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McAlpine's NL Directory 1898


The information was transcribed by Frank Fitzpatrick. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.

Surname Given Name Occupation
BAILEY Charles tel operator
BAILEY Thomas tel operator
BARRON Ellen, wid Michael
BARRON Francis gen dealer
BARRON George fisherman
BARRON James fisherman
BARRON James fisherman
BARRON Martin fisherman
BARRON Michael fisherman
BARRON Michael carpenter
BARRON Patrick fisherman
BARRON Patrick fisherman
BARRON Patrick fisherman
BARRON Peter fisherman
BARRON Sarah, wid James
BARRON Thomas fisherman
BARRON William fisherman
BIRD John fisherman
BIRD Joseph fisherman
BIRD Maurice fisherman
BIRD William fisherman
BLANCHE Francis fisherman
BLANCHE James laborer
BLANCHE Michael fisherman
BLANCHE Thomas, jr laborer
BLANCHE Thomas, sr fisherman
BLANCHE William sailor
BONIA Edward blacksmith
BONIA Maurice fisherman
BONIA Patrick shop keeper
BONIA Thomas tidewaiter
BOYLE Charles N lobster packer
BOYLE Duncan laborer
BOYLE William lobster packer
BRADSHAW Albert of W & A
BRADSHAW John P shop keeper
BRADSHAW W & A general merchants
BRADSHAW William of W & A
BRIEN James fisherman
BRIEN John fisherman
BRIEN Laurence fisherman
BRIEN Michael farmer
BRUCE Denis fisherman
BURKE James mailman
BURKE Pierce mailman
CANNING Patrick fisherman
CANNING Robert fisherman
CARRIGAN James fisherman
CARROLL Henry fisherman
CARROLL Laurence fisherman
CARROLL Mary Ann, wid Patrick
CARROLL Michael fisherman
CARROLL Michael fisherman
CARROLL Michael fisherman
CARROLL Patrick fisherman
CARROLL Robert laborer
CARROLL Thomas fisherman
CARROLL Valentine gen dealer
CHANT John carpenter
CHANT Mary, wid Charles
CLANCY James miner
CLANCY Thomas fisherman
CLEARY Richard policeman
COLLINS Agnes, wid John
COLLINS Alexander lobster packer
COLLINS Andrew goaler
COLLINS Austin fisherman
COLLINS Edward fisherman
COLLINS Ignatius fisherman
COLLINS James shop keeper
COLLINS James fisherman
COLLINS James J fisherman
COLLINS James sr fisherman
COLLINS John fisherman
COLLINS John laborer
COLLINS John fisherman
COLLINS John railway laborer
COLLINS John fisherman
COLLINS John J fisherman
COLLINS John, sr laborer
COLLINS John, sr laborer
COLLINS Joseph fisherman
COLLINS Michael fisherman
COLLINS Samuel fisherman
COLLINS Sarah, wid Samuel
COLLINS Thomas fisherman
COLLINS Thomas laborer
COLLINS William laborer
COLLINS William railway laborer
COLLINS William J fisherman
CONNORS Joachim fisherman
CONNORS John fisherman
CONNORS Michael fisherman
CONNORS Patrick fisherman
CONNORS Thomas fisherman
CORBIN William fisherman
COSGROVE Dorothy, wid John
COSGROVE Nicholas fisherman
CROKE James blacksmith
CROKE Patrick carpenter
CROKE Thomas fisherman
DEE Maurice shop keeper
DELANEY James laborer
DELANEY Joseph miner
DELANEY Matthew fisherman
DELANEY Michael fireman
DELANEY Patrick shop keeper
DELANEY Thomas fisherman
DELANEY William fisherman
DOODY David fisherman
DOODY Michael fisherman
DUNN Edward fisherman
DUNN Luke fisherman
DUNN Michael fisherman
DUNPHY John T gen dealer
DUNPHY Patrick gen dealer
DUNPHY Thomas gen dealer
DUNPHY William gen dealer
DWYER Catherine, wid Michael
DWYER William fisherman
FARRELL John shoemaker
FENNESSEY Barnaby fisherman
FEWER William fisherman
FITZPATRICK Hugh telgph operator
FITZPATRICK James fisherman
FITZPATRICK Patrick fisherman
FITZPATRICK Pierce fisherman
