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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region

Great Brewley

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Bennett Patrick Head m w 85

Bennett Patrick Head m m 49
Bennett Anne Wife f m 43
Bennett Bridget Dau f s 12
Bennett Peter Son m s 9

Ennis Leo Head m m 28
Ennis Clotilda Wife f m 28

Fewer Anne Head f w 74

Kerrivan Alice Head f w 36
Kerrivan Angela Dau f s 13
Kerrivan Margaret Dau f s 9
Kerrivan Caroline Dau f s 5
Kerrivan Ellen Mil f w 82

Lake Abraham Head m m 45
Lake Ellen Wife f m 43
Lake William Son m s 14
Lake Elizabeth Dau f s 10
Lake Regina Dau f s 9

Ryan Lavinia Head f w 64

Traverse Aloysius Head m m 32
Traverse Gertrude Wife f m 31
Traverse Genevieve Dau f s 13
Traverse Daniel Son m s 11
Traverse Mildred Dau f s 7
Traverse Gordon Son m s 1

Traverse James Head m m 68
Traverse Cecilia Wife f m 59
Traverse Bernard Son m s 38
Traverse Theresa adau f s 9
Emberley Richard NR m w 93

Traverse Leo Head m m 40
Traverse Monica Wife f m 35
Traverse Leo Son m s 14
Traverse Raymond Son m s 11
Traverse Ethel Dau f s 7
Traverse Edmund Son m s 3

Traverse Martin Head m m 67
Traverse Rosella Wife f m 65

Traverse Patrick Head m w 51
Traverse Margaret Dau f s 19
Traverse Winifred Dau f s 14
Traverse Cyril Son m s 11

Traverse Peter Head m m 45
Traverse Ellen Wife f m 43
Traverse Katherine Dau f s 22
Traverse Anthony Son m s 20
Traverse Madeline Dau f s 18
Traverse Rosella Dau f s 15
Traverse Selina Dau f s 11
Traverse Jerome Son m s 10
Traverse Martin Son m s 8

Traverse Stella Head f w 47
Ennis Joseph Son m s 20

Traverse Thomas Head m m 42
Traverse Susanna Wife f m 44
Traverse Alphonsus Son m s 19
Traverse Joseph Son m s 17
Traverse Agnes Dau f s 9

Traverse Vincent Head m m 34
Traverse Olive Wife f m 28
Traverse Gerald Son m s 1

Traverse William Head m w 62
Traverse Dominic Son m s 33
Traverse John Son m s 31

Wakeham Lawrence Head m m 29
Wakeham Margaret Wife f m 25
Wakeham Kevin Son m s 1mo

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