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Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay East District

RC Marriages, Little Placentia (Argentia) area (Holy Rosary Parish) from 1835-1896.

From Family Search records of Nfld Church Records 1793-1945. Unfortunately the information on residence was not provided. Transcribed & contributed by Frank Fitzpatrick. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors or omissions.
Day Month Year Groom Bride Married by Rev: Witness I Witness II
26 Aug 1835 FULFORD, John MURPHY, Anastasia M. Nowlan Thomas Pittman Mary Murphy
9 Sep 1835 BENNETT, Ambrose DUNNE, Bridget M. Nowlan John Bishop Elizabeth Ryan
23 Sep 1835 COSTELLO, Patrick FLYNN, Mary M. Nowlan Mary St. Croix Anne Collins
26 Sep 1835 RICKS, Georges LEDWELL, Anne M. Nowlan Thomas Ledwell John O'Reilly
24 Oct 1835 KELLY, Thomas KELLY, Sarah M. Nowlan James Kelly Matthew Walsh
5 Nov 1835 POWER, Richard DEVEREUX, Bridget M. Nowlan James Walsh Margaret Meade
5 Nov 1835 MALONE, Michael HOULIHAN, Bridget M. Nowlan James Garen Mary O'Leary
8 Nov 1835 MARRY, Thomas DUNPHY, Mary M. Nowlan Patrick Dunphy Sarah Cooke
8 Nov 1835 ST. CROIX, William FOLEY, Ellen M. Nowlan Patrick Foley Mary St. Croix
15 Nov 1835 VICKERS, William SHEA, Anne M. Nowlan James Kelly Lucy Kelly
23 Nov 1835 RYAN, Martin CASEY, Mary M. Nowlan John Ryan Elizabeth Casey
23 Nov 1835 LANNON, John COLLINS, Mary Ann M. Nowlan Matthew Grace Maria Whelan
11 Feb 1836 BREEN, Andrew CORBIN, Sarah M. Nowlan John Sinnott Dorothy Corbin
12 Feb 1836 SULLIVAN, Michael WALL, Sarah M. Nowlan James Power Catherine Samson
16 Apr 1836 FOLEY, John O'BRIEN, Catherine M. Nowlan William Foley Mary Foley
9 May 1836 MURPHY, Andrew ROCHE, Sarah M. Nowlan Patrick Houlihan Sarah Power
10 May 1836 CONDON, John WALSH, Bridget M. Nowlan Stephen Hanrahan Mary Foley
15 Jul 1836 BARRETT, William PALFREY, Anne M. Nowlan Thomas Pittman Martha Pittman
20 Jul 1836 MONKS, John HEARNE, Mary M. Nowlan John Hanlon Mary Chambers
25 Jul 1836 PINE, William CAUL, Johanna M. Nowlan James Dunne Esther Hearne
30 Aug 1836 MOONEY, Robert CAMPBELL, Mary M. Nowlan Maurice McCue Mary Kelly
9 Sep 1836 BENNETT, Thomas MANSFIELD, Anne M. Nowlan John Bennett James Fulford
15 Sep 1836 POWER, Thomas RYAN, Mary M. Nowlan Daniel Ryan Mary Power
16 Sep 1836 BROWN, Daniel LEONARD, Anne M. Nowlan Patrick Leonard Mary Penney
22 Sep 1836 HEPDITCH, Richard GREENE, Sarah M. Nowlan Peter Dobbin Honora Dobbin
26 Sep 1836 PITTMAN, William HYNES, Mary M. Nowlan Thomas Pittman Martha Pittman
26 Sep 1836 BYRNE, John PITTMAN, Frances M. Nowlan Thomas Pittman Martha Pittman
5 Oct 1836 BROWN, Philip GILBERT, Sarah M. Nowlan James Hallet Martha Wyse
1 Nov 1836 COFFEY, James MCGRATH, Catherine M. Nowlan James Daley Mary McGrath
13 Nov 1836 CAVANAGH, Luke KELLY, Ellen M. Nowlan John O'Reilly Margaret Ryan
16 Nov 1836 CONNORS, John REED, Mary M. Nowlan Patrick Murphy Mary Evans
21 Nov 1836 SAMSON, James MOONEY, Elizabeth M. Nowlan Patrick Griffin Sarah Hill
21 Nov 1836 WALSH, Patrick GRIFFIN, Mary Ann M. Nowlan John O'Reilly Johanna O'Reilly
21 Nov 1836 MURPHY, Patrick EVANS, Ellen M. Nowlan John Murphy Mary Ann Griffin
23 Nov 1836 CARROLL, Patrick O'REILLY, Mary Ann M. Nowlan Patrick O'Reilly Morgan O'Reilly
23 Nov 1836 LEFRAIN, James RYAN, Ellen M. Nowlan John Ryan Jane Lake
25 Nov 1836 SPARROW, Thomas WALSH, Lucy M. Nowlan James Ledwell Bridget Meade
25 Nov 1836 DUNPHY, Patrick SAMSON, Catherine M. Nowlan William Dunphy Mary Samson
10 Jan 1837 BLANCHE, James BARRON, Ellen M. Nowlan James Barron Ruth Collins
15 Jan 1837 CARROLL, Patrick O'REILLY, Johanna M. Nowlan Edward Castley Mary Ann O'Reilly
3 Sep 1837 WADMAN, Martin POMROY, Johanna M. Nowlan Anne Pomroy Thomas Walsh
1 May 1837 FOLEY, Daniel POWER, Bridget M. Nowlan James Dohey Martin Foley
4 Oct 1837 HAYES, Edward HAYDEN, Esther M. Nowlan Patrick Hayden Bridget Hayden
9 Oct 1837 TRAVERSE, Job CORCORAN, Alice M. Nowlan Cornelius Corcoran Sarah Power
15 Nov 1837 LAMBE, James BARRON, Maria M. Nowlan Laurence Barron Anastasia Barron
24 Sep 1837 PALFREY, Robert HYNES, Catherine M. Nowlan Laurence Murphy Jane Hynes
9 Jun 1837 KERRIVAN, Patrick PLANK, Margaret M. Nowlan Laurence Murphy Philip Miller
9 Jun 1837 GALVIN, John GILASHY, Frances M. Nowlan Laurence Murphy Maurice Condon
5 Nov 1837 MURPHY, Philip O'LEARY, Anne M. Nowlan Patrick Foran Alice Walsh
29 Nov 1837 O'REILLY, Edward MEADE, Bridget M. Nowlan Edward O'Reilly Elizabeth O'Reilly
29 Nov 1837 GRIFFITH, Patrick FITZPATRICK, Elizabeth M. Nowlan Francis Walsh Honora Walsh
29 Nov 1837 COLLINS, William BLANCHE, Bridget M. Nowlan Patrick Meaney Ruth Collins
22 Nov 1837 O'LEARY, John MEADE, Margaret M. Nowlan Edward O'Reilly Alice Walsh
20 Nov 1837 NORTHOVER, Samuel KING, Jane M. Nowlan John Griffith Mary Murphy
2 Jan 1837 O'REILLY, Thomas COLLINS, Ruth M. Nowlan Thomas Lambe Sarah Miller
25 Jan 1837 HENNESSY, Edward MAVELL, Hannah M. Nowlan William Walsh Bridget Murray
13 Aug 1837 MURRAY, Michael POMROY, Anne M. Nowlan John Pomroy Catherine Murray
15 Aug 1837 POMROY, John MURRAY, Catherine M. Nowlan Thomas Murray Jane Whelan
19 Aug 1837 BREWER, John HEPDITCH, Catherine M. Nowlan James Leonard Catherine Hepditch
24 Aug 1837 PEACH, Elias GREENE, Sarah M. Nowlan James Pittman Martha Pittman
1 Sep 1837 BALLARD, George GRANTER, Mary M. Nowlan Robert Brinston Rebecca Hallett
7 Oct 1837 PITTMAN, Robert LAKE, Jane M. Nowlan James Ledwell Margaret Ryan
19 Oct 1837 HALLETT, Edward WALSH, Hannah M. Nowlan Patrick Geary Mary Keats
12 Oct 1837 BLANCHE, Sylvester O'REILLY, Ellen M. Nowlan William O'Reilly Johanna O'Reilly
12 Oct 1837 GILBERT, Samuel WHIFFIN, Anne M. Nowlan Herbert Whiffen Sarah Power
2 Nov 1837 FOLLETT, George BOWDRING, Elizabeth M. Nowlan Thomas Leonard Mary McCue
4 Nov 1837 CROKE, Patrick SHANAHAN, Mary M. Nowlan Edward Costello Mary Barron
13 Nov 1837 CONNORS, John KELLY, Mary M. Nowlan Denis Kelly Jane Smith
15 Nov 1837 DORMODY, James MURPHY, Anne M. Nowlan Edward O'Reilly Elizabeth O'Reilly
22 Nov 1837 HOLDEN, John CONWAY, Ellen M. Nowlan Edward Mullett Bridget Condon
23 Nov 1837 RYAN, Denis MCCARTHY, Catherine M. Nowlan Thomas McCarthy Jerry McCarthy
27 Nov 1837 FORAN, William QUINLAN, Ellen M. Nowlan Robert Sparrow Jane Sparrow
30 Nov 1837 O'KEEFE, Martin WHELAN, Jane M. Nowlan James Davis Anne Connors
18 Nov 1837 SHELLY, Thomas FITZGERALD, Catherine P. Nowlan Michael McGrath Margaret Brown
19 Nov 1837 MCCUE, John MURPHY, Mary P. Nowlan Joseph Newman Jane McGarret
19 Nov 1837 LEDWELL, John WALSH, Alice P. Nowlan Robert Sparrow Catherine McGrath
