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1921 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay East District

Fox Harbour

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY, November 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NOLAN, Michaelmheadmarried1847Feb74Fox Hr. NF
NOLAN, Bridgetfwifemarried1865May56Brigus NF

HOWE, Johnmheadmarried1871May50Fox Hr. NF
HOWE, Katefwifemarried1886Oct35Ship Hr. NF
HOWE, Mary A.fdausingle1909Dec12Fox Hr. NF
HOWE, Idafdausingle1911Oct10Fox Hr. NF
HOWE, Nelliefdausingle1915Sept6Fox Hr. NF
HOWE, Laurafdausingle1917Nov4Fox Hr. NF
HOWE, John F.msonsingle1919Nov2Fox Hr. NF

O'REILLY, Edwardmheadmarried1875Sept45Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Marthafwifemarried1879June42Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Nelliefdausingle1915Apr6Fox Hr. NF
CLEARY, Edwardmnephewsingle1909June12Argentia NF

O'REILLY, Denismheadmarried1879May42Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Annefwifemarried1892Nov28Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Arthurmsonsingle1919July2Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Bernardmsonsingle1921Sept [sic]7 moFox Hr. NF

McCUE, Maryfheadwidow1846Sept75Merasheen NF
McCUE, Thomasmsonsingle1877Mar44Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Williammsonwid1878Dec42Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Norahfdausingle1887May34Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Henrymgr.sonsingle1905Nov15Fox Hr. NF

POPE, Jamesmheadmarried1868July53Iona NF
POPE, Maryfwifemarried1874June47Fox Hr. NF

MURRAY, Patrickmheadwid1864July57Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Ellenfdausingle1907July14Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Archmsonsingle1908Sept12Fox Hr. NF

MULLINS, Johnmheadmarried1878July43Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Bridgetfwifemarried1882May39Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Petermsonsingle1901Sept19Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Elizabethfdausingle1904Jan17Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Sarahfdausingle1908May13Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Michaelmsonsingle1910Aug11Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Maryfdausingle1919Sept2Fox Hr. NF

McCARTHY, Johannafheadwidow1868Mar53Long Hr. NF
McCARTHY, Veronicafdausingle1900July21Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Katefdaumarried1902July19Fox Hr. NF
McCARTHY, Clarafdausingle1904June17Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Williamms.inlawmarried1900May21Fox Hr. NF

SAMSON, Johnmheadmarried1855June66Argentia NF
SAMSON, Ellenfwifemarried1863Aug58Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Johnmsonsingle1898Oct22Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Richardmsonsingle1900Nov20Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Michaelmsonsingle1902Nov18Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Maryfgr.dausingle1915June6Fox Hr. NF

KELLY, Michaelmheadwid----June56Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Jamesmsonmarried1898July23Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Emmafd.inlawmarried1897Oct23Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Johnmgr.sonsingle1919Mar2Fox Hr. NF

BRUCE, Patrickmheadmarried1884Sept35Fox Hr. NF
BRUCE, Elizafwifemarried1896May25Fox Hr. NF
BRUCE, Ellenfdausingle1919Oct1Fox Hr. NF
SINNOTT, Waltermcousinwid1845Nov75Fox Hr. NF

MURRAY, Bridgetfheadwidow1879June42Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Johnmsonsingle1901July20Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Bridefdausingle1904Nov16Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Elizafdausingle1906Dec14Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Angelafdausingle1910July11Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Veronicafdausingle1911June10Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Anniefdausingle1917July4Fox Hr. NF

BRUCE, Thomasmheadmarried1883July38Long Harbour NF
BRUCE, Agnesfwifemarried1881Feb40Fox Hr. NF
BRUCE, Thomasmsonsingle1912Dec8Fox Hr. NF
BRUCE, Michaelmsonsingle1917July4Fox Hr. NF

