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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay West

St. Joseph's (Placentia Bay West)

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Barron Bridget Head f w 66
Barron Peter Son m s 26

Barron Fergus Head m m 34
Barron Anne Wife f m 34
Barron Carmel Dau f s 9
Barron Laura Dau f s 7
Barron Alice Dau f s 4
Barron Alonzo Son m s 3

Barron John Head m m 50
Barron Elizabeth Wife f m 46
Barron Anne Dau f s 23
Barron Lawrence Son m s 19
Barron Winifred Dau f s 9

Barron Lawrence Head m m 46
Barron Mary Wife f m 32
Barron Peter Son m s 14
Barron Jeremiah Son m s 11
Barron James Son m s 9
Barron Martin Son m s 6
Barron Frederick Son m s 3
Picco Cornelius Bil m s 21

Barron Lawrence Head m m 43
Barron Anne Wife f m 25
Barron Alphonsus Son m s 6
Barron Gladys Dau f s 4
Barron John Son m s 1mo

Barron Patrick Head m m 25
Barron Christine Wife f m 22
Barron Allan Son m s 2
Barron Joseph Son m s 1

Barron William Head m m 54
Barron Philomena Wife f m 53
Barron John Son m s 31
Barron Jerome Son m s 21

Brown Fergus Head m m 43
Brown Eileen Wife f m 31
Brown Michael Son m s 3
Brown Dennis Son m s 1
Saint Mary Mil f w 73
Saint Ambrose Nephew m s 14

Brown Frances Head f w 55
Brown William Son m s 21

Brown John Head m m 49
Brown Margaret Wife f m 37
Brown Daniel Nephew m s 14
Brown Patrick Nephew m s 7
Brown Fergus Nephew m s 6
Brown John Nephew m s 2
Brown Ellen Mother f w 79

Brown Leo Head m m 50
Brown Elizabeth Wife f m 31
Brown Mary Dau f s 12
Brown Pius Son m s 11
Brown Maria Dau f s 8
Brown Caroline Dau f s 6
Brown Charles Son m s 3
Brown James Son m s 1

Clarke Chesley Head m m 42
Clarke Mary Wife f m 47
Pardy Chesley Nephew m s 20

Clarke Edward Head m m 44
Clarke Anne Wife f m 43
Clarke Charles Son m s 22
Clarke Francis Son m s 19
Clarke Mabel Dau f s 16
Clarke Stella Dau f s 12

Harris Clement Head m m 36
Harris Ida Wife f m 25
Harris Edward Son m s 7
Harris Raymond Son m s 2

Harris Edward Head m w 53
Harris John Brother m s 48
Harris Alberta Sister f s 42
Harris Elizabeth Mother f w 78

Harris Gordon Head m m 33
Harris Mary Wife f m 28
Harris Mary Dau f s 9
Harris Madonna Dau f s 7
Harris Alice Dau f s 4
Harris Bertha Dau f s 2

Harris James Head m m 51
Harris Rachel Wife f m 46
Harris Raymond Son m s 22
Harris Stanley Son m s 19
Harris Leslie Dau f s 16
Harris Ruby Dau f s 13
Harris Norman Son m s 9

Harris Rodger Head m m 39
Harris Elsie Wife f m 47

Hawco Isabella Head f w 66
Hawco John Son m m 30
Hawco Marian Dil f m 30
Hawco Celina gdau f s 2

Hunt Maurice Head m m 50
Hunt Lucy Wife f m 46
Hunt Camillus Son m s 22
Hunt William Son m s 20
Hunt Maurice Son m s 12
Hunt Michael Son m s 9
Hunt Adrian Son m s 7

Hynes Margaret Head f w 56
Hynes Walter Son m s 25
Hynes Cecil Son m s 22

Hynes Patrick Head m m 29
Hynes Matilda Wife f m 22
Hynes Mary Dau f s 3
Hynes Elizabeth Dau f s 3mo

Keating Michael Head m m 31
Keating Elizabeth Wife f m 24
Keating William Dau m s 3
Keating Susannah Son f s 1
Durdle Millicent Dom f s 22

Keating Thomas Head m m 66
Keating Mary Wife f m 58

King Nelson Head m m 42
King Mary Wife f m 32
King John Son m s 6
King Gordon Son m s 5

