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1935 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Upper Placentia Bay District

Harbour Buffett

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Barnes Harold Head m m 36
Barnes Jane Wife f m 31
Barnes Theodore Son m s 4
Barnes Frank Son m s 2mo

Best John Head m m 44
Best Emma Wife f m 41
Best George Son m s 17
Best John Son m s 15
Best Clayton Son m s 12
Best Edward Son m s 8
Best Walter Son m s 2
Upshall Cecil Lodger m s 23

Bruce James Head m m 37
Bruce Elizabeth Wife f m 23
Bruce William Son m s 1
Bruce Jane Mother f w 67

Burton Frank Head m m 50
Burton Anne Wife f m 44
Burton Lillian Dau f s 25
Burton Thomas Son m s 24
Burton Elsie Dau f s 22
Burton Moses Son m s 17
Burton Herbert Son m s 14
Burton Bertha Dau f s 13
Burton Hilda Dau f s 11

Burton George Head m w 89

Burton Heber Head m w 61
Burton John Son m s 27
Burton Hannah Dau f s 24
Burton Margaret Dau f s 15

Burton Nelson Head m m 53
Burton Lillian Wife f m 57
Burton Richard Son m s 27
Burton Theodore Son m s 18
Burton Marjorie Dau f s 15
Butler Lillian Lodger f s 10

Burton Nelson Head m m 50
Burton Anne Wife f m 44
Burton Herbert Son m s 15

Burton Samuel Head m m 51
Burton Eleanor Wife f m 54
Butler Eleanor adau f s 9

Burton William Head m m 53
Burton Anne Wife f m 47
Burton George Son m s 24
Burton Aubrey Son m s 22
Burton Albert Son m s 21
Burton Edna Dau f s 17
Burton Lewis Son m s 15
Burton Freeman Son m s 13
Burton Eliza Dau f s 11
Burton Donald Son m s 9
Burton Charles Son m s 7
Burton Evelyn Dau f s 4

Butler Leslie Head m m 39
Butler Grace Wife f m 39
Butler Clement Son m s 12
Butler Theodore Son m s 10
Butler Wallace Son m s 8
Butler Barbara Dau f s 7
Butler Llewelyn Son m s 6
Dicks Rhoda Lodger f s 50

Butler Victor Head m m 39
Butler Mary Wife f m 29
Butler Lillian Dau f s 9
Butler Samuel Son m s 7
Butler William Son m s 6
Butler Hannah Mother f w 75

Coffen George Head m m 43
Coffen Ada Wife f m 39
Coffen Raymond Son m s 6
Coffen Ronald Son m s 3
Burton Charles Fil m w 78

Collett Arthur Head m m 38
Collett Ada Wife f m 33
Collett Dorothy Dau f s 12
Collett Laura Dau f s 11
Collett Helen Dau f s 9
Collett Maisie Dau f s 7
Collett Enid Dau f s 5
Collett Thomas Son m s 4
Collett Arthur Son m s 1
Collett Lloyd Son m s 2mo

Collett Austin Head m m 32
Collett Jessie Wife f m 23
Collett Charles Son m s 4
Collett Kelvin Son m s 2
Collett Lewis Son m s 1
Hepditch Richard Lodger m s 36

Collett Frederick Head m m 67
Collett Isabella Wife f m 60
Collett Gordon Son m s 23
Collett Douglas Son m s 22
Collett Ethel Dau f s 27

Collett John Head m m 63
Collett Bertha Wife f m 63
Piercy Elsie Dom f s ?

