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1935 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay West District


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Abbott Michael Head m s 33
Abbott Margaret Mother f w 72

Abbott Patrick Head m m 40
Abbott Agatha Wife f m 32
Abbott Philipa Dau f s 10
Abbott Marie Dau f s 7
Abbott Patrick Son m s 4
Abbott Pauline Dau f s 8mo

Abbott William Head m m 42
Abbott Lillian Wife f m 41
Abbott John Son m s 17
Abbott William Son m s 15
Abbott Francis Son m s 13
Abbott Gladys Dau f s 12
Abbott Leonard Son m s 9

Bailey Charles Head m m 68
Bailey Marcella Wife f m 58
Bailey John Son m m 36
Bailey Jemima Dil f m 26
Bailey Agnes gdau f s 3
Bailey Eva gdau f s 2mo

Bailey Thomas Head m m 56
Bailey Mary Wife f m 46
Bailey Joseph Son m s 20
Bailey Mary Dau f s 17
Bailey Edward Son m s 19
Bailey Thomas Son m s 15
Bailey Raymond Son m s 9
Bailey Regina Dau f s 4

Baker John Head m s 65
Bailey Louisa Sister f w 74

Burton Thomas Head m m 35
Burton Theresa Wife f m 36
Burton William Son m s 7
Burton Helen Dau f s 3
Burton Peter Son m s 2mo

Dicks Joseph Head m m 57
Dicks Catherine Wife f m 54
Dicks Vincent Son m s 23
Dicks Mary Dau f s 21
Dicks Peter Son m s 18
Dicks Margaret Dau f s 16
Dicks Joseph Son m s 13

Dicks Margaret Head f w 55
Dicks John Son m s 23

Drake Clement Head m m 53
Drake Josephine Wife f m 42
Drake Peter Son m s 18
Drake Mary Dau f s 14
Drake Elizabeth Dau f s 10
Drake Gordon Son m s 8
Drake Rita Dau f s 6
Drake Lucy Dau f s 3

Drake John Head m m 62
Drake Mary Wife f m 63
Drake William Son m s 26
Drake Francis Son m s 31
Drake Rose Dil f s 24

Drake Stephen Head m m 56
Drake Elizabeth Wife f m 57
Drake Robert Son m s 23
Drake Laura Dau f s 19
Drake Elizabeth Dau f s 16

Fleming Rev. John Head m s 33
Fleming Helen Sister f s 22
Canning Patrick NR m s 20

Foote Charles Head m w 65
Foote Edward Son m s 34

Foote John Head m m 49
Foote Caroline Wife f m 45
Foote Peter Son m s 16

Foote Joseph Head m m 42
Foote Anne Wife f m 34

Foote Lawrence Head m m 63
Foote Mary Wife f m 56
Foote Veronica adau f s 17

Jarvis Bernard Head m m 65
Jarvis Clara Wife f m 58
Jarvis Lucy Dau f s 22
Jarvis Elizabeth Dau f s 20
Jarvis Mary Dau f s 20
Jarvis William Son m s 14
Jarvis John Brother m s 51

Jarvis Patrick Head m s 41
Jarvis Charles Brother m m 39
Jarvis Matilda Sisil f m 17
Jarvis Catherine Mother f w 72

Jarvis William Head m m 47
Jarvis Francis Wife f m 42
Jarvis Mary Dau f s 7
Barton Anne Mil f w 68

Kielly John Head m m 48
Kielly Clara Wife f m 38
Kielly David Son m s 14
Kielly Arthur Son m s 3
Kielly Carmel Dau f s 9mo
Kielly John Uncle m s 80
Kielly Margaret Sister f s 44
Barton Patrick sson m s 15

Kielly Mchael Head m m 46
Kielly Winifred Wife f m 48
Kielly Rita Dau f s 19
Kielly Patrick Son m s 15