20 Nov 1837 WALSH, Michael SPARROW, Mary P. Nowlan William Foran Elizabeth Kelly
21 Nov 1837 HENNESSY, James BURT, Anastasia P. Nowlan Patrick Ryan Mary Mullins
4 May 1839 BENNETT, John DOBBIN, Ellen P. Nowlan Peter Dobbin Bridget Bennett
25 Jul 1839 PALFREY, Thomas TIBBO, Margaret P. Nowlan Thomas Truman Julia Tibbo
4 Feb 1839 ENGLISH, Thomas MCGRATH, Mary P. Nowlan Thomas Phelan Mary Power
4 Feb 1839 CONWAY, Thomas WALSH, Catherine P. Nowlan Patrick McGrath Margaret Nash
17 Feb 1839 HALL, John LAMBE, Charlotte P. Nowlan William Killan Anne Patterson
25 Oct 1840 KIELLY, John GREENE, Mary Anne P. Nowlan Michael Kelly Ellen Kelly
25 Oct 1840 GREENE, Stephen O'LEARY, Ellen P. Nowlan Michael Phalen Frances Kelly
17 Nov 1840 POWER, David HARTIGAN, Mary P. Nowlan John Mooney Anne Corbin
20 Nov 1840 GRACE, Matthew COLLINS, Ruth P. Nowlan William Collins Margaret Collins
24 Nov 1840 MOONEY, Patrick POWER, Mary P. Nowlan John Ledwell Eliza Power
21 Jun 1840 MURPHY, John CROWE, Mary P. Nowlan David Griffith Jane McFarlane
27 Jun 1840 DUNNE, John BLANCHE, Anastasia P. Nowlan James Cleary Mary Ann Fortune
21 Jun 1840 PHELAN, Michael BARRON, Mary P. Nowlan John Walsh Mary Ann Kielly
31 Jan 1841 O'MARA, Martin BLACK, Mary P. Nowlan James Murphy Mary Traverse
1 May 1841 KIELLY, Edward MILLER, Victoria P. Nowlan John Kearney Margaret Sinnott
16 Jun 1841 MCCUE, Maurice MCFARLANE, Jane P. Nowlan Patrick Murphy Ellen Crowe
25 Sep 1841 ST. CROIX, Christopher MAHER, Mary P. Nowlan James Power Elizabeth Norman
25 Sep 1841 RYAN, James MURPHY, Mary P. Nowlan Patrick Lynch Anne Connors
1 Oct 1841 LACEY, John O'KEEFE, Catherine P. Nowlan William Crowe Ellen Crowe
11 Sep 1841 NORMAN, Joseph PITTMAN, Sarah P. Nowlan Daniel O'Brien Bridget Fitzgerald
21 Sep 1841 KING, William DREADDY, Mary P. Nowlan David Griffith Jane Kielly
11 Mar 1841 MCGRATH, Michael JORDAN, Mary P. Nowlan James McGrath Ellen Kielly
25 Mar 1841 BIRD, James O'REILLY, Emily P. Nowlan Robert Sparrow Jane O'Reilly
25 Mar 1841 SPARROW, Robert SAMSON, Johanna P. Nowlan Thomas Ledwell Catherine O'Reilly
21 Mar 1841 KELLY, Denis DUKE, Anne P. Nowlan William Dunphy Mary Meade
21 Mar 1841 CLEARY, Michael MEADE, Eliza P. Nowlan Edward Costello Sarah Hill
12 Oct 1842 DOBBIN, Nicholas O'REILLY, Catherine P. Nowlan William Walsh Elizabeth Norman
13 Nov 1842 NORTHOVER, John FITZGERALD, Bridget P. Nowlan Joseph Terry Mary Cooney
26 Nov 1842 WALSH, Patrick MCCUE, Mary Anne P. Nowlan Thomas Ledwell Ellen O'Reilly
26 Nov 1842 WALSH, Francis HILL, Catherine P. Nowlan Philip Ledwell Bridget O'Reilly
26 Dec 1842 WHIFFIN, Hubert O'BRIEN, Margaret P. Nowlan Robert Hann Mary Murphy
27 Sep 1842 WALSH, Thomas BARRON, Mary P. Nowlan James Pendergast Anastasia Black
16 Apr 1843 WALSH, William LAMBE, Johanna P. Nowlan Thomas McCarthy Julia McCarthy
27 Aug 1843 MURPHY, Patrick SWEENEY, Catherine P. Nowlan Edward McCarthy Mary McCarthy
11 Sep 1843 DUNPHY, John LAMBE, Elizabeth P. Nowlan Thomas McCarthy Helen McCarthy
30 Sep 1843 MASTERS, William MEADE, Mary P. Nowlan William Lamb Mary Cooney
5 Oct 1843 ROCHE, Peter COONEY, Mary P. Nowlan Thomas Grant Lucy Roche
4 Nov 1843 HOULIHAN, John SAMSON, Mary P. Nowlan James Houlihan Mary Lundrigan
24 Nov 1843 BIRD, Thomas BLACK, Catherine P. Nowlan John Power Mary Mullins
8 Jan 1844 HAYES, James NORMAN, Elizabeth P. Nowlan Patrick Lambe Julia McCarthy
27 Sep 1844 WALSH, Thomas BARRON, Margaret P. Nowlan James Pendergast Petronella Barron
14 Nov 1844 MURPHY, Andrew MULLINS, Mary P. Nowlan Michael Dreaddy Mary Murphy
21 Nov 1844 MEADE, Valentine FORAN, Patrick P. Nowlan Patrick Foran Ellen Kielly
11 Oct 1844 GRIFFIN, James MURPHY, Catherine P. Nowlan James Culleton Anne Sweeney
19 Oct 1844 GRIFFITH, David MURRAY, Norah P. Nowlan William Foley Agnes Foley
19 Oct 1844 FREEMAN, Thomas GRANT, Mary P. Nowlan John Furlong Ellen Grant
31 May 1845 #####, Andrew KELLY, Bridget P. Nowlan James Fagan Mary Kelly
15 Nov 1845 POWER, Patrick POWER, Mary P. Nowlan James Murphy Margaret Murphy
26 Nov 1845 FORAN, Patrick O'REILLY, Elizabeth P. Nowlan John Hunt Frances O'Reilly
11 Dec 1845 WALSH, David MCCARTHY, Norah P. Nowlan James Fagan Bridget Lambe
14 Dec 1845 FAGAN, James KELLY, Mary P. Nowlan John Merrigan Julia McCarthy
28 Apr 1846 EVANS, Thomas ROCHE, Lucy P. Nowlan James Roche Catherine Evans
29 Apr 1846 LAMBE, Patrick MCCARTHY, Julia P. Nowlan Michael Dunphy Sheilah McCarthy
25 Jun 1846 WALSH, Edward DOHEY, Mary P. Nowlan John Lacey Mary Murray
25 Jun 1846 KING, John HUNT, Catherine P. Nowlan Bernard Connolly Elizabeth Kielly
16 Aug 1846 CADIGAN, Walter WHITEWAY, Anne P. Nowlan Edward Lewday Ellen King
23 Aug 1846 SAMSON, Charles O'LEARY, Mary P. Nowlan Philip Samson Jane McCarthy
12 Sep 1846 HEARNE, John KELLY, Anne P. Nowlan William Moran Jane Kelly
13 Sep 1846 KELLY, Michael MURPHY, Ellen P. Nowlan Daniel Bruce Mary McTavish
12 Nov 1846 KING, James TOBIN, Ellen P. Nowlan Thomas Norman Johanna Barry
9 Jun 1847 O'BRIEN, Peter FLAVIN, Bridget P. Nowlan Morgan Nowlan Jane McCue
10 Oct 1847 TOBIN, William QUIGLEY, Catherine P. Nowlan James Walsh Anne Tobin
27 Nov 1847 CLOONEY, William POWER, Margaret P. Nowlan James Bruce Anastasia Mesd
27 Nov 1847 O'LEARY, Matthew FOLEY, Agnes P. Nowlan Daniel Bird Margaret Murray
2 Sep 1848 HUNT, William MOONEY, Mary P. Nowlan Joseph King Mary King
2 Sep 1848 WHIFFIN, Henry HYNES, Elizabeth P. Nowlan John Wyse Eliza Whiffin
2 Sep 1848 FOLEY, William MURPHY, Eliza P. Nowlan Michael Foley Mary Foley
7 Sep 1848 BRUCE, Daniel MCFARLANE, Mary P. Nowlan Matthew Young Ellen King
17 Oct 1847 WYSE, Patrick CRISTIE, Mary P. Nowlan Thomas Connors Anne Connors
24 Oct 1847 KEATS, Joseph NORTHOVER, Elizabeth P. Nowlan Robert Bruce Mary Pope
19 Nov 1847 MULLINS, John FOLEY, Mary P. Nowlan John Power Margaret Spurvey
25 Nov 1847 WALSH, Martin CARTER, Marion P. Nowlan Richard Cooney Angela Cane
2 Dec 1847 SAMSON, Benjamin HEALEY, Elizabeth P. Nowlan Philip Samson Norah Dunphy
12 May 1849 BRUCE, Robert POPE, Mary P. Nowlan Denis McFarlane Margaret Northover
22 Sep 1849 ROSE, Michael KELLY, Emelia P. Nowlan William Fitzpatrick Julia Kelly
20 Oct 1849 MURPHY, Brian HILL, Mary Ann P. Nowlan James Hill Mary Power
30 Oct 1849 DOODY, John MCCARTHY, Norah P. Nowlan Laurence Barry Johanna Barry
1 Nov 1849 KING, Nicholas GREENE, Elizabeth P. Nowlan William Connors Anne Hill
22 Nov 1849 GRIFFIN, Thomas EVANS, Bridget P. Nowlan John Hartley Jane Griffin
22 Nov 1849 PHELAN, Patrick QUINN, Elizabeth P. Nowlan Robert Norman Ellen Lambe
