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St. John's West Region - 1699

Petite Plaiance (Little Placentia)

  1. Pierre Pish or Picque, called the Chevallier of the Long Island (L'Isle Longue),v born at Plaisance 1671, son of Thomas Picque; unmarried(1698); resident at La Marquise three scallops

  2. Jean Moissans, born at La Tremblade 1654; resident at the Petite Greve since 1675; married 1694; four scallops
    • Anne Pinchon, his wife
    • One daughter

  3. Francois Dufaux, born at St Malo 1653, married at Plaisance 1680; resettled from the Grande Greve of Plaisance (trop incommode) in 1695 to reside at the Grande Greve of Petite plaisance by verbal order of De Brouillan; three shallops
    • Anne Carmel, his wife
    • Three sons and three daughters, all unmarried

  4. Jean Bordoncle, called Jean de Bordeaux, born at Broudeaux; resident 1656; resident at La Marquise since 1680; widower since 1696; for shallops
    • two daughters, unmarried

  5. Jean Dubourdieu, born at Marennes 1658; married at Plaisance 1683; resident at the Petite Greve; one shallop
    • Marie Boushe, his wife
    • one son, unmarried
    • one daughter, unmarried

  6. Joannis d'Hiriat, called Little Joannis, born at Orrogne (Urrugne) 1653; resident at the Petite Greve since 1684; four shallops; his wife and two unmarried daughters were at Orogne in 1698

  7. Nicholas Chout, called Des Sablons, born at Sainper (St. Pair), Normandy, in the Bishopric of Courtances 1643; married at Dunkirk; resident at the Grande Greve since 1686; four shallops; "has served here in France in the Compagnie de Savigny, Regiment de Vermondois; seven years here in the Compagnie de Costabelle and de Villemarceau"
    • Marie Magdelaine L'Hotellier, his wife
    • one son, two daughters (one in France 1698) none married

  8. Pierre Pelain de Linbart, called Tarabillou, born at St Jean de Lutz 1661, and married there 1687; resident at the Grande Greve since 1688; four shallops; captain of militia; "has served in the expedition against the English in 1696 and 1697 with distinction
    • Marie De Jolidiverry, his wife,
    • three sons, one daughter, all unmarried, at St Jean de Lutz 1698

  9. Jean Ozellet, born at La Tremblade 1664; married at Plaisance 1692; resident at the Grande Greve, four shallops
    • Madelaine Beaufet, his wife, daughter of Marthe Orion
    • two unmarried daughters

  10. Anne Pinochon, wife of Jean Moissans, widow of Jean Boushe (d.1693); resident at the Petite Greve, "otherwise called La Pointe aux Normands"; three shallops
    • two daughters, unmarried

  11. Joannis Deriboyen, called Valentin, born at St Jean de Lutz 1671; married at Plaisance 1693; resident at the Petite Greve, four shallops; "had severed here in the Compagnie de Costebelle"
    • Renee Carmel, his wife
    • One son

  12. Bernadine paquyot, born at St Malo, widow of Denis le Roy of St Aubin des Preaux. Bishopric of Coutance (d.1695); "had lived at St Pierre where she had a greve that she has left because the English pillaged her there;... themother of the Petite Greve of (petit) Plaisance towards the canton of theNormans."; five shallops
    • one son,
    • one daughter, both unmarried

  13. Le Sieur Sebastien Le Gones, Seigneur of Sourdeval, born at Bayeux 1657; married 1694; four shallops; serves as commander in Petit Plaisance
    • Mlle Caterine Baudy (Baudry? daughter of Pierre Baudry)
    • two daughters of first wife

  14. Jean Louis de Gonillon, called St Louis, born at La Basse Marshe 1666, married at Plaisance 1694; resident at the Grande Greve of Petit Plaisance, four Shallops; "has served here as sergeant in the Compagnie de Costebelle; has had his discharge for four years" (since 1694)
    • Marianne Gilbert, his wife, daughter of Pierre Gilbery
    • one daughter

  15. Nicolas Aubin born at Gersey (Isle of Jersey) 1665; married at Plaisance 1696; resident at the Grande Greve, two shallops
    • Suzanne LeTuirneur, his wife;
    • one daughter(1698)

  16. Jean Bermony, called L'Irlandais(the Irishman), born in Ireland 1668; married at Plaisance 1696; resident at the Petite Greve; "had served here in the Compagnie de Saint Ovide; is master of his trade"
    • Nicole Chiras, his wife, widow from St. John's, Prisonniere; "she was married previously and has another daughter of the first bed"
    • one daughter (1698);

Sources: Williams, Allen F., "Father Baudoin's War, D'Iberville's Campaigns in Acadia and Newfoundland 1696, 1697", Appendix II, pages 157-168.

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