Lake James Head m m 51

Lake John Head m w 42

Lake John Head m m 41
Lake Alice Wife f m 32
Lake William son m s 8
Lake Peter Son m s 5
Lake Carl Son m s 2
Lake Barbara Dau f s 8mo

Lake Joseph Head m s 41
Lake Anastasia Mother f w 76

Lake Peter Head m m 47
Lake Mary Wife f m 46
Braithwaite Mary adau f s 21

Lake Solomon Head m m 41
Lake Catherine Wife f m 43
Lake Mary Dau f s 19
Lake Patrick Son m s 15

Lake Thomas Head m m 41
Lake Ellen Wife f m 35
Lake Margaret Dau f s 9
Lake Michael Son m s 7
Lake Henry Son m s 5
Lake Elizabeth Dau f s 5
Lake Matthew Son m s 3
Lake Archibald Son m s 3

Manning Archibald Head m m 44
Manning Winnifred Wife f m 44
Manning James Son m s 17
Manning Ida Dau f s 12
Manning Frances Mother f w 77

Manning James Head m s 40
Manning Alice Mother f w 70
Flynn Ethel Boarder f s 22

Manning Thomas Head m s 35
Manning John Brother m s 44
Manning Valentine Brother m s 38
Manning Bridget Mother f w 68
Handrigan Bridget Dom f s 16

Manning Vincent Head m w 40
Manning Theresa Dau f s 4

McCrowe Maurice Head m s 34
McCrowe Theresa Sister f s 35
McCrowe Leo Brother m s 25
McCrowe Ambrose Brother m s 22
McCrowe John Brother m m 29
McCrowe Anne Sisil f m 28
McCrowe Sarah Mother f w 62

Mellay Charles Head m m 48
Mellay Francis Wife f m 47
Mellay Paul Son m s 17
Mellay William Son m s 14
Mellay Michael Son m s 11
Mellay Mary Mother f w 72
Lundrigan John ason m s 26
Hickey John ason m s 23

Mullaley Alphonsus Head m m 39
Mullaley Mary Wife f m 33
Mullaley Anastasia Dau f s 9
Mullaley Michael Son m s 6
Mullaley Robert Son m s 1

Mullett John Head m m 39
Mullet Louisa Wife f m 25
Mullett Patrick Son m s 4
Mullett John Son m s 2
Mullett Archibald Brother m s 31
Mullett Mary Mother f w 69

Mullett Thomas Head m s 64
Walsh Catherine Niece f s 17

Mullett William Head m m 62
Mullett Theresa Wife f m 42
Mullett Susan Dau f s 15
Mullett Peter Son m s 13
Mullett Francis Son m s 10
Mullett John Son m s 8
Mullett Theresa Dau f s 8
Mullett Emma Dau f s 3

Murphy James Head m m 58
Murphy Mary Wife f m 58
Murphy Andrew Son m s 31
Murphy Jane Dau f s 25
Murphy Edmund Son m s 23

Power John Head m m 32
Power Florence Wife f m 32
Power Maurice Son m s 1
Power Philip Uncle m s 78
Cheeseman Susan Dom f s 23

Tobin John Head m m 46
Tobin Bridget Wife f m 35
Tobin Laura Dau f s 16
Tobin John Son m s 13
Tobin Winifred Dau f s 10
Tobin Rita Dau f s 7
Tobin Cyril Son m s 3

Tobin Michael Head m m 27
Tobin Madeline Wife f m 27
Tobin Austin Son m s 4
Tobin Michael Son m s 2
Tobin William Son m s 1
Tobin Cecilia gMother f w 77

Tobin Roger Head m m 55
Tobin Veronica Wife f m 45
Tobin Richard Son m s 19
Tobin Roger Son m s 17
Tobin Albert Son m s 16
Tobin James Son m s 13
Tobin Priscilla Dau f s 9
Tobin Patrick Son m s 8
Tobin Donald Son m s 6

Traverse John Head m w 75

Traverse John Head m m 42
Traverse Mary Wife f m 32
Traverse William Father m m 82
Traverse Mary Mother f m 76
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