
Sep. 18 [1874]Catharine ORGAN15S."
Sep. 18 [1874]Anna DOLIMONT14S."md Absalom DECKER
Sep. 18 [1874]Elizabeth Ellen WHITTLE20W."First Communion Decer 1874
Sep. 18 [1874]Selina DECKER31M."First Communion Tues. b. Easter 1875
Sep. 18 [1874]Catharine HUMBER22M."Not Confirmed on account of sickness [but admitted to H.C. on Mon. b. Easter/75 she 2yr sick

Sep. 14 [1874]Edwin PAIN27M.R.H.First Communion 15 Sept 1874
Sep. 14 [1874]Josiah PAIN jr.32S.G.P.
Sep. 14 [1874]Edward PAIN25S."
Sep. 14 [1874]Peter PAIN14S."
Sep. 14 [1874]Robert PAINE56M.R.H. First Communion deceased march 1889
Sep. 14 [1874]Levi PAINE20S."deceased 16/1/98
Sep. 14 [1874]William PAINE45M."
Sep. 14 [1874]James PAINE23S."
Sep. 14 [1874]Sophia DECKER55M.Lobster C. R.H.First Communion - Entered into Rest
Sep. 14 [1874]Louisa PAYNE nee Decker28W."First Communion - Entered into Rest
Sep. 14 [1874]Charlotte DECKER21M."married James PAINE Comd April 27/84
Sep. 14 [1874]Emily DECKER18S."married Jeremiah PAINE Comd Oct 28/83
Sep. 14 [1874]Magdalene PAINE53M.G.P. First Communion 6-8-82 deceased
Sep. 14 [1874]Elizabeth DODD29M."
Sep. 14 [1874]Isabella PAINE18S."April 27/1884 married John Brake
Sep. 14 [1874]Jeremiah PAINE21S.R.H.Comd 1896
Sep. 14 [1874]Emanuel DECKER28M."
Sep. 14 [1874]Absalom DECKER25S."
Sep. 14 [1874]Andrew ELLESWORTH30M."
Sep. 14 [1874]William YOUNG36M."Comd
Sep. 14 [1874]Jonas SHEARS39W."Comd
Sep. 14 [1874]Benjamin SHEARS14S."Comd March 2/84
Sep. 14 [1874]Mary PAINE46M.Lobster C. R.H.Deceased
Sep. 14 [1874]Cecilia PAINE15S."married Charles BENOIT 'verted R.C.
Sep. 14 [1874]Phoebe PAINE19S."married Zacharias HARRIS
Sep. 14 [1874]Laura Ann THOMAS22W."First Communion md Jonas SHEARS
Sep. 14 [1874]Elizabeth DECKER64M.R.H.First Communion
Sep. 14 [1874]Esther PAIN45M."First Communion
Sep. 14 [1874]Maria DECKER29M."Comd July 2/85
Sep. 14 [1874]Ruth PAINE17S."md Ed PAYNE, Green Point
Sep. 14 [1874]Rosa Ann PAINE15S."married Thomas WALTERS
Sep. 14 [1874]Esther ELLESWORTH24M."Comd 1885 Apr. 23rd
Sep. 14 [1874]Ann YOUNG23M."Comd 1885 Apr. 18
Sep. 14 [1874]Hannah SHEARS15S."married William PAINE jr. Comd

Sep. 15 [1874]Samuel PAINE34M.Parson's Pond
Sep. 15 [1874]John PAINE48M.Cow Hd
Sep. 15 [1874]John HUELIN30M."
Sep. 15 [1874]John GILLEY17S."
Sep. 15 [1874]Charlotte PAINE34M.P.P.entered into Rest
Sep. 15 [1874]Eliza PAINE17S."married John PAYNE jr. Comd
Sep. 15 [1874]Mary Ann PAINE23S."married Henry HOUSE Comd
Sep. 15 [1874]Ellen PAINE41M.Cow HdFirst Communion
Sep. 15 [1874]Marcella PAINE26S.
married Jesse HUMBER First Communion
Sep. 15 [1874]Elizabeth PAINE47M."First Communion
Sep. 15 [1874]Rachel HUELIN27M."
Sep. 15 [1874]Mary Ann BENOIT32M."
Sep. 15 [1874]Susannah GILLEY37M."First Communion, married John KENNY

Sep. 24 [1874]William CROCKER39M.Trout R.
Sep. 24 [1874]Luke CROCKER37M."Admitted to H.C. Entered into Rest
Sep. 24 [1874]Caroline CROCKER64W"Admitted to H.C. Entered into Rest
Sep. 24 [1874]Mary WELLER40M."Entered into Rest

