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1921 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay West District

Deep Cove

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Deep Cove Canning Adam Head m s 38 1883 Apr
Deep Cove Collins Margaret Aunt f w 73 1848 Aug

Deep Cove Canning James Head m m 41 1880 May
Deep Cove Canning Monica Wife f m 38 1883 Jan
Deep Cove Canning Mary Dau f s 10 1910 Oct
Deep Cove Canning Lucy Dau f s 7 1913 Sep

Deep Cove Collins William Head m m 38 1882 Sep
Deep Cove Collins Selina Wife f m 35 1885 Nov
Deep Cove Collins John Son m s 12 1909 Jul
Deep Cove Collins Bridget Dau f s 11 1910 Aug
Deep Cove Collins Daniel Son m s 8 1912 Nov
Deep Cove Collins William Son m s 6 1914 Oct
Deep Cove Collins Helena Dau f s 3 1918 Aug
Deep Cove Collins Denis Son m s 1mo 1921 Aug

Deep Cove Dunphy James Head m m 38 1882 Dec
Deep Cove Dunphy Anna Wife f m 25 1896 Aug
Deep Cove Dunphy Mary Dau f s 5 1916 Jan
Deep Cove Dunphy Patrick Son m s 3 1917 Oct
Deep Cove Dunphy Thomas Son m s 2 1919 Aug
Deep Cove Dunphy Johanna Aunt f s 78 1843 Nov

Deep Cove Hickey John Head m m 66 1854 Dec
Deep Cove Hickey Ellen Wife f m 67 1854 Aug
Deep Cove Hickey Peter Head m m 43 1877 Nov
Deep Cove Hickey Margaret Wife f m 37 1884 Jan

Deep Cove Leonard John Head m m 41 1880 Mar
Deep Cove Leonard Ellen Wife f m 31 1890 Jul
Deep Cove Leonard Francis Son m s 10 1911 Aug
Deep Cove Leonard Joseph Son m s 8 1913 Jan
Deep Cove Leonard Bridget Dau f s 5 1916 Aug
Deep Cove Leonard Benedict Son m s 2 1919 May

Deep Cove Ryan Joseph Head m s 28 1893 Jan
Deep Cove Ryan Anna Mother f w 55 1866 Jun
Deep Cove Ryan Patrick Brother m s 23 1898 Feb
Deep Cove Ryan Margaret Sister f s 21 1900 Jul
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