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1935 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Upper Placentia Bay District

Spencer's Cove

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Berkshire Clement Head m m 31
Berkshire Anne Wife f m 29
Berkshire Allan Son m s 3 wk

Berkshire Melinda Head f w 64
Berkshire Violet Dau f s 20

Best George Head m m 52
Best Carolina Wife f m 40

Best William Head m s 19
Best Effie Sister f s 14
Best Mabel Sister f s 11
Best Eliza Mother f w 51

Boutcher Bertram Head m s 37
Boutcher Stephen Brother m s 22
Boutcher Emily Mother f w 60

Boutcher Harold Head m m 39
Boutcher Alice Wife f m 34
Boutcher Hazel Dau f s 9
Boutcher Howard Son m s 3

Boutcher Josiah Head m m 40
Boutcher Mildred Wife f m 34
Boutcher Faith Dau f s 12
Boutcher Wilson Son m s 11
Boutcher Victor Son m s 9
Boutcher Clarence Son m s 7
Boutcher Carmel Dau f s 6
Boutcher Morley Son m s 3
Boutcher Sybil Dau f s 1
Boutcher Warwick Son m 7 mo

Boutcher Thomas Head m m 40
Boutcher Nora Wife f m 34
Boutcher Lillian Dau f s 16
Boutcher Marion Dau f s 15
Boutcher Ellen Dau f s 12
Boutcher Leeland Son m s 11
Boutcher Roy Son m s 6

Guy John Head m m 45
Guy Levina Wife f m 28
Guy John Son m s 20
Guy Jocelyn Son m s 5
Guy Arthur Son m s 3
Guy Gerald Son m s 1

Hollett Albert Head m m 40
Hollett Eliza Wife f m 37
Hollett Henry Son m s 4
Parsons Samuel Lodger m s 15

Hollett Henry Head m m 77
Hollett Hannah Wife f m 76
Hollett Josiah Son m s 49
Hollett Earle Son m s 24

Hollett John Head m m 46
Hollett Gertrude Wife f m 38
Hollett Eldred Son m s 18
Hollett Pearl Dau f s 15
Hollett Gordon Son m 11
Hollett Lloyd Son m 4

Hollett Samuel Head m w 75
Hollett Lillian Dau f s 24

Hollett Samuel Head m m 28
Hollett Dinah Wife f m 29
Hollett Edith Dau f s 2 wk
Hollett Elizabeth Mother f w 74

Hollett Victor Head m m 34
Hollett Edith Wife f m 34
Hollett Verna Dau f s 6
Hollett Kathleen Dau f s 4
Hollett Ivy Dau f s 1
Hollett Edith Dau f s 7 mo

Johnston Ronald Head m m 20
Johnston Rhoda Wife f m 19
Johnston Doren Dau f s 8 mo

Peach Archibald Head m m 34
Peach Margaret Wife f m 32
Peach Douglas Son m s 2 mo
Peach Elizabeth Mother f w 67

Peach George Head m m 43
Peach Amelia Wife f m 41
Peach Ethel Dau f 3 mo

Peach Henry Head m w 43
Peach George Son m s 13
Collett Sarah Dom f w 47

Peach James Head m m 40
Peach Flora Wife f m 36
Peach William Son m s 15
Peach Sarah Dau f s 12
Peach Isaac Son m s 10
Peach Marjorie Dau f s 8
Peach Ada Dau f s 5
Peach Norman Son m s 3

Rowe John Head m m 42
Rowe Martha Wife f m 37
Rowe Winifred Dau f s 19
Rowe Stanley Son m s 17
Rowe Adelaide Dau f s 14
Rowe Alexandria Son m s 13
Rowe Ernest Son m s 11
Rowe Albert Son m s 7

Slade Ernest Head m m 53
Slade Evelyn Wife f m 49
Slade Stanley Son m s 27
Slade Evelyn Dau f s 21
Slade Frank Son m s 13

Slade John Head m m 44
Slade Harriet Wife f m 40
Slade Thomas Son m s 20
Slade Nathaniel Son m s 18
Slade Dorcas Dau f s 16
Slade Richard Son m s 13
Slade Mildred Dau f s 10
Slade Anne Dau f s 6
Slade Ethel Dau f s 4
Slade Blanche Dau f s 2

Slade Walter Head m m 46
Slade Melinda Wife f m 41
Slade Ralph Son m s 14
Slade Arthur Son m s 7
Slade Myredna Dau f s 2
Slade Adella Mother f w 80

Wareham Freeman Head m w 33
Wareham Eric Son m s 1

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