Jane CROCKER32M."Admitted to H.C. Entered into Rest

Catharine CROCKER29M."Admitted to H.C. Entered into Rest

July [1875]Catharine HUMBER23M.W.P.Prepared last year but was sick

1879 Confirmations in 1879 by The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Newfoundland
29 July [1879]Alfred EISAN15S.W.P.
29 July [1879]William MUDGE16S."Comd 28/8/89 deceased April 1893
29 July [1879]Edward PAYNE15S."
29 July [1879]Charles PIKE33M."Communicated
29 July [1879]Richard VINCENT28M."Communicated/82. Gone to British Columbia
29 July [1879]Thos. HARDING14S.N.P.
29 July [1879]Elizabeth GALLIOTT16S.W.P.Communicated First communion October 2nd 1881
29 July [1879]Elizabeth CURRY19S."
29 July [1879]Emily PAINE17S."md Angus McAULEY
29 July [1879]Susannah DIX15S."First Communion, Oct. 13th 1882
29 July [1879]Elvina WILTON15S."First Communion, Oct. 13th 1882
29 July [1879]Fanny LEWIS15S."First Communion Oct. 2nd 1881. Married to John Charles TAYLOR, September 28th 1881
29 July [1879]Rosa MUDGE12S."Communion First. June 11th 1880. Married George ALLEN jun.
29 July [1879]Margaret Ida PIKE14S."married W. PROSPER /83
29 July [1879]Mary Jane PAINE20S."Communicated. First Com. June 11th 1880. (married Wm. OUELLETT. R.C.)
29 July [1879]Fanny TUCKER17S."
29 July [1879]Harriet Mary BAILEY15S."Communicated. First. Com. 1880
29 July [1879]Elizabeth Ann BAILEY17S."
29 July [1879]Anna Maria REID17S."Married To Robert TUCKER. N.P. 25th Jan. 1881
29 July [1879]Johanna ANDYCOTT22M."Communicated - Departed this life
29 July [1879]Mary MUDGE20M."Communicated. Aug.1882
29 July [1879]Mary ORGAN32WidowN.P.Communicated
29 July [1879]Patience CLARKE50M.W.P. Communicated
29 July [1879]Elizabeth HAWKINS16S.B.Hr
29 July [1879]Jesse Louisa WIGHT16S."md Aaron Brake, Comd May 23/86, (deceased)
29 July [1879]Mary Anne LAING16S."
29 July [1879]Catharine CANES15S."md Joseph GOOSNEY
29 July [1879]Anna SAMMS15S."married James CULLIHALL. Comd
29 July [1879]Dorcas LAING
29 July [1879]Fanny HOUSE29M."Communicated. Departed this Life.
29 July [1879]Elizabeth FRANCIS
29 July [1879]John HARDING21S."Prepared for 1874 confirmation, unable to be then present.

30 July [1879]Angus PAINE15S.Rocky HarbourMd Frances DOLIMONT
30 July [1879]Charles PAINE14S."Md Phoebe DOLIMONT
30 July [1879]Thomas KEEPING
30 July [1879]John ROBERTS (Saml)15
W. PtFirst Communion
30 July [1879]George CROCKER47WTrout R.
30 July [1879]Elizabeth PAINE17S.Rocky Hr.Married John NICOLLE
30 July [1879]Isabella PARSONS16S."Communicated Jan. 13/84 Married John SMITH
30 July [1879]Elizabeth PARSONS14S."Oct 28/83 First Communion
30 July [1879]Mary SHEARS16S."Oct 28/83 First Communion Married to John PARSONS /84. Deceased Dec. 1889
30 July [1879]Edith SHEARS14S."living in U.S.
30 July [1879]Rosannah PAINE
S."Communicated April 27/84 Married Cornelius BENOIT
30 July [1879]Christiana PITMAN
S."Communicated Jan/83 living with her deceased sister's husband

28 July [1879]Charles PAYNE64MCow HdFirst Communion
28 July [1879]Charles VINCENT49M"deceased Feb. 1893
28 July [1879]Charles PAYNE jr.27S"Married Mary Ann BENOIT
28 July [1879]George HUTCHINGS23S"Married Susannah PAYNE
28 July [1879]Andrew HUTCHINGS21S"Married Mary Jane PAYNE
28 July [1879]John PAYNE28S"First Communion
28 July [1879]Jesse PAYNE23S"First Communion
28 July [1879]Benjamin PAYNE19S"Married Caroline PAYNE, Comd 1897
28 July [1879]Samuel VINCENT21S"
28 July [1879]Josiah VINCENT17S"Deceased 1884
28 July [1879]Israel HUTCHINGS19S"Married Sarah Ann PAYNE Comd
28 July [1879]Job HUTCHINGS16S"Married Diana HUTCHINGS (2)Elizabeth Alice ANSTY Comd 10/7/98
28 July [1879]Rose VINCENT39M"
28 July [1879]Amelia PAYNE21S"living in Canada
28 July [1879]Ellen VINCENT19S"Married Esau PAYNE. Entered into Rest
28 July [1879]Diana VINCENT15S"Comd R.I.P. 11/6/91
28 July [1879]Caroline PAYNE15S
Married Benjamin PAYNE Comd
28 July [1879]Mary Jane PAYNE19S
Married Andrew HUTCHINGS Comd
28 July [1879]Katharine BENOIT16S
Married Isaac PAYNE

