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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay East


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Ash Baden Head m m 29
Ash Eve Wife f m 27
Ash Patricia Dau f s 1

Blanche Clara Head f w 76
Blanche Ellen Dau f s 49
Blanche Francis Son m s 45

Blanche John Head m m 42
Blanche Pauline Wife f m 46
Blanche George Son m s 12
Shea Mary Mil f w 73
McCrowe Theresa Lodger f s 45
Norman David Lodger m s 33

Brown Cyril Head m m 41
Brown Edna Wife f m 39

Bruce Patrick Head m m 52
Bruce Anna Wife f m 37
Bruce Maxwell Son m s 16
Bruce Leo Son m s 15
Bruce Raymond Son m s 14
Bruce Aloysius Son m s 11
Bruce Patricia Dau f s 9
Bruce Mary Dau f s 7
Bruce Cecil Son m s 5
Bruce Anne Dau f s 4

Bruce Patrick Head m m 51
Bruce Anne Wife f m 49
Bruce Katherine Dau f s 19
Bruce Gerald Son m s 17
Bruce Edward Son m s 14
Collins Edward Nephew m s 13

Butt John Head m m 24
Butt Minnie Wife f m 21
Butt Anne Dau f s 1
Butt Ernest Son m s 1wk

Collins William Head m m 86
Collins Elizabeth Wife f m 75
Collins Bernard Son m s 36

Coombs Edward Head m m 20
Coombs Madeline Wife f m 19
Coombs Darrell Son m s 8mo
Nugent Vincent Bil m s 18
Nugent Patricia Sisil f s 17
Nugent Desmond Bil m s 14
Nugent Dolores Sisil f s 13
Nugent Rose Sisil f s 11

Courage John Head m m 53
Courage Dinah Wife f m 44
Courage John Son m s 2
Smith Calvin sson m s 13
Smith Shirley sdau f s 11
Smith Ronald sson m s 8

Dodd George Head m m 57
Dodd Bella Wife f m 49
Dodd George Son m w 38
Dodd Arthur sson m s 25
Dodd Francis sson m s 19
Dodd Veronica gdau f s 6
Dodd George gson m s 4
Dodd Anne gdau f s 3
Dodd Helen gdau f s 2

Dwyer William Head m m 71
Dwyer Mary Wife f m 71
McHugh Denis sson m s 32

Emberley Gerald Head m s 38

Emberley John Head m m 44
Emberley Mary Wife f m 38
Emberley Elizabeth Dau f s 4
Emberley John Son m s 11mo

Everett Lacey Head m s 31
Jackman Stephen NR m m 34
Jackman Genevieve NR f m 26
Cheeseman Almena NR f s 34

Feder David Head m m 58
Feder Sarah Wife f m 52

Finn Richard Head m m 42
Finn Margaret Wife f m 31
Finn Joseph Son m s 15
Finn Thomas Son m s 13
Finn Mary Dau f s 10
Finn Helen Dau f s 8
Finn Richard Son m s 2
Finn Augustine Son m s 6mo

Follett Francis Head m m 28
Follett Margaret Wife f m 28
Follett Francis Son m s 2

Follett George Head m m 70
Follett Mary Wife f m 57
Follett Julia Dau f s 14

Gear Thomas Head m m 27
Gear Marian Wife f m 25
Gear Margaret Dau f s 2
Gear Gerald Son m s 9mo

Greene Frederick Head m m 21
Greene Regina Wife f m 23

Griffiths David Head m m 61
Griffiths Genevieve Wife f m 49
Griffiths Bernadette Dau f s 26
Griffiths Gladys Dau f s 15
Daniels Margaret Dau f m 31
Daniels Mary gdau f s 1
Tobin David gson m s 5
Dover Percy sson m s 24

Hallett Carl Head m m 37
Hallett Gladys Wife f m 39

Hilliard John Head m m 34
Hilliard Mary Wife f m 35
Hilliard Joseph Son m s 7
Hilliard Percy Son m s 3mo
Hynes James Fil m w 78
James Katherine NR f s 16

Hilliard Richard Head m m 40
Hilliard Veronica Wife f m 36
Hilliard Thomas Son m s 13
Hilliard Marie Dau f s 13
Hilliard Sarah Dau f s 10
Hilliard Florence Dau f s 8
Hilliard John Son m s 5
Hilliard Alfreda Dau f s 2
Hilliard Mary Mother f w 74

Houlihan Edward Head m m 66
Houlihan Louise Wife f m 57
Houlihan Blanche Dau f s 27
Houlihan Madeline Dau f s 24
Houlihan Andrew Son m s 21
Houlihan Adrian Son m s 18
Houlihan Brendan Son m s 16