MURRAY, Thomasmheadmarried1874June47Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Maryfwifemarried1885Oct35Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Herbertmsonsingle1900July21Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Williammnephewsingle1908July13Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Hannahfdausingle1916July5Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Thomasmsonsingle1918Oct2Fox Hr. NF

MURRAY, Johnmheadmarried1861July60Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Annafwifemarried1871Aug50Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Philipmsonsingle1901Dec19Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Rhoderickmsonsingle1907July14Fox Hr. NF
KING, Jamesms.inlawmarried1891Jan30Fox Hr. NF
KING, Stellafdaumarried1899Mar22Fox Hr. NF

MURRAY, Williammheadmarried1891Aug30Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Janefwifemarried1896June25Fox Hr. NF
BRUCE, Williammf.inlawmarried1841July80Fox Hr. NF
BRUCE, Elizabethfm.inlawmarried1851Aug70Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Johnmsonsingle1917July4Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Williammsonsingle1919June2Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Jamesmsonsingle1921June2 moFox Hr. NF

MURRAY, Michaelmheadmarried1880Oct40Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Gertiefwifemarried1889Jan32Holyrood NF
MURRAY, Maryfdausingle1912June9Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Williammsonsingle1913Oct7Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Leomsonsingle1916June5Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Laurafdausingle1920July1Fox Hr. NF

HEALEY, Petermheadmarried1860Dec60Holyrood NF
HEALEY, Elizabethfwifemarried1863Nov57Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Thomasmsonsingle1896Aug25Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Johnmsonsingle1897Sept23Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Jamesmsonsingle1900Sept20Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Norahfdausingle1902Oct18Fox Hr. NF
MULROONEY, Maggiefsis/lawsingle1867July54Fox Hr. NF

MURRAY, Francismheadmarried1895Sept25Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Angelafwifemarried1900July21Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Catherinefdausingle1921Feb6 moFox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Maryfsistersingle1898Aug23Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Norahfsistersingle1902June19Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Clarafsistersingle1911July10Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Williammbrosingle1903Aug18Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Philipmbrosingle1904July17Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Patrickmbrosingle1909May12Fox Hr. NF

MURRAY, Patrickmheadmarried1893Sept27Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Maryfwifemarried1897May24Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Petermsonsingle1920Aug1Fox Hr. NF

MULLINS, Petermheadmarried1848May73Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Bridgetfwifemarried1852Oct68Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Patrickmsonsingle1889Sept32Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Matthewmsonmarried1892Sept29Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Ellenfd.inlawmarried1895Apr26Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Bridefgr.dausingle1918Oct2Fox Hr. NF

MULLINS, Michaelmheadmarried1858Oct62Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Marthafwifemarried1868June53Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Johnmsonsingle1896Oct25Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Denismsonsingle1899Oct21Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Paulinefdausingle1907Oct19Fox Hr. NF
MULLINS, Katefdausingle1903Oct17Fox Hr. NF
LANE, Paulinefnieceingle1910July11Fox Hr. NF

HEALEY, Jamesmheadwid1872Feb49Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Henrymbrosingle1882May39Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Michaelmbrosingle1874July47Fox Hr. NF

SAMSON, Charlesmheadmarried1875Jan46Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Maryfwifemarried1882Aug39Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Charlesmsonsingle1904Nov16Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Henrymsonsingle1907Mar13Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Williammsonsingle1912Oct9Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Mary A.fdausingle1913Nov7Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Maudfdausingle1916Apr5Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Michaelmsonsingle1919May2Fox Hr. NF
SAMSON, Arthurmsonsingle1921June2 moFox Hr. NF

HEALEY, Petermheadmarried1876Nov44Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Elizabethfwifemarried1888Nov32Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Elizabethfdausingle1917Mar4Fox Hr. NF

HEALEY, Patrickmheadmarried1843Apr78Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Bridgetfwifemarried1846May75Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Denismsonmarried1892Feb29Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Juliafd.inlawmarried1896May25Fox Hr. NF

