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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Allen Benjamin Head m m 32
Allen Triphenia Wife f m 28
Allen Herbert Son m s 11
Allen Walter Son m s 9
Allen Daphne Dau f s 4
Allen Gladys Dau f s 1

Allen Ellen Head f w 66
Allen William Son m s 22

Boutcher Albert Head m s 65

Boutcher Alexander Head m m 59
Boutcher Elizabeth Wife f m 38

Boutcher Bertram Head m m 56
Boutcher Cora Wife f m 43
Boutcher Menard Son m s 19
Boutcher Margaret Dau f s 13
Poole Noble sson m s 19
Poole Margaret sdau f s 14

Boutcher Emily Head f w 76
Boutcher Charles Son m s 41
Upshall Beatrice Dau f w 37
Upshall Clayton gson m s 11
Upshall Lilly gson f s 9
Upshall Alice gson f s 5

Boutcher Llewelyn Head m m 28
Boutcher Stella Wife f m 23
Boutcher Winston Son m s 4
Boutcher Arthur Son m s 2
Boutcher Gordon Son m s 10mo

Boutcher Oliver Head m m 55
Boutcher Margaret Wife f m 52
Boutcher Wilfred Son m m 25
Boutcher Olive Dil f m 21
Boutcher Phyllis gdau f s 2mo

Boutcher Peter Head m m 55
Boutcher Hannah Wife f m 49
Boutcher Allan Son m s 22
Boutcher Emma Dau f s 14
Boutcher Oliver Son m s 11

Boutcher Rex Head m m 29
Boutcher Lillian Wife f m 19
Boutcher Rowena Dau f s 5mo

Boutcher Samuel Head m m 49
Boutcher Malinda Wife f m 44

Boutcher Wallace Head m m 33
Boutcher Bertha Wife f m 32
Boutcher Gerald Son m s 13
Boutcher Ilene Dau f s 11
Boutcher Audrey Dau f s 6
Boutcher Baxter Son m s 4
Boutcher Wilbur Son m s 3

Boutcher Wilfred Head m m 76
Boutcher Emily Wife f m 65

Boutcher William Head m m 61
Boutcher Susanna Wife f m 53
Boutcher John Son m w 24
Boutcher Edith gdau f s 2

Brown Frederick Head m m 38
Brown Lillian Wife f m 32
Brown Alastair Son m s 2
Brown James Son m s 3mo

Brown Ida Head f w 53
Berkshire Maynard Son m s 26
Berkshire Fletcher Son m s 24

Brown Wilson Head m m 58
Brown Mondella Wife f m 39
Brown George Son m s 23
Brown John Son m s 21
Brown Elizabeth Dau f s 16
Brown Frank Son m s 14
Brown Gordon Son m s 11
Brown Norman Son m s 10
Brown Henry Son m s 7
Brown Percy Son m s 5
Brown Bertha Dau f s 1

Hann Isaac Head m m 42
Hann Martha Wife f m 31
Hann Harvey Son m s 12
Hann Dorothy Dau f s 8
Hann George Son m s 7
Hann Alina Dau f s 1

Ingram Charles Head m w 59
Ingram Victor Son m s 27

Ingram George Head m m 66
Ingram Patience Wife f m 48
Ingram Freeman Son m s 18
Ingram Lloyd Son m s 11
Ingram Moses Son m s 6

Ingram Neil Head m m 34
Ingram Rita Wife f m 26
Ingram Hubert Son m s 5
Ingram Victor Son m s 1
Wareham John Fil m w 71

Ingram William Head m m 72
Ingram Alfreda Wife f m 57
Ingram Frederick Son m s 35
Ingram Elizabeth Dau f s 23
Ingram Mary Dau f s 21
Ingram Clara Dau f s 18

Marshall Thomas Head m m 50
Marshall Jessie Wife f m 45
Marshall Allan Son m s 23
Marshall Fergus Son m s 18
Marshall Elsie Dau f s 13
Marshall Doreen Dau f s 2
Marshall Gordon Son m s 4mo

Peach Wilfred Head m m 42
Peach Elsie Wife f m 41
Peach Mabel Dau f s 18
Peach Mona Dau f s 15
Peach Otto Son m s 12
Peach Calvin Son m s 11
Peach Heber Son m s 9
Peach Rita Dau f s 7
Peach James Son m s 5
Peach Frank Son m s 1

