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1945 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Upper Placentia Bay District


Population 114. Note that the age denotes the age as of the last birthday. Status: m - married; s - single; w - widow or widower.

It was read, recorded and transcribed by CLAYTON HALFYARD, May, 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors. Given names have been typed as written by the census taker, but the spelling is often inconsistent with baptismal records.

Halfyard Ernest R. headm 33

Pearl E.wife m30

Jean L.daughter s2 mo.

TulkWilliam L. headm 63

Ruth wife m63

Halfyard George headm 63

Minnie wife m42

Rita M.daughter s3

Walter C. son s1 mo.
Gilbert Juanita step-daughter s10

Gilbert George headw 62

Albert A. son s34

George W.son s32

Halfyard Albert headm 29

Ruth wife m22

Cyrilson s2
Dicks Rhoda nones 74

Gilbert William W. headm 36

Melina O. wife m26

Mary B.daughter s8

George C. son s7

Ninadaughter s4

Edna J.daughter s2

Johnson Herbert M. headm 24

Kathleen B. wife m25

Oakley R.son s1

Paul Charlotte Ann headw 46

Lewis D. son s22

Harvey W. son s20

Sarah H. daughter s16

Albert son s13

Frank son s6

Drake Frank O. heads 34

Allen James headm 49

Sarah G. wife m46

Violet M. daughter s11

Nathaniel W.son s10

Thomas S.son s7

Henry C.son s7
Penney Marjorie B. boarders 20

Allen Albert headw 75

Alexander son s46

Florence daughter s44

March William J. headw 67

Charles E. son m36

Letta M. daughter-in-law m35

Howard grandson s9

Clarence W. grandson s6

Iris granddaughter s3

Violet H. granddaughter s15 mo.

Peddle John H. headm 65

Annie wife m51

Wallace G. son s25

Burt Joseph headm 75

Martha J. wife m62

Josiah son s34
Trowbridge James C. stepsons 31

Gilbert Walter headm 59

Stella M. wife m47

Freeman son s25

Eva M. daughter s19

Calvin A. son s16

Phyllis G. daughter s11

Walter M. son s8

Shirley Q. daughter s4

Juanita M. daughter s12

Coffin Chesley headm 70

Annie wife m54

Ella sister s62

Oakley C. brother s55

Gregory Alfred headm 44

Annie B. wife m39

Samuel G. son s12

Ida G. daughter s10

Harold R. son s7

Nina S. daughter s5

Clement son s3

Alma E. daughter s9 mo.

Gregory Albert I. S. headm 33

Minnie M. wife m30

Eric son s9

Albert son s7

Edith daughter s5

Lloyd son s3

Carl son s1 mo.

Gregory Henry headm 51

Elizabeth J. wife m49

Norman son s17

Charlotte daughter s13

Stephen son s11

Gilbert Sophie headw 67

Herbert W. son m36

Marcella V. daughter-in-law m23

Audrey M. granddaughter s2

Eldon R. grandson s1
Jarvis Alfred nephews 40

Gilbert Ralph R. headm 36

Ethel B. wife m48

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