HEALEY, Rosefheadwidow1878Nov42Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Patrickmsonsingle1903Aug19Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Ellenfdausingle1905Nov16Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Bridgetfdausingle1909Jan12Fox Hr. NF

HEALEY, Patrickmheadmarried1888July33Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Katefwifemarried1894Aug27Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Bridgetfdausingle1909Jan12Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Johnmsonsingle1914Sept7Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Patrickmsonsingle1920Sept11 moFox Hr. NF

HEALEY, Petermheadsingle1895July26Fox Hr. NF
HEALEY, Teresafmotherwidow1852Dec68Fox Hr. NF

McCUE, Catherinefheadwidow1860Aug61Oderin NF
McCUE, Danielmsonsingle1889Feb31Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Johnmsonsingle1901Feb20Fox Hr. NF

FOLEY, Johnmheadmarried18--June57Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Elizabethfwifemarried1869Jan50 [sic]Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Agustinemsonsingle1897Sept23Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Mary E.fdausingle1904Aug17Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Helenfdausingle1906Feb14Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Laurafdausingle1909Aug12Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Bernadettefdausingle1916Aug5Fox Hr. NF

NOLAN, Jamesmheadmarried1865May56Fox Hr. NF
NOLAN, Margaretfwifemarried1867Oct53Fox Hr. NF
NOLAN, Michaelmsonsingle1899July22Fox Hr. NF
NOLAN, Thomasmsonsingle1902May19Fox Hr. NF
NOLAN, Jamesmsonsingle1904June17Fox Hr. NF
NOLAN, Maryfdausingle1906June14Fox Hr. NF

GRIFFITH, Petermheadmarried1889Apr31Fox Hr. NF
GRIFFITH, Catherinefwifemarried1896Aug25Fox Hr. NF
GRIFFITH, Teresafdausingle1915Jan6Fox Hr. NF
GRIFFITH, Margaretfdausingle1916July5Fox Hr. NF
GRIFFITH, Elizabethfdausingle1918Sept3Fox Hr. NF

DORMODY, Edwardmheadmarried1883July38Placentia Sound NF
DORMODY, Mary J.fwifemarried----Sept3-?Fox Hr. NF
DORMODY, Bridefdausingle1897Oct23Fox Hr. NF
DORMODY, Michaelmsonsingle1902Aug19Fox Hr. NF
DORMODY, Andrewmsonsingle1905Nov16Fox Hr. NF

FOLEY, Michaelmheadmarried1853May68Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Rosefwifemarried1863Apr58Fox Hr. NF

FOLEY, Jamesmheadmarried1858May63Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Maryfwifemarried1864Sept57Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Maryfdausingle1898June23Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Johnmsonsingle1902Sept19Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Sarahfdausingle1904Aug17Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Andrewmsonsingle1905Apr15Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Idafdausingle1910Sept10Fox Hr. NF

FOLEY, Danielmheadmarried1876July45Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Janefwifemarried1878Sept45 [sic]Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Catherinefdausingle1902Sept18Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Ellenfdausingle1904Sept16Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Michaelmsonsingle1906Apr14Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Thomasmsonsingle1911Jan10Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Jamesmsonsingle1913Aug8Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Rosellafsistersingle1871Mar50Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Andrewmbrosingle1857Dec63Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Catherinefmotherwidow1831July90Fox Hr. NF

BRIEN, Williammheadmarried1883Oct37Fox Hr. NF
BRIEN, Catherinefwifemarried1887Aug33Fox Hr. NF
BRIEN, Mariafdausingle1913Oct7Fox Hr. NF
BRIEN, Annefdausingle1915Jan6Fox Hr. NF
BRIEN, Thomasmsonsingle1916Aug5Fox Hr. NF
BRIEN, Jamesmsonsingle1918June3Fox Hr. NF
BRIEN, Mercedesfdausingle1920Oct11 moFox Hr. NF

