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RC Marriages, Portugal Cove area (Holy Rosary Parish) from 1845-1899. Includes Bell Island to 1875

From Family Search records of Nfld Church Records 1793-1945. Unfortunately the information on residence was not provided. Transcribed & contributed by Frank Fitzpatrick. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors or omissions.
Day Month Year Groom Bride Witness I Witness II Married by Rev:
18 Dec 1844 JACKMAN, John NORMAN, Jane Patrick Redmond Bridget Jackman T. O'Connor
9 Jan 1845 MCDONNELL, Edward MCKEEFE, Mary Daniel Butler Mary Phelan T. O'Connor
1 Jun 1845 NEARY, George PURCELL, Emilia Edward Neary Susan Summers T. O'Connor
20 Nov 1845 GLEASON, Timothy CHURCHILL, Charlotte Patrick O'Brien Olive Churchill T. O'Connor
24 Nov 1845 DROHAN, James HYNES, Bridget Thomas Drohan Elizabeth Hynes T. O'Connor
27 Nov 1845 DROHAN, Michael CANTWELL, Catherine Maurice Nearin Mary Christopher T. O'Connor
7 May 1846 CAVANAGH, Patrick KELLY, Ellen Matthew Jackman Margaret Fitzgerald T. O'Connor
31 May 1846 SUMMERS, Thomas CARNEY, Mary ##### ##### Bridget Norman T. O'Connor
22 Oct 1846 DOODY, James STOYLES, Elizabeth Jacob Churchill Catherine Dooley T. O'Connor
8 Nov 1846 SQUIRES, George FITZGERALD, Mary Michael Tucker Margaret Dooling T. O'Connor
15 Nov 1846 PERLE, Thomas O'BRIEN, Ellen Richard Long Mary Perle T. O'Connor
20 Nov 1846 PICCO, Philip TUCKER, Mary John Tucker Mary Tapp T. O'Connor
31 Dec 1846 PERLE, William DROHAN, Johanna John White Susan Hynes T. O'Connor
5 Feb 1847 MURPHY, Thomas KING, Mary George Walsh Sarah Kelly T. O'Connor
12 May 1847 BYRNE, Michael KENNY, Anne Eliza George Kent Sarah Kent T. O'Connor
15 Nov 1847 NEVILLE, Thomas KERRIVAN, Mary Thomas Murphy Anne Neville T. O'Connor
22 Dec 1847 KING, Thomas KENT, Anne James Kent Mary Anne Kennedy T. O'Connor
6 Jan 1848 DWYER, William LONG, Mary Robert Skanes Bridget Dwyer T. O'Connor
7 Mar 1848 DEADY, Patrick HANLON, Anne Thomas Deady Jane Purcell T. O'Connor
22 May 1848 CHURCHILL, Edward HAMMOND, Johanna John Pitt Margaret Hammond T. O'Connor
22 Nov 1848 SQUIRES, Richard PURCELL, Lucy John Squires Jane Purcell T. O'Connor
30 Nov 1848 TUCKER, Mandville KING, Johanna John Squires Mary Tapp T. O'Connor
19 Dec 1848 REAGH, William MEANY, Mary James Connors Elizabeth Keough T. O'Connor
10 Feb 1849 RANGE, John O'ROURKE, Catherine William Power Bridget O'Rourke T. O'Connor
10 Feb 1849 FOLEY, Francis CONWAY, Margaret Patrick Gladney Anne Finn T. O'Connor
25 Sep 1849 CLEARY, Martin HARVEY, Mary Thomas Cleary Bridget Harvey T. O'Connor
18 Nov 1849 CAUL, John DROHAN, Norah Thomas Drohan Bridget Healey T. O'Connor
26 Nov 1849 JACKMAN, Matthew POWER, Mary Richard Long Bridget Jackman T. O'Connor
