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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region

Spencer's Cove

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Beck Heber Head m m 46
Beck Dorcas Wife f m 41
Beck Maisie Dau f s 17
Beck Sylvia Dau f s 12
Beck Howard Son m s 11
Beck Ira Son m s 9
Beck James Son m s 7
Beck Sheila Dau f s 4
Beck Limal Dau f s 3
Beck Wilfred Son m s 2
Beck Franklin Son m s 4mo
Beck Jesse Bil m m 54

Berkshire Clement Head m m 41
Berkshire Anne Wife f m 39
Berkshire Allan Son m s 10
Berkshire Raymond Son m s 8
Berkshire Margaret Dau f s 4
Berkshire Bertha Dau f s 1
Burton Heber Fil m w 71

Berkshire Melinda Head f w 71
Smith Charles Sil m m 32
Smith Melinda Dau f m 31
Smith Melinda gDau f s 1

Best Eliza Head f w 68
Brown Isaac Brother m s 64

Best William Head m m 28
Best Emma Wife f m 28
Best Arthur Son m s 5
Best Victor Son m s 4
Best Wilfred Son m s 1

Boutcher Harold Head m m 48
Boutcher Alice Wife f m 44
Boutcher Howard Son m s 13
Boutcher Juanita Dau f s 4
Boutcher Bertram Brother m s 47
Hollett Eliza Mil f w 84

Boutcher Thomas Head m w 50
Boutcher Roy Son m s 15
Boutcher Elwin Son m s 9
Brown Ada NR f s 18
Brown Loretta NR f s 10mo

Brown William Head m m 62
Brown Susannah Wife f m 69

Hollett Albert Head m m 50
Hollett Ella Wife f m 46
Hollett Norman Son m s 15
Guy Gerald NR m s 1
Strobridge John NR m s 20

Hollett Earl Head m m 32
Hollett Evelyn Wife f m 32
Hollett Edna Dau f s 6

Hollett Eldred Head m m 28
Hollett Edith Wife f m 28
Hollett Clarence Son m s 4
Hollett Audrey Dau f s 3
Hollett Franklin Son m s 6mo

Hollett Heber Head m m 38
Hollett Dinah Wife f m 39
Hollett Elizabeth Dau f s 10
Hollett Frederick Son m s 1mo

Hollett John Head m m 56
Hollett Ella Wife f m 49
Hollett Mildred Dau f s 25
Hollett Lloyd Son m s 14
Guy Raftus NR m s 10

Hollett Victor Head m m 44
Hollett Edith Wife f m 44
Hollett Verna Dau f s 16
Hollett Daphne Dau f s 14
Hollett Ivy Dau f s 12
Hollett Edith Dau f s 10
Hollett Hannah Dau f s 8
Hollett Anne Dau f s 3
Hollett Josiah Brother m s 59

Johnson Roland **See Errata Table below Head m m 29
Johnson Gloria **See Errata Table below Wife f m 28
Johnson Olive **See Errata Table below Dau f s 10
Johnson Mary **See Errata Table below Dau f s 5
Johnson John **See Errata Table below Son m s 3

Peach Archibald Head m m 49
Peach Margaret Wife f m 40
Peach George Son m s 10
Peach Walter Son m s 1

Peach George Head m m 51
Peach Amelia Wife f m 51
Peach Evelyn Dau f s 10

Peach Henry Head m w 53
Peach George Son m s 22
Collett Sarah NR f w 57

Peach James Head m m 49
Peach Flora Wife f m 47
Peach Isaac Son m s 20
Peach Marjorie Dau f s 18
Peach Edith Dau f s 14
Peach Norman Son m s 13
Peach Walter Son m s 9

Rodway Richard Head m m 47
Rodway Edith Wife f m 41
Rodway Ethel Dau f s 21
Rodway Hazel Dau f s 19
Rodway Marjorie Dau f s 18
Rodway Edna Dau f s 16
Rodway David Son m s 12
Rodway Alexander Son m s 2

Salamandra Eugene Head m m 25
Salamandra Doris Wife f m 31

Slade Ernest Head m m 63
Slade Ella Wife f m 60
Slade James Son m s 24

Slade John Head m m 54
Slade Caroline Dau f m 50
Slade Anne Dau f s 16
Slade Ethel Dau f s 15
Slade Blanche Dau f s 14
Slade Emily Dau f s 12

Slade Nathaniel Head m m 27
Slade Effie Wife f m 25
Slade Ruby aDau f s 4
Slade Carson Son m s 1
Best Wayne Nephew m s 1

Slade Thomas Head m m 30
Slade Martha Wife f m 25
Slade Thomas Son m s 2
Best George Uncle m w 63

Wareham Freeman Head m m 42
Wareham Lillian Wife f m 29
Wareham Eric Son m s 11
Wareham Kevin Son m s 1
Rowe John NR m m 53
Rowe Albert NR m m 47
Taylor Thelma NR f s 24
Traverse Bridget NR f s 24

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name
JOHNSON, Ronald & family The entry for this family should read as follows:
JOHNSON, Ronald T. Head
JOHNSON, Rhoda N. Wife
JOHNSON, Olive D. Daughter
JOHNSON, Mary P. Daughter
JOHNSON, Frances E. Daughter

These are my parents and sisters.

Judy Chaulk

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