27 July [1879]Charles PAYNE36MDaniel's Harbour
27 July [1879]William PAYNE14S"Married Sarah J.GUICHARD
27 July [1879]Keturah BIGGIN66W"First Communion, deceased
27 July [1879]Mary HOUSE21M"First Communion, Advent Sun 1874
27 July [1879]Bettie HOUSE22S"Md François LABBE
27 July [1879]Mary Ann RUMBOLDT24M"Drowned Oct/84
27 July [1879]Judith HOUSE20S"Md Peter Francis SAMSON
27 July [1879]Dorcas HOUSE17S"First Communion 5 Octer 1882
27 July [1879]Eliza Jane BENOIT20S"deceased

26 July [1879]Paul ATKINS18SGargamell or Gargamelgone to Boston U.S.
26 July [1879]Richard ATKINS16S
gone to Boston U.S.
26 July [1879]David HOUSE30M
26 July [1879]Levi HOUSE27M
First Com. 23/2/84
26 July [1879]Maria LANGDON15S"First Communion - Deceased

25 July [1879]John CANES55MSt. John's IslandFirst Communion - 26/7/79
25 July [1879]Manuel CANES58M"First Communion - 26/7/79
25 July [1879]John THATCHELL16S"
25 July [1879]Sarah CANES Mrs. John52M"First Communion 26/7/79 deceased.
25 July [1879]Elizabeth CANES (Mrs. M.)51M"First Communion 26/7/79
25 July [1879]Frances MATTHEWS32W"First Communion deceased
25 July [1879]Jane THATCHEL (Mrs. H)44M"First Communion
25 July [1879]Mary Jane THATCHEL20S"married Andrew PLOWMAN
25 July [1879]Eliza Jane CANES18S"md Thomas PATEY
25 July [1879]Sarah Elizabeth CANES14S"First Communion 26-7-79 md to YOUNG
25 July [1879]Charlotte Ann THATCHELL16S"First Communion 26-7-79

1882 Confirmations by The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Newfoundland
Sept 21st [1882]HARRIS, George49MTrout River
Sept 21st [1882]HARRIS, William20S"
Sept 21st [1882]HARRIS, John17S"
Sept 21st [1882]CROCKER, Charles38M"
Sept 21st [1882]CROCKER, Samuel14S"
Sept 21st [1882]CROCKER, William Jesse17S"
Sept 21st [1882]CROCKER, John14S"
Sept 21st [1882]CROCKER, Hezekiah17STrout River
Sept 21st [1882]CROCKER, Frances38M"Communicated Jan/83
Sept 21st [1882]CROCKER, Mary Elizabeth14S"Md John BARNES Comd
Sept 21st [1882]CROCKER, Hannah Maria12S"Md Robert BRAKE
Sept 21st [1882]HARRIS, Jemima44M"Communicated Jan/83. E.I.R. Jan/92
Sept 21st [1882]LEGG, Maria21W"married Geo BARNES, Comd May 20/86
Sept 21st [1882]MATTHEWS, Thamsey25M"deceased
Sept 21st [1882]BUTLER, Jane Louisa19M"
Sept 21st [1882]PAYNE, Sarah Jane16SWoody Ptmarried John PITTMAN, deceased March 1890
Sept 21st [1882]PAYNE, Rose Ellen15SMain Arm

Sept 22nd [1882]DODD, Charles40MRocky Harbour
Sept 22nd [1882]AINSTEY, Thomas
Sept 22nd [1882]BRAKE, John25S"
Sept 22nd [1882]NICOLLE, John Winter24S"
Sept 22nd [1882]PITTMAN, John
Sept 22nd [1882]DECKER, Reuben17SLobster CoveComd July 22nd 1887 ?? deceased
Sept 22nd [1882]PAYNE, Isaac15S"
Sept 22nd [1882]PARSONS, William James14SRocky Harbour
Sept 22nd [1882]PARSONS, Alice16S"Communicated April 2nd 1884 md Lorenzo STICKLEY (W)
Sept 22nd [1882]SHEARS, Elizabeth16S"Md George PITTMAN