Hynes Philip Head m m 38
Hynes Nora Wife f m 40
Hynes Kevin Son m s 12
Hynes Dermot Son m s 10
Hynes Philip Son m s 9
Hynes Mary Dau f s 6
Hynes Gerald Son m s 4

Kelly Henry Head m m 49
Kelly Anna Wife f m 50
Kelly Mary Dau f s 23
Kelly Michael Son m s 21
Kelly Harold Son m s 18
Kelly Anne Dau f s 16
Kelly John Son m s 15
Kelly Rose Dau f s 12

Kelly Michael Head m m 20
Kelly Elizabeth Wife f m 24

Kemp Thomas Head m m 62
Kemp Catherine Wife f m 42
Kemp Mary Dau f s 29
Kemp Madeline Dau f s 26
Kemp Alice Dau f s 25
Kemp Margaret Sister f s 59

King George Head m m 32
King Violet Wife f m 32
King Gerald Son m s 3
King Celeste Dau f s 8mo

King William Head m m 31
King Agnes Wife f m 31
King Jean Dau f s 11
King William Son m s 9
King Irene Dau f s 8
King David Son m s 7
King Margaret Dau f s 4
King Winston Son m s 3
King Agnes Dau f s 1
Bonnell Hugh Bil m s 19

Lambe John Head m m 45
Lambe Ellen Wife f m 38
Lambe Violet Dau f s 17

Ling Tom Head m s 36
Bing Tom Lodger m s 30
Fong Hedley Lodger m s 21

Lockyer Lester Head m m 30
Lockyer Ethel Wife f m 28
Lockyer Donald Son m s 4
Lockyer David Son m s 1
Bennett Mary Domestic f s 16

Lynch William Head m m 55
Lynch Hannah Wife f m 47
Lynch Peter Son m s 12
Lynch Anita Dau f s 9

Mansfield Elizabeth Head f w 66
Mansfield Peter Son m s 25

McHugh Patrick Head m m 77
McHugh Anne Wife f m 75

McHugh Philip Head m m 42
McHugh Margaret Wife f m 36
McHugh Patrick Son m s 16
McHugh Richard Son m s 15
McHugh Gerald Son m s 14
McHugh Mary Dau f s 12
McHugh Wilhelmina Dau f s 11
McHugh Aloysius Son m s 9
McHugh John Son m s 8
McHugh Sheila Dau f s 3

Meade Jeremiah Head m m 72
Meade Mary Wife f m 68

Miller Francis Head m m 39
Miller Mary Wife f m 38
Miller Leo Son m s 9
Miller Francis Son m s 7
Tobin John Lodger m w 58
Keats Lucy Lodger f w 46
Foley William Lodger m s 31

Miller Walter Head m m 35
Miller Rita Wife f m 26

Monahan Douglas Head m m 31
Monahan Ada Wife f m 24
Monahan Michael Son m s 8
Monahan Raymond Son m s 7
Monahan Philip Son m s 4
Monahan Violet Dau f s 2
Monahan Douglas Son m s 6mo

Mulrooney Thomas Head m m 61
Mulrooney Anne Wife f m 47
Mulrooney Edward Son m s 23
Mulrooney Rose Dau f s 16
Mulrooney Ellen Dau f s 13
Mulrooney Katherine Dau f s 11
Mulrooney Aquinas Son m s 7
Mulrooney Desmond Son m s 6
Sura John Sil m m 23
Sura Alice Dau f m 19
Chandler Marie Dau f m 17
Chandler Theresa gdau f s 1
Dunn Rose Lodger f w 91

Murphy Matthew Head m m 64
Murphy Peronella Wife f m 60
Murphy Catherine Dau f s 33
Murphy Catherine NR f s 27

Murray Michael Head m m 51
Murray Bridget Wife f m 42

Myles Wallace Head m m 22
Myles Jeanne Wife f m 20
Myles Wayne Son m s 10mo

Neville Daniel Head m m 32
Neville Margaret Wife f m 21

Neville Francis Head m m 33
Neville Florence Wife f m 33
Neville Rose Dau f s 9mo

Nolan Patrick Head m m 50
Nolan Mary Wife f m 45
Nolan Lucy Dau f s 21
Nolan Geraldine Dau f s 16
Nolan William Son m s 14
Nolan Elizabeth Dau f s 10
Nolan Rupert Son m s 9

O'Connor Alphonsus Head m m 50
O'Connor Ida Wife f m 49
O'Connor Raymond Son m s 17
O'Connor Bernard Son m s 16
Lavalle Joseph Sil m m 25
Lavalle Carmel Dau f m 23
Best Bertha NR f s 20