22 Nov 1849 POWER, John WALSH, Bridget P. Nowlan James Hill Mary Power
11 Feb 1850 KELLY, William SAMSON, Catherine P. Nowlan Edward Grant Mary Houlihan
19 May 1850 WYSE, John KEATING, Margaret P. Nowlan Thomas Curtis Margaret Dix
25 Nov 1850 MCEVOY, James BARNETT, Agnes P. Nowlan Denis Ryan Maude Barnett
20 Oct 1850 BARRON, William KING, Ellen P. Nowlan Patrick Murphy Mary Barron
14 Oct 1851 EMBERLEY, John DORMODY, Ellen P. Nowlan Peter Emberley Ellen Wyse
22 Jan 1851 MULROONEY, Stephen LAMBE, Ellen P. Nowlan Patrick Viscount Johanna Barry
24 Jan 1851 PIKE, Richard NORMAN, Mary P. Nowlan John Moran Elizabeth Hayes
24 Jan 1851 RYAN, Thomas NORMAN, Elizabeth P. Nowlan Garret Lambe Bridget Lambe
27 Jan 1851 TRAIN, Joseph TOBIN, Elizabeth P. Nowlan Thomas Tobin Johanna Barry
2 Feb 1851 LEDWELL, Joseph FURLONG, Margaret P. Nowlan Denis Ryan Anastasia Barron
2 Feb 1851 FURLONG, Nicholas KELLY, Anne P. Nowlan William Kelly Anastasia Barron
22 Feb 1851 HOULIHAN, James SPURVEY, Margaret P. Nowlan Patrick Foran Mary Spurvey
11 May 1851 KING, Jacob KEATING, Mary P. Nowlan Denis McFarlane Elizabeth McTavish
1 Nov 1851 SPARROW, Jeremiah HUNT, Agnes P. Nowlan James Fanning Margaret Fanning
10 Nov 1851 MILLER, William KETTLE, Mary P. Nowlan Thomas Barry Mary Mullins
12 Jan 1852 O'REILLY, John POWER, Mary P. Nowlan Thomas McGrath Margaret Hill
11 May 1852 FORAN, Patrick KELLY, Anne P. Nowlan Jeremiah McCarthy Martha Kelly
25 Apr 1852 DANIELS, John WALSH, Bridget P. Nowlan James Walsh Margaret Clancy
24 Oct 1852 MURPHY, Thomas HILL, Anne P. Nowlan Thomas Train Margaret Hill
6 Nov 1852 NORMAN, Robert ROCHE, Anastasia P. Nowlan James McCarthy Sarah Dunphy
24 Nov 1852 POWER, James LEDWELL, Elizabeth P. Nowlan James Hill Mary Murphy
4 Dec 1852 FITZPATRICK, William HARRIS, Mary P. Nowlan Denis McFarlane Elizabeth McFarlane
29 May 1853 MCCARTHY, Thomas O'REILLY, Jane P. Nowlan Garret Lambe Margaret Fanning
7 Jan 1854 HUNT, Barnaby PHELAN, Mary Ann P. Nowlan James Fitzpatrick Margaret Fanning
3 Dec 1854 BARRETT, George CLANCY, Mary P. Nowlan Thomas O'Reilly Bridget Clancy
3 Dec 1854 MURPHY, John POWER, Margaret P. Nowlan Michael Power Jane Anne Sparrow
7 Jan 1855 DORMODY, James TOBIN, Anne P. Nowlan Robert Murphy Catherine Kelly
4 Nov 1855 POWER, Michael TIERNEY, Margaret P. Nowlan Peter Power Margaret Fanning
25 Nov 1855 FANNING, James HUNT, Anastasia P. Nowlan Richard Wakely Margaret Fanning
24 Nov 1855 PHELAN, Thomas WEBBER, Margaret P. Nowlan Denis Ryan Margaret Murphy
1 Nov 1856 O'REILLY, William CAUL, Mary P. Nowlan John O'Reilly Elizabeth Norman
1 Nov 1856 LEDWELL, James POWER, Ellen P. Nowlan Edward O'Reilly Elizabeth O'Reilly
1 Nov 1856 HOWE, Thomas CLOONEY, Mary Ann P. Nowlan Edward Hand Mary Anne Gilbert
4 Nov 1854 MCGRATH, Michael FANNING, Margaret P. Nowlan Michael Wakley Bridget Barron
4 Nov 1854 MILLER, James LAMBE, Elizabeth P. Nowlan James McCarthy Ellen Ryan
1 Nov 1856 MURRAY, William CASHMAN, Mary P. Nowlan Philip Davis Margaret Griffith
16 Nov 1856 PHELAN, Michael GRIFFITH, Catherine P. Nowlan Peter O'Reilly Catherine Fitzpatrick
20 Oct 1857 SINNOTT, Patrick BRADSHAW, Ellen P. Nowlan Edward Grant Mary Sinnott
3 Oct 1858 BRUCE, William KELLY, Bridget P. Nowlan Martin Jennings Margaret Murphy
3 Oct 1858 KEATING, Patrick GREENE, Elizabeth P. Nowlan John Fitzpatrick Margaret Murphy
3 Oct 1858 VISCOUNT, Michael NORMAN, Jane P. Nowlan Patrick McCue Mary Hayes
16 May 1859 GRIFFITH, Thomas MCCUE, Elizabeth P. Nowlan John McCue Ellen McCue
16 May 1859 WAKELY, Richard FANNING, Anna P. Nowlan John Viscount Margaret Barry
14 Oct 1859 MCCUE, Philip MEADE, Johanna P. Nowlan John Foley Anne Fanning
21 Oct 1860 MAHER, James SMITH, Elizabeth P. Nowlan Maurice Phelan Bridget Fitzpatrick
28 Oct 1860 POPE, John GRIFFIN, Ellen P. Nowlan Matthew Bruce Catherine Fitzpatrick
22 Nov 1860 GREENE, James MURPHY, Mary P. Nowlan John Greene Catherine Kelly
25 Nov 1860 SAMSON, Nicholas CUNNINGHAM, Margaret P. Nowlan Thomas Roche Ellen Fitzpatrick
26 Nov 1860 KELLY, John NORTHOVER, Margaret P. Nowlan Benedict Kelly Anastasia Kelly
27 Nov 1860 EVANS, James FITZPATRICK, Bridget P. Nowlan Maurice Phelan Ellen Houlihan
1 Dec 1860 HUNT, Patrick MAHER, Mary P. Nowlan Richard Cane Anne Ledwell
19 Apr 1861 LYNCH, Patrick WALSH, Johanna P. Nowlan Martin Dunphy Anastasia Barron
30 Nov 1861 MULROONEY, Patrick MCCUE, Norah P. Nowlan John Murray Jane McCue
24 Dec 1861 SMITH, William HALLETT, Mary Ann P. Nowlan Isaac Hand Margaret Murphy
30 Dec 1861 GRANT, Thomas FITZPATRICK, Catherine P. Nowlan Maurice Phelan Eliza Houlihan
30 Jan 1862 FENNESSY, James SPARROW, Jane P. Nowlan Thomas Ledwell Dorothy Bira
16 Jun 1862 MCKAY, John HILL, Margaret P. Nowlan Thomas Blanche Jaane Ledwell
27 Sep 1862 KERRIVAN, Michael HEALEY, Anastasia P. Nowlan Maurice Barry Catherine McCarthy
29 Sep 1862 CORRIGAN, Thomas TOBIN, Mary P. Nowlan John Marshall Jane Viscount
12 Oct 1862 MCFARLANE, William GRIFFIN, Catherine P. Nowlan Patrick Brewer Margaaret Murphy
12 Oct 1862 HANN, Thomas LAMBE, Mary P. Nowlan Asne Hann Catherine Griffith
2 Nov 1862 PENDERGAST, Pierce FOLEY, Ellen P. Nowlan John Shea Mary Shea
4 Nov 1862 MCCUE, Thomas GRIFFITH, Margaret P. Nowlan John Barry Jane McCue
9 Nov 1862 O'REILLY, Denis FOLEY, Mary P. Nowlan Michael Davis Ellen Foley
23 Nov 1862 DUKE, Michael FOLEY, Ellen P. Nowlan Michael Davis Ellen Duke
31 Dec 1862 FENNESSY, Nicholas HUNT, Ellen P. Nowlan John Kelly Ellen Fitzpatrick
1 Jan 1863 WHIFFIN, William DOYLE, Margaret P. Nowlan John Dix Margaret O'Connor
10 Jan 1863 FOLEY, Andrew FOLEY, Bridget P. Nowlan Michael Davis Anastasia Murphy
14 Jan 1863 O'REILLY, John FENNESSY, Mary P. Nowlan Maurice Phelan Alice Hunt
15 Jan 1863 FITZPATRICK, James MURPHY, Margaret P. Nowlan Thomas Roche Ellen Fitzpatrick
18 May 1863 MCGRATH, James O'CONNOR, Anastasia P. Nowlan Daniel McCarthy Ellen Hynes
15 Nov 1863 MILLER, William O'REILLY, Mary P. Nowlan Edward Connors Jane Viscount
18 Nov 1863 ENNIS, Richard KELLY, Anastasia P. Nowlan Michael Ledwell Lucy Ennis
3 Oct 1863 RYAN, Denis BARRON, Mary P. Nowlan Denis McCarthy Elizabeth Fagan
5 Oct 1863 BRUCE, James MCFARLANE, Catherine P. Nowlan Denis Murphy Norah Murphy
25 Oct 1863 SPARROW, Patrick O'REILLY, Catherine P. Nowlan Edward Walsh Dorothy Bird
23 Nov 1863 HARTLEY, Thomas SPARROW, Ellen P. Nowlan Richard Foley Bridget Hartigan
23 Nov 1863 HOULIHAN, William FITZPATRICK, Catherine P. Nowlan Denis Murphy Norah Murphy
13 Jan 1864 DAVIS, Michael DUKE, Ellen P. Nowlan Isaac Duke Bridget Davis
6 Feb 1864 HARTIGAN, Thomas WALSH, Mary P. Nowlan James Kemp Honora Power
