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St. John's West Region - 1699

Plaiance (Placentia)

  1. Philippe Lemard or Lemar(t), born in England 1618 ("anglois"1671); resident at the Grande Greve since 1659; married 1688; three shallops
    • Ozanne(Anne) Chevreau or Chevro, his wife, widow of Jean Bertrand (listed in 1671)
    • Gaspard Lemard, his son, born 1673

  2. Thomas Pic(q), Picque or Pish, also known as Petry Timpic (1694) or Tompish (1698), born in England 1644 ("anglois" 1671); resident at the Grand Greve since 1661; married 1665; five shallops
    • Anne Raymond or Raimond, his wife
    • Gaspard their sons, of whom two, born in 1673 and 1686, were present in 1699
    • Jean Peris
    • Thomas

  3. Francois Betrand, born on Isle de Re 1653; resident at the Grande Greve since 1661; married 1678; five shallops; "would be very good as pilot here, becoming acquainted with the coasts of this bay" (1698)
    • Jeanne Griaudet, his wife
    • Francois, born 1678
    • Pierre,born 1680
    • Jean, born 1683
    • Margueritte, born 1685
    • Renee, 1686
    • Marie, born 1688
    • Anne, born 1690

  4. Pierre Gilbery or Gillebert, born at St. Martin de Re 1643 or 1650; resident at the Grande Greve since 1661; widower (1690) of Margueritte Bertrand who was among the girls of marriageable age in 1671, married by 1673; three shallops
    • Francois, born 1681
    • Jean, born 1685

  5. Madeleine Aubert, born 1643, resident at the Grande Greve since 1666; widow(1693) of Abraham Pichot, Pichaud or Picheault(born 1640); storekeeper; two shallops
    • Jean Renard, born 1673, their son; a fourth married at La Rochelle(1698)
    • Jean Perris, born 1676
    • Jean Francois, born 1685
    • Jeanne, their daughters(1693), one of whom (b. 1682)was present in 1699
    • Marie

  6. Jean Trotel called Amiur, otherwise Amus Trotle, born in England; resident at the Grande Greve since 1666; widower in 1693; married his second wife at St. Jean de Luz 1696
    • George, born 1680, his sons; two daughters married at Plaisance(1698)
    • Gaspard, born 1683

  7. Marie Aubert, born at La Rochelle, sister of Madeleine Aubert(q.v.) and Jeanne Aubert, wife of Francois Vrignaud(q.v);resident at the Grande Greve since 1666; widow of Jean Milly called La Croix(b.1658)since 1696;storekeeper; accompanied in 1699 bby six sons born in 1673(?), 1684,1688,1690,1691, and 1696 and by two daughters born in 1682 and 1688

  8. Marthe Orion or Orionne, born at La Rochelle 1645; resident at the Petit Greve since 1666; married 1679 Louis de Beaufet or Bouffet, or Louis Baufet (b. 1638 in England "anglois" (1671);died 1696); sister of Margueritte Orionne, wife of Michel Gregoire, both present in 1671; five shallops
    • Jean, born 1673, her sons
    • Francois, born 1678
    • two daughters, one married (1698); see Jean Ozellet

  9. Augustin Bonnau(d) or Bonno, born on L'isle d'Oleron 1653; listed with his brother Anthoine Bonnaud in 1671, but resident at the Petit Greve since 1676; married 1683; three shallops
    • Suzanne Marie Meckin, Meshain or Meschein, his wife, born about 1670,
    • daughter of Thomas Meschien (b.1633) and Marie Largestau or Largetrau, Planters in 1671 and 1673(q.v)
    • Dominique, their son In 1699 they had three sons, born in 1689, 1691, and 1694, and three daughters born in 1686, 1690, and 1693
    • Anne
    • Marie

  10. Martin Chevalier, born at St. Jean de Lutz; resident at the Grande Greve since 1679, but not listed in 1693 or 1694; four shallops
    • Madeleine Lemard, his wife, "creole de Plaisance", daughter of Philippe Lemard
    • two daughters, born in 1678 and 1680, present ab 1699 with their father but family in St. Jean de Lutz 1698.

  11. Francois Vrign, Vrignaud, Vrigno or Verneaul, born at La Rochelle 1661; resident at the Grande Greve since 1684; brother of Marie Vrign and who was married to Laurent La Grue, a planter of 1671; eight shallops
    • Jeanne Aubert, his wife, sister of Margueritte and Marie Aubert; of marriageable age in 1671; widow of Jean Cheveau or Chevro (b. 1650)
    • Francois Chevro, her son,present in 1693 and 1694, but absent in 1698 and 1699.
    • Jean Vrigneau born 1687; their sons; present in 1698
    • Allain Vrigneau, born 1689
    • three daughters, not listed in 1693 or 1694, but present in 1698

  12. Ant(h)oine Lamontaigne, born at Gueyrende near Nantes 1671; resident at the Grande Greve since 1684, but listed as at St. Pierre in1693 and 1694; married 1695; storekeeper; three shallops
    • Catherine Carrerot, his wife (1698), sister of Pierre Carrerot

