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1935 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Upper Placentia Bay District

Famish Cove

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Collett Earnest Head m m 29
Collett Mildred Wife f m 24
Collett Rita Dau f s 3
Collett Norman Son m s 1

Collett George Head m m 32
Collett Bertha Wife f m 27
Collett Edgar Son m s 2
Collett Adelaide Dau f s 3

Collett John Head m m 57
Collett Sarah Wife f m 55
Collett Stanley Son m s 16

Collett Joseph Head m m 30
Collett Jessie Wife f m 28
Collett Chesley Son m s 8
Collett Muriel Dau f s 6
Collett Verna Dau f s 1

Collett Llewelyn Head m m 24
Collett Irene Wife f m 22

Collins Robert Head m m 47
Collins Florence Wife f m 41
Collins Moses Son m s 21
Collins Heman Son m s 15
Collins Hazel Dau f s 9
Collins Clayton Son m s 3

Crann Caleb Head m m 28
Crann Miriam Wife f m 25
Crann Freeman Son m s 1

Crann Edward Head m m 55
Crann Elizabeth Wife f m 50
Crann Hester Dau f s 20
Crann Melrose Son m s 10

Crann George Head m m 35
Crann Violet Wife f m 31
Crann Shirley Dau f s 9
Crann Effie Dau f s 4
Crann Gerald Son m s 1

Crann Robert Head m m 46
Crann Carrie Wife f m 39
Crann John Son m s 23
Crann Earl Son m s 19
Crann Ira Son m s 17
Crann Ronald Son m s 15
Crann Julia Dau f s 12
Crann Albert Son m s 9
Crann Mildred Dau f s 6
Crann Winifred Dau f s 4

Crann Robert Head m m 24
Crann Edna Wife f m 19
Crann Anne Dau f s 7mo

Gilbert Robert Head m m 44
Gilbert Beatrice Wife f m 43
Giilbert William Son m s 16
Gilbert Myrtle Dau f s 13
Gilbert Janet Dau f s 7

Jarvis Albert Head m m 50
Jarvis Emily Wife f m 30
Jarvis Mary Dau f s 10
Jarvis Llewelyn Son m s 8
Jarvis Hallett Son m s 5
Jarvis George Son m s 3

Jarvis Charles Head m m 55
Jarvis Asenath Wife f m 52
Jarvis Walter Son m s 21
Jarvis John Son m s 18
Jarvis Maxwell Son m s 15
Jarvis Howard Son m s 14
Jarvis Anne Dau f s 6

Jarvis Richard Head m m 58
Jarvis Mary Wife f m 56
Jarvis Clarence Son m s 16

Jarvis Robert Head m m 66
Jarvis Mahalia Wife f m 52
Jarvis Charles Son m w 30
Jarvis Philip Son m s 23
Jarvis Wilhelmina Dau f s 16
Jarvis Pearl Dau f s 14
Jarvis George Son m s 10

Masters Walter Head m m 41
Masters Eva Wife f m 41
Masters Samuel Son m s 15
Masters Marion Dau f s 13
Masters Loretta Dau f s 11
Masters Violet Dau f s 8
Masters Mildred Dau f s 6

Pick George Head m m 40
Pick Alice Wife f m 30
Pick Dora Dau f s 8
Pick Gladys Dau f s 6
Pick Violet Dau f s 3
Pick Caroline Dau f s 10mo
White Obediah Fil m w 70

Reid Henry Hed m m 30
Reid Eva Wife f m 26
Reid Eva Dau f s 5
Reid Albert Son m s 4
Reid Ethel Dau f s 1

Reid William Head m m 64
Reid Mabel Wife f m 51
Reid John Son m s 16
Reid Henry Son m s 14
Reid Winifred Dau f s 12
Reid Walter Son m s 8

Smith Joseph Head m m 48
Smith Sarah Wife f m 42
Smith Ethel Dau f s 18
Smith Trica Dau f s 15
Smith Cecilia Son m s 7

Smith Margaret Mother f w 80
Smith William Son m s 33

Thorne Richard Head m m 52
Thorne Melissa Wife f m 49
Thorne Heber Son m s 25
Thorne Eric Son m s 21
Thorne Muley Dau f s 19
Thorne Pearl Dau f s 16
Thorne Elsie Dau f s 13
Thorne Vivien Dau f s 9
Crann Richard Fil m m 78
Crann Julia Mother f m 77

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