22 May 1864 RING, Denis MULROONEY, Ellen P. Nowlan Philip Davis Margaret McCarthy
30 Jul 1864 CARROLL, John DUNPHY, Elizabeth P. Nowlan Maurice Barry Elizabeth Lambe
15 Sep 1864 CONNELL, Edward MORAN, Bridget P. Nowlan William Foley Anastasia Walsh
26 Sep 1864 HYNES, Isaac WEBBER, Hannah P. Nowlan William Barry Anastasia Lambe
8 Oct 1864 POWER, Thomas WHIFFIN, Anne P. Nowlan Isaac Hann Mary Ann Whelan
16 Oct 1864 MCCARTHY, Thomas MCCUE, Catherine P. Nowlan Thomas Murphy Johanna Kelly
23 Oct 1864 MCCUE, Michael FITZPATRICK, Mary P. Nowlan Michael Butler Jane McCue
30 Oct 1864 DUNPHY, John WALSH, Catherine P. Nowlan Laurence Barron Elizabeth Lambe
15 Nov 1864 WHIFFIN, John MCCUE, Jane P. Nowlan Philip Davis Honora Murphy
20 Nov 1864 MURPHY, Denis O'BRIEN, Mary P. Nowlan James Houlihan Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
25 Nov 1864 KEATING, Patrick GREENE, Elizabeth D. O'Brien Maurice Murray Elizabeth Griffin
26 Nov 1864 MURRAY, John CASHMAN, Bridget D. O'Brien Edward Cunningham Johanna Haley
7 Jan 1865 WALSH, Richard SPARROW, Honora P. Nowlan Edward Lannon Mary Croke
15 Jan 1865 WHITTLE, Francis HUNT, Mary P. Nowlan William Dunphy Anne Smith
22 Jan 1865 HENNESSY, William LEDWELL, Jane P. Nowlan Thomas Ledwell Dorothy Bird
24 Jan 1865 SHEA, William LAHEY, Mary P. Nowlan Edward Shea Mary Shea
14 May 1865 NEWELL, John NOWLAN, Bridget P. Nowlan Edward Cunningham Anistasia Cunningham
15 Oct 1865 MAVELL, Louis FITZPATRICK, Elizabeth P. Nowlan William Hennessy Elizabeth Sweeney
15 Oct 1865 MURRAY, Timothy BALDWIN, Bridget T. Maher John Hann Eliza Miller
25 Nov 1865 NOWLAN, Thomas WHELAN, Mary T. Maher James Burke Mary Samson
2 Dec 1865 FITZPATRICK, John MURPHY, Anastasia T. Maher Patrick Murphy Margaret Connors
7 Jan 1866 O'REILLY, Thomas FORAN, Sarah T. Maher John Collins Mary O'Reilly
8 Jan 1866 CUNNINGHAM, Edward HEALEY, Jane P. Nowlan David Griffin Anastasia Cunningham
21 Jan 1866 DUNPHY, William SMITH, Anne P. Nowlan Peter Lynch Anne Lynch
23 Apr 1866 LEDWELL, Thomas BIRD, Dorothy P. Nowlan John Fanning Bridget O'Reilly
12 Jul 1866 RIX, Joseph MURPHY, Margaret P. Nowlan William Rix Rebecca Rix
29 Jul 1866 LEDWELL, Michael RYAN, Ellen T. Martin Patrick Ledwell Catherine McCarthy
20 Aug 1866 REDDY, Michael FAGAN, Elizabeth P. Nowlan Maurice Barry Elizabeth Lambe
18 Sep 1866 BARRY, Maurice MCCARTHY, Catherine P. Nowlan Daniel McCarthy Catherine Nowlan
30 Oct 1866 HANN, Isaac WHELAN, Mary Ann P. Nowlan John Hann Catherine Miller
26 Nov 1866 MURPHY, Denis SWEENEY, Elizabeth R. Dunphy William Pope Honora Murphy
26 Nov 1866 O'REILLY, Philip SPARROW, Agnes R. Dunphy Ambrose Walsh Susanna Walsh
30 Nov 1866 GRIFFIN, James SINNOTT, Bridget R. Dunphy John McFarlane Mary Murphy
8 Jan 1867 PHELAN, Matthew MURRAY, Susan R. Dunphy David Griffith Johanna Whiffin
30 May 1867 BARRY, William LAMBE, Anastasia P. Nowlan Daniel McCarthy Elizabeth Lambe
2 Jun 1867 NORMAN, John GRIFFITH, Bridget P. Nowlan Garret Norman Catherine Murphy
2 Jun 1867 GREENE, William PENDERGAST, Ellen P. Nowlan William Greene Margaret Murphy
7 Oct 1867 DIX, James PEDDLE, Mary R. Murphy John Dix Priscilla Critch
20 Oct 1867 FITZPATRICK, Michael HAYES, Mary R. Dunphy Patrick Murphy Mary Fitzpatrick
9 Nov 1867 MURRAY, Maurice GRIFFITH, Elizabeth R. Dunphy John Norman Mary Griffith
17 Nov 1867 FOLEY, William O'REILLY, Mary Ann P. Nowlan Patrick Murphy Ellen Ledwell
7 Jan 1868 DORMODY, Michael SULLIVAN, Mary R. Dunphy Patrick Dormody Susan Meade
22 Feb 1868 DUKE, Thomas TRAVERSE, Mary R. Dunphy Joseph Lynch Anne Lynch
23 May 1868 NORMAN, Garret MURPHY, Catherine P. Nowlan Laurence Murphy Honora Murphy
24 May 1868 POWER, Edward LEDWELL, Jane P. Nowlan Peter Lynch Mary Walsh
31 May 1868 KELLY, John FOLEY, Mary P. Nowlan James Foley Margaret Connors
28 Nov 1868 DAVIS, Philip MURPHY, Honora R. Dunphy Isaac Duke Mary Ann Murphy
10 Jan 1869 NOWLAN, John SULLIVAN, Margaret R. Dunphy Joseph Lynch Mary Walsh
10 Jan 1869 SMITH, John NORTHOVER, Elizabeth R. Dunphy Thomas Smith Elizabeth Samson
20 Jan 1869 ROCHE, Thomas SHEA, Mary R. Dunphy Maurice Whelan Alice Hunt
7 May 1869 LYNCH, Peter LEDWELL, Ellen R. Dunphy James Grant Mary Ledwell
19 Sep 1869 MURPHY, Patrick SMITH, Margaret R. Dunphy James Smith Catherine Smith
7 Oct 1869 FOLEY, Michael MULROONEY, Catherine R. Dunphy Galt Nowlan Ellen Mulrooney
8 Nov 1869 MCGRATH, John SMITH, Agnes R. Dunphy Philip McGrath Anne Lynch
21 Nov 1869 MCGRATH, James LYNCH, Anne R. Dunphy James Molloy Mary Kelly
21 Nov 1869 FOLLETT, William STAFFORD, Elizabeth R. Dunphy John Sinnott Catherine Greene
21 Nov 1869 SPURVEY, Martin KING, Catherine R. Dunphy John Burke Johanna Whiffin
21 Nov 1869 SPARROW, James MCFARLANE, Ellen R. Dunphy John McFarlane Bridget Sparrow
9 Jan 1870 SMITH, James MADDOX, Bridget R. Dunphy John Hunt Catherine Smith
9 Jan 1870 O'REILLY, Patrick KELLY, Mary R. Dunphy James Meade Bridget Kelly
9 Jan 1870 WALSH, Edward HOULIHAN, Ellen R. Dunphy James Houlihan Elizabeth Walsh
24 Jan 1870 DUKE, Isaac DAVIS, Bridget R. Dunphy John Davis Elizabeth O'Leary
29 Apr 1870 LYNCH, John DUNPHY, Julia P. Nowlan C harles Lynch Mary Pike
1 May 1870 MCCUE, Patrick LEDWELL, Jane P. Nowlan Patrick Hayes Jane McCue
7 Jan 1870 GRIFFITH, David MCCUE, Mary P. Nowlan Thomas Stevens Jane McCue
16 Aug 1870 HYNES, John WEBBER, Jane R. Dunphy Herbert Whiffin Mary Lambe
1 Oct 1870 BARRY, Maurice WALSH, Anastasia R. Dunphy Patrick Lambe Ellen Murphy
1 Oct 1870 BLACK, Archibald FLYNN, Anne R. Dunphy Pelagius Nowlan Anastasia Barron
9 Nov 1870 LEDWELL, Felix HYNES, Johanna R. Dunphy Thomas Ledwell Bridget O'Reilly
12 Jan 1871 HEALEY, Richard WHIFFIN, Johanna R. Dunphy George King Bridget Bruce
12 Jan 1871 WHELAN, Thomas PAGE, Sarah R. Dunphy Michael King Bridget Kelly
18 May 1871 FOLEY, John DREADDY, Mary Ann J. Ryan Patrick Healey Norah McCue
15 Nov 1871 GRIFFITH, David WHIFFIN, Julia J. Ryan Michael Bruce Lucia Griffin
17 Nov 1871 MURPHY, Patrick FITZPATRICK, Bridget J. Ryan Denis Murphy Mary Fitzpatrick
19 Nov 1871 POPE, William MURPHY, Ellen J. Ryan James Murphy Mary Ann Murphy
20 Nov 1871 NORTHOVER, John WHELAN, Elizabeth J. Ryan James King Catherine Samson
21 Nov 1871 MCFARLANE, John MURPHY, Mary J. Ryan Patrick Bruce Ellen Lynch
26 Nov 1871 SMITH, John FOLEY, Margaret J. Ryan James Grant Johanna Grant
29 Nov 1871 MEADE, John WHIFFIN, Mary J. Ryan James McCue Bridget Healey
1 Dec 1871 MURPHY, Michael SAMSON, Elizabeth J. Ryan Peter Murphy Mary Samson
9 Jan 1872 KING, George DORMODY, Mary J. Ryan Laurence Murphy Bridget O'Leary
17 Apr 1872 CORCORAN, John NORMAN, Elizabeth J. Ryan John Dunphy Mary Lambe