  13. Pierre Carrerot, born at Bayonne 1668; resident at the Grande Greve since 1688; married 1690 seven shallops
    • Marie Pick or Picq, daughter of Thomas Picque and widow (1693) of Joseph Charpentier(1671)
    • Jeannne Charpentier, born 1691, her daughter
    • Ovide Carrerot, their son born 1694
    • Marie Carrerot, their daughter, born 1693
    • a daughter, born 1695 < /ul>

    • E(s)tienne d'Haix(1698) or Diharce (1699) or Estevein Diharx(1701), born at St. Jean de Lutz 1660 resident at the Petit Greve since 1688; married 1689; three shallops
      • Anne Pichot, his wife, daughter of Abraham Pichot and Madeleine Aubert
      • Catherine, born 1691
      • Estienne, a daughter born 1692
      • daughters born in 1694 and 1696

    • Claude Thomas or Thomas B(e)aulieu, born at Lannion in Bas-Bretagne, Bishopric or Treguier, 1656; resident at the Grande Greve since 1689; married 1689; three shallops
      • Magdaleine Seau, Sceau or Scau, his wife, born about 1670 to Francois Sceau and Marie Aubert, planters in 1671.
      • Pierre Duart, her son by a first marriage, born 1686
      • Catherine Beaulieu, thier daughter, born 1691
      • two sons (1698), one of them born 1694

    • Pierre Court(h)iau or Courtiou, born at Bayonne 1672; resident at the Petite Greve since 1690; brought his plantation room from the Superior of the Recollect Fathers in 1693, but as he could not pay for it the Recollects resumed possession until 1696 when De Brouillan granted it to him; married 1693; six shallops
      • Catherine Colloque, his wife, absent 1693 but present in 1694
      • A daughter, born 1682(?), absent 1693, 1694, present 1699

    • Pierre Serro, Seraud or Sereau, born at Quebec 1667; resident since 1690, but listed in 1694 as resettled at the Petite Greve from St. Pierre; married at Nantes 1697; four shallops

    • Claude Bar(r)at, born at Troyes in Champagne 1658; married at St Malo 1681; resident, Petite Greve, 1698 with his wife. Jeanne Quisence, and two sons, born 1686 and 1693; Clerk or Record of the colony

    • Jean Verieu, resident since 1692, but not listed in 1693,1694 or 1698; may have been absent in 1696-1697; wife in France in 1699

    • Jean Rochefort, born at Rochefort 1668; resident at the Grande Greve since 1693 (1699), but not listed 1693-1694; married 1693; three shallops
      • Madeleine Pichot, his wife, a daughter(?) of Madeleine Aubert
      • a son, born 1695

    • Le Sieur Charles Mahier or Mayer, born at St Malo 1658; married Guillemette Devaux at St Malo 1676, sister of Francois Defaux; resident at the Grande Greve since 1693; storekeeper, seven shallops; wife and family in France 1696-1699; described in1714 as "Encien habitant de la colonie de Plaisance"; died 1710 as Navel Receiver, colonel of the militia, and planter at Little plaisance

    • Ambroise Bertrand, born at Plaisance 1663, a stepson of Philippe Lemard listed as a boy between 4 and 8 years in 1671; resident at the Grande Greve in his own right since 1694; three shallops

    • Simon Gilbert, born on L'Isle de Re 1664, probably an older son of Pierre Gilbert; resident in his own right at the Grande Greve since 1694; married 1695; three shallops
      • Anne Trotel, his wife, daughter of Jean Trotel
      • a son, born 1695

    • Jean Chevalier, born at La Rochelle 1657; married at La Rochelle 1680; resident at the Grande Greve since 1694; three shallops
      • Francoise Greze, his wife
      • two daughters (1698) one born 1686
      • a son (1698), born 1691

    • Le Sieur Jean de Jalday, born at St Jean de Lutz 1666; resident at the Grande Greve since 1694; unmarried 1698; wife in France 1699

    • Michel de Beraud Monseg(e)ur, born at Sibourre 1673; married 1694; resident at the Grande Greve
      • Anne Trotel, his wife, daughter of Jean Trotel
      • one son (1698)

    • Andre Estournet, born at St. Etienne, Archbishopric of Lyrons 1663; resident at the Grande Greve since 1696; Governor de Brouillan's homme d'Affaires or business agent.

    • Jean de Mennis called Beauregard, born at Nogent sur Seaine; married Anne Jacobin at Nogent 1693; resident at the Grande Greve since 1696; family at Nogent 1698; three shallops

    • Louis Aubert de La Chenaye, born at Quebec 1673; storekeeper at the Grande Greve 1696; unmarried

    • Les Peres Recollects, listed in 1694 by De Brouillan as in possession of a church, a house and garden, and a cemetery.

Sources: Williams, Allen F., "Father Baudoin's War, D'Iberville's Campaigns in Acadia and Newfoundland 1696, 1697", Appendix II, pages 157-168.

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