Sept 24th [1882]WILTON, Samuel32MWoody PointFirst Communion Dec 18th/83
Sept 24th [1882]WILTON, Solomon junr30M"First Communion Feb. 1881
Sept 24th [1882]WILTON, John Thomas22M"
Sept 24th [1882]WILTON, Geo. William20S"First Communion, March 1880
Sept 24th [1882]WILTON, Hezekiah16S"
Sept 24th [1882]GALLIOTT, James25S"verted to Romanism
Sept 24th [1882]GALLIOTT, David16S"Communicated Jan 6/84
Sept 24th [1882]ROBERTS, Albert19S"living in P.E.I.
Sept 24th [1882]ROBERTS, George17S"living in British Columbia
Sept 24th [1882]ROBERTS, Wililam James14S"
Sept 24th [1882]BRAKE, Aaron23S"
Sept 24th [1882]PAYNE, Philip19S"Deceased 1892
Sept 24th [1882]PAYNE, Azariah16S"
Sept 24th [1882]RUMBOLDT, Thomas48MBirchey HeadComd
Sept 24th [1882]RUMBOLDT, James14S"
Sept 24th [1882]RUMBOLDT, Lorenzo13S"
Sept 24th [1882]GREEN, Thomas14SWoody PointLiving in Mutton Bay
Sept 24th [1882]DIX, Henry16S"md Ellen YOUNG Comd 1897
Sept 24th [1882]CAINES, George Edward21S"Deceased 1892
Sept 24th [1882]MUDGE, James Richard14S"
Sept 24th [1882]VINCENT, Thomas Henry14S"gone to Gloucester, Mass.
Sept 24th [1882]INGRAM, Samuel15S"
Sept 24th [1882]KNOTT, William Thomas12S"
Sept 24th [1882]BAILEY, Ananias16S"
Sept 24th [1882]SHAW, Walter17S"From Mutton Bay, Labrador, adopted son of Rob. VINCENT
Sept 24th [1882]MITCHELL, John Robert25SChannel S. CoastPrepared 3 years ago by Rev. C.L. PAYNE
Sept 24th [1882]HOPKINS, Charles16SNorris's PointE.I.R. 21/1/98
Sept 24th [1882]BUGDEN, George15S"
Sept 24th [1882]PAYNE, Elijah25SWoody Pt
Sept 24th [1882]WILTON, Mary Lochard21M"First Communion, Oct. 13th 1882
Sept 24th [1882]MOOR, MaryAnn25M"First Communion, Oct. 13th 1882
Sept 24th [1882]ROBERTS, Amelia30M"First Communion 1877
Sept 24th [1882]PIKE, Margaret65M"First Communion Oct 13th 1882 E.I.R. July 1893
Sept 24th [1882]PIKE, Mary20S"Married T. MAYNARD, now Red Bay Lab.
Sept 24th [1882]SMALLBRIDGE, Matilda26M"Deceased Feb/85
Sept 24th [1882]RUMBOLDT, Delilah39MBirchey HeadComd
Sept 24th [1882]RUMBOLDT, Elizabeth17S"md Absalom REID
Sept 24th [1882]PAYNE, Diana16SWoody Pointmd F.S. SKEHAN Comd
Sept 24th [1882]PAYNE, Clarissa Julia14SCow Headson of John md Stephen TAYLOR deceased April 1890
Sept 24th [1882]BRAKE, Martha16SWoody PointMd 'verted to R.C.'s
Sept 24th [1882]ROBERTS, Jane Louisa15S"Comd Xtmas Day/85 deceased
Sept 24th [1882]GILLIAM, Sarah Jane18M"Communicated Xtmas Day/83
Sept 24th [1882]GALLIOTT, Eliza14SWoody PointComd 1886 - living in Channel md T. BAKER Red into communion 1/1/98
Sept 24th [1882]HATCHER, Priscilla16S"md - living in Channel
Sept 24th [1882]REID, Ann Maria27M"
Sept 24th [1882]REID, Catherine Frances16S"md Richard DOLIMONT, deceased May 1890
Sept 24th [1882]EISAN, Elizabeth Jane15S"md Samuel HALFYARD (W)
Sept 24th [1882]AYRE, Rachel23S"Married Jacob STICKLAND and md J.S. PAYNE First Communion, Oct 13th 1882
Sept 24th [1882]BATEMAN, Mary Elizabeth20S"First Communion Oct 13 1882 (from Rose Blanche Mission) md Richard Caines Comd
Sept 24th [1882]YOUNG, Annie15SBirchey Headmarried George MAJOR
Sept 24th [1882]WIGHT, Sarah Susannah14S"md Jacob HANN (W)
Sept 24th [1882]HARRIS, Dorcas Jane18S"(Deceased)
Sept 24th [1882]ORGAN, Harriett13S"married Emmanuel CAINES
Sept 24th [1882]BARNES, Elizabeth19S"
Sept 24th [1882]BROWN, Sarah Jane20S"married Alex DUVAL adopted daughter of T. RUMBOLDT
Sept 24th [1882]BURRIDGE, Ann16SNorris's Pointmd Joseph MITCHELL
Sept 24th [1882]BURRIDGE, Esther14S"md Wm YOUNG
Sept 24th [1882]ORGAN, Mary Ann14S"md Solomon GOOSNEY Comd 1898
Sept 24th [1882]ORGAN, Susannah14S"md B. BUGDEN Comd 1897
Sept 24th [1882]ORGAN, Sarah13S"Comd
Sept 24th [1882]DOLIMONT, Frances16S"Married Angus PAYNE
Sept 24th [1882]DOLIMONT, Phoebe12S"married Charles PAYNE
Sept 24th [1882]SAMS, Maria16S"First Communion 14/12/84 md R. BUTLER (R.C.)
Sept 24th [1882]VINCENT, Unice18SBay St. George
Sept 24th [1882]VINCENT, Lucretia Catherine19S"First Communion Oct 13th 1882 'verted to R.C.'s