16 Jun 1872 SAMSON, Charles FOLEY, Mary Anne J. Ryan Thomas Griffith Mary Anne Dreaddy
14 Sep 1872 BARRY, James MCCARTHY, Elizabeth J. Ryan John Cleary Catherine Ryan
10 Nov 1872 MURPHY, Denis SINNOTT, Ellen R. Brennan Matthew Bruce Mary Anne Murphy
12 Nov 1872 LEDWELL, John MEADE, Anastasia R. Brennan Patrick Meade Mary Fitzpatrick
16 Nov 1872 HAYES, Augustine HANN, Mary Anne R. Brennan William Hayes Hannah Whiffin
18 Nov 1872 MCCUE, Thomas O'REILLY, Bridget R. Brennan Thomas Spurvey Elizabeth O'Reilly
24 Nov 1872 CUNNINGHAM, John POWER, Mary Anne R. Brennan Peter Healey Anastasia Cunningham
24 Nov 1872 KELLY, Patrick MCCUE, Norah R. Brennan Daniel Bruce Agnes McCue
29 Nov 1872 STEVENS, Thomas O'LEARY, Elizabeth R. Brennan James Bruce Bridget O'Leary
23 Nov 1872 POPE, Robert GRIFFITH, Susan R. Brennan Henry Farrell Catherine Griffith
23 Nov 1872 BRUCE, Patrick MURPHY, Mary Anne R. Brennan James Murphy Bridget Meade
30 Nov 1872 HEALEY, Patrick KELLY, Bridget R. Brennan Peter Healey Bridget Bruce
1 May 1873 WHELAN, William KING, Mary R. Brennan Michael Bruce Catherine Samson
1 May 1873 O'LEARY, James STEVENS, Catherine R. Brennan Patrick O'Leary Bridget O'Leary
10 May 1873 MURRAY, Thomas FITZPATRICK, Mary R. Brennan Martin Fewer Mary Griffith
26 Jul 1873 DUKE, Isaac DREADDY, Mary Jo R. Brennan Robert Griffith Bridget O'Leary
29 Oct 1873 HUNT, Patrick ENNIS, Lucy R. Brennan Philip Murphy Alice Hunt
13 Nov 1873 CAMP, James HILL, Jane R. Brennan Andrew Whelan Louisa Keats
22 Nov 1873 GRIFFIN, Michael BRUCE, Ellen R. Brennan John Griffin Elizabeth Pope
22 Nov 1873 FITZPATRICK, William SPARROW, Jane R. Brennan William Maher Agnes Meade
23 Nov 1873 MCCUE, Henry CONNORS, Mary R. Brennan Michael McCue Bridget Cleary
23 Nov 1873 HUNT, Patrick MAHER, Johanna R. Brennan William Keane Catherine Smith
24 Nov 1873 WALSH, Thomas MCCUE, Jane R. Brennan John McCue Agnes McCue
30 Nov 1873 MURPHY, James GRIFFITH, Elizabeth R. Brennan Henry McFarlane Elizabeth Pope
30 Nov 1873 FENNESSY, Nicholas SPARROW, Bridget R. Brennan Joseph Samson Catherine Freeman
6 Jan 1874 HUNT, Patrick HALL, Anne R. Brennan Peter Smith Rose Hunt
6 Jan 1874 HUNT, John SULLIVAN, Honora R. Brennan Peter Smith Anne Sullivan
24 Jan 1874 HEALEY, Peter SMITH, Teresa R. Brennan Thomas McCue Catherine Smith
6 Jan 1874 HOULIHAN, James MURPHY, Johanna R. Brennan Patrick Murphy Margaret Murphy
6 Jan 1874 GRANT, James HUNT, Alice R. Brennan Philip Murphy Johanna Grant
16 Aug 1874 MARTIN, John NORTHOVER, Sarah R. Brennan John Northover Anne Northover
17 Oct 1874 BARRY, Peter LAMBE, Mary R. Brennan Patrick Dunphy Catherine Ryan
27 Oct 1874 TRAVERSE, John FOLEY, Margaret R. Brennan Patrick Traverse Elizabeth Wyse
28 Nov 1874 MURRAY, Maurice LEDWELL, Mary Jo R. Brennan John O'Reilly Martha Hunt
27 Aug 1874 FORAN, Patrick LEDWELL, Martha R. Brennan John O'Reilly Ellen Dormody
9 Oct 1874 MCCARTHY, Daniel LAMBE, Elizabeth R. Brennan Patrick Lambe Mary Jo Lambe
7 Nov 1874 BRUCE, William GRIFFITH, Mary R. Brennan Henry McFarlane Ellen Bruce
20 Oct 1874 MULROONEY, Stephen HYNES, Honora R. Brennan John Martin Mary Northover
20 Nov 1874 COONEY, Thomas GRIFFIN, Jane R. Brennan James Barron Jane Anne Griffin
21 Nov 1874 GRIFFITH, Patrick KENNEDY, Margaret R. Brennan Thomas O'Reilly Agnes McCue
21 Nov 1874 DUNPHY, John RYAN, Catherine R. Brennan Patrick Dunphy Agnes McCarthy
21 Nov 1874 SAMSON, Edward WHIFFIN, Mary Anne R. Brennan Thomas Lynch Hannah O'Reilly
21 Nov 1874 KING, James SAMSON, Catherine R. Brennan Patrick Griffith Sarah Samson
21 Nov 1874 SPARROW, George POWER, Mary Anne R. Brennan Patrick Murphy Margaret Dunne
21 Nov 1874 LEONARD, Thomas POWER, Mary Anne R. Brennan Patrick Leonard Rosella O'Reilly
25 Nov 1874 MULLINS, Peter SAMSON, Sarah R. Brennan Henry Nowlan Bridget O'Leary
25 Nov 1874 O'REILLY, Thomas KELLY, Johanna R. Brennan David Bruce Bridget King
26 Nov 1874 LYNCH, Joseph HEALEY, Mary R. Brennan Patrick McCue Bridget Mullins
27 Nov 1874 FOLLETT, George MCCUE, Mary Jane R. Brennan Thomas McCue Agnes McCue
27 Nov 1874 GRIFFITH, Michael FOLEY, Mary Anne R. Brennan James Barron Bridget Freeman
27 Nov 1874 MEADE, James O'REILLY, Elizabeth R. Brennan Patrick Murphy Louisa Keats
6 Jan 1874 FOLEY, William SMITH, Catherine R. Brennan Peter Foley Johanna Grant
4 Jun 1874 KEATING, Laurence FLYNN, Mary Agnes R. Brennan Patrick Walsh Rosella O'Reilly
14 Aug 1874 GRIFFITH, Thomas FOLEY, Teresa R. Brennan David McCue Mary Anne Samson
10 Nov 1874 BARRY, Michael MCCARTHY, Mary Agnes R. Brennan Thomas Lambe Elizabeth Ryan
11 Nov 1874 HAYES, William CULLETON, Mary R. Brennan Michael Emberley Sarah Hayes
12 Nov 1874 MILLER, John WHIFFIN, Anne R. Brennan James Miller Anne Miller
13 Nov 1874 POWER, Martin KING, Rosella R. Brennan David Bruce Hanna Norman
14 Nov 1874 BRUCE, Michael MURPHY, Mary Jane R. Brennan Peter Murphy Sarah Murphy
14 Nov 1874 HICKEY, James BRUCE, Bridget R. Brennan David Bruce Louisa Griffith
14 Apr 1875 DORMODY, Patrick MEADE, Agnes F. McCullow Michael Fitzpatrick Bridget Fitzpatrick
23 May 1875 SPARROW, James ROCHE, Sarah F. McCullow Michael Roche Elizabeth Roche
29 May 1875 KELLY, Peter MURPHY, Anastasia F. McCullow Laurence Murphy Mary Jane Murphy
20 Nov 1876 O'REILLY, John BRUCE, Ellen R. Brennan Henry Sparrow Louisa Keats
21 Nov 1876 MCCUE, John LAMBE, Anastasia R. Brennan Garret Lambe Agnes McCue
23 Nov 1876 CLEARY, John BRUCE, Elizabeth C. Irvine Charles Irvine Bridget Freeman
24 Nov 1876 O'LEARY, Patrick O'REILLY, Bridget C. Irvine James Traverse Mary Jo Stevens
13 Jan 1877 ROCHE, John SULLIVAN, Ellen R. Brennan James Roche Sarah Freeman
26 Jun 1877 MURPHY, Laurence LAMBE, Bridget R. Brennan Patrick Murphy Philip Lambe
25 Nov 1877 SMITH, Peter HOULIHAN, Ellen R. Brennan James Foley Mary Smith
1 Dec 1877 MURPHY, Thomas FREEMAN, Bridget R. Brennan Philip Murphy Bridget Murphy
6 Jan 1878 SMITH, Peter MURRAY, Martha R. Brennan Thomas Kelly Ellen Murray
9 May 1878 WEBBER, Thomas WALSH, Bridget R. Brennan Thomas Lambe Mary Agnes Lambe
13 Oct 1878 MURPHY, Philip MURPHY, Mary R. Brennan William Murphy Margaret Murphy
17 Oct 1878 LANE, Michael LAMBE, Mary R. Brennan Garret Lambe Mary Anne Lambe
17 Oct 1878 LAMBE, James HANRAHAN, Mary Anne R. Brennan Edward Lambe Elizabeth Lambe
29 Oct 1878 GRIFFITH, John KEATING, Mary Jo R. Brennan James Duke Rosella Murray
23 Nov 1878 MULROONEY, Patrick NORMAN, Alice R. Brennan Michael Norman Mary Anne Mulrooney
30 Nov 1878 MCCUE, Thomas O'LEARY, Bridget R. Brennan John Murphy Susanna Murphy