FITZPATRICK Richard fisherman
FITZPATRICK Thomas general dealer
FLYNN Elizabeth, wid Michael
FLYNN J prev officer SS Bruce
FLYNN James fisherman
FLYNN Jerome fisherman
FLYNN Mary, wid John
FLYNN Maurice fisherman
FLYNN Peter fisherman
FLYNN Sarah, wid Thomas
FLYNN Walter fisherman
FLYNN Walter fisherman
FOGARTY Frank sailor
FOWLER Bridget, wid Matthew
FOWLER Caroline, wid Charles
FULFORD Edward fisherman
FULFORD John fisherman
FURLONG David laborer
FURLONG John fisherman
FURLONG Laurence jr miner
FURLONG Laurence, sr laborer
FURLONG William miner
GLYNN John fisherman
GRACE John fisherman
GRACE Michael fisherman
GRANT Andrew carpenter
GRANT Thomas miner
GREEN John fisherman
GREEN Margaret, wid John
GREEN Peter fisherman
GRIFFIN Bridget, wid Thomas
GRIFFIN James planter
GRIFFIN John fisherman
GRIFFIN Patrick carpenter
GRIFFIN Patrick fisherman
GRIFFIN Peter planter
GRIFFIN Thomas gen'l dealer
HANHAM Jacob telegraph operator
HARTIGAN Bernard fisherman
HARTIGAN Hugh fisherman
HARTIGAN John farmer
HARTIGAN John, jr fisherman
HARTIGAN John, sr fisherman
HARTIGAN Maurice fisherman
HARTIGAN Michael fisherman
HARTIGAN Michael fisherman
HARTIGAN Patrick fisherman
HARTIGAN Thomas laborer
HARTLEY Ellen, wid Thomas
HARTLY James fisherman
HARTLY James fisherman
HARTLY John fisherman
HARTLY Richard fisherman
HARTLY Thomas fisherman
HENDRICK Ellen, wid Thomas
HENDRICK James general dealer
HENDRICK John general dealer
HENDRICK Michael general dealer
HENDRICK Nicholas lobster packer
HICKEY Ellen, wid Thomas
HOWLETT Martin fisherman
HUGHES Edward engineer
HUNT James fisherman
HYDE Joseph sailor
KANE John fisherman
KANE Mary, wid Richard  
KANE Thomas fisherman
KEEFE George carpenter
KEEFE James, jr fisherman
KEEFE James, sr fisherman
KEEFE Joseph laborer
KEEFE Laurence carpenter
KEEFE Mary, wid Thomas
KEEFE Patrick carpenter
KEEFE Patrick fisherman
KEEFE Robert laborer
KEEFE Robert fisherman
KEEFE Thomas sailor
KEEFE Thomas fisherman
KELLY Edward fisherman
KELLY Elizabeth, wid James
KELLY Garrett, jr laborer
KELLY Garrett, sr fisherman
KELLY James fisherman
KELLY James fisherman
KELLY John laborer
KELLY John fisherman
KELLY John fisherman
KELLY Mary, wid John
KELLY Mary, wid Michael
KELLY Mary, wid William
KELLY Michael gen dealer
KELLY Michael fisherman
KELLY Michael, jr fisherman
KELLY Thomas laborer
KELLY Thomas miner
KELLY William fisherman
KEMP James fisherman
KEMP Patrick ferryman
KING Bernard fisherman
KING James fisherman
KING John laborer
KING Mary, wid James
KING Thomas fisherman
LAMB Elizabeth, wid John
LAMB John fisherman
LANNON Edward fisherman
LANNON James planter
LANNON John planter
LANNON John fisherman
LANNON John, sr planter
LANNON William farmer
LARKIN Norah, wid Edward
LYONS John general dealer
MANSFIELD John laborer
MANSFIELD Patrick fisherman
MANSFIELD Peter laborer
MARTIN Mary Ann, wid Thomas
MARTIN William steward
McCARTHY James fisherman
McCARTHY Margaret, wid Jeremiah
MCGRATH Catherine, wid Michael
MCGRATH Patrick fisherman
MCKENDRICK Neil physician
McLELLAN Patrick fisherman
McLELLAN William laborer
METCALF Thomas genl dealer
MILLER Martha, wid Patrick
MILLER Stephen fisherman
MOONEY Alfred fisherman
MOONEY Cecily, wid Patrick
MOONEY Francis, jr fisherman
MOONEY Francis, sr laborer
MOONEY Henry fisherman
MOONEY James planter
MOONEY Johanna, wid Michael
MOONEY John planter
MOONEY Laurence laborer
MOONEY Robert planter
MOONEY Thomas planter