Sept 26th [1882]Charles PAYNE28MCow's Headson of John E.I.R. July 1893
Sept 26th [1882]Leonard PAYNE23S"son of John (Deceased)
Sept 26th [1882]James PAYNE16S"son of John
Sept 26th [1882]Mary Ann BENOIT22S"Married Chas. PAYNE
Sept 26th [1882]Elizabeth PAYNE20M"Mrs Charles jr. ?(md B. Thomas KNIGHT)?
Sept 26th [1882]Sarah Ann PAYNE19S"daughter of John married Israel HUTCHINGS R.I.P.
Sept 26th [1882]Selina VINCENT14S"md Isaac BENOITt 'verted to Romaminsm

Sept 27th [1882]Abner BIGGIN15SDaniel's Hr.
Sept 27th [1882]Jesse PAYNE15S"son of Charles deceased 1890
Sept 27th [1882]James HOUSE16S"
Sept 27th [1882]Cornelius BROPHY14S"
Sept 27th [1882]John HOUSE jr.12S"
Sept 27th [1882]Nathanael BROPHY12S"
Sept 27th [1882]Reuben PERRY12S"
Sept 27th [1882]Symeon PAYNE21SParson's Pond
Sept 27th [1882]Jemima PERRY14SDaniel's Hr.First Communion 5 Oct 1882 md Samuel PAYNE
Sept 27th [1882]Susannah PAYNE14S"daughter of Charles, First Com. June '83 md George HUTCHINGS of Cow Head
Sept 27th [1882]Sarah Jane GUICHARD13S"First Communion June '83 md William PAYNE
Sept 27th [1882]Mary Ann HOUSE51W"First Communion 5 Octer 1882
Sept 27th [1882]Ipsey HUMBER29""First Communion 5 Octer 1882
Sept 27th [1882]Ann BIGGIN21M"First Communion 5 Octer 1882
Sept 27th [1882]Agnes PAYNE13S"First Communion 5 Octer 1882
Sept 27th [1882]Phyllis BROWN29M"
Sept 27th [1882]Keziah PAYNE33M"First Communion 14 Sept 1881
Sept 27th [1882]Matthew STILES27MPonds RiverComd
Sept 27th [1882]Thomas PEATTEY17S"Comd

Sept 28th [1882]Patrick PEATTEY15SPonds RiverComd

Sept 27th [1882]Michael THATCHEL20SSt. John's Id
Sept 27th [1882]Diana STILES23MPonds RiverComd

Sept 28th [1882]Cornelia PEATTEY42MPonds RiverFirst Communion Advent Sun 1874
Sept 28th [1882]Thirzah PEATTEY21S"md Michael THATCHELL
Sept 28th [1882]Patrick PEATTEY51M"First Communion Advent Sun 1874