30 Nov 1878 MURPHY, Denis POPE, Elizabeth R. Brennan Philip O'Reilly Mary Anne Mullins
10 Dec 1878 EMBERLEY, Michael WHELAN, Mary Anne R. Brennan Thomas Whelan Agnes Miller
9 Jan 1879 SPARROW, Thomas BRUCE, Bridget R. Brennan Richard Sparrow Elizabeth Sparrow
12 Jan 1879 FOLEY, James SMITH, Mary R. Brennan Lawrence Lawlor Gertrude Foley
6 Oct 1879 FOLEY, John DUKE, Mary Anne R. Brennan Peter Foley Mary Jo Duke
22 Nov 1879 MURPHY, John O'REILLY, Hannah R. Brennan David Bruce Mary Barron
22 Nov 1879 BRUCE, David SPARROW, Elizabeth R. Brennan Thomas Griffin Bridget Sparrow
25 Nov 1879 KING, George GRIFFITH, Bridget R. Brennan John Griffin Agnes Fitzpatrick
25 Nov 1879 DAVIS, James MURPHY, Susanna R. Brennan Michael McCue Mary Barron
26 Nov 1879 HARTIGAN, John BIRD, Norah R. Brennan James Walsh Alice Hartigan
29 Nov 1879 O'BRIEN, Thomas FOLEY, Catherine R. Brennan John Murphy Margaret Stephens
28 Nov 1879 MEADE, Peter MURPHY, Mary Jo R. Brennan Michael Murphy Mary Barron
28 Nov 1879 GRIFFIN, Thomas BRUCE, Ellen R. Brennan Robert Brennan Mary Anne Fitzpatrick
29 Nov 1879 POWER, Michael O'REILLY, Rosella R. Brennan John O'Reilly Jane Comerford
6 Jan 1880 WALSH, James EVANS, Emma R. Brennan Francis Murphy Margaret Murphy
6 Jan 1880 KELLY, Thomas FOLEY, Gertrude R. Brennan Michael Smith Bridget Furlong
15 May 1880 BRUCE, Denis KEATING, Catherine R. Brennan Peter Murphy Elizabeth Keating
24 Oct 1880 SMITH, Osmund BRUCE, Lucy R. Brennan Walter Sinnott Elizabeth Keating
7 Nov 1880 BENNETT, John DUNPHY, Elizabeth R. Brennan Robert Hann Anastasia Murphy
7 Nov 1880 POWER, Philip GRANT, Johanna R. Brennan Thomas Power Mary Power
7 Nov 1880 NORMAN, Michael MULROONEY, Mary Anne R. Brennan James Mulrooney Monica Mulrooney
22 Nov 1880 CLEARY, James TRAVERSE, Agnes R. Brennan George Cleary Elizabeth Cleary
24 Nov 1880 FITZPATRICK, Richard BIRD, Anne R. Brennan William O'Reilly Ellen Martin
27 Nov 1880 NUGENT, William SPARROW, Bridget R. Brennan Joseph Murphy Lucy Shea
3 Dec 1880 MURPHY, John DUNPHY, Bridget R. Brennan Patrick Dunphy Catherine Lambe
4 Jan 1881 RYAN, Jeremiah WHELAN, Mary Jo R. Brennan Garret Ryan Mary Ryan
15 Jan 1881 LAMBE, Garret BENNETT, Mary Anne R. Brennan Patrick Dunphy Catherine Lambe
30 Apr 1881 BURKE, John FITZPATRICK, Agnes R. Brennan Michael Murphy Mary Fitzpatrick
31 May 1881 HUNT, Andrew MILLER, Rosella R. Brennan John Hunt Mary Collins
30 Oct 1881 ROSSE, Hypolite FORAN, Martha R. Brennan John Carroll Lucy Foran
20 Nov 1881 MULROONEY, James MCCARTHY, Monica R. Brennan Garret Ryan Mary Agnes Lambe
24 Nov 1881 HANN, Joseph MILLER, Elizabeth R. Brennan Robert Hann Anne Miller
26 Nov 1881 BARRON, Thomas BRUCE, Jane R. Brennan Tobias Murphy Mary Barron
26 Nov 1881 NORMAN, Garret BARRON, Bridget R. Brennan Michael Barron Elizabeth Keating
4 Dec 1881 O'REILLY, John COMERFORD, Jane R. Brennan Thomas Power Mary Coady
28 Dec 1881 GREGORY, Hubert HANN, Jane R. Brennan Robert Hann Ellen Murphy
8 Jan 1882 SULLIVAN, John MAHER, Ellen R. Brennan Michael Sullivan Ellen Murray
9 Jan 1882 BRUCE, David MEADE, Mary R. Brennan Patrick O'Reilly Catherine Meade
31 Oct 1882 BYRNE, Patrick LEDWELL, Ellen R. Brennan Thomas Lambe Mary Jo Dunphy
1 Nov 1882 LAMBE, Edward NORTHOVER, Bridget R. Brennan Patrick Lambe Julia Lambe
20 Nov 1882 O'REILLY, John O'LEARY, Anastasia R. Brennan William O'Reilly Martha O'Leary
24 Nov 1882 O'REILLY, John POWER, Johanna R. Brennan Henry Sparrow Margaret Dormody
24 Nov 1882 O'REILLY, Henry MEADE, Mary R. Brennan Edward McCue Sarah O'Reilly
25 Nov 1882 BRUCE, David WHIFFIN, Louisa R. Brennan William Griffith Honora Keating
25 Nov 1882 MURPHY, John SPARROW, Catherine R. Brennan Tobias Murphy Margaret Dormody
26 Nov 1882 FAGAN, John KELLY, Bridget R. Brennan Michael Sullivan Rose Hunt
27 Nov 1882 HANN, Robert MILLER, Anne R. Brennan Isaac Murphy Anastasia Murphy
29 Nov 1882 WHELAN, Patrick DUNPHY, Mary Jo R. Brennan John Whelan Catherine Lambe
2 Dec 1882 MCCUE, Michael MULLINS, Mary Anne R. Brennan Denis Kelly Mary Kelly
2 Dec 1882 O'REILLY, Philip MCCUE, Agnes R. Brennan John McCue Rosella O'Reilly
30 Nov 1882 WHELAN, Thomas FOLEY, Elizabeth R. Brennan Michael Foley Martha Foley
6 Jan 1883 SMITH, Michael FOLEY, Julia Anne R. Brennan John Furlong Mary Anne Griffin
6 Jan 1883 POWER, Thomas FENNESSY, Alice R. Brennan Robert Sparrow Mary Power
7 Jan 1883 BARRY, John MCCUE, Elizabeth R. Brennan Edward McCue Sarah O'Reilly
22 Apr 1883 HANDRIGAN, Michael CONNORS, Mary R. Brennan Thomas Fitzpatrick Eliza Burke
27 Jul 1883 NEWMAN, Joseph MURRAY, Mary R. Brennan Thomas Martin Bridget Sparrow
8 Nov 1883 WHELAN, Maurice SPURVEY, Elizabeth R. Brennan Denis Kelly Martha Foley
10 Nov 1883 CONNORS, William VISCOUNT, Ellen R. Brennan Maurice Barry Mary Anne Lawlor
11 Nov 1883 HOULIHAN, Edward HUNT, Rose R. Brennan Patrick Whiffin Bridget Furlong
11 Nov 1883 O'REILLY, William MEADE, Alice R. Brennan Patrick Lambe Margaret O'Reilly
16 Nov 1883 NOWLAN, Michael O'REILLY, Mary Anne R. Brennan Michael Dreaddy Bridget King
18 Nov 1883 SPARROW, Richard MURPHY, Dora Anne R. Brennan Michael Murphy Mary Ann Barron
18 Nov 1883 SWEENEY, Edward COFFEY, Bridget R. Brennan Robert Sparrow Elizabeth Bruce
25 Nov 1883 POWER, Richard DORMODY, Margaret R. Brennan Sebastian Ledwell Margaret Sparrow
25 Nov 1883 HOWLEY, Edmond BURKE, Alice R. Brennan John Burke Eliza Burke
27 Nov 1883 ROGERS, William MCGEE, Catherine R. Brennan Catherine Walsh Bridget Carew
2 Dec 1883 KANE, William FURLONG, Bridget R. Brennan Catherine Whiffin Julia Kelly
7 Dec 1883 LAWLOR, Laurence GRIFFIN, Mary Anne C. O'Neill Denis Kelly Ellen Furlong
4 Dec 1883 HAYES, Peter RYAN, Margaret W. Doutney William Doutney ##### #####
9 Jan 1884 MURPHY, William SPARROW, Margaret R. Brennan Francis Murphy Bridget Sparrow
23 Jan 1884 GREENE, Joseph FITZGERALD, Mary Anne R. Brennan James Whelan Honora Norman
18 Apr 1884 BRUCE, Matthew POPE, Ellen R. Brennan Walter Sinnott Rebecca Murphy
11 May 1884 MCCUE, John KING, Bridget R. Brennan Jeremiah Lynch Norah Keating
20 May 1884 MCCUE, Patrick MCCARTHY, Margaret R. Brennan John McCue Bridget King
23 May 1884 BARRY, Maurice LAMBE, Mary Agnes R. Brennan Patrick Lambe Julia Lambe
25 May 1884 SPARROW, Henry DORMODY, Ellen R. Brennan Francis Murphy Mary Power
20 Sep 1884 MARTIN, John RYAN, Elizabeth R. Brennan Thomas Ryan Catherine Lambe
23 Oct 1884 ARNOU, Leonius O'REILLY, Sarah R. Brennan Albert O'Reilly Margaret McGrath
22 Nov 1884 SPARROW, Robert BRUCE, Mary Anne R. Brennan James Meade Bridget Sparrow
23 Nov 1884 FOLEY, Michael O'REILLY, Rosella R. Brennan John McCue Teresa Keats
