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1935 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay East District


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Blanche Clara Head f w 65
Blanche Francis Son m s 35

Blanche John Head m m 40
Blanche Pauline Wife f m 35
Blanche George Son m s 2

Bruce Patrick Head m m 41
Bruce Anne Wife f m 41
Bruce Mary Dau f s 15
Bruce Kathleen Dau f s 9
Bruce Gerald Son m s 6
Bruce Edward Son m s 4
Bruce Eileen Dau f s 1

Collins William Head m m 75
Collins Elizabeth Wife f m 65
Collins Bernard Son m s 26

Dwyer William Head m m 61
Dwyer Mary Wife f m 62
McHugh Dennis sson m s 28
McHugh Ursula sdau f s 25
McHugh John sson m s 22

Emberley John Head m m 35
Emberley Mary Wife f m 29
Emberley Gerald Brother m s 27

Follett George Head m m 56
Follett Mary Wife f m 47
Follett Stanley Son m s 22
Follett Francis Son m s 19
Follett Rita Dau f s 16
Follett Julia Dau f s 3
Hogan Denis sson m s 18
Hogan Ambrose sson m s 16

Hilliard William Head m m 75
Hilliard Mary Wife f m 62
Hilliard Fredrick Son m s 32
Hilliard Edward Son m s 31
Hilliard John Son m s 22
Hilliard William Son m s 20
Lambe Mary gdau f s 11

Hilliard Richard Head m m 30
Hilliard Veronica Wife f m 27
Hilliard Ambrose son m s 7
Hilliard Thomas Son m s 4
Hilliard Mary Dau f s 4

Kelly Henry Head m m 39
Kelly Johannah Wife f m 40
Kelly Mary Dau f s 13
Kelly Michael Son m s 10
Kelly Harold Son m s 8
Kelly Anne Dau f s 6
Kelly John Son m s 4
Kelly Rose Dau f s 2

Kemp Thomas Head m w 51
Kemp Mary Dau f s 19
Kemp Madeline Dau f s 17
Kemp Alice Dau f s 15
Kemp Margaret Dau f s 13

Lambe John Head m m 35
Lambe Ellen Wife f m 29
Lambe Violet Dau f s 7

Mansfield Elizabeth Head f w 58
Mansfield James Son m s 23
Mansfield Mercedes Dau f s 19
Mansfield Peter Son m s 16

McHugh Patrick Head m m 69
McHugh Anne Wife f m 65

McHugh Philip Head m m 34
McHugh Margaret Wife f m 26
McHugh Patrick Son m s 6
McHugh Richard Son m s 5
McHugh Mary Dau f s 2
McHugh Wilhelmina Dau f s 1

Meade Jeremiah Head m m 64
Meade Mary Wife f m 59

Mulrooney Thomas Head m m 52
Mulrooney Sarah Wife f m 38
Mulrooney Edward Son m s 13
Mulrooney Margaret Dau f s 11
Mulrooney Alice Dau f s 9
Mulrooney Marie Dau f s 7
Mulrooney Rosemary Dau f s 6
Mulrooney Ellen Dau f s 3
Mulrooney Katherine Dau f s 2

Murphy Edward Head m m 39
Murphy Ida Wife f m 34
Murphy Edward Son m s 4
Murphy Elizabeth Dau f s 2
Murphy Margaret Dau f s 1mo
Murphy Mary Mother f w 63

Murphy Matthew Head m m 58
Murphy Petronella Wife f m 49
Murphy William Son m s 26
Murphy Mary Dau f s 25
Murphy Katherine Dau f s 24
Murphy Thomas Son m s 22
Murphy Edward Son m s 20
Murphy Cornelius Son m s 15

Nolan Patrick Head m m 40
Nolan Mary Wife f m 33
Nolan Margaret Dau f s 13
Nolan Lucy Dau f s 11
Nolan Geraldine Dau f s 6
Nolan William Son m s 4
Nolan Elizabeth Dau f s 1

O'Keefe Bernard Head m m 78
O'Keefe Mary Wife f m 65
O'Keefe Anne Dau f s 25

O'Keefe Elizabeth Head f w 56
O'Keefe James Son m s 29
O'Keefe Joseph Son m s 23
O'Keefe Bernard Son m s 18
O'Keefe Kevin Son m s 16
O'Keefe Louis Son m s 14

O'Keefe Patrick Head m m 27
O'Keefe Mary Wife f m 28
O'Keefe Thomas Son m s 8
O'Keefe George Son m s 1

O'Reilly Francis Head m m 65
O'Reilly Mary Wife f m 58
O'Reilly Violet Dau f s 21
O'Reilly Lawrence Son m s 20

O'Reilly Michael Head m m 23
O'Reilly Emma Wife f m 20
O'Reilly Isabella Dau f s 2mo

Power John Head m m 61
Power Mary Wife f m 60
Power Rudolph Son m s 24

Power Thomas Head m m 43
Power Elizabeth Wife f m 40
Power Rebecca Dau f s 17
Power Katherine Dau f s 16
Power Patricia Dau f s 15
Power Harold Son m s 13
Power George Son m s 12
Power Patrick Son m s 10
Power Thomas Son m s 7
Power Leo Son m s 4
Power Alice Dau f s 1

Rodgers Selina Head f s 20

Shea John Head m m 37
Shea Angela Wife f m 29
Shea Mary Dau f s 5
Shea Michael Son m s 3
Shea Anne Dau f s 2

Shea Mary Head f w 63
Shea Andrew Son m s 21

Sparrow Alphonsus Head m m 69
Sparrow Mary Wife f m 66

Traverse Edward Head m m 38
Traverse Stella Wife f m 38
Traverse Joseph Son m s 10
Traverse Loretta Dau f s 6
Ennis Leo sson m s 17
Ennis Margaret sdau f s 15
Ennis Kathleen sdau f s 13

Wareham John Head m w 53
Wareham Frederick Son m s 27
Wareham Rita Dau f s 15
Wareham Ethel Dau f s 12

Whelan Thomas Head m w 77
Grant Laura Dom f s 24

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