MORRISSEY Daniel laborer
MORRISSEY Moses miner
MORRISSEY Patrick shop keeper
MORRISSEY Peter fisherman
MORRISSEY Philip sailor
MORRISSEY William fisherman
MURPHY Francis shipwright
MURPHY John fisherman
MURRAY Patrick fisherman
MURRAY Peter fisherman
MURRAY Thomas fisherman
NORMAN John fisherman
NUGENT Michael laborer
NUGENT Michael J teacher
O'REILLY Edward shop keeper
O'REILLY Elizabeth, wid James
O'REILLY George gen dealer
O'REILLY James miner
O'REILLY John mining captain
O'REILLY Margaret, wid Garrett
O'REILLY Mary, wid Edward
O'REILLY Mary, wid Thomas
O'REILLY Michael fisherman
O'REILLY Patrick gen'l dealer
O'REILLY Rose, wid Patrick
O'REILLY Ruth, wid Thomas
O'REILLY Thomas miner
O'REILLY Thomas miner
O'REILLY William fireman
PALFREY Catherine, wid Peter
PALFREY Thomas shipwright
PASHIER William brakesman
PATTERSON Laurence fisherman
PATTERSON Margaret, wid John
PATTERSON Matthew fisherman
PATTERSON Michael fisherman
PATTERSON Robert, jr fisherman
PATTERSON Robert, sr fisherman
PATTERSON William fisherman
PHIPPARD John carpenter
PHIPPARD Richard carpenter
PHIPPARD Thomas carpenter
PHIPPARD William laborer
POWER Alicia, wid John
POWER Daniel fisherman
POWER Edward planter
POWER George fisherman
POWER James fisherman
POWER John fisherman
POWER John fisherman
POWER John P fisherman
POWER John, sr planter
POWER Maurice planter
POWER Michael fisherman
POWER Patrick planter
POWER Patrick planter
POWER Patrick, sr planter
POWER Peter fisherman
POWER Peter, jr fisherman
POWER Peter, sr planter
POWER Philip planter
POWER Philip F sailor
POWER Stephen planter
POWER Thomas laborer
POWER Thomas fisherman
POWER Thomas fisherman
POWER Thomas F laborer
POWER Thomas, sr planter
POWER William fisherman
POWER William J schoolteacher
QUILTY Geoffrey laborer
QUILTY Michael fisherman
REILLY Michael fisherman
REILLY Patrick fisherman
ROCHE Charles miner
ROCHE Ellen, wid Laurence
ROCHE Joseph miner
ROCHE Laurence fisherman
ROGERS John laborer
ROSE Andrew fisherman
ROSE Anne, wid William
ROSE Thomas fisherman
ROSE Walter fisherman
ROSE William fisherman
RYAN Mary, wid John
RYAN Robert laborer
SHAW Peter fisherman
SHAW Robert fisherman
SINNOTT Edward sub-collector customs
SINNOTT Mary, wid John
SINNOTT Michael lobster packer
SINNOTT Patrick accountant
SINNOTT William line repairer
SMITH Mariah, wid Patrick
SMITH Robert lobster packer
SMITH Thomas, jr lobster packer
SMITH Thomas, sr carpenter
SMITH William fisherman
SPARROW Alphonsus fisherman
SPARROW Thomas fisherman
ST. CROIX Mary, wid Christopher
SUMMERS Maurice laborer
SUMMERS Philip laborer
SWEETMAN Norah, wid Roger
TAYLOR Richard fisherman
TRAIN Elizabeth, wid Joseph
TRAIN Thomas fisherman
VERRAN Henry tel operator
VERRAN Mary, wid Henry
WALSH Alphonsus fisherman
WALSH Anne, wid Michael
WALSH James fisherman
WALSH John fisherman
WALSH John J fisherman
WALSH Michael fisherman
WALSH Patrick fisherman
WALSH Patrick, jr fisherman
WALSH Patrick, sr fisherman
WALSH Peter fisherman
WALSH Richard carpenter
WALSH Thomas fisherman
WALSH Thomas miner
WHELAN Andrew shop keeper
WHELAN Thomas genl dealer
WILLIAMS John fisherman
WILSON Thomas engineer
WILSON William engineer
WYSE James fisherman
WYSE John planter
WYSE Joseph planter
WYSE Michael planter
WYSE Richard planter
WYSE Richard F laborer
WYSE Richard, sr fisherman
YOUNG Thomas ex light house keeper

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