24 Nov 1884 GRIFFITH, Patrick FOLEY, Elizabeth R. Brennan Peter Samson Catherine Whiffin
26 Nov 1884 GRIFFIN, John MURPHY, Rebecca R. Brennan Patrick Murphy Elizabeth McFarlane
6 Apr 1885 DAVIS, John FLYNN, Mary Jo R. Brennan Michael Dreaddy Elizabeth Davis
28 Nov 1885 PITTMAN, Joseph ROSE, Mary R. Brennan Jeremiah Rose Johanna Moran
28 Nov 1885 MEADE, James SPARROW, Bridget R. Brennan Joseph Sparrow Ellen Martin
29 Nov 1885 MURPHY, Tobias FITZPATRICK, Mary Anne R. Brennan John Murphy Mary Barron
29 Nov 1885 MURPHY, Peter BRUCE, Jane R. Brennan Daniel Bruce Bridget Bruce
5 Dec 1885 NORTHOVER, John MURPHY, Margaret R. Brennan Thomas Corrigan Mary Murphy
12 Dec 1885 SPARROW, Robert MARTIN, Ellen R. Brennan Thomas Martin Dorothy Bruce
17 Dec 1885 SAMSON, Peter WHIFFIN, Catherine R. Brennan Thomas Murphy Bridget Samson
29 Dec 1885 DUKE, Michael KEATING, Honora R. Brennan Alphonsus Murphy Elizabeth Keating
31 Dec 1885 CLEARY, Richard POWER, Ellen R. Brennan Robert Sparrow Mary Power
5 Jan 1886 MURPHY, Michael SPARROW, Bridget R. Brennan Patrick Murphy Mary Power
6 Jan 1886 MURPHY, Francis MCFARLANE, Elizabeth R. Brennan Patrick Ledwell Bridget Evans
6 Jan 1886 CLEARY, George SAMSON, Catherine R. Brennan Patrick Samson Teresa Sparrow
7 Aug 1886 BARRY, Thomas VISCOUNT, Celina R. Brennan James Lambe Elizabeth Murphy
25 Sep 1886 HOULIHAN, James LAMBE, Catherine R. Brennan Patrick Lambe Bridget Houlihan
2 Nov 1886 O'REILLY, William WHIFFIN, Margaret R. Brennan Edward O'Reilly Mary Power
28 Nov 1886 BRUCE, Daniel KEATING, Elizabeth R. Brennan Peter Bruce Paulina Keating
1 Dec 1886 SAMSON, John DUKE, Ellen R. Brennan John McCue Elizabeth Davis
5 Dec 1886 WALSH, Thomas CHEESEMAN, Elizabeth R. Brennan Patrick Cheeseman Honora Norman
7 Dec 1886 MURRAY, Maurice FITZPATRICK, Catherine R. Brennan Joseph Fitzpatrick Jane Bruce
18 Dec 1886 MILLER, James MITCHELL, Mary Jo R. Brennan Joseph Miller Mary Miller
30 Dec 1886 NORMAN, Patrick LAMBE, Bridget R. Brennan Garret Mulrooney Honora Norman
30 Dec 1886 JUDGE, Peter NORMAN, Bridget R. Brennan John Barry Mary Ann Walsh
6 Jan 1887 O'REILLY, Patrick KING, Bridget R. Brennan John McCue Martha King
6 Jan 1887 MURPHY, Michael SAMSON, Julia R. Brennan James Maher Mary Murphy
6 Jan 1887 LEDWELL, Patrick EVANS, Bridget R. Brennan Edward O'Reilly Bridget McFarlane
6 Jan 1887 O'REILLY, Patrick FORAN, Sarah R. Brennan Edward Bonia Julia Lloyd
9 Jan 1887 SPARROW, Robert POWER, Mary R. Brennan John Power Anastasia Fennessy
23 Jan 1887 DUNPHY, Patrick BURKE, Elizabeth R. Brennan John Dunphy Mary Green
2 Jan 1887 WALSH, Patrick KERRIVAN, Bridget R. Brennan Thomas Walsh Margaret Walsh
14 May 1887 RYAN, Thomas CARROLL, Elizabeth R. Brennan Patrick Lambe Mary Lambe
13 Aug 1887 RIDEOUT, Peter LAMBE, Sarah R. Brennan Lawrence Whelan Mary Murphy
19 Nov 1887 BIRD, Patrick LEDWELL, Teresa R. Brennan John Bird Bridget Ledwell
24 Nov 1887 KELLY, Denis DUKE, Ellen R. Brennan Michael Kelly Martha O'Leary
24 Nov 1887 MURPHY, Patrick BRUCE, Bridget R. Brennan William Bruce Lucy Bruce
25 Nov 1887 MULLINS, Peter BEST, Bridget R. Brennan John O'Leary Ellen Mullins
26 Nov 1887 CORRIGAN, Thomas WALSH, Ann R. Brennan Thomas Walsh Mary Lambe
26 Nov 1887 CLEARY, Patrick TRAVERSE, Margaret R. Brennan Philip Power Mary Murphy
27 Nov 1887 WHIFFIN, Patrick MCCUE, Catherine R. Brennan John McCue Mary Anne Whiffin
27 Nov 1887 HILLIARD, William MCCUE, Selina R. Brennan Daniel McCue Mary Kelly
29 Dec 1887 BENNETT, William WYSE, Mary R. Brennan Richard Wyse Elizabeth Wyse
11 Jan 1888 SAMSON, Patrick SPARROW, Teresa R. Brennan Thomas Sparrow Monica O'Reilly
11 Jan 1888 SAMSON, Joseph MAHER, Ellen R. Brennan John Hunt Ellen Maher
12 Jan 1888 BIRD, Michael O'REILLY, Margaret R. Brennan John Power Teresa O'Reilly
5 Apr 1888 CORRIGAN, John MURPHY, Elizabeth R. Brennan Edward Viscount Rachel Murphy
19 May 1888 WALSH, John ROSE, Veronica R. Brennan James Lambe Mary Lambe
21 Nov 1888 BARRY, Laurence CAREEN, Honora R. Brennan Martin Barry Honora Fewer
1 Dec 1888 DUKE, James WHIFFIN, Elizabeth R. Brennan Michael Duke Dora Ann Duke
1 Dec 1888 WHIFFIN, William POPE, Teresa R. Brennan John Bruce Margaret Pope
1 Dec 1888 MCCARTHY, James NORMAN, Honora R. Brennan Thomas Carroll Ellen Norman
1 Dec 1888 COLLINS, John BRUCE, Elizabeth R. Brennan William Collins Margaret Flynn
1 Dec 1888 HICKEY, William LEDWELL, Bridget R. Brennan Henry Smith Margaret Smith
1 Jan 1889 MCGRATH, James MCCARTHY, Catherine R. Brennan John McGrath Agnes Rose
2 Jan 1889 DALTON, James SMITH, Jane R. Brennan Daniel Maher Mary Smith
7 Jan 1889 MAHER, Michael CANE, Elizabeth R. Brennan John Houlihan Mary Maher
9 Jan 1889 ROCHE, James FITZPATRICK, Bridget R. Brennan James Maher Anne Power
12 Jan 1889 SUMMERS, Philip SMITH, Ellen R. Brennan Henry Smith Margaret Smith
13 Jan 1889 KEANE, John MURPHY, Mary R. Brennan John Dunphy Dorothy McCue
20 Jan 1889 MCGRATH, Richard SPARROW, Agnes R. Brennan John McCue Mary McGrath
26 Jan 1889 POWER, John FENNESSY, Anastasia R. Brennan John McCue Alice Kelly
27 Jan 1889 HUNT, John MAHER, Ellen R. Brennan Andrew Hunt Cecilia Hunt
26 Feb 1889 COUNSEL, Edward MCGEE, Mary Anne R. Brennan Thomas Carroll Martha Murphy
21 Apr 1889 DUKE, Isaac POWER, Ellen R. Brennan William Bruce Mary Power
11 May 1889 MARSH, John SAMSON, Agnes R. Brennan James Roche Mary Samson
18 Nov 1889 MAHER, John DUKE, Bridget R. Brennan James Maher Monica Duke
29 Nov 1889 SMITH, George WHITTLE, Mary R. Brennan Michael Maher Teresa Fitzpatrick
29 Nov 1889 MURRAY, Maurice MURPHY, Catherine R. Brennan William Murray Bridget Whelan
30 Nov 1889 SINNOTT, Walter BARRON, Mary R. Brennan Matthew Bruce Lucy Bruce
7 Dec 1889 LAMBE, Thomas MURPHY, Mary R. Brennan Louis Lambe Rachel Murphy
11 Dec 1889 CHEESEMAN, Joseph LAMBE, Mary Ellen R. Brennan Patrick Cheeseman Mary Agnes Ryan
11 Dec 1889 MULROONEY, Garret VISCOUNT, Anastasia R. Brennan John Whelan Ellen Norman
6 Jan 1890 GRIFFIN, Joseph SPARROW, Elizabeth R. Brennan Peter Griffin Monica O'Reilly
12 Jan 1890 BRUCE, Thomas LYNCH, Anastasia R. Brennan Michael Lynch Catherine Burke
5 Feb 1890 MURRAY, Maurice EVANS, Anne R. Brennan Joachim Murray Alice Kelly
2 Mar 1890 CLEARY, George WHELAN, Elizabeth R. Brennan Thomas Power Mary Foley
6 Mar 1890 FORAN, Francis O'REILLY, Mary Jo R. Brennan John Kelly Teresa Fitzpatrick
20 Apr 1890 WALSH, James THORNE, Mary Agnes R. Brennan Thomas Carroll Ellen Barry
7 Oct 1890 HAYES, Thomas FITZPATRICK, Mary Agnes R. Brennan Michael Fitzpatrick Bridget Hayes
25 Nov 1890 MAHER, James DUKE, Monica R. Brennan Patrick Dunphy Mary Davis