FOLEY, Thomasmheadmarried1873Dec47Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Ellenfwifemarried1882July39Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Michaelmsonsingle1907Feb13Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Johnmsonsingle1913Dec[illeg.]Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Agnesfdausingle1910May[illeg.]Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Lucyfdausingle1918Aug4Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Catherinefdausingle1919Aug[illeg.]Fox Hr. NF

DAVIS, Richardmheadmarried1873July48Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Elizabethfwifemarried1885Dec35Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Rosefdausingle1916June5Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Michaelmsonsingle1918July3Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Norahfdausingle1920June1Fox Hr. NF

DAVIS, Johnmheadmarried1882Aug39Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Cecilyfwifemarried1880Nov40Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Jamesmsonsingle1905Mar15Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, John [L. or S. or T.?]msonsingle1916Mar5Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Matthewmsonsingle1918Sept3Fox Hr. NF

LEARY, Martinmheadmarried1867Sept53Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Catherinefwifemarried1877Jan44Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Jamesmsonsingle1896Nov24Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Johnmsonsingle1900June21Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Agnesfdausingle1902May19Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Matthewmsonsingle1905Dec16Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Cyrilmsonsingle1907Nov13Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Rosefdausingle1909Dec11Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Maudfdausingle1916Aug5Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Michaelmsonsingle1918Sept3Fox Hr. NF

HEALEY, Ellenfheadwidow1863May58Fox Hr. NF

LEARY, Johnmheadmarried1860Nov60Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Teresafwifemarried1869Aug52St. Mary's NF
LEARY, Marthafdausingle1901July20Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Sarahfdausingle1904Dec16Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Matthewmnephewsingle1886July35Fox Hr. NF

STEVENSON, Johnmheadmarried1872Sept48Fox Hr. NF
STEVENSON, Juliafwifemarried1875Aug46Fox Hr. NF
STEVENSON, Maryfdausingle1899Feb22Fox Hr. NF
STEVENSON, Catherinefdausingle1900?May20Fox Hr. NF
STEVENSON, Thomasmsonsingle1913Oct18Fox Hr. NF
STEVENSON, Elizabethfdausingle1905Aug16Fox Hr. NF
STEVENSON, Margaretfdausingle1907Feb14Fox Hr. NF
STEVENSON, Ceceliafdausingle1910Sept11Fox Hr. NF
STEVENSON, Bridgetfdausingle1912Jan9Fox Hr. NF
STEVENSON, Agnesfdausingle1915Oct5Fox Hr. NF
STEVENSON, Elizabethfmotherwidow1854May67Fox Hr. NF

SPURREY, Matthew
**See Errata table below
mheadmarried1887Jan34Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Janefwifemarried1882May39Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Johnmsonsingle1911Aug10Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Jamesmsonsingle1914Mar7Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Anthonymsonsingle1918Apr3Fox Hr. NF

**See Errata table below
mheadmarried1882May39Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Bridgetfwifemarried1886Dec34Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Jamesmsonsingle1911Feb10Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Ellenfdausingle1912June9Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Johnmsonsingle1914July7Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Richardmsonsingle1915Dec5Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Edwardmsonsingle1918Feb3Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Norahfdausingle1920June1Fox Hr. NF

DAVIS, Agnesfheadwidow1881Aug40Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Norahfdausingle1903Nov17Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Teresafdausingle1906June15Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Nelliefdausingle1900Mar11 [sic]Fox Hr. NF
DAVIS, Norahfm.inlawwidow1844Nov76Fox Hr. NF

SPURREY, Richardmheadmarried1886July35Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Elizabethfwifemarried1891Oct29Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Jamesmsonsingle1914Aug7Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Denismsonsingle1916Aug5Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Leomsonsingle1917Nov3Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Annefdausingle1920Oct10 moFox Hr. NF

SPURREY, Jamesmheadmarried1890Apr31Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Maryfwifemarried1891Oct29Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Matthewmsonsingle1911Sept9Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Paulinefdausingle1912Oct8Fox Hr. NF
SPURREY, Alicefdausingle1919Oct1Fox Hr. NF