27 Nov 1849 STOYLES, William KENNEDY, Catherine Peter Kent Honora Kennedy T. O'Connor
30 Nov 1849 CALAHAN, Thomas STOYLES, Mary Anne William Kent Alicia Kent T. O'Connor
1 Sep 1850 MCLENNAN, James DOYLE, Bridget John White Catherine McLellan T. O'Connor
30 Nov 1850 POWER, William BRENNAN, Bridget Thomas Lawlor Catherine Drohan T. O'Connor
24 Apr 1851 LAHEY, Patrick GEEHAN, Mary Thomas Flannery Hanna Flannery T. O'Connor
26 May 1851 NEARIN, Maurice CUDDIHY, Mary Bartholomew Cleary Margaret Cuddihy T. O'Connor
21 Oct 1851 BUTLER, Laurence ALISON, Laura Patrick Hickey Mary Cole T. O'Connor
27 Oct 1851 BIRMINGHAM, John O'ROURKE, Sarah John Cullen Bridget O'Rourke T. O'Connor
18 Nov 1851 KENNEDY, Michael HALLETT, Elizabeth Patrick Cahill Eliza Churchill T. O'Connor
20 Nov 1851 COUSINS, Laurence NUGENT, Ellen Thomas Ford Mary Ellard T. O'Connor
20 Nov 1851 THOMPSON, William HAMMOND, Margaret William Hammond Jane Kennedy T. O'Connor
4 Jul 1852 LONG, Richard JACKMAN, Catherine Peter Jackman Bridget Jackman T. O'Connor
30 Sep 1852 LAWLOR, Martin HALLETT, Ellen Thomas Stapleton Jane Purcell T. O'Connor
18 Nov 1852 MEANY, Michael FLANNERY, Hannah Thomas Flannery Mary Geehan T. O'Connor
27 Nov 1852 PURCELL, Thomas TAPP, Elizabeth Patrick Fitzgerald Mary Tapp T. O'Connor
7 Feb 1853 WATTERS, John NEAL, Mary Richard Walsh Catherine Nash T. O'Connor
14 May 1853 KENT, George BROWN, Mary William Kent Bridget Brown T. O'Connor
14 May 1853 HARVEY, Patrick CHURCHILL, Elizabeth Peter Harvey Elizabeth Harvey T. O'Connor
20 Jun 1853 DWYER, John CAVANAGH, Margaret Richard Quinn Mary Coady T. O'Connor
5 Jul 1853 BERRIGAN, Daniel BOLGER, Ellen Joseph Dougal Lucy Harvey T. O'Connor
30 Oct 1853 MCKEEFE, James CUMMINS, Ellen Robert Mercer Mary Halley T. O'Connor
3 Nov 1853 NEARIN, Thomas DROHAN, Catherine Thomas Nearin Catherine Cuddihy T. O'Connor
6 Nov 1853 STAPLETON, Thomas PURCELL, Jane Richard Traverse Elizabeth Purcell T. O'Connor
25 Nov 1853 NEARIN, Laurence CUDDIHY, Margaret Patrick Gladney Johanna Bolger T. O'Connor
27 Jan 1854 BOWDRING, John KENNEDY, Jane Medolph Bowdring Emily Kennedy T. O'Connor
14 Sep 1854 MERCER, Robert TOBIN, Mary Patrick Kennedy Ellen Tobin T. O'Connor
14 Oct 1854 PENDERGAST, Philip FITZPATRICK, Bridget Patrick Murphy Elizabeth Fitzpatrick T. O'Connor
19 Oct 1854 HARVEY, Peter BOLGER, Johanna Martin Dooley Susan Hagen T. O'Connor
27 Oct 1854 BRENNAN, Bartholomew STOYLES, Elizabeth Patrick Hanlon Catherine Dooley T. O'Connor
21 Nov 1854 KENT, William BROWN, Marharet William Kent Bridget Kent T. O'Connor
26 Nov 1854 MURPHY, Patrick JACKMAN, Bridget Edmund Murphy Eliza Fitzgerald T. O'Connor
1 Jan 1855 FLANNERY, Thomas HALLEY, Anne Patrick Cahill Margaret Halley T. O'Connor