Collett Lewis Head m m 58
Collett Anne Wife f m 57
Collett Augusta Dau f s 23
Collett Florence Dau f s 16

Collett Peter Head m m 50
Collett Susan Wife f m 47
Collett Pierce Son m s 25
Collett Gladys Dau f s 21
Collett Stan Son m s 19
Collett Otto Son m s 15
Collett Susan Dau f s 12
Collett Pearl Dau f s 7

Collett Reginald Head m m 26
Collett Mary Wife f m 21
Collett Sylvia Dau f s 10mo
Sheave Thomas gFather m w 85

Collett Thomas Head m s 22
Collett Adelaide Sister f s 23

Collett William Head m w 53
Collett Alice Dau f s 10
Collett Mabel Dau f s 8
Collett John Son m s 7
Collett Effie Dau f s 6
Collett Peter Uncle m w 77

Davis Thomas Head m m 36
Davis Beatrice Wife f m 34
Davis Frederick Son m s 11
Davis Angus Son m s 7
Davis Alice Dau f s 15

Denty Frank Head m m 32
Denty Ada Wife f m 34
Denty Eleanor Dau f s 3

Denty Isaac Head m m 59
Denty Margaret Wife f m 61
Denty Albert Son m s 35

Dicks Albert Head m m 54
Dicks Adelaide Wife f m 49
Dicks Emmaline Dau f s 18
Drake Mary sdau f s 25

Dicks Alfred Head m m 45
Dicks Grace Wife f m 45
Dicks John Son m s 15
Dicks Myrtle Dau f s 12
Dicks Ethel Dau f s 9
Dicks James Son m s 6

Dicks Archibald Head m m 54
Dicks Eva Wife f m 48
Dicks Geroge Son m s 13

Dicks Charles Head m w 56
Dicks Lillian Dau f s 20
Dicks Harold Son m s 18
Dicks George Son m s 16
Dicks Mildred Dau f s 14
Dicks Alice Dau f s 12

Dicks Edward Head m m 60
Dicks Ida Wife f m 58
Dicks Francis Dau f s 23
Dicks Thomas Son m s 20

Dicks Ernest Head m m 47
Dicks Gertrude Wife f m 42
Dicks Effie Dau f s 13

Dicks Frederick Head m m 68
Upshall Sarah Wife f m 34
Upshall Jennie Dau f s 14
Upshall Harriett Dau f s 20

Dicks Jessie Head f w 47
Dicks Wallace Son m s 16
Dicks Maxwell Son m s 14
Dicks Leslie Son m s 5

Dicks John Head m m 30
Dicks Emily Wife f m 23
Dicks Rose Dau f s 1
Dicks Anne Dau f s 1mo

Dicks Joseph Head m m 78
Dicks Mary Wife f m 78

Dicks Rachel Head m w 85

Dicks Richard Head m m 45
Dicks Pearl Wife f m 36
Dicks Henry Son m s 11
Dicks Allan Son m s 9
Dicks Stewart Son m s 5

Dicks Sidney Head m s 26
Dicks Margaret Mother f w 49
Dicks Ralph Brother m s 24
Dicks Hazel Sister f s 15
Dicks Dora Sister f s 10
Dicks Ida Sister f s 8

Dicks Wallter Head m m 49
Dicks Elsie Wife f m 41
Dicks Cleverly Son m s 6

Dicks William Head m m 57
Dicks Richard Son m s 25
Dicks Norman Son m s 9
Dicks Mary Cousin f w 63
Dicks Cecil Cousin m s 25

Dicks William Head m m 28
Dicks Cordella Wife f m 28
Dicks Marie Dau f s 7

Gilbert John Head m m 45
Gilbert Eliza Wife f m 44
Gilbert Uriah Son m s 25
Gilbert Minnie Dau f s 19
Gilbert Ethel Dau f s 16
Gilbert Stephen Son m s 15
Gilbert Lewis Son m s 12
Gilbert Valma Dau f s 8

Gilbert Samuel Head m m 34
Gilbert Ella Wife f m 31
Gilbert Elsie Dau f s 12
Gilbert Jane Dau f s 9
Gilbert Charles Son m s 6
Gilbert Winifred Dau f s 3
Upshall Mary Lodger f w 64

Gilbert Thomas Head m m 31
Gilbert Grace Wife f m 27

Gregory Albert Head m m 52
Gregory Frances Wife f m 51
Gregory Wesley Son m s 22
Gregory Lillian Dau f s 14
Gregory Margaret Dau f s 13

Gregory George Head m m 42
Gregory Maline Wife f m 40
Best George Fil m w 74
Best Gertrude Sisil f s 16
Best Douglas Bil m s 14