DUKE, Isaacmheadmarried1895Nov25Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Sarahfwifemarried1896Oct24Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Michaelmsonsingle1920Nov9 moFox Hr. NF

DUKE, Thomasmheadmarried1888Nov32Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Teresafwifemarried1891Jan30Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Michaelmsonsingle1918Aug3Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Catherinefdausingle1920Apr1Fox Hr. NF

DUKE, Patrickmheadmarried1886July35Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Janefwifemarried1886May35Fox Hr. NF

FOLEY, Michaelmheadmarried1871May50Fox Hr. NF
FOLEY, Sarahfwifemarried1879July42Fox Hr. NF

DUKE, Williammheadmarried1872July49Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Bridgetfwifemarried1875Feb46Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Selinafdausingle1904Dec16Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Margaretfdausingle1906Sept14Fox Hr. NF

O'REILLY, Johnmheadmarried1891Oct29Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Nelliefwifemarried1892Feb29Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Johannafmotherwidow1847July74Fox Hr. NF
LEARY, Johnmnephewsingle1911July10Argentia NF

DAVIS, Mary J.fheadwidow1869Oct61Placentia NF

WIFFIN, Catherinefheadwidow1863Aug58Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Mauricemsonmarried1890Jan31Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Andrewmsonsingle1890Dec30Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Patrickmsonsingle1900Nov20Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Margaretfd.inlawmarried1895Nov25Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Janefgr.stepdausingle1919July2Fox Hr. NF

McCUE, Thomasmheadwid1847Sept74Iona NF
McCUE, Mauricemsonmarried1887Nov33Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Henrymsonsingle1895Feb26Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Margaretfd.inlawmarried1895Sept25Fox Hr. NF

O'REILLY, Edwardmheadmarried1882Nov38Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Margaretfwifemarried1880Dec40Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Philipmsonsingle1910Oct10Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Elizabethfdausingle1912Dec8Fox Hr. NF
O'REILLY, Agnesfmotherwidow1851Dec69Fox Hr. NF

McCUE, Mary A.fheadwidow1853Oct67Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Mauricemsonmarried1892Aug29Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Petermsonsingle1889June32Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Johannafd.inlawmarried1895May26Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Mary A.fgr.dausingle1919Feb2Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Elizabethfgr.dausingle1920July1Fox Hr. NF

McCUE, Danielmheadmarried1855Oct65Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Maryfwifemarried1863July58Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Anthonymsonsingle1901Sept19Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Leomsonsingle1904Aug17Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Vincentmsonsingle1905Nov15Fox Hr. NF

WIFFIN, Mauricemheadmarried1869Jan52Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Mary E.fwifemarried1879May42Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Clotildafdausingle1900June21Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Maryfdausingle1914Apr7Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Alphonsusmsonsingle1917Jan4Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Mauricemsonsingle1919Oct1Fox Hr. NF

WIFFIN, Michaelmheadmarried1882June39Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Maryfwifemarried1887May34Fox Hr. NF

WIFFIN, Johnmheadmarried1893Oct27Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Angelafwifemarried1896Nov24Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Mary E.fdausingle1915Oct5Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Mauricemsonsingle1919Jan2Fox Hr. NF

WIFFIN, Herbertmheadmarried1875Feb46Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Norahfwifemarried1880Dec40Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Johnmsonsingle1904July17Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Janefdausingle1906July15Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Thomasmsonsingle1908July13Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Margaretfdausingle1913Aug8Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Michaelmsonsingle1915Aug6Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Ronaldmsonsingle1917Aug4Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Sarahfdausingle1919Oct1Fox Hr. NF
WIFFIN, Herbertmsonsingle1921Jan7 moFox Hr. NF

KELLY, Michaelmheadmarried1892Sept28Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Nancyfwifemarried1891June29Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Rosellafdausingle1920Feb1Fox Hr. NF

