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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region

Arnolds Cove

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Anderson Aubrey Head m w 55
Anderson Eric Son m s 18
Anderson Aubrey Son m s 13
Anderson Elizabeth Dau f s 11

Benson Gideon Head m m 60
Benson Sarah Wife f m 54
Benson Melvi Dau f s 21
Benson Reginald Son m s 19
Benson Harvey Son m s 16
Benson Ruby Son f s 14

Best Harold Head m m 21
Best Sarah Wife f m 18
Best Kevin Son m s 4
Best Edward Son m s 1

Best Mary Head f w 79

Brace Samuel Head m m 31
Brace Lavinia Wife f m 24
Brace Elizabeth Dau f s 2
Brace Samuel Son m s 1
Brace Dulcie Maid f s 14

Brenton Cora Head f w 64

Brinston Benjamin Head m m 43
Brinston Alice Wife f m 42
Brinston William Son m s 17
Brinston Ethel Dau f s 14
Brinston Walter Son m s 7

Brinston Charles Head m m 58
Brinston Elsie Wife f m 51
Brinston Vida Dau f s 23
Brinston Ralph Son m s 19

Brinston Eli Head m m 45
Brinston Elizabeth Wife f m 46
Brinston Clayton Son m s 17
Brinston Leonard Son m s 14
Brinston Clifford Son m s 12

Brinston Frank Head m m 37
Brinston Triffie Wife f m 33
Brinston John Father m w 62

Brinston Wilson Head m m 68
Brinston Libby Wife f m 72

Bryant Wilfred Head m m 64
Bryant Blanche Wife f m 24
Bryant Gloria Dau f s 4

Culleton Mary Head f w 81
Seward Bridget Dau f w 46

Guy Alexander Head m m 29
Guy Margaret Wife f m 33
Guy Ambrose Son m s 4
Guy Mary Dau f s 3

Guy Benjamin Head m m 61
Guy Martha Wife f m 59
Guy Harvey Son m m 23
Guy Maud Dil f m 20

Guy Bertha Head f w 36
Guy Shirley Dau f s 11
Guy Melva Dau f s 9
Guy Miriam Dau f s 7

Guy Chesley Head m s 38
Guy Hannah Sister f s 36
Guy Emily Mother f w 65
Guy Edith Aunt f s 46

Guy Earnest Head m m 32
Guy Viola Wife f m 24
Guy Gordon Son m s 3
Guy Elwood Son m s 2
Guy Sarah sMother f s 42

Guy George Head m m 37
Guy Alice Wife f m 42
Guy Ray Son m s 6
Guy Iris Dau f s 4
Guy Rachel Mother f w 78
Guy Clyde Nephew m s 9

Guy John Head m m 48
Guy Mary Wife f m 40
Guy Hilda Dau f s 18
Guy Norman Son m s 16
Guy Irene Dau f s 14
Guy William Son m s 12
Guy Calvin Son m s 9
Guy Elizabeth Dau f s 6
Guy Winston Son m s 4
Guy Martin Son m s 2

Guy Llewelyn Head m m 25
Guy Mildred Wife f m 25
Guy William gFather m m 70
Guy Eliza gMother f m 68
Guy Frederick Cousin m s 14

Guy Mark Head m w 44
Guy Hubert Son m s 19
Guy Sarah Mother f w 89

Guy Uriah Head m m 58
Guy Alice Wife f m 49

Guy William Head m m 44
Guy Amelia Wife f m 34
Guy Adella Dau f s 9
Guy George Son m s 6
Guy Rita Dau f s 2
Guy Emily Dau f s 10mo
Guy Agnes Mother f w 70

Hollett Earnest Head m m 33
Hollett Mabel Wife f m 27
Hollett Elizabeth Dau f s 2

Hollett Edgar Head m m 33
Hollett Stella Wife f m 30
Hollett Philip Son m s 4
Hollett Edmund Son m s 1

Hollett George Head m m 23
Hollett Flora Wife f m 24

Hollett Henry Head m w 63

Hollett John Head m m 51
Hollett Jessie Wife f m 48
Hollett Beulah Dau f s 25
Hollett Emily Dau f s 21
Butler Emily gdauil f s 12

Hollett Manuel Head m m 53
Hollett Jessie Wife f m 43
Hollett Daphne Dau f s 25
Hollett James Son m s 24
Hollett Freeman Son m s 23
Hollett Janette Dau f s 19
Hollett Oliver Son m s 17
Beck Frank sson m s 18

Hollett Maxwell Head m m 32
Hollett Elsie Wife f m 25

Hollett Willis Head m m 66
Hollett Anne Wife f m 64
Hollett Victor Son m s 38

Hynes Alexander Head m m 61
Hynes Anita Wife f m 64
Hynes Nelson Son m m 31
Hynes Ada Dil f m 25

Hynes William Head m m 39
Hynes Margaret Wife f m 36
Hynes Mabel Dau f s 13
Hynes Shirley Dau f s 11
Hynes Pearl Dau f s 8
Hynes Scott Son m s 6
Hynes Wilbert Son m s 1

Lynch John Head m m 62
Lynch Julia Wife f m 68
Lynch Rosanna Dau f s 32
Lynch Dominic Son m s 27
Hynes John Cousin m s 40

McDonald Leo Head m m 25
McDonald Ada Wife f m 35

Peach Alexander Head m m 33
Peach Elizabeth Wife f m 28
Peach Elizabeth sMother f w 60

Peach Hedley Head m m 48
Peach Jenny Wife f m 44
Peach Fletcher Son m s 12
Peach Lillian Dau f s 9
Peach Stella Sister * f s 20
Peach Charles Father m w 73

Peach John Head m m 47
Peach Winifred Wife f m 45
Peach Wilfred Son m m 23
Peach Jessie Dil f m 20

Peach Stanley Head m m 40
Peach Edith Wife f m 33
Guy Alice adau f s 7

Quinton Leonard Head m m 35
Quinton Amy Wife f m 36

Quinton Malena Head f w 68

Rose James Head m m 32
Rose Greta Wife f m 25
Rose Thelma Dau f s 4
Rose Margaret Dau f s 1

Rose Leo Head m m 40
Rose Priscilla Wife f m 34
Rose Patricia Dau f s 5
Rose Claude Son m s 4
Rose Elizabeth Dau f s 2
Rose Franklin Son m s 5mo
Kerrivan Agnes Dom f w 46

Rose Michael Head m m 38
Rose Jelene Wife f m 24
Rose Madonna Dau f s 3
Rose Gary Son m s 11mo

Rose Percy Head m w 80
Rose Anne Dau f s 25

Rose Walter Head m m 37
Rose Anne Wife f m 38
Rose George Son m s 17
Rose Francis Son m s 14
Rose Percy Son m s 13
Rose Marie Dau f s 10
Rose Eric Son m s 6
Rose Gerald Son m s 2mo

Suley Thomas Head m m 33
Suley Alice Wife f m 30

Trowbridge Henry Head m m 69
Trowbridge Elfrida Wife f m 58
Trowbridge Railton Son m s 23
Trowbridge Frederick Son m s 21

Wareham William Head m m 32
Wareham Hilda Wife f m 25
Wareham William Father m m 74
Wareham Melinda Mother f m 60

Warren Thomas Head m m 38
Warren Ethel Wife f m 36
Warren Emma Dau f s 13
Warren Joy Dau f s 11
Warren Samuel Son m s 8
Warren Frank Son m s 3mo
Upshall Rachel Mil f w 77

* enumerated with Fox Harbour

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