Gregory Robert Head m m 43
Gregory Lillian Wife f m 42
Gregory Otto Son m s 18
Gregory Douglas Son m s 9
Gregory Alice Dau f s 7
Gregory Frank Son m s 6

Hann George Head m m 66
Hann Mary Wife f m 52
Hann Eric Son m s 26
Hann Georgina Dau f s 19

Hann Walter Head m m 59
Hann Lillian Wife f m 50
Hann Allan Son m s 9
Parsons Rev. Edward Lodger m s 30

Hayes Malach Head m s 22
Hayes Angus Brother m s 20
Hayes Carmel Sister f s 18
Hayes Josephine Sister f s 17
Hayes Anna Sister f s 17
Hayes Gertrude Sister f s 14
Hayes Teresa Sister f s 10

Hollett James Head m m 47
Hollett Anne Wife f m 40
Hollett Llewelyn Son m s 20
Hollett George Son m s 15
Hollett Albert Son m s 4

Hollett Walter Head m m 50
Hollett Elizabeth Wife f m 48
Hollett Stella Dau f s 27
Hollett Herbert Son m s 19
Hollett Viola Dau f s 13
Collins William Sil m m 35
Collins Emily Dau f m 30
Collins Lorna gdau f s 10

Howlett George Head m m 50
Howlett Sarah Wife f m 43
Howlett John Son m s 24
Howlett Elsie Dau f s 23

Hynes James Head m m 31
Hynes Ellen Wife f m 42

Ingram Charles Head m w 48
Ingram Neil Son m s 24
Ingram Frank Son m s 20
Ingram Victor Son m s 19

Ingram Walter Head m m 39
Ingram Isabella Wife f m 34
Ingram Ivy Dau f s 5
Ingram Vera Dau f s 3
Ingram Berkley ason m s 23
Ingram Carolina Mother f w 66
Dicks Hector sson m s 15

Kirby Malcom Head m m 52
Kirby Isabella Wife f m 49
Throwbridge Samuel sson m s 29
Throwbridge Harold sson m s 23
Throwbridge Susan sdau f s 22
Throwbridge Joseph sson m s 21
Throwbridge Hector sson m s 19
Throwbridge Alice sdau f s 15

Kirby Uriah Head m m 38
Kirby Gladys Wife f m 40
Kirby Aubrey Son m s 15
Kirby Evelyn Dau f s 11

Manning Joseph Head m m 59
Manning Elizabeth Wife f m 51
Manning Elizabeth Dau f s 19
Manning Alfred Son m s 17
Manning Ada Dau f s 14
Manning Sidney Son m s 11
Manning Berkley Son m s 8
Manning John Son m m 26
Manning Elizabeth Dil f m 25

Marshall John Head m m 63
Marshall Eliza Wife f m 49
Marshall George Son m s 28
Marshall Walter Son m s 19
Marshall John Son m s 16
Marshall Albert Son m s 12
Marshall David Son m m 21
Marshall Catherine Dil f m 21
Marshall Leo gson m s 4mo
Masters Samuel Fil m w 77

Masters Charles Head m s 35
Masters Norman Brother m s 16

Masters John Head m m 60
Masters Ella Wife f m 38
Masters Elaine Dau f s 13
Masters Matilda Dau f s 6

Masters Malcom Head m m 26
Masters Mary Wife f m 23

Masters Neil Head m m 34
Masters Ada Wife f m 27
Masters Clarence Son m s 6
Masters Neil Son m s 4
Masters Kenneth Father m w 60
Masters Trylina Sister f s 20

Masters Thomas Head m m 35
Masters Lillian Wife f m 35
Masters Eunice Dau f s 14
Masters Thomas Father m w 81
Hollett Frank Lodger m s 30

Morash Obidiah Head m m 61
Morash Margret Wife f m 35
Morash Lewis Son m s 25
Burton Florence Niece f s 17

Morash Walter Head m m 38
Morash Nora Wife f m 31
Morash Olive Dau f s 9
Morash Melinda Dau f s 8
Morash Margaret Dau f s 7
Morash Frank Son m s 4