KELLY, Dennismheadmarried1860Nov60Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Ellenfwifemarried1862Nov58Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Denismsonsingle1898Dec22Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Maryfdausingle1904Nov16Fox Hr. NF

DUKE, Jeremiahmheadmarried1882May39Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Cecilyfwifemarried1891Aug30Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Maryfdausingle1911Nov9Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Cyrilmsonsingle1915Sept5Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Alphonsusmsonsingle1919Aug2Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Ritafdausingle1920July1Fox Hr. NF

KELLY, Johnmheadmarried1889Aug32Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Ellenfwifemarried1891Oct29Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Margaretfdausingle1913Oct7Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Elizabethfdausingle1914Nov6Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Ellenfdausingle1917Dec3Fox Hr. NF
KELLY, Jamesmsonsingle1919Nov1Fox Hr. NF

McCUE, Mauricemheadmarried1875Feb46Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Margaretfwifemarried1874June47Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Maryfdausingle1902Dec18Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Bridgetfdausingle1904Oct16Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Williammsonsingle1917Sept3Fox Hr. NF

DREDDY, Patrickmheadmarried1874Mar47Fox Hr. NF
DREDDY, Fannyfwifemarried1874Mar47Fox Hr. NF
DREDDY, Williammsonsingle1901Mar20Fox Hr. NF
DREDDY, Philipmsonsingle1903Jun18Fox Hr. NF
DREDDY, Johnmsonsingle1916July5Fox Hr. NF
DREDDY, Bridgetfdausingle1906Aug15Fox Hr. NF

KING, Williammheadmarried1861Oct59Fox Hr. NF
KING, Elizabethfwifemarried1867Aug54Fox Hr. NF
KING, Maryfdausingle1846July25Fox Hr. NF
KING, Rosefdausingle1898Aug23Fox Hr. NF
KING, Teresafdausingle1899Dec21Fox Hr. NF
KING, Annefdausingle1903Oct17Fox Hr. NF
KING, Ceciliafdausingle1907Jan13Fox Hr. NF
KING, Richardmsonsingle1912Sept8Fox Hr. NF

DREDDY, Williammheadmarried1873July58Fox Hr. NF
DREDDY, Bridgetfwifemarried1874June57Fox Hr. NF
DREDDY, Winifredfdausingle1916Oct5Fox Hr. NF
DREDDY, Maryfdausingle1902July19Fox Hr. NF
DREDDY, Michaelmsonsingle1903Oct17Fox Hr. NF

DUKE, Thomasmheadmarried1874Nov46Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Ellenfwifemarried1878Mar43Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Isaacmsonsingle1900Aug21Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Edwardmsonsingle1902Jan19Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Williammsonsingle1903Sept18Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Maryfdausingle1907June14Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Hannahfdausingle1908Oct12Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Bridgetfdausingle1911Aug10Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Nelliefdausingle1916Oct4Fox Hr. NF

DUKE, Maryfheadwidow1852Aug69Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Isaacmgr.sonsingle1915July6Fox Hr. NF

DUKE, Michaelmheadmarried1860Oct60Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Norahfwifemarried1865Sept66Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Jamesmsonmarried1898June23Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Elizabethfd.inlawmarried1900June21Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Norahfdausingle1905Oct15Fox Hr. NF

DUKE, Michaelmheadmarried1885July36Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Elizabethfwifemarried1885Nov35Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Norahfdausingle1911Aug10Fox Hr. NF
DUKE, Leomsonsingle1915Sept5Fox Hr. NF

McCUE, Thomasmheadmarried1879May42Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Norahfwifemarried1880July41Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Janefdausingle1909May12Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Normanmsonsingle1911Sept9Fox Hr. NF

McCUE, Patrickmheadmarried1874May47Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Mary E.fwifemarried1877Feb43Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Janefdausingle1905Jan16Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Veronicafdausingle1906Oct14Fox Hr. NF