17 Jan 1855 PHELAN, John DWYER, Elizabeth Thomas Dwyer Mary Perle T. O'Connor
8 Nov 1855 TUCKER, John PURCELL, Johanna John Squires Sarah Purcell T. O'Connor
14 Nov 1855 SQUIRES, Israel TUCKER, Elizabeth Henry Tucker Mary Anne Tucker T. O'Connor
19 Nov 1855 CAVANAGH, John SHELLEY, Catherine Edward Bennett Johanna Keough T. O'Connor
29 Nov 1855 DROHAN, Thomas COLE, Mary James Hall Margaret Phelan T. O'Connor
8 May 1856 STAPLETON, Michael TOBIN, Bridget Edward Stapleton Mary Anne Tobin T. O'Connor
6 Nov 1856 SQUIRES, George SPARKES, Frances George Squires Emelia Kennedy T. O'Connor
6 Nov 1856 KEOUGH, James KEOUGH, Catherine William Coughlin Catherine O'Brien T. O'Connor
10 Nov 1856 LAWLOR, Robert MORGAN, Elizabeth Colum Stapleton Mary Tobin T. O'Connor
15 Nov 1856 DAWE, Abraham O'KEEFE, Ellen Edmund Nugent Bridget O'Keefe T. O'Connor
17 Nov 1856 QUILTY, Nicholas HALLETT, Bridget William Hallett Mary Anne Traverse T. O'Connor
21 Nov 1856 HENNESSEY, Patrick BOGGINS, Catherine William Flynn Mary Conway T. O'Connor
24 Nov 1856 HANLON, Thomas HAMMOND, Ellen Patrick Daley Anne Daley T. O'Connor
25 Nov 1856 BOGGINS, William KELLY, Marharet Gregory Neville Anne Flannery T. O'Connor
25 Nov 1856 NEARIN, James PHELAN, Bridget John Murphy Bridget Nearin T. O'Connor
27 Nov 1856 HAMMOND, Thomas KENT, Anne Terrence Kent Emelia Kennedy T. O'Connor
8 Jan 1857 WALSH, Robert NUGENT, Anne George Walsh Sarah Walsh T. O'Connor
10 Jan 1857 NORMAN, John O'NEILL, Bridget Patrick O'Neill Bridget Phelan T. O'Connor
11 Jan 1857 JOY, Walter SQUIRES, Mary Philip Dwyer Rachel Dwyer T. O'Connor
19 Jan 1857 TOBIN, Michael WALSH, Sarah John Linehan Mary Kelly T. O'Connor
21 Feb 1857 SQUIRES, George TOBIN, Mary Michael Tobin Mary Anne Squires T. O'Connor
20 Apr 1857 HARVEY, Patrick HYNES, Elizabeth Peter Harvey Susanna Hynes T. O'Connor
23 Aug 1857 WALSH, William NUGENT, Mary Anne Laurence Cousins Alice Nugent T. O'Connor
26 Aug 1857 REDDY, Edward JACKMAN, Mary Maurice Boland Bridget Leech T. O'Connor
17 Nov 1857 DELAHUNTY, James FOLEY, Bridget Matthew Jackman Catherine Cooper T. O'Connor
20 Nov 1857 BOGGINS, John DROHAN, Margaret Gregory Neville Catherine Boggins T. O'Connor
15 Jan 1858 HARVEY, Peter HYNES, Susanna John White Agnes Hynes T. O'Connor
8 Aug 1858 TRAVERSE, Thomas LANE, Jane Patrick Daley Anne Geehan T. O'Connor
6 Sep 1858 CRONIN, Matthew KING, Susanna Joseph Tilley Margaret King T. O'Connor
9 Sep 1858 TOBIN, Patrick KENNEDY, Bridget James Skanes Mary Ryan T. O'Connor
7 Oct 1858 HAMMOND, Thomas CUMMINS, Anne James Hammond Ellen McKeefe T. O'Connor
3 Nov 1858 POWER, Michael KEOUGH, Margaret Richard Keough Catherine Power T. O'Connor
11 Nov 1858 STOYLES, William BROWN, Margaret Thomas Brown Elizabeth Pitts T. O'Connor
