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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay West


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Bailey Ambrose Head m w 71
Vaters James Sil m m 39
Vaters Frances Dau f m 34
Vaters Walter gson m s 9
Vaters Genevieve gdau f s 8
Vaters Ambrose gson m s 3
Withers William NR m s 15

Bailey Charles Head m m 69
Bailey Ellen Wife f m 70
Picco Anne gdau f s 22

Bailey John Head m m 50
Bailey Anne Wife f m 39
Bailey George Nephew m s 19

Bailey Leo Head m w 54
Bailey Felix Son m s 24

Bennett James Head m m 42
Bennett Mary Wife f m 38
Bennett Patrick Son m s 22
Bennett Anne Dau f s 19
Bennett Bertha Dau f s 15
Bennett Caroline Dau f s 12
Bennett Richard Son m s 11
Bennett Joseph Son m s 10
Bennett Helena Dau f s 8
Bennett Violet Dau f s 7
Bennett Cornelius Son m s 4
Bennett William Son m s 3

Cheeseman Alphonsus Head f m 39
Cheeseman Christina Wife f m 28
Cheeseman Margaret Dau f s 6
Cheeseman Michael Son m s 1
Cheeseman Mary Dau f s 1mo

Cheeseman Bernard Head m m 40
Cheeseman Marian Wife f m 33
Cheeseman Madonna Dau f s 10
Cheeseman Gerald Son m s 9
Cheeseman Rosemary Dau f s 8

Cheeseman Frederick Head m m 36
Cheeseman Hannah Wife f m 35

Cheeseman John Head m m 30
Cheeseman Theresa Dau f m 22
Cheeseman Patrick Son m s 2mo

Cheeseman Joseph Head m m 65
Cheeseman Anne Wife f m 58
Cheeseman Charles Son m s 30
Cheeseman Daniel Son m s 24
Cheeseman Joseph Son m s 20
Cheeseman Eric Son m s 17

Cheeseman Leo Head m m 37
Cheeseman Elizabeth Wife f m 32
Cheeseman Francis Son m s 1
Cheeseman Mary Mother f w 67

Cheeseman Philip Head m m 72
Cheeseman Elizabeth Wife f m 64
Cheeseman Anne Dau f s 23
Rowlands Charles Sil m m 38
Rowlands Adella Dau f m 28
Rowlands John gson m s 2mo
Vaters George Sil m m 40
Vaters Matilda Dau f m 41
Vaters Florence gdau f s 7

Cheeseman Richard Head m m 68
Cheeseman Mary Wife f m 69

Cheeseman Urban Head m m 64
Cheeseman Martha Wife f m 58
Cheeseman Leonard Son m s 25
Withers Mary NR f s 11

Cheeseman William Head m m 48
Cheeseman Mary Wife f m 47
Cheeseman George Son m s 25
Cheeseman Urban Son m s 22

Cheeseman William Head m m 47
Cheeseman Caroline Wife f m 47
Cheeseman Marie Dau f s 15
Cheeseman Doris Dau f s 13
Cheeseman Elizabeth Dau f s 9

Dicks Cecil Head m m 30
Dicks Dora Wife f m 27
Dicks Dominic Son m s 2
Dicks Benedict Son m s 10mo

Dicks Christopher Head m m 59
Dicks Mary Wife f m 49
Dicks Mary Dau f s 15
Dicks Michael Son m s 11
Dicks Susannah Dau f s 9

Dicks John Head m m 32
Dicks Hilda Wife f m 21
Dicks Charles Brother m s 22
Dicks Julia Mother f w 58

Dicks William Head m m 37
Dicks Violet Wife f m 34
Dicks William Son m s 14
Dicks Ellen Dau f s 12
Dicks Violet Dau f s 10
Dicks Anna Dau f s 8
Dicks Isabella Dau f s 1mo
Dicks Ignatius Brother m m 33
Dicks Gertrude Sil f m 24

Emberley Leo Head m m 48
Emberley Alice Wife f m 49
Emberley James Son m s 18
Emberley Alice Dau s s 11
Picco Charles sson m s 24
Tarrant Rita NR f s 21
Squires Anne NR f s 19

Hann John Head m m 42
Hann Amy Wife f m 38
Hann Nora Dau f s 17
Hann Mary Dau f s 15
Hann Laura Dau f s 10
Hann Amy Dau f s 3

