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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region

Garden Cove

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Beck Donald Head m m 34
Beck Elizabeth Wife f m 32
Beck Stella Dau f s 4
Beck Baby Dau f s 1mo
Beck Christina Aunt f w 80

Brinston Alan Head m m 43
Brinston Elsie Wife f m 37
Brinston Joan Dau f s 5
Brinston Charles Father m m 66
Brinston Amelia Mother f m 63

Eddy Albert Head m m 52
Eddy Beatrice Wife f m 53
Parsons George ason m s 13

Eddy Arthur Head m w 48
Eddy Herbert Son m s 22
Eddy Violet Dau f s 20
Eddy Maud Dau f s 17
Eddy John Son m s 15
Eddy Alexander Son m s 9
Eddy Lester Son m s 6
Eddy Walter Son m s 4
Eddy Elizabeth Boarder f s 50

Eddy Charles Head m m 68
Eddy Julia Wife f m 70
Eddy George Son m s 29

Giles Cecil Head m m 42
Giles Clara Wife f m 28
Giles May Dau f s 10
Giles Harvey Son m s 9
Giles Sylvia Dau f s 6
Giles Dorothy Dau f s 4
Giles Amy Dau f s 2

Giles James Head m m 39
Giles Amelia Wife f m 36
Giles Wilfred Son m s 14
Giles Irene Dau f s 11
Giles Sydney Son m s 4
Giles Wallace Son m s 2

Howell Isaac Head m m 50
Howell Emily Wife f m 45
Howell Earl Son m s 19
Howell Edna Dau f s 14
Howell John Son m s 11
Howell Eldred Son m s 8

Stacey Edmund Head m m 46
Stacey Hannah Wife f m 42
Stacey William Son m s 20
Stacey Martha Dau f s 19
Stacey Jenny Dau f s 15
Stacey Phoebe Dau f s 13
Stacey May Dau f s 11
Stacey Charles Son m s 8

Wareham Chesley Head m m 65
Wareham Maria Wife f m 68
Wareham James Son m s 43
Wareham Allan Son m w 36
Wareham Stanley gson m s 9

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