17 Nov 1858 HANLON, Patrick KEOUGH, Barbara Patrick Daley Margaret Dooley T. O'Connor
22 Nov 1858 FITZGERALD, John DOOLEY, Margaret Patrick Fitzgerald Anne Dooley T. O'Connor
24 Nov 1858 KENT, Michael FITZGERALD, Alice Thomas Howlet Bridget Fitzgerald T. O'Connor
24 Nov 1858 MURPHY, Peter HALL, Mary Patrick Cole Elizabeth Crandell T. O'Connor
7 Jan 1859 WHITE, John FLYNN, Agnes Peter Harvey Susanna Harvey T. O'Connor
5 Feb 1859 NEARY, John O'ROURKE, Dorothy Redmond Neary Bridget O'Rourke T. O'Connor
16 May 1859 HARRIGAN, John SHELLEY, Catherine Edmund Dwyer Bridget Dwyer T. O'Connor
9 Sep 1859 GLYNN, Henry HANLON, Margaret Henry Tucker Mary Anne Tucker T. O'Connor
## Nov 1859 NUGENT, William JESSIE, Catherine James Nugent Mary Terrol T. O'Connor
24 Nov 1859 POWER, Edmund JACKMAN, Catherine Peter Jackman Mary Power T. O'Connor
24 Nov 1859 MURPHY, John CRANDELL, Elizabeth Patrick Murray Margaret Crandell T. O'Connor
8 Jan 1860 SWEETMAN, John WILLIAMS, Margaret Thomas Conway Frances Williams T. O'Connor
12 Jan 1860 JACKMAN, Peter FITZGERALD, Bridget William Fitzgerald Anne Fitzgerald T. O'Connor
28 Apr 1860 BOLGER, Martin PHELAN, Mary Thomas Bolger ##### ##### T. O'Connor
8 Jul 1860 WALSH, Joseph SCOTT, Elizabeth Robert Walsh Mary Jo Kelly T. O'Connor
21 Aug 1860 DOYLE, Thomas HALLEY, Catherine John Keough Johanna O'Neill T. O'Connor
22 Nov 1860 BOWDRING, Medolph KENT, Jane John Power Anne Fitzgerald T. O'Connor
22 Nov 1860 TAPP, John PURCELL, Mary Anne John Tucker Rebecca Pendergast T. O'Connor
27 Nov 1860 CONNORS, James FITZPATRICK, Elizabeth Matthew Fitzpatrick Ellen Fitzpatrick T. O'Connor
29 Nov 1860 FITZGERALD, James PICCO, Sarah Thomas Squires Catherine Phelan T. O'Connor
14 Jan 1861 HAMMOND, James HAMMOND, Mary Anne Michael Hammond Amelia Kennedy T. O'Connor
5 Oct 1861 CANNING, Patrick O'ROURKE, Ellen ##### ##### ##### ##### T. O'Connor
16 Nov 1861 NUGENT, Edward DWYER, Julia Edmund Nugent Mary Nugent T. O'Connor
18 Nov 1861 CAVANAGH, Robert FITZGERALD, Sarah Martin Fitzgerald Johanna Fitzgerald T. O'Connor
18 Nov 1861 BOWDRING, Patrick RYAN, Mary John Bowdring Margaret Power T. O'Connor
18 Nov 1861 HYNES, William KENNEDY, Emelia William Kennedy Elizabeth Kennedy T. O'Connor
29 Nov 1861 SQUIRES, Thomas SPARKES, Amelia Peter Squires Jane Kent T. O'Connor
30 Nov 1861 HYDE, Edward SMITH, Maria John Porter Emily Noseworthy T. O'Connor
8 Dec 1861 PHELAN, Thomas NOSEWORTHY, Mary James Cullen Ellen Tobin T. O'Connor
7 Jan 1862 KEOUGH, Richard FITZGERALD, Anne William Fitzgerald Mary Warren T. O'Connor
11 May 1862 FRY, Samuel O'BRIEN, Ellen Martin Bolger Mary O'Brien T. O'Connor
9 Nov 1862 KAVANAGH, Martin SQUIRES, Alice John Squires Margaret Kavanagh T. O'Connor
12 Feb 1863 NEARY, Edmund O'ROURKE, Bridget John Neary Dorothy Neary T. O'Connor