1886 Confirmations by The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Newfoundland
July 11, [1886]George Henry PERRY21SDaniel's Harbourmd Susannah BENOIT
July 11, [1886]John James PERRY13S"
July 11, [1886]Ambrose PAYNE37MParson's PondComd Oct 23/83
July 11, [1886]William Isaac PAYNE17S"md Catherine Ann HEWLIN
July 11, [1886]John HOUSE (of David)16SBelburns
July 11, [1886]Joseph HOUSE15S"
July 11, [1886]Keturah PERRY40MDaniel's Harbour
July 11, [1886]Arabella GUICHARD14S"md John Peter PAYNE
July 11, [1886]Mary Ann PAYNE14S"md Cornelius BROPHY
July 11, [1886]Irene PAYNE12S"md James HEWLIN
July 11, [1886]Sarah HOUSE13SBelburnsmd Theophilus PATEY Comd Marrd John HOUSE
July 11, [1886]Ipsey HOUSE13S"Comd md William COLES, gone to Halifax md 2 John HOUSE, Comd

July 12 [1886]Nathaniel PAYNE16SCow Head
July 12 [1886]James HUELIN18S"
July 12 [1886]Sarah Jane VINCENT16S"living with her deceased sister's husband
July 12 [1886]Elizabeth VINCENT13S"md John W. WELLER, Bay of Islands
July 12 [1886]Susan HUELIN35S"First Communion Oct 30/86
July 12 [1886]Elizabeth HUELIN19S"md James PAYNE deceased
July 12 [1886]Susan Jane HUELIN15S"md James BROPHY of Daniel's Hr. comd '96
July 12 [1886]Susannah BENOIT20S"md George H. PERRY of Daniel's Harbour

July 14, [1886]George HATCHER48MWoody PointComd Easter Day 10/4/87
July 14, [1886]Archelaus SHEPPARD32M"Comd Easter Day 1892 R.I.P. Jan/98
July 14, [1886]Thomas COOMBES14S"
July 14, [1886]Thomas Wm UPWARDS15S"
July 14, [1886]Mannasseh MUDGE14S"
July 14, [1886]Jonathan Wm NOEL13S"
July 14, [1886]Joseph Edward LUNDRIGAN15S"
July 14, [1886]Matthew ORGAN14SNorris's Point
July 14, [1886]Martha BUGDON15S"
July 14, [1886]Jane SAMS16S"md living in Nova Scotia
July 14, [1886]Annie HOUSE16SBirchy Headliving at Codroy
July 14, [1886]Deborah HOUSE14S"md living at Codroy
July 14, [1886]Eliza CLARKE17SWoody PointMd John GILLEY of Gull Marsh
July 14, [1886]Margaret CLARKE14S"
July 14, [1886]Emma Jane ROBERTS15S"md John KNOTT Of Sally's Cove Comd
July 14, [1886]Elizabeth Jane SHEPPARD14S"convert fr. Baptists Comd Xtmas 1888
July 14, [1886]Agnes ROBERTS16S"md Charles READ Comd July 29/88
July 14, [1886]Charlotte Amelia INGRAM16S"md John R. HALIBURTON
July 14, [1886]Mary EISAN15S"
July 14, [1886]Harriett GALLIOTT14S"Comd Xtmas 1888 Md S. WITT
July 14, [1886]Pricilla WHITTLE13S"md Albert LeTRILLARD (by W. PACASHER)
July 14, [1886]Priscilla HANN20S"convert fr. Methodism
July 14, [1886]Phoebe EISAN47M"Comd 29/9/86
July 14, [1886]Ann NOEL32M"convert fr. Methodism First communion 15/7/86 (S. Swittins Day)
July 14, [1886]Edith BAILEY17S"

July 15, [1886]Samuel PAYNE16SRocky Harbour
July 15, [1886]Levi YOUNG16S"
July 15, [1886]Isaac Henry PARSONS16S"
July 15, [1886]Geo. Wm DECKER13S"
July 15, [1886]James SHEARS15S"
July 15, [1886]Charles Hy ELLESWORTH14S"
July 15, [1886]Adelaide PAYNE29M"convert fr. R.C. Comd 22/7/87
July 15, [1886]Bettina Carma WALTERS21S"now living near Channel
July 15, [1886]Mary Jane DODD15S"md Robert PAYNE, deceased Dec. 1889
July 15, [1886]Eliza Ann DODD14S"
July 15, [1886]Rachel PAYNE12S"Comd 10/3/89
July 15, [1886]Caroline YOUNG14S"Comd
July 15, [1886]Mary Magdalene YOUNG35MGreen PointComd
July 15, [1886]Ellen YOUNG16S"md Hy DIX, Comd
July 15, [1886]Isabella YOUNG13S"md Oba. TAYLOR (W.)