Hann Joseph Head m m 65
Hann Katherine Wife f m 63
Hann Joseph Son m s 29

Lake Mary Head f w 53
Lake William Son m m 29
Lake Theresa Dil f m 25
Lake James Son m s 23

Lundrigan Francis Head m m 30
Lundrigan Pauline Wife f m 26
Lundrigan Martha Dau f f 5

Lundrigan James Head m m 40
Lundrigan Theresa Wife f m 37
Lundrigan Patrick Son m s 7
Lundrigan James Son m s 2

Miller Ambrose Head m m 49
Miller Margaret Wife f m 45
Miller James Son m s 20
Miller Ambrose Son m s 9
Cheeseman Ambrose NR m s 50

Miller Bernard Head m m 40
Miller Mary Wife f m 35
Miller Katherine Dau f s 12
Miller William Son m s 9

Miller Jerome Head m m 34
Miller Emma Wife f m 29
Miller Cyril Son m s 13
Miller Veronica Dau f s 10
Miller Gordon Son m s 8
Miller Margaret Mother f w 73

Moores Archibald Head m m 42
Moores Marguerite Wife f m 40
Moores Gertrude Dau f s 11
Moores Carmel Dau f s 5
Moores Charles Head m m 28
Moores Stella Wife f m 30
Moores Rodger Son m s 4
Moores Kevin Son m s 2

Moores Peter Head m m 38
Moores Irene Wife f m 32
Moores Elsie Dau f s 12
Moores Eugene Son m s 10
Moores Edmund Son m s 8
Moores Ellen Dau f s 6
Moores Archibald Son m s 4
Moores Irene Dau f s 1

Moores Rosanna Head f w 65
Moores Andrew Son m s 34

Norman Frederick Head m m 35
Norman Sarah Wife f m 32
Norman Edward Brother m s 19
Norman Michael Son m s 11
Norman Bernice Sister f s 10
Norman Myrtle Dau f s 9
Norman James Son m s 5
Norman Anastasia gMother f w 75

Norman George Head m m 38
Norman Alice Wife f m 36
Norman Amy Dau f s 17
Norman Rita Dau f s 14
Norman Agnes Dau f s 11
Norman Margaret Dau f s 9
Norman Charles Son m s 7
Norman John Son m s 2
Norman George Son m s 1

Picco Phillip Head m m 60
Picco Mary Wife f m 53
Whiffen Mary adau f s 5
Whiffen Andrew NR m m 30
Whiffen Mary NR f m 17

Stewart Felix Head m m 46
Stewart Mary Wife f m 48
Stewart Elizabeth Dau f s 24
Stewart Michael Son m s 22
Stewart Josephine Dau f s 20
Stewart Laura Dau f s 16
Stewart Gertrude Dau f s 13
Stewart Alphonsus Son m s 10
Stewart Gordon Son m s 8
Stewart Patrick Son m s 6
Stewart Dora Dau f s 2

Vaters Aloysius Head m m 37
Vaters Madelaine Wife f m 31
Vaters Ellen Mother f w 75

Vaters John Head m m 57
Vaters Catherine Wife f m 53

Vaters Ronald Head m m 26
Vaters Melita Wife f m 24
Vaters Ronald Son m s 1

Vaters William Head m m 55
Vaters Alice Wife f m 39
Vaters Priscilla Dau f s 7

Whiffen Bernard Head m m 32
Whiffen Eileen Wife f m 27
Whiffen Theresa Dau f s 5
Whiffen Alice Dau f s 4
Whiffen Eileen Dau f s 1

Whiffen Herbert Head m m 39
Whiffen Sarah Wife f m 36
Whiffen Gladys Dau f s 17
Whiffen Ellen Dau f s 14
Whiffen Jessie Dau f s 11
Whiffen Sarah Dau f s 9
Whiffen Anne Dau f s 6
Whiffen Herbert Son m s 2

Whiffen Robert Head m m 59
Whiffen Theresa Wife f m 61
Whiffen Thomas Son m s 29
Whiffen Joseph Son m s 25
Whiffen Patrick Son m s 19

Whiffen Robert Head m m 31
Whiffen Cecilia Wife f m 27
Whiffen Robert Son m s 1mo

Whiffen Thomas Head m m 54
Whiffen Margaret Wife f m 57
Whiffen Lucretia Mother f w 79
Gaulton Patrick Cousin m m 36
Gaulton Hannah Cousinil f m 17
Gaulton Margaret gCousin f s 1

Williams Olivia Head f w 74
Williams Maud Dau f s 35

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