Rodeway Cleverley Head m m 33
Rodeway Marian Wife f m 34
Rodeway Nina Dau f s 11
Rodeway Norman Son m s 9
Rodeway Hilda Dau f s 6
Rodeway Ruby Dau f s 1

Rodeway Evelyn Head f w 39
Rodeway Leeland Son m s 20
Rodeway Ralph Son m s 15
Rodeway Harold Son m s 14
Rodeway Walter Son m s 9
Rodeway Albert Son m s 6

Rodeway Frederick Head m m 57
Rodeway Bertha Wife f m 45
Rodeway Linda Dau f s 2
Boutcher Laura sdau f s 20
Boutcher Ina sdau f s 16
Slade Sylvia sdau f s 14

Rodeway George Head m m 53
Rodeway Eliza Wife f m 53
Rodeway Hubert Son m s 10

Rodeway John Head m m 42
Rodeway Eliza Wife f m 34
Rodeway Virginia Dau f s 13
Rodeway Clyde Son m s 11
Rodeway Moses Son m s 9
Rodeway Lillian Dau f s 4
Rodeway Derek Son m s 6mo

Rodeway Nelson Head m w 75
Rodeway Archibald Son m m 38
Rodeway Lidia Dil f m 37
Rodeway Mildred gdau f s 9
Rodeway Winifred gdau f s 6
Rodeway Heber gson m s 2mo

Rodeway Wilson Head m m 51
Rodeway Maud Wife f m 44
Rodeway Maxwell Son m s 17
Rodeway Henry Son m s 16
Rodeway Caroline Dau f s 14
Rodeway Morley Son m s 5
Rodeway Ivy Dau f s 1

Rodway Victor Head m m 25
Rodway Maud Wife f m 23

Slade Frank Head m m 39
Slade Lillian Wife f m 35
Slade Una Dau f s 8
Slade Roy Son m s 5
Slade Elana Dau f s 3
Slade Patience Mother f w 64
Slade Albert Brother m s 28
Slade Elizabeth Sister f s 25

Slade George Head m m 29
Slade Matilda Wife f m 23
Slade Norman Son m s 3mo

Slade Harold Head m m 34
Slade Myrtle Wife f m 32
Slade Marjorie Dau f s 15
Slade Roland Son m s 12
Slade Clement Son m s 10
Slade Herman Son m s 8
Slade Maud Dau f s 3

Slade Janet Head f w 69
Slade Earl Son m s 43

Slade Malcolm Head m m 48
Slade Louise Wife f m 43
Slade Hilda Dau f s 14
Slade Ada Dau f s 10
Slade Violet Dau f s 5
Slade Berkley Son m s 2
Slade Lena Dau f s 5mo

Slade Nathaniel Head m m 45
Slade Patience Mother f w 70

Slade Reuben Head m m 65
Slade Anne Wife f m 64
Slade Jesse Son m s 20

Slade William Head m m 44
Slade Janetta Wife f m 38
Slade Neil Son m s 15
Slade Morgan Son m s 11
Slade Wilson Son m s 8
Slade Reginald Son m s 7
Slade Walter Son m s 4
Slade Alice Dau f s 2

Upshall Charles Head m m 23
Upshall Elsie Wife f m 21

Upshall John Head m m 50
Upshall Alice Wife f m 51
Upshall Freeman Son m s 22
Upshall Hazel Dau f s 15

Upshall Samuel Head m m 28
Upshall Elizabeth Wife f m 24
Upshall Willis Son m s 5
Upshall Manard Son m s 4

Wareham Brightwell Head m m 29
Wareham Elsie Wife f m 28
Wareham Raymond Son m s 8
Wareham Hannah Dau f s 4
Wareham Freeman Son m s 3
Wareham Wilfred Son m s 1
Boutcher Archibald Bil m s 53

Wareham Edgar Head m w 61
Wareham John Son m s 16

Wareham Samuel Head m m 48
Wareham Letta Wife f m 46
Wareham Sarah Dau f s 21
Wareham Mary Dau f s 11
Wareham Clarence Son m s 2

Wareham William Head m w 57
Wareham Leslie Son m s 23
Wareham Josiah Son m s 19

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