25 Nov 1890 KEANE, Thomas DUKE, Elizabeth R. Brennan Michael Mullins Ellen Mullins
25 Nov 1890 WHELAN, John RYAN, Mary Agnes R. Brennan John Ryan Rachel Bonia
30 Nov 1890 MURPHY, Thomas NOWLAN, Elizabeth R. Brennan Augustine Bavis Margaret Nowlan
6 Jan 1891 EVANS, John MCFARLANE, Bridget R. Brennan Michael Evans Honora Sinnott
10 Jan 1891 FLYNN, James NORTHOVER, Mary R. Brennan John Kelly Teresa Fitzpatrick
23 Jul 1891 BAVIS, Augustine BARRY, Ellen R. Brennan Michael Hann Jane Barry
29 Jul 1891 MCCUE, Daniel KELLY, Mary R. Brennan Michael McCue Sarah Whiffin
15 Aug 1891 BENNETT, John EMBERLEY, Elizabeth R. Brennan Peter Bennett Bridget Bennett
25 Aug 1891 WHIFFIN, Peter BARRON, Bridget R. Brennan Patrick Norman Teresa Fitzgerald
4 Oct 1891 MULROONEY, Thomas NEVILLE, Alice R. Brennan Patrick Cheeseman Ellen Barry
15 Nov 1891 SHEA, William MCCUE, Dorothea R. Brennan Patrick McCue Catherine Shea
18 Nov 1891 HUNT, Andrew HOULIHAN, Cecily R. Brennan Edward Houlihan Mary Fitzpatrick
19 Nov 1891 LYNCH, Patrick SAMSON, Mary R. Brennan John Samson Anne Power
21 Nov 1891 DUKE, Michael WHIFFIN, Mary R. Brennan William Bruce Elizabeth Howe
21 Nov 1891 BARRY, Lawrence LAMBE, Mary Jo R. Brennan Michael Lambe Mary Ann Barry
22 Nov 1891 MCCARTHY, Thomas FITZGERALD, Anastasia R. Brennan Denis McCarthy Agnes Rose
26 Nov 1891 SAMSON, John PICCO, Catherine R. Brennan John Cunningham Sarah Dormody
28 Nov 1891 CLEARY, Lawrence MAHER, Teresa R. Brennan John Hunt Mary Jo Dunphy
25 Nov 1891 HOULIHAN, Patrick SMITH, Mary Jo R. Brennan Daniel Maher Mary Houlihan
10 Dec 1891 WALSH, Thomas BENNETT, Bridget R. Brennan James Lambe Mary Ellen Barry
6 Jan 1892 O'REILLY, Albert EVANS, Teresa R. Brennan Joseph Power Alice Kelly
9 Jan 1892 O'LEARY, John GIBBONS, Teresa R. Brennan Richard Davis Mary St. Croix
15 May 1892 MURRAY, Patrick KELLY, Catherine R. Brennan James Dormody Julia McCarthy
25 Aug 1892 MURPHY, Alphonsus NOWLAN, Bridget R. Brennan Thomas Kelly Catherine Murphy
22 Oct 1892 BARRY, Lawrence BRUCE, Margaret R. Brennan David Barry Mary Ellen Barry
17 Nov 1892 ROWE, James CLEARY, Teresa R. Brennan William Rowe Mary Jo McGrath
24 Nov 1892 NOWLAN, James MURRAY, Margaret R. Brennan Michael Murray Sarah Murray
24 Nov 1892 SAMSON, John POWER, Anne R. Brennan Alphonsus Power Alice Kelly
27 Nov 1892 HEALEY, Peter MOONEY, Elizabeth R. Brennan James Healey Mary Foley
4 Dec 1892 MULLINS, Michael KING, Martha R. Brennan Richard Davis Paulina Flynn
7 Jan 1893 BARRON, Geogre MEADE, Anastasia R. Brennan Thomas Murray Catherine Meade
8 Jan 1893 KANE, John HUNT, Ellen R. Brennan Patrick Griffin Anne Murray
11 Jan 1893 MAHER, John MURPHY, Anastasia R. Brennan Robert Murphy Monica O'Reilly
15 Jan 1893 CARROLL, Michael MAHER, Mary Jo R. Brennan Michael O'Reilly Catherine Burke
31 Jan 1893 HAYES, Lawrence MURPHY, Monica R. Brennan John Hayes Anastasia Murphy
2 Apr 1893 BAVIS, Robert CORCORAN, Jane R. Brennan Joseph Barrett Teresa Fitzpatrick
23 Aug 1893 BRUCE, William FOLEY, Elizabeth R. Brennan Michael Houlihan Elizabeth Norman
27 Aug 1893 POWER, William FOLEY, Mary R. Brennan Martin Barry Jane Barry
23 Sep 1893 NORMAN, Frederick WHELAN, Mary Anne R. Brennan John Brown Bridget Whelan
2 Oct 1893 POWER, William NORMAN, Margaret R. Brennan John Power Elizabeth Norman
10 Nov 1893 KELLY, Michael MCCARTHY, Elizabeth R. Brennan Thomas Murray Mary McCue
26 Nov 1893 WHIFFIN, Maurice FOLEY, Mary Ellen R. Brennan John Foley Elizabeth Foley
2 Dec 1893 LAHEY, Joseph O'REILLY, Teresa R. Brennan Alphonsus Barry Dorothy McCue
10 Jan 1894 MURRAY, Patrick SMITH, Margaret R. Brennan Joachim Murray Mary Hunt
13 Jan 1894 MCCUE, Patrick KELLY, Anne R. Brennan James McCue Mary Smith
7 Feb 1894 BARRON, Patrick KELLY, Alice R. Brennan Thomas Barron Mary Jo McGrath
3 Apr 1894 HANN, John WHELAN, Jane R. Brennan John Whelan Jane Foley
4 Apr 1894 TOBIN, Patrick ROSE, Agnes R. Brennan James Rose Ellen Tobin
3 Dec 1894 NOWLAN, Augustine KEATING, Paulina R. Brennan Patrick Keating Agnes Whiffin
18 Nov 1894 FOLEY, James MEADE, Catherine R. Brennan John Foley Bridget Meade
25 Nov 1894 MULROONEY, Thomas TOBIN, Mary Agnes R. Brennan Alphonsus Barry Ellen Barry
2 Dec 1894 SAMSON, Martin WHELAN, Mary R. Brennan William Samson Susan McGrath
2 Dec 1894 CLEARY, Martin SAMSON, Teresa R. Brennan Robert Murphy Catherine Burke
8 Dec 1894 ROCHE, Peter FENNESSY, Rose R. Brennan John McGrath Bridget Kelly
8 Dec 1894 BRUCE, Matthew FITZPATRICK, Mary R. Brennan William Bruce Lucy Fitzpatrick
13 Nov 1894 SKINNER, Thomas LAMBE, Julia R. Brennan David Lambe Josephine Lambe
21 Nov 1894 LAMBE, James WHIFFIN, Anastasia R. Brennan Jeremiah Lambe Mary Ellen Barron
21 Nov 1894 LAMBE, Patrick TURNER, Rose R. Brennan William Lambe Josephine Lambe
29 Nov 1894 TOBIN, Patrick MAHER, Mary Anne R. Brennan John Maher Anna Maher
27 Jul 1894 FOLEY, James WHIFFIN, Agnes R. Brennan Michael Foley Elizabeth Whiffin
28 Sep 1895 HAYES, Augustine MURPHY, Ellen R. Brennan John Hayes Rasella Murphy
26 Jan 1895 KELLY, William KANE, Mary R. Brennan Edward Kelly Philamena Duke
25 Oct 1895 DUNPHY, Patrick MCCARTHY, Anastasia J. St. John Jeremiah Pope Marianne Kelly
17 Nov 1895 CUNNINGHAM, John DORMODY, Sarah J. St. John James Healey Catherine Davis
17 Nov 1895 MURRAY, William DAVIS, Catherine J. St. John Jeremiah Meade Ellen Cunningham
17 Nov 1895 HANN, Michael MURPHY, Catherine J. St. John James Murphy Margaret Murphy
28 Nov 1895 KEATING, James MURPHY, Margaret J. St. John Michael Keating Martha Pope
28 Nov 1895 KERRIVAN, John NORMAN, Elizabeth J. St. John Geoffery Kerrivan Caroline Lambe
28 Nov 1895 WALSH, Patrick BONIA, Honora J. St. John Peter Whelan Mary Webber
28 Nov 1895 CARROLL, Patrick BYRNE, Mary J. St. John John Carroll Elizabeth Dunphy
28 Nov 1895 FOLEY, John WHIFFIN, Elizabeth J. St. John Martin O'Leary Marianne Meade
28 Nov 1895 MURRAY, Thomas DUKE, Mary Agnes J. St. John Peter King Catherine Duke
28 Nov 1895 DUNPHY, John BURKE, Catherine J. St. John Patrick Dunphy Margaret Murphy
29 Nov 1895 CARROLL, Thomas BARRY, Ellen J. St. John Alphonsus Barry Mary Barry
29 Nov 1895 PITTMAN, Martin MURPHY, Elizabeth J. St. John Michael Pittman Margaret Murphy
30 Nov 1895 MURPHY, James WHELAN, Bridget J. St. John Patrick Griffith Alice Murray
30 Nov 1895 WHELAN, Maurice POPE, Martha J. St. John Robert Pope Margaret Pope
6 Jan 1896 FOLEY, William MULLINS, Anne J. St. John Peter Foley Alice Foley
7 Jan 1896 ROCHE, James FURLONG, Ellen J. St. John William Samson Teresa Furlong

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Placentia Bay East District