Palfrey Thomas Head m m 86
Palfrey Mary Wife f m 62

Palfrey William Head m m 26
Palfrey Elizabeth Wife f m 23
Palfrey Thomas Son m s 5
Palfrey Mary Dau f s 3
Palfrey Basil Son m s 1mo

Piercey William Head m m 45
Piercey Mary Wife f m 40
Piercey William Son m s 18
Piercey Elizabeth Dau f s 12
Dicks Carrie Lodger f w 58

Reid Ernest Head m m 42
Reid Elizabeth Wife f m 33
Reid Jennie Dau f s 14
Reid Thomas Son m s 8
Reid Earle Son m s 5
Reid Berkley Son m s 4
Reid John Son m s 1
Reid Emma Mother f w 77

Reid Samuel Head m m 60
Reid Margaret Wife f m 53
Reid Edgar Son m s 29
Reid Austin Son m s 24
Reid Thomas Son m s 16
Reid Herbert Son m s 14
Reid Hazel Dau f s 19

Samson Ambrose Head m m 76
Samson Mary Wife f m 68

Shave Christopher Head m m 56
Shave Maude Wife f m 44
Shave Percey Son m s 18
Shave Blanche Dau f s 17
Shave Eleanor Dau f s 16
Shave Alphonsus Son m s 13
Shave Hilda Dau f s 11
Shave Eric Son m s 9
Shave Freeman sson m s 22

Shave George Head m w 68
Dicks Hester Dom f s 19

Shave Josiah Head m w 50
Shave Frank Son m s 20
Shave Olivia Mother f w 79
Drake Elsie Niece f s 26

Tulk Cleverly Head m m 46
Tulk Alice Wife f m 36
Tulk Harvey Son m s 15
Tulk Eugene Son m s 13
Tulk Edna Dau f s 10
Tulk William Father m w 77

Tulk Donald Head m m 29
Tulk Mabel Wife f m 28
Tulk Jeanette Mother f w 60
Butler Jennie Lodger f s 12

Upshall Charles Head m m 37
Upshall Mary Wife f m 30
Upshall Susanna Dau f s 10
Upshall John Son m s 7

Upshall Edward Head m m 47
Upshall Martha Wife f m 37
Upshall Elizabeth Dau f s 16
Upshall Jacob Son m s 12
Upshall Jennie Dau f s 5
Upshall Hannah Dau f s 2
Upshall Thomas Lodger m s 24

Upshall George Head m m 25
Upshall Adelaide Wife f m 24

Upshall Lewis * m s 34

Upshall Nelson Head m m 64
Upshall Elizabeth Wife f m 65
Upshall Stanley Son m s 26
Upshall Helen Dau f s 23
Upshall Llewelyn Son m w 35

Upshall Peter Head m m 48
Upshall Jane Wife f m 49
Upshall George Son m s 24

Upshall Thomas Head m m 60
Upshall Sarah Wife f m 46

Upshall Walter Head m m 38
Upshall Hannah Wife f m 36
Upshall Myrtle Dau f s 14
Upshall Victor Son m s 12

Wareham Albert Head m m 60
Wareham Hester Wife f m 53
Wareham Jennie Dau f s 23
Wareham Ralph Son m s 20
Wareham Ada Dau f s 19
Wareham Iris Dau f s 15
Wareham Verna Dau f s 14

Wareham Frederick Head m m 34
Wareham Mildred Wife f m 29
Wareham Alton Son m s 1
Allen Effie Dom f s 17

Wareham Leeland Head m m 29
Wareham Elsie Wife f m 30
Wareham Percy Son m s 3
Wareham Flora Dau f s 2
Wareham Hilda Dau f s 1mo
Slade Vivian Dom f s 16

Wareham Wilfred Head m m 56
Wareham Lida Wife f m 54
Wareham Norman Son m s 25
Wareham Baxter Son m s 23
Wareham Henry Son m s 21
Wareham Rita Dau f s 17
Lane Hilda Dau f m 31
Lane Clement Sil m m 33
Barry Ursula Dom f s 18

Whiffin William Head m m 44
Whiffin Anne Wife f m 30
Whiffin William Father m w 71
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