18 Oct 1863 NUGENT, James WALSH, Elizabeth James Nugent Emelia Nugent T. O'Connor
8 Nov 1863 STAPLETON, Edward TUCKER, Jane Richard Phelan Ellen Lawlor T. O'Connor
14 Nov 1863 CRANDELL, John NUGENT, Mary James Nugent Ellen Tobin T. O'Connor
24 Nov 1863 HANLON, William GEEHAN, Anne Richard Keough Mary Dooley T. O'Connor
27 Nov 1863 O'BRIEN, James KELLY, Mary William Boggins Mary Jane Whelan T. O'Connor
29 Nov 1863 WALSH, Joseph SQUIRES, Emily James Nugent Mary Anne Squires T. O'Connor
7 Jan 1864 GEEHAN, Richard HALLEY, Mary Thomas Fleming Ellen Halley T. O'Connor
9 Jan 1864 O'ROURKE, Timothy NUGENT, Alice Laurence O'Rourke Margaret Nugent T. O'Connor
11 Jan 1864 KENT, Terrence NEVILLE, Mary James Neville Emelia Kent T. O'Connor
23 Sep 1864 TRAVERSE, Richard CORRIGAN, Bridget Martin Keough Elizabeth Traverse T. O'Connor
18 May 1865 HALLETT, Patrick CORRIGAN, Margaret Martin Keough Mary O'Leary T. O'Connor
26 Nov 1865 FOX, Patrick O'NEILLL, Ellen Patrick O'Neill Mary Phelan T. O'Connor
27 Nov 1865 KENT, William GRANGEL, Ellen John Grangel Anne Grangel T. O'Connor
28 Nov 1865 COMERFORD, John O'KEEFE, Johanna Matthew Nugent Bridget O'Keefe T. O'Connor
30 Nov 1865 BROWN, Patrick RYAN, Bridget Thomas Brown Catherine Dwyer T. O'Connor
2 Dec 1865 CLEARY, Bartholomew QUINN, Mary James Neary Anne O'Dell T. O'Connor
8 Jan 1866 DWYER, Edward CONNORS, Bridget James Connors Bridget Dwyer T. O'Connor
28 Jan 1866 KAVANAGH, Thomas HARVEY, Bridget Michael White Mary Neary T. O'Connor
25 Nov 1866 DOOLEY, Jomes BESSO, Mary Michael Gleason Lucy Squires T. O'Connor
2 Mar 1867 SINNOTT, Edward TOBIN, Ellen John Bradshaw Sarah Tobin T. O'Connor
14 May 1867 BROWN, Thomas PHELAN, Margaret Patrick Brown Lucy Squires T. O'Connor
27 Nov 1867 MOAKLER, Hugh KENT, Emelia Michael Nowlan Ellen Grangel T. O'Connor
7 Jan 1868 QUINLAN, Peter HYNES, Ellen William White Mary Hynes T. O'Connor
9 Jan 1868 ANDREOLI, Valentine POWER, Alice Richard Andreoli Bridget Neville T. O'Connor
27 Oct 1868 HYNES, William GILLAMS, Sarah Anne Patrick Hanlon Margaret Hynes T. O'Connor
28 Oct 1868 WALSH, John TERRY, Margaret Walter Walsh Mary Walsh T. O'Connor
11 Jan 1869 MURPHY, Patrick FITZPATRICK, Catherine Michael Power Ellen Fitzpatrick T. O'Connor
17 Jan 1869 HALL, Patrick LAWLOR, Mary Anne Patrick Gladney Bridget Ryan T. O'Connor
26 Nov 1869 DROHAN, Thomas O'BRIEN, Margaret James Sullivan Mary Fleming T. O'Connor
26 Nov 1869 HARVEY, Michael FUREY, Bridget Thomas Nugent Margaret Nugent T. O'Connor
10 Jan 1870 DWYER, Michael TRAVERSE, Elizabeth Daniel Dwyer Mary Traverse T. O'Connor
10 Jul 1870 HAMMOND, Thomas KENT, Mary William Stoyles Anne Hammond T. O'Connor
9 Nov 1870 TUCKER, Henry GRACE, Maria Thomas Huston Mary Tucker T. O'Connor
