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1935 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Upper Placentia Bay District


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Allen Eli Head m w 55
Wareham Florence adau f s 16

Allen James Head m m 53
Allen Ellen Wife f m 50
Allen Jennie Dau f s 20
Allen William Son m s 11
Allen Benjamin Son m m 22
Allen Tryfina Dil f m 18
Allen Herbert gson m s 7 mo
Eddy Mary Mother f w 78

Boutcher Albert Head m s 55

Boutcher Albert Head m m 46
Boutcher Eva Wife f m 31
Boutcher Maynard Son m s 8
Boutcher Margaret Dau f s 3

Boutcher Alexander Head m m 46
Boutcher Maud Wife f m 29

Boutcher George Head m m 55
Boutcher Anne Wife f m 45
Boutcher Rhys Son m s 21
Boutcher Garfield Son m s 16
Boutcher Pearl Dau f s 14
Pilgrim Hezekiah Lodger m s 24

Boutcher Oliver Head m m 45
Boutcher Margaret Wife f m 42
Boutcher John Son m s 7

Boutcher Peter Head m m 44
Boutcher Hannah Wife f m 37
Boutcher Elsie Dau f s 17
Boutcher Lily Dau f s 14
Boutcher Allan Son m s 12
Boutcher Emma Dau f s 4
Boutcher Oliver Son m s 10 mo
Boutcher Archibald Brother m m 46

Boutcher Reuben Head m m 80
Boutcher Emma Wife f m 72

Boutcher Samuel Head m m 39
Boutcher Melinda Wife f m 34

Boutcher William Head m m 51
Boutcher Susan Wife f m 41
Boutcher Wallace Son m m 23
Boutcher Rex Son m s 20
Boutcher Llewelyn Son m s 18
Boutcher John Son m s 16
Boutcher Rita Dau f s 14
Boutcher Muriel Dau f s 6
Boutcher Bertha Dil f m 22
Boutcher Gerald gson m s 3
Boutcher Joline gdau f s 1

Boutcher Wilson Head m m 65
Boutcher Emily Wife f m 55
Boutcher Andrew Son m s 31
Boutcher William Son m s 29
Boutcher Heber Son m s 23
Boutcher Walter Son m s 18
Boutcher Gertrude Dau f s 34

Brown Isaac Head m m 54
Brown Mahalia sMother f m 71

Brown James Head m m 54
Brown Ida Wife f m 42
Brown Frederick Son m s 24
Berkshire James sson m s 15
Berkshire Fletcher sson m s 12
Berkshire Matilda sdau f s 18

Brown William Head m m 52
Brown Susanna Wife f m 56
Boutcher Lily sdau f s 25
Brown Ada Lodger f s 8

Brown Wilson Head m m 47
Brown Mandella Wife f m 31
Brown George Son m s 13
Brown John Son m s 11
Brown Elizabeth Dau f s 6
Brown Frank Son m s 4
Brown Benjamin Son m s 2

Hann Isaac Head m m 30
Hann Martha Wife f m 21
Hann Harvey Son m s 2

Ingram George Head m m 56
Ingram Patience Wife f m 39
Ingram Chelsey Son m s 28
Ingram Anne Dau f s 26
Ingram Cleverly Son m s 21
Ingram Elizabeth Dau f s 14
Ingram Georgina Dau f s 12
Ingram Freeman Son m s 9
Ingram Lloyd Son m s 1
Gilbert Lily sdau f s 19
Boutcher Matilda Mil f w 80

Ingram William Head m m 53
Ingram Alfreda Wife f m 47
Ingram Frederick Son m s 24
Ingram Lena Dau f s 16
Ingram Elizabeth Dau f s 13
Ingram Mary Dau f s 10
Ingram Clara Dau f s 8

Marshall Thomas Head m m 40
Marshall Jessie Wife f m 35
Marshall Roy Son m s 17
Marshall Gertrude Dau f s 15
Marshall Allan Son m s 12
Marshall Verna Dau f s 10
Marshall Fergus Son m s 8
Marshall Elsie Dau f s 3

Peach Wilfred Head m m 33
Peach Elsie Wife f m 30
Peach Mabel Dau f s 8
Peach Mona Dau f s 5
Peach Otto Son m s 2
Peach Kelvin Son m s 1

Rodway Aaron Head m m 37
Rodway Evelyn Wife f m 28
Rodway Leeland Son m s 10
Rodway Ruby Dau f s 7
Rodway Ralph Son m s 5
Rodway Harold Son m s 3

Rodway Alexander Head m m 37
Rodway Caroline Wife f m 30
Rodway Ethel Dau f s 10
Rodway Hazel Dau f s 9
Rodway Marjorie Dau f s 7
Rodway Edna Dau f s 6
Rodway David Son m s 2

