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Partial Land grants for Sound Island

Source: PANL-The Rooms Land Grants. GN 3/2/0 #1 - #13,162 (1831-1912), Reel # 2 B-6-4. Submitted by an anonymous researcher.

No. Granted Situation of the Land Advanced Amount Constitution of Amount Remarks

1016 Philip Brown 1 Betty's Hole, Sound Island 2 2      22    5 1857
Oct. 6
3018 James Hollett 3 Sound Island 1      31     120 1869
10 Dec.


PANL-The Rooms
Land Grants
GN 3/2/0
#1 - #13,162 (1831-1912)
Reel # 2

Transcriber Notes:

1 This is presumably the same Philip Brown listed as a supplier in the 1875 NL railroad survey (JHA 1876:85), and other historical sources,

2 The local place name or toponym Betty's Hole (sic.) may historically derive from the female first or given name Betty, perhaps as an abbreviation or truncation of the common name Elizabeth (Betsy). An origin from the family name Bettice, or Bettis, as if from Battiste [John] may also be remotely possible, although the former seems more reasonable.

3 This is presumably the same James or Jas. Hollett, perhaps also John Hollett, as mentioned in the NL railway survey as referenced to above (JHA 1976:81,87), a planter, merchant trader-supplier of Sound Island-Piper's Hole, P.B., in competition with Philip Brown as noted above.

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