10 Jan 1871 GEEHAN, James NEVILLE, Alice Thomas Flannery Anne Marie Hallett T. O'Connor
11 Jan 1871 HENNESSEY, Michael MERCER, Anne Joseph Mercer Anne Casey T. O'Connor
18 Jan 1871 WALSH, John NUGENT, Mary John Tapp Bridgent Nugent T. O'Connor
23 May 1871 BRENNAN, John PHELAN, Mary Patrick Gladney Catherine Brennan T. O'Connor
22 Jun 1871 TOBIN, Thomas ANDERSON, Ellen William Cahill Mary Ryan T. O'Connor
16 Jul 1871 LAHEY, James MORRISSEY, Johanna John Lahey Mary Pike T. O'Connor
16 Jul 1871 WHITE, Matthew DOOLEY, Mary Michael White Bridget Ryan T. O'Connor
19 Jul 1871 HARTERY, Thomas MURPHY, Elizabeth William Murphy Mary Cullen T. O'Connor
19 Sep 1871 DOOLEY, Thomas FITZGERALD, Agnes Martin Bolger Mary Harvey T. O'Connor
26 Oct 1871 O'SHEA, Patrick STOCKLEY, Sarah John Voisey Bridget Murphy T. O'Connor
12 Nov 1871 CONNORS, James HYNES, Margaret John Phelan Mary Normore T. O'Connor
26 Nov 1871 DWYER, Patrick COLE, Bridget Matthew Pendergast Mary Cole T. O'Connor
14 Jan 1872 BYRNE, Nicholas GEEHAN, Bridget John Byrne Margaret Geehan T. O'Connor
14 Jan 1872 PORTER, John DAWE, Mary Anne Thomas Tobin Sarah Noseworthy T. O'Connor
17 Jan 1872 KEOUGH, James QUIGLEY, Mary Martin Bolger Mary Hynes T. O'Connor
20 May 1872 FITZGERALD, Patrick DWYER, Julia James Fitzgerald Catherine Dwyer T. O'Connor
25 May 1872 PURCELL, William BOONE, Mary Anne James Keyley Anastasia Dawe T. O'Connor
23 Oct 1872 DWYER, Thomas SQUIRES, Lucy Owen Fitzpatrick Johanna Squires T. O'Connor
6 Nov 1872 KELLY, Patrick PHELAN, Margaret Anne Kelly Mary Ann Christopher T. O'Connor
20 Nov 1872 KEOUGH, Martin HANLON, Susan Ambrose Hanlon Anne Perle T. O'Connor
24 Nov 1872 BOGGINS, John KING, Catherine Thomas O'Brien Catherine Kent T. O'Connor
11 Jan 1873 HANLON, Ambrose PERLE, Anne Martin Keough Susan Keough T. O'Connor
28 Jan 1873 O'BRIEN, Thomas DROHAN, Catherine John Gleason Ellen O'Brien T. O'Connor
23 Sep 1873 MCGRATH, James ROCHE, Mary Jesse Oliver Anne Roche T. O'Connor
4 Nov 1873 WALSH, William QUIGLEY, Elizabeth Patrick Larkin Mary Quigley T. O'Connor
10 Nov 1873 FITZGERALD, John DWYER, Anne Thomas Fitzgerald Catherine Dwyer T. O'Connor
19 Nov 1873 HOLOHAN, John MALONE, Elizabeth William Morey Teresa Herbert T. O'Connor
20 Nov 1873 O'ROURKE, Simon SALLINGER, Margaret James Ryan Mary Ryan T. O'Connor
22 Nov 1873 MARTIN, Peter TAPPER, Anne Charles Tapper Mary Tapper T. O'Connor
22 Nov 1873 FLEMING, Patrick MARTIN, Bridget Martin Reddy Sarah Martin T. O'Connor
29 Nov 1873 MCNAMARA, James GRACE, Ellen James Connors Anne Doyle T. O'Connor
8 Jan 1874 FITZGERALD, Martin DWYER, Catherine Thomas Dwyer Elizabeth Fitzgerald T. O'Connor
9 Jan 1874 DWYER, Thomas JOY, Sarah Philip Nugent Catherine Nugent T. O'Connor
