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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay East


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Abbott George Head m m 65
Abbott Emily Wife f m 63
Abbott Mary Dau f s 30
Abbott Frederick ason m s 1
Abbott Bertha Sister f s 62

Abbott Walter Head m m 38
Abbott Hannah Wife f m 35
Abbott Margaret Dau f s 1

Dean Thomas Lodger * m w 68
Fitzpatrick Alphonsus Lodger * m m 68
England William Lodger * m s 45
Berg William Lodger * m s 31
Lyons Peter Lodger * m m 31
Dessureux Bernadette Lodger * f m 29
Grandy Stanley Lodger * m m 27
Collins Bernard Lodger * m m 27
Murphy John Lodger * m s 23
Peddle Norman Lodger * m m 22
Lierhat Margaret Lodger * f m 22
Keating Gordon Lodger * m s 21
Power Gordon Lodger * m s 20
Fitzpatrick Bernard Lodger * m s 19

Farrell Vincent Head m m 38
Farrell Winifred Wife f m 35

Healey John Head m m 33
Healey Doris Wife f m 33
Healey John Son m s 4
Healey Martha Dau f s 2
Healey Martin Son m s 2
Healey Peter Son m s 8mo

Hustins Charles Head m m 42
Hustins Audrey Wife f m 30

Ingram Berkeley Head m m 32
Ingram Frances Wife f m 31
Ingram Norman Son m s 6
Ingram Gordon Son m s 4

Walters John Head m m 34
Walters Elizabeth Wife f m 22

* in U.S. Navy Barracks

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Placentia Bay East