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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay East


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Barron Patrick Head m m 46
Barron Stella Wife f m 36
Barron Kathleen Dau f s 16
Barron Patricia Dau f s 9

Bartlett Wilfrid Head m m 21
Bartlett Anne Wife f m 24

Bennett Simon Head m m 56
Bennett Austin Son m s 17

Bray Ernest Head m m 34
Bray Sarah Wife f m 36
Bray Cynthia Dau f s 2
Bray Wayne Son m s 2mo

Fagan Donald Head m m 26
Fagan Agnes Wife f m 21
Fagan Bonaventure Son m s 1
Fagan Donald Son m s 3da

Glavine Matthew Head m m 41
Glavine Edith Wife f m 39
Glavine Ronald Son m s 15
Glavine John Son m s 13
Glavine Gloria Dau f s 8
Glavine Dorothy Dau f s 6

Hunt Thomas Head m m 37
Hunt Bridget Wife f m 34
Hunt John Son m s 6
Hunt William Son m s 4
Hunt Charles Son m s 1

Kent William Head m m 39
Kent Lucy Wife f m 38
Kent Denis Son m s 10
Kent Katherine Dau f s 9
Kent Rosalie Dau f s 6
Kent Edward Son m s 4
Kent Kevin Son m s 3

Le Messieur Philip Head m m 50
Le Messieur Mary Wife f m 50

Janes William Lodger * m w 64
Kent John Lodger * m m 51
Mulrooney Thomas Lodger * m s 46
Kavanagh Thomas Lodger * m m 40
Barrett John Lodger * m w 39
Fallon David Lodger * m s 37
Cleary Joseph Lodger * m s 28
Scott Wallace Lodger * m s 24
Cochrane William Lodger * m s 21
Drake Patrick Lodger * m s 21
Roost Genevieve Lodger * f s 21

McCarthy Bernard Head m m 30
McCarthy Monica Wife f m 21

McKnight John Head m m 38
McKnight Stella Wife f m 32
McKnight John Son m s 10
McKnight Joan Dau f s 9
McKnight Nancy Dau f s 7
McKnight James Son m s 5
McKnight Anthony Son m s 2
La Mer Ellen Mil f w 67

Miller Angus Head m m 27
Miller Mary Wife f m 24

Murphy Bernard Head m m 38
Murphy Bernice Wife f m 27
Murphy Ronald Son m s 1

Newman John Head m m 48
Newman Veronica Wife f m 32
Newman Margaret Dau f s 5
Newman John Son m s 2
Newman Gerald Son m s 21
Smith Rose Lodger f m 21

O'Neill Felix Head m m 25
O'Neill Maude Wife f m 29
O'Neill Ellen Dau f s 3
O'Neill Neil Son m s 1

Peyton John Head m m 32
Peyton Janet Wife f m 22
Peyton Edgar Son m s 1
Peyton Douglas Nephew m s 13

Phillips Patrick Head m m 33
Phillips Mary Wife f m 28
Phillips Marguerite Dau f s 6
Phillips John Son m s 5
Phillips Bernard Son m s 4
Phillips Patrick Son m s 2

Pittman Hannah Head f w 45
Pittman Veronica Dau f s 26
Pittman Angus Son m s 19

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Placentia Bay East