McCUE, Johnmheadmarried1880Oct41Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Matildafwifemarried1890Apr31Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Patrickmsonsingle1908Dec12Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Mary J.fdausingle1909Sept11Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Janefdausingle1910Oct10Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Isaacmsonsingle1913Apr8Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Williammsonsingle1915Aug6Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Rosefdausingle1916Nov5Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Margaretfdausingle1920Oct4 moFox Hr. NF

McCUE, Jamesmheadmarried1883June38Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Ceceliafwifemarried1885Apr36Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Janefdausingle1905Sept15Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Johnmsonsingle1907Dec13Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Elizabethfdausingle1912May9Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Richardmsonsingle1915Oct5Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Patrickmsonsingle1917Oct3Fox Hr. NF
McCUE, Isabellafdausingle1920Oct10 moFox Hr. NF

LANE, Stephenmheadmarried1875May46Fox Hr. NF
LANE, Ellenfwifemarried1875Oct45Fox Hr. NF
LANE, Johnmsonsingle1903July18Fox Hr. NF
LANE, Mary E.fdausingle1905Sept15Fox Hr. NF
PITTMAN, Leonafstepdausingle1904July17Fox Hr. NF
PITTMAN, Johnmstepsonsingle1907July14Fox Hr. NF

KING, Michaelmheadmarried1870July51Fox Hr. NF
KING, Catherinefwifemarried1873Oct47Fox Hr. NF
KING, Denismsonsingle1897Aug23Fox Hr. NF
KING, Thomasmsonsingle1902May19Fox Hr. NF
KING, Paulmsonsingle1904July17Fox Hr. NF
KING, Patrickmsonsingle1906Dec14Fox Hr. NF
KING, Michaelmsonsingle1911July10Fox Hr. NF
KING, Mary A.fdausingle1908Oct12Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Clarafstepdausingle1909May12Fox Hr. NF

KING, Elizabethfheadwidow1881May40Fox Hr. NF
KING, Janefdausingle1911Aug10Fox Hr. NF
KING, Michaelmsonsingle1913May9Fox Hr. NF
KING, Petermsonsingle1916June5Fox Hr. NF
KING, Elizabethfdausingle1907July [sic]4Fox Hr. NF

SMITH, Patrickmheadmarried1885Feb36Fox Hr. NF
SMITH, Ellenfwifemarried1883May38Fox Hr. NF
SMITH, Cyrilmsonsingle1910Sept10Fox Hr. NF
SMITH, Williammsonsingle1913May8Fox Hr. NF
SMITH, Marthafdausingle1916June5Fox Hr. NF
SMITH, Ellenfdausingle1918Apr3Fox Hr. NF
SMITH, Maryfdausingle1921---5 moFox Hr. NF

KING, Patrickmheadmarried1877Mar44Fox Hr. NF
KING, Mary E.fwifemarried1876Aug45Fox Hr. NF
KING, Williammsonsingle1903Feb18Fox Hr. NF
KING, Jamesmsonsingle1905Jan16Fox Hr. NF
KING, Patrickmsonsingle1908July13Fox Hr. NF
KING, Michaelmsonsingle1910July11Fox Hr. NF
KING, Thomasmsonsingle1912Oct8Fox Hr. NF
KING, Patrickmsonsingle1917Aug4Fox Hr. NF

KING, Jamesmheadmarried1889Oct31Fox Hr. NF
KING, Bridgetfwifemarried1898May22Fox Hr. NF
KING, Petermsonsingle1919May2Fox Hr. NF
KING, Francismsnsingle1920Nov9? moFox Hr. NF

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
SPURREY The surname should be spelled SPURVEY Elizabeth Rice
HEALEY Fox Harbor, page 4. Under Healey family with Patrick as the head, his daughter Bridget Healey's date of birth says Jan 1909. She was born Jan 13 1910. She is my grandmother and I have a copy of her Baptism certificate. Cheri

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