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1921 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay West District


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Bona Casey Michael Head m s 24 1897 Apr
Bona Casey Mary Sister f s 33 1888 Mar
Bona Casey Anne Sister f s 31 1890 Aug
Bona Casey Thomas Brother m s 29 1891 Aug
Bona Casey Mary Mother f w 59 1862 Aug
Bona Flynn Thomas Head m m 33 1887 Jun
Bona Flynn Mary Wife f m 28 1893 Aug
Bona Flynn Catherine Dau f s 9 1912 Apr
Bona Lake James Head m m 28 1892 Nov
Bona Lake Madeline Wife f m 26 1895 Mar
Bona Walsh John Head m m 65 1856 Aug
Bona Walsh Ellen Wife f m 63 1858 Jan
Bona Walsh Bridget Dau f s 20 1900 Aug
Bona Walsh Martin Head m m 54 1867 Mar
Bona Walsh Mary Wife f m 45 1876 Jun
Bona Walsh Ellen Dau f s 20 1900 Oct
Bona Walsh John Son m s 18 1902 Oct
Bona Walsh Pius Son m s 14 1907 May
Bona Walsh Michael Head m m 75 1845 Oct
Bona Walsh Ellen Wife f m 45 1876 May
Bona Caul Mary sdau f s 18 1903 Jun
Bona Walsh Michael Head m m 27 1893 Aug
Bona Walsh Cecilia Wife f m 23 1898 May
Bona Walsh Laurence Son m s 2 1919 Jul
Bona Walsh Patrick Head m w 48 1873 Frb
Bona Walsh Mary Dau f s 9 1912 Mar
Bona Collins Mary Sister f w 46 1875 Jun
Bona Walsh Thomas Nephew m s 21 1899 Aug
Bona Lake John Hired m s 24 1897 Jun
Bona Walsh Thomas Head m m 55 1865 Sep
Bona Walsh Elizabeth Wife f m 54 1866 Sep
Bona Walsh Patrick Son m s 21 1900 Apr
Bona Walsh Thomas Son m s 19 1902 Mar
Bona Walsh Anne adau f s 12 1908 Aug
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