O'Keefe Anne Head f s 23
O'Keefe Mary Mother f w 76

O'Keefe Bernard Head m m 29
O'Keefe Marian Wife f m 24
O'Keefe Amelia Dau f s 2
Crane Doris Lodger f s 15

O'Keefe James Head m m 40
O'Keefe Rose Wife f m 26
O'Keefe Elizabeth Dau f s 3
O'Keefe Genevieve Dau f s 1
O'Keefe Bernadette Dau f s 1mo

O'Keefe Kevin Head m m 26
O'Keefe Bridget Wife f m 26
O'Keefe Thomas Son m s 2
O'Keefe Elizabeth Dau f s 8mo

O'Keefe Lewis Head m m 24
O'Keefe Theresa Wife f m 19
O'Keefe Eugene Son m s 1
O'Keefe Elizabeth Mother f w 64
O'Keefe Joseph Brother m s 33
Hilliard Edward Fil ? m m 42

O'Keefe Patrick Head m m 39
O'Keefe Angela Wife f m 38
O'Keefe Thomas Son m s 18
O'Keefe George Son m s 13
O'Keefe Kenneth Son m s 9
O'Keefe Donald Son m s 7
O'Keefe Rosemary Dau f s 4
O'Keefe Dermot Son m s 1

O'Reilly Francis Head m m 75
O'Reilly Mary Wife f m 69

O'Reilly George Head m m 36
O'Reilly Agnes Wife f m 36
O'Reilly Joan Dau f s 3
Byrne Mary Mil f w 71

O'Reilly Lawrence Head m m 30
O'Reilly Hannah Wife f m 30
O'Reilly Lawrence Son m s 2
O'Reilly Edwina Dau f s 8mo
Gilbert Ruby Servant f s 17

O'Reilly Michael Head m m 34
O'Reilly Emma Wife f m 30
O'Reilly Isabel Dau f s 10
O'Reilly Mary Dau f s 8
O'Reilly Maxwell Son m s 6
O'Reilly Leonard Son m s 4
O'Reilly Rosemary Dau f s 3
O'Reilly Dorothy Dau f s 1
O'Reilly Gerard Son m s 1mo

O'Reilly Philip Head m w 56
O'Reilly Hannah Dau f s 19
O'Reilly Michael Son m s 17
O'Reilly Mary Dau f s 16
O'Reilly Philip Son m s 12

Power Bernard Head m m 46
Power Elizabeth Wife f m 38
Power Rita Dau f s 16
Power Rose Dau f s 15
Power Anne Dau f s 14
Power Philip Son m s 11
Power Martin Son m s 9
Power Michael Son m s 7
Power Ronald Son m s 3
Power Dermot Son m s 10mo

Power John Head m m 32
Power Marie Wife f m 29
Power Geraldine Dau f s 2
Power Katherine Dau f s 3mo

Power Michael Head m m 51
Power Ellen Wife f m 45
Power Michael Son m s 24
Power Margaret Dau f s 18

Power Thomas Head m m 41
Power Ellen Wife f m 42
Power Michael Son m s 13
Power Lawrence Son m s 12
Power Theresa Dau f s 10
Power Francis Son m s 8
Power Edward Son m s 6
Power Rose Dau f s 4

Quilty William Head m m 32
Quilty Anne Wife f m 32
Quilty William Son m s 6
Quilty Michael Son m s 5
Quilty Leo Son m s 3
Quilty Richard Son m s 2

Schard William Head m m 24
Schard Pearl Wife f m 19
Schard Joseph Son m s 1
Ennis Loretta Servant f s 17

Shea John Head m m 49
Shea Angela Wife f m 35
Shea Mary Dau f s 16
Shea Michael Son m s 13
Shea Anne Dau f s 12

Smith Alexander Head m m 61
Smith Mary Wife f m 58
Smith Michael Son m s 32

Stevenson Harold Head m m 37
Stevenson Ella Wife f m 28
Stevenson Eloise Dau f s 1

Walsh Julia Head f w 67
Walsh Mary Dau f s 26
Walsh Gerald Son m s 21

Warren William Head m m 31
Warren Hazel Wife f m 26
Warren William Son m s 2
Warren Gloria Dau f s 2mo

Whelan Raymond Head m m 45
Whelan Anne Wife f m 42
Whelan Thomas Son m s 14
Whelan Ella Dau f s 12
Whelan Hubert Son m s 11
Whelan John Son m s 10
Whelan Frederick Son m s 9

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