Lake Archibald Head m m 67
Lake Mary Wife f m 55
Lake Ambrose Son m s 27
Lake Edward Son m s 19
Lake Martha Dau f s 13
Lake James Son m s 8

Lake John Head m m 34
Lake Eliza Wife f m 33
Lake Mercedes Dau f s 13
Lake Madonna Dau f s 11
Lake Beatrice Dau f s 9
Lake Henry Son m s 6
Lake Dennis Son m s 4
Lake Martha Dau f s 3
Lake Nora Dau f s 2
Brown Aidan NR m s 13

Lake John Head m m 34
Lake Elizabeth Wife f m 33
Lake George Son m s 14

Lake Joseph Head m m 44
Lake Anne Wife f m 27

Lake William Head m m 30
Lake Margaret Wife f m 30
Lake Patrick Son m s 6
Lake Shirley Dau f s 2
Lake John Son m s 1mo

Melay Andrew Head m m 48
Melay Susannah Wife f m 53

Mulrooney Frederick Head m m 52
Mulrooney Ellen Wife f m 50
Mulrooney Patrick Son m w 30
Mulrooney Margaret Dau f s 25
Mulrooney Daniel Son m s 20
Mulrooney Mary Dau f s 14
Mulrooney Gertrude Dau f s 11
Mulrooney Frederick gson m s 2

Murphy Archibald Head m w 40
Murphy John Son m s 15
Murphy Kathleen Dau f s 12
Murphy Susannah Dau f s 10

Murphy James Head m m 56
Murphy Margaret Wife f m 54
Murphy Eenest Son m s 27

Murphy Patrick Head m m 54
Murphy Elizabeth Wife f m 49
Murphy Leo Son m s 19
Murphy Elizabeth Dau f s 16
Murphy William Son m s 14
Murphy Blanche Dau f s 11
Murphy Frederick Son m s 6
Murphy Jarrett Son m s 4

Pardy William Head m m 31
Pardy Caroline Wife f m 35
Keating John Bil m s 22

Peevy Edward Head m m 62
Peevy Elizabeth Wife f m 62

Peevy George Head m m 65
Peevy Isabella Wife f m 55
Peevy George Son m s 30
Peevy Johannah Dau f s 27
Peevy Charles Son m s 25
Peevy Bertha Dau f s 19
Whittle Mary Dau f w 29
Whittle Edward gson m s 5

Peevy Joseph Head m m 57
Peevy Hannah Wife f m 55
Peevy James Son m s 18
Peevy Gordon Son m s 11

Picco Ambrose Head m m 27
Picco Maud Wife f m 26
Picco Gregory Son m s 4
Picco James Son m s 1

Picco James Head m w 71
Picco Benedict Son m s 25
Picco Martin Son m m 34
Picco Mary Dil f m 30
Picco Cornelius gson m s 2mo

Picco John Head m m 69
Picco Anne Wife f m 50
Picco John Son m s 25
Picco Frederick Son m s 24
Picco Martin Son m s 21
Picco Arthur Son m s 19
Picco David Son m s 17
Cowper Mary adau f s 11

Picco John Head m m 56
Picco Eileen Wife f m 50
Picco Lillian adau f s 15

Picco Leonard Head m m 24
Picco Rita Wife f m 20
Picco Celina Mother f s 59

Picco Peter Head m m 25
Picco Stella Wife f m 24

Ryan Michael Head m m 59
Ryan Anne Wife f m 58
Ryan Martin Son m s 35

Ryan Robert Head m m 27
Ryan Margaret Wife f m 26
Ryan Maurice Son m s 5
Ryan Patrick Son m s 3
Ryan Michael Son m s 10mo
King Robert Uncle m w 74

Ryan Thomas Head m m 34
Ryan Johannah Head f m 30
Ryan Genevieve Dau f s 12
Ryan Anne Dau f s 9
Ryan Stella Dau f s 7
Ryan Mary Dau f s 4
Ryan William Son m s 1mo

Stewart George Head m m 48
Stewart Margaret Wife f m 46
Stewart John Son m s 18
Stewart George Son m s 15
Stewart Margaret Dau f s 11
Stewart Cyril Son m s 8

Stewart William Head m m 24
Stewart Celina Wife f m 30
Stewart Kevin Son m s 3

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