6 Feb 1874 NEARY, William HYNES, Mary Anne Edmund Neary Emma Neary T. O'Connor
5 May 1874 SQUIRES, Ambrose MORGAN, Elizabeth John Walsh Mary Walsh T. O'Connor
5 May 1874 DAWE, William TOBIN, Catherine James Dawe Anne Dawe R. Dunphy
4 Jun 1874 DOOLEY, Michael REARDON, Teresa Peter Reardon Maria Reardon T. O'Connor
12 Nov 1874 HACKETT, James STOCKLEY, Sarah John McDonnell Honora Skanes T. O'Connor
22 Nov 1874 BUTLER, William PICCO, Agnes John Butler Elizabeth Picco T. O'Connor
24 May 1875 JANES, Hugh STOCKLEY, Bridget Philip O'Leary Susan Hynes T. O'Connor
12 Sep 1875 KENNA, James CHRISTOPHER, Mary Anne Timothy St. John Jane Oliver T. O'Connor
24 Oct 1875 GLADNEY, Patrick BRENNAN, Catherine John Gladney Bridget Gladney T. O'Connor
4 Aug 1876 GLADNEY, John PHELAN, Ellen Patrick Gladney Bridget Gladney T. O'Connor
19 Nov 1876 PHELAN, Richard TRAVERSE, Mary Richard Traverse Bridget Traverse T. O'Connor
24 Jun 1877 NEARY, William LAWLOR, Lucy Michael Phelan Mary Reardon T. O'Connor
14 Nov 1877 HYNES, Stephen HARVEY, Mary John Harvey Mary Hynes T. O'Connor
23 Nov 1877 PHELAN, Michael REARDON, Maria Ambrose Reardon Anne Stapleton T. O'Connor
29 Nov 1877 HANLON, Denis KEOUGH, Anne Stephen Purcell Maria Tucker T. O'Connor
7 Feb 1878 PURCELL, Stephen HYNES, Mary Stephen Hynes Mary Hynes T. O'Connor
28 Nov 1878 BUTLER, John LAWLOR, Mary Anne William Butler Bridget O'Leary T. O'Connor
12 Jan 1879 O'BRIEN, Edward STAPLETON, Mary John Gleason Jane Stapleton T. O'Connor
13 Nov 1879 O'LEARY, James EMBERLEY, Ellen John Phelan Ellen Stapleton T. O'Connor
18 Jan 1880 MCDONNELL, Peter LAWLOR, Catherine Patrick McDonnell Catherine Lawlor T. O'Connor
18 Jan 1880 DUNNE, William CHRISTOPHER, Bridget Thomas Piercey ##### ##### T. O'Connor
27 Sep 1880 WHITE, Michael JENNINGS, Elizabeth John White Bridget O'Leary T. O'Connor
12 Nov 1880 DONOVAN, William DROHAN, Anne John Yew Sarah Yew T. O'Connor
7 Jan 1881 HALL, Michael COLE, Mary John Nearin Bridget Nearin T. O'Connor
9 May 1881 REARDON, Thomas SKANES, Honora Eugene Reardon Ellen Kercey T. O'Connor
6 Nov 1881 SAMSON, Japhet PURCELL, Mary Jo Thomas Pendergast Eliza Purcell T. O'Connor
13 Nov 1881 CULLEN, James PICCO, Bridget James Picco Ellen Cullen T. O'Connor
13 Nov 1881 REARDON, Ambrose DROHAN, Mary Michael Dooley Ellen White T. O'Connor
21 May 1882 KERCEY, Thomas NEARIN, Ellen Peter Finn Anne Finn T. O'Connor
30 Jun 1882 FITZGERALD, ##### HAGEN, ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### P. Delaney
15 Jul 1882 HAYES, Michael BOLGER, Mary Jo John Bates Catherine Bolger T. O'Connor
13 Aug 1882 RYAN, James FOWLER, Margaret James Thorburn Hannah O'Grady T. O'Connor
29 Oct 1882 PENDERGAST, John COLE, Honora Thomas Pendergast Ellen Cole T. O'Connor