Rodway Cleverly Head m m 23
Rodway Marion Wife f m 23
Rodway Nina Dau f s 1

Rodway Frank Head m m 35
Rodway Lilian Wife f m 33
Rodway Olive Dau f s 11
Rodway Peter Son m s 9
Rodway Bertha Dau f s 5
Rodway Ivy Dau f s 3
Rodway Alfred Son m s 5 mo

Rodway Frederick Head m w 47
Rodway Elizabeth Dau f s 18
Rodway Victor Son m s 14

Rodway George Head m m 75
Rodway Eliza Wife f m 72
Rodway John Son m m 32
Rodway Eliza Dil f m 24
Rodway Virginia gdau f s 3
Rodway Clyde gson m s 1
Gosse Hilda gdau f s 20

Rodway George Head m m 42
Rodway Eliza Wife f m 43
Rodway Gordon Son m s 17
Rodway Matilda Dau f s 12

Rodway Nelson Head m m 65
Rodway Marina Wife f m 58
Rodway James Son m s 39
Rodway Archibald Son m m 28
Rodway Lilian Dil f m 26
Rodway Doris gdau f s 1 mo

Rodway Wilson Head m m 40
Rodway Maud Wife f m 33
Rodway Elsie Dau f s 11
Rodway Anne Dau f s 9
Rodway Maxwell Son m s 7
Rodway Henry Son m s 6
Rodway Caroline Dau f s 3
Rodway Caroline Mother f w 66

Slade Earle Head m s 32
Slade Janet Mother f w 60
Peach Rhoda gMother f w 79

Slade Frank Head m s 28
Slade Patience Mother f w 53
Slade Walter Brother m s 26
Slade Albert Brother m s 19
Slade Violet Sister f s 13

Slade Frederick Head m m 34
Slade Elizabeth Wife f m 28

Slade Freeman Head m s 27
Slade Sylvia sSister f s 4
Slade Bertha sMother f w 37
Boutcher Marcella sSister f s 12
Boutcher Laura sSister f s 8
Boutcher Ina sSister f s 6

Slade Harold Head m m 24
Slade Myrtle Wife f m 22
Slade Marjorie Dau f s 5
Slade Roland Son m s 2

Slade John Head m m 34
Slade Gladys Wife f m 25
Slade Patience Mother f w 59
Slade Nathaniel Brother m s 35

Slade Malcolm Head m m 37
Slade Louise Wife f m 32
Slade Stella Dau f s 13
Slade Hilda Dau f s 4
Slade Ada Dau f s 1mo

Slade Reuben Head m m 55
Slade Anne Wife f m 54
Slade Donald Son m s 22
Slade George Son m s 19
Slade Maud Dau f s 13
Slade Jessie Son m s 10

Slade William Head m m 33
Slade Jeanette Wife f m 29
Slade Neil Son m s 5
Slade Morgan Son m s 11 mo

Upshall Charles Head m m 30
Upshall Beatrice Wife f m 26
Upshall Clayton Son m s 9 m
Boutcher Emily Mil f w 64
Boutcher Charles Bil m s 35

Upshall George Head m m 51
Upshall Hannah Wife f m 45
Upshall John Son m s 15
Upshall Lily Dau f s 15
Upshall Marjorie Dau f s 12
Upshall Vera Dau f s 11

Upshall John Head m m 39
Upshall Alice Wife f m 43
Upshall Samuel Son m s 19
Upshall Charles Son m s 14
Upshall Freeman Son m s 13
Upshall Hazel Dau f s 5

Wareham Edgar Head m w 51
Wareham Fabia Dau f s 21
Wareham Bright Son m s 19
Wareham Margaret Dau f s 11
Wareham John Son m s 7

Wareham George Head m m 46
Wareham Elsie Wife f m 31
Wareham Charles Son m s 20
Wareham Ralph Son m m 23
Wareham Margaret Dil f m 22
Wareham Meda gdau f s 3
Wareham Marion gdau f s 3 mo

Wareham Samuel Head m m 42
Wareham Leticia Wife f m 36
Wareham Cleverly Son m s 17
Wareham Benjamin Son m s 15
Wareham Elizabeth Dau f s 11
Wareham Mary Dau f s 10 mo

Wareham William Head m m 48
Wareham Maud Wife f m 42
Wareham Clement Son m s 20
Wareham Leslie Son m s 15
Wareham Herman Son m s 13
Wareham Josiah Son m s 10

Wareham Willis Head m m 26
Wareham Marion Wife f m 26

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