1893 Confirmations by The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Newfoundland
Sept. 20 [1893]BRAKE, Robert40MTrout River
Sept. 20 [1893]BRAKE, Hubert15S"
Sept. 20 [1893]BUTT, George Charles18S"md to Diana CROCKER
Sept. 20 [1893]BUTT, James Albert14S"

Sept. 17 [1893]BRAKE, Isaac John20STrout River(confird at Bay of Islands)

Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, Adam17STrout River
Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, George22S"
Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, Samuel24""
Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, William Hy20S"md to Mary E. HARRIS
Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, Jacob Arthur18S"md Aloysia P. HOWELS
Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, Thomas14S"
Sept. 20 [1893]HARRIS, George23S"md Agnes CROCKER
Sept. 20 [1893]HARRIS, Edmund18S"md Mrs John PARSONS
Sept. 20 [1893]HARRIS, Stephen14S"
Sept. 20 [1893]BUTT, Jane Ann19S"md to William J. CROCKER
Sept. 20 [1893]BUTT, Alice Matilda16S"
Sept. 20 [1893]BARNES, Martha Grace20M"
Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, Agnes Anne15S"md to G. HARRIS junr
Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, Dianna20S"md to G. BUTT
Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, Sarah Ann16S"md to John WHITE (M)
Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, Sarah Jane21M"
Sept. 20 [1893]CROCKER, Amy15S"
Sept. 20 [1893]HARRIS, Mary Elizabeth16S"md to Wm. Hy CROCKER
Sept. 20 [1893]SHAW, Elizabeth18M"
Sept. 20 [1893]DECKER, Samuel Jesse17SLobster Cove
Sept. 20 [1893]ELLSWORTH, Andrew15SRy. Hr
Sept. 20 [1893]PARSONS, Meshach15S"
Sept. 20 [1893]PAYNE, Elias14SLobs. Cove
Sept. 20 [1893]SHEARS, Jonas14SRy. Hr
Sept. 20 [1893]WALTERS, James14S"
Sept. 20 [1893]WHITE, George20S"
Sept. 20 [1893]ANSTEY, Elizabeth Alice14SRocky Harbourmd to Job HUTCHINGS Comd 10/7/98
Sept. 20 [1893]DODD, Mary14S"
Sept. 20 [1893]MAJOR, Martha Jane17M"
Sept. 20 [1893]PARSONS, Clara20S"md to Charles S. ELLSWORTH
Sept. 20 [1893]PAYNE, Magdalene Sophia17SLobs. Covmd to W.J. HUTCHINGS (R.C.)
Sept. 20 [1893]SHEARS, Susannah41MRy HrComd 27/4/84
Sept. 20 [1893]YOUNG, Elizabeth19S"md to Henry PARSONS (W.)
Sept. 20 [1893]YOUNG, Emma Jane17S"
Sept. 20 [1893]YOUNG, Selina Ann14S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93BUGDEN, James63MNorris's PointComd 22/9/93
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93CAINES, George18S"Comd 20/10/97
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93CAINES, John William16S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93CAINES, Isaac14S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93CLARKE, Eli14S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93HOPKINS, William20S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93HOPKINS, James18S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93HOPKINS, Adam16S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93HOPKINS, Augustus13S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93HUMBER, George Edward20SWild Cove
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93HUMBER, James19S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93HUMBER, John William14S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93LAING, Andrew17SN.P.
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93MERCER, Jesse24S"Comd 28/11/88 R.I.P. 22/5/98
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93MUDGE, Stephen12S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93PREBBLE, William Augustus19SNeddy's Harbour
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93PREBBLE, Stephen Greenwood16S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93REID, Timothy14S"
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93BUGDEN, Elizabeth to W. WELLER (Meth)
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93CLARKE, Jane16S"md to W. MAJOR
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93HUMBER, Charlotte16S"md to Arthur H. INGRAM
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93HUMBER, Emily Ann14S"md to Joseph GILLEY R.I.P.
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93REID, Melissa15SNed. Hrmd to George CAINES
Saint Matthew's Day. 21/9/93SMITH, to Charles HOPKINS 2 md to Stephen G. PREBLE
Sept. 24 [1893]De WITTE, Stephen17SWoody Pointmd to Harriett GALLIOTT
Sept. 24 [1893]GREENLAND, Henry Albert20S"Comd 5/2/93. From Bay Roberts
Sept. 24 [1893]HATCHER, William John15S"
Sept. 24 [1893]HATCHER, Joseph14S"
Sept. 24 [1893]HATCHER, Samuel21S"
Sept. 24 [1893]LUNDRIGAN, Amos16S"
Sept. 24 [1893]PIKE, William Thomas16S"
Sept. 24 [1893]REID, Horatio34MN.P. Comd 27/4/96 E.I.R. 28/5/96
Sept. 24 [1893]ROBERTS, Alexander Rowland18SW.P.
Sept. 24 [1893]RROBERTS, John William20S"Comd Easter 1898
Sept. 24 [1893]NOEL, Joseph15S"
Sept. 24 [1893]SHEPPARD, Alfred19S"
Sept. 24 [1893]SHEPPARD, John16S"
Sept. 24 [1893]PARSONS, William15SBay of Isds.
Sept. 24 [1893]COOMBS, Metho. Comd Easter 1894
Sept. 24 [1893]COX, Alice Alfreda15S"
Sept. 24 [1893]COX, Emma Beatrice Alberta17S"
Sept. 24 [1893]De WITTE, Frances Marcia15S"Comd Oct 14/94 md to D. GALLIOTT
Sept. 24 [1893]EISAN, Alice14S"
Sept. 24 [1893]INGRAM, Sarah Jane16S"
Sept. 24 [1893]LEWIS, Susan Clara18S"md - gone to Canada
Sept. 24 [1893]HATCHER, Elizabeth Ann23S"Comd 26/8/94 md to George PARSONS (W.)
Sept. 24 [1893]NOEL, Mary Elizabeth18S"comd Easter/94 md to Wm ALLEN
Sept. 24 [1893]PIKE, Margaret Jessie14S"md to Isaac HOUSE
Sept. 24 [1893]ROBERTS, Caroline15S"md - gone to Canada
Sept. 24 [1893]ROBERTS, Julia16S"Comd Oct 7/94
Sept. 24 [1893]ROBERTS, Mary24M"Comd Easter Day/91 fr. Metho.