4 Nov 1882 O'MARA, Michael PURCELL, Elizabeth James Purcell Rebecca Purcell T. O'Connor
20 Nov 1882 NEARY, Stephen SQUIRES, Elizabeth Richard O'Keefe Anne Hanlon T. O'Connor
17 Jul 1883 TRAVERSE, Bernard SPARKES, Jenny Michael Phelan Maria Phelan T. O'Connor
16 Dec 1884 HAMMOND, Philip PHILLIP'S, Elizabeth John Harvey Margaret Doran J. Walsh
17 May 1885 LAWLOR, James QUILTY, Mary John Quilty Mary Whelan J. Walsh
## ### 1886 LOWRY, Herbert EMBERLEY, Bridget Thomas Fewer Mary Hackett J. Walsh
20 Jun 1886 NEARY, Peter BOLGER, Mary Patrick Murray Margaret Neary J. Walsh
16 May 1888 DROHAN, Patrick NEARY, Emma Thomas Drohan Margaret Drohan J. Walsh
21 Feb 1889 NEARY, John SQUIRES, Susan Thomas Neary Lucy Squires J. Walsh
8 Jan 1890 MURPHY, Patrick HANLON, Elizabeth John Harvey Martha Murphy J. Walsh
15 Jul 1890 NEARY, Thomas GORMAN, Bridget John Neary Susanna Gorman J. Walsh
21 Oct 1890 LAWLOR, John WHELAN, Elizabeth Richard McCarthy Ellen Mary Lawlor J. Walsh
8 Jan 1891 QUILTY, Nicholas SQUIRES, Lucy William Quilty Maria Tucker J. Walsh
13 Aug 1891 HANLON, William O'LEARY, Bridget Stephen Hanlon Mary Hanlon J. Walsh
11 Nov 1891 FRY, Samuel NEARY, Mary William Hanlon Mary Clare J. Walsh
22 Nov 1891 PICCO, John WHELAN, Margaret John Fitzgerald Amelia Tucker J. Walsh
24 Jan 1892 MCCORMACK, Michael JORDAN, Margaret John Murphy Margaret Nearin J. Walsh
29 May 1892 HANLON, Denis NEARY, Martha Henry Lannon Anne Neary J. Walsh
24 Jul 1892 KEOUGH, Martin HYNES, Mary Stephen Hynes Mary Neary J. Walsh
13 Feb 1893 TRAVERSE, Patrick FITZGERALD, Ellen Richard Traverse Elizabeth Stapleton J. Walsh
27 Apr 1893 DROHAN, Patrick HALL, Mary Anne Michael Hall Honora Pendergast J. Walsh
26 Nov 1893 NEARY, William FITZGERALD, Agnes Michael Fitzgerald Catherine Fitzgerald J. Walsh
21 Jan 1894 HANLON, Patrick HYNES, Elizabeth William Murphy Ellen Hanlon J. Walsh
26 Nov 1894 HARVEY, Andrew JENNINGS, Ellen John Harvey Anne Jennings J. Walsh
11 Feb 1896 FITZGERALD, John LAWLOR, Anastasia Thomas Tucker Ellen Lawlor J. Walsh
6 Oct 1896 WHELAN, William LAWLOR, Ellen Thomas Whelan Anastasia Doyle J. Walsh
7 Jan 1897 PURCELL, William NEARY, Anne James Purcell Lucy Purcell J. Walsh
6 Jun 1897 HANEY, John HARVEY, Anne Denis Hanlon Martha Hanlon J. Walsh
19 Jan 1898 ANDERSON, William NEARIN, Margaret Denis Murphy Ellen Hall J. Walsh
21 May 1898 BURKE, James MURPHY, Elizabeth Andrew Martin Mary Picco J. Walsh
6 Nov 1898 BYRNE, Jeremiah MURPHY, Mary William Murphy Maria Murphy J. Walsh
19 Nov 1898 HARVEY, John KEOUGH, Ellen Patrick Hynes Sarah Harvey J. Walsh
19 Nov 1898 THORPE, Stephen TUCKER, Amelia Thomas Tucker Lucy Thorpe J. Walsh
1 Feb 1899 NEARY, Francis SQUIRES, Emily Stephen Neary Elizabeth Neary J. Walsh

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