Sept. 17 [1893]ROBERTS, Elizabeth14SBay of Isds.confirmd @ Bay Isds.
Sept. 17 [1893]LUNDRIGAN, Catharine Jane19S"confirmd @ Bay Isds.
Sept. 17 [1893]LEWIS, Laura (Selina Anne)15S"confirmd @ Bay Isds.

Sept. 24 [1893]TAYLOR, Georgina18MW.P. Comd
Sept. 24 [1893]SMITH, Isabella17SN.P. Comd
Sept. 24 [1893]WHITTLE, Charlotte Elizabeth17SW.P.Md J. DOMAN, gone to U.S.
Sept. 24 [1893]WHITTLE, Caroline14S"
Sept. 24 [1893]WILTON, Lavinia19S"Comd
Sept. 24 [1893]YOUNG, Rachel14S"Comd R.I.P./02
Sept. 24 [1893]REID, Emily27MN.P. fr. Metho. Comd
Sept. 24 [1893]DODD, Alice Susannah16SRy HrMd George ELLSWORTH
Sept. 24 [1893]PAYNE, Phoebe15S"
Sept. 24 [1893]LAING, Caroline Teodore?21SBy Hdmd to Michael ORGAN

Sept. 25 [1893]BENOIT, Henry Arthur20SCow Head
Sept. 25 [1893]BROWN, William18S"md Fanny BENOIT
Sept. 25 [1893]BROWN, Henry Arthur16S"
Sept. 25 [1893]BROWN, Isaac Joseph14S"
Sept. 25 [1893]HEWLIN, Charles20S"
Sept. 25 [1893]HEWLIN, Walter15S"
Sept. 25 [1893]PAYNE, Grant Albert17S"
Sept. 25 [1893]PAYNE, William Wallace13S"
Sept. 25 [1893]PAYNE, John Albert13S"
Sept. 25 [1893]PAYNE, Isaac35M"
Sept. 25 [1893]PAYNE, William39MS. Paul's Comd 18/3/92
Sept. 25 [1893]PAYNE, William Jesse15S"
Sept. 25 [1893]PAYNE, James Samuel13S"
Sept. 25 [1893]ROBERTS, Eli20SSally's Covemd Susan COLEMAN Comd
Sept. 25 [1893]ROBERTS, Matthew19SW.P.
Sept. 25 [1893]BENOIT, Fanny17SC. Headmd Wm. BROWN
Sept. 25 [1893]HEWLIN, Mary Elizabeth18S"md to Wm Hy MUDGE, Comd Easter/96
Sept. 25 [1893]HEWLIN, Catherine Ann18S"md William Isaac PAYNE R.I.P. 11/9/96
Sept. 25 [1893]HEWLIN Rose Anna14S"Comd 26/8/74
Sept. 25 [1893]GALLIOTT, Elizabeth17SS. Paul's md to John PARSONS Comd 1896
Sept. 25 [1893]GALLIOTT, Anna Maria16S"Comd 26/8/94 E.I.R. May/97
Sept. 25 [1893]PAYNE, Charlotte Ann14S"md to William W. BENOIT
Sept. 25 [1893]YOUNG, Susannah17SW.P. R.I.P. Xtmas, 1895 Comd 1895
Total for 1893 - 127 